Justice, thy name is… timing and opportunity!

By 9 April 2009 11

In a town where everyone seems to know at least one public servant who has been moved sideways rather than any under-performance being dealt with, the sacking of a high ranked Defence official was a surprise as reported in the Canberra Times.

Timing is interesting – seems like poor old Defence can’t do anything right these days.  What must Ms Wolfe have done that was worse than locking up a citizen in an immigration detention centre, which doesn’t carry such consequences?

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11 Responses to
Justice, thy name is… timing and opportunity!
Gobbo 10:59 am
09 Apr 09


I find that so strangely refreshing.

They must have a watertight case on the under-performance.

Ian 11:25 am
09 Apr 09

I’m curious to know what the issues were with her and her boss. She obviously pissed someone off in a huge way (and wouldnt jump before being pushed).

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:29 am
09 Apr 09


Just…wow. The Muppet Show usually has an ever-expanding cast. They never get rid of anybody.

(waits for somebody to provide a list of Muppets who have been retired from the cast)

sepi 11:43 am
09 Apr 09

And she came from the private sector, which is always held up in PS land as being the holy grail in career experience.

It is a bit of a boy’s club at Defence. Perhaps she was a bit too forthright for them. Or too sensitive and girly.

There is no way of finding out tho is there?

weeziepops 12:16 pm
09 Apr 09

I would love to know – it seems like you really have to do something awful to lose a senior position in the public service so I am stonkered as to what she might have done! Imagine being sensitive and girly in Defence – yowzer!

Furry Jesus 12:58 pm
09 Apr 09

She probably expected to work at the same pace as she did in the private sector, and didn’t have any interest in those interminable conversations about whether the work she was being asked to perform was consistent with her position classification.

old canberran 5:32 pm
09 Apr 09

I spent around 25 years in the Public Service and never heard of anyone being shafted for under-performance or any other reason for that matter. I’ll bet she didn’t get a Trujillo sized departure present.

Gobbo 5:45 pm
09 Apr 09

I’m currently in my 24th year, old canberran. This is a first for me too.

mred 5:50 pm
09 Apr 09

Time for a new public service rule? Perhaps something along the lines of “EL2′s and above can let go any employee under them at their discretion.”

weeziepops 6:02 pm
09 Apr 09

This person was a Band 3 – starting at the top, perhaps?

hey_you 6:12 pm
09 Apr 09

It is interesting how they were able to get rid of Ms Wolfe but kept Gillian Marks on paid indefinate leave. I wonder if being a lawyer made a difference?

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