Kangaroo Crash

By 3 January 2013 8

While flying a quad copter over the Aranda bushland area to photograph some kangaroos today the camera caught some funny roo action after a crash.

Have a laugh to start off the New Year.


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8 Responses to Kangaroo Crash
Genie4:46 pm, 03 Jan 13

Hahahaha – that was hilarious !!!

muscledude_oz5:38 pm, 03 Jan 13

A warning to anybody visiting Lakeside Leisure Centre or Club Lime early in the morning – the roos are back on Athllon Drive. Be careful.

melon12346:32 pm, 03 Jan 13

“It’s okay guise, nobody saw it. Carry on.”

Holditz11:06 pm, 03 Jan 13

It’s better when you supply your own sound effects.


Thumper11:26 pm, 03 Jan 13

Love it :)

wildturkeycanoe7:08 am, 04 Jan 13

That was brilliant, one in a million chance of getting it on camera!!!
I wonder if the kanga news now has a story about UFOs crashing into the earth, almost hitting a family whilst on their holiday?

Ben_Dover9:01 am, 04 Jan 13

Very nice!!

Where was it filmed?

Felix the Cat9:12 am, 04 Jan 13

Wow the chances of seeing a real live Kangaroo…didn’t the greenies tell us they were rare and endangered when the cull was happening a while back?

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