Kingston lakeside Food Caravan

By 5 June 2009 23

Driving beside the lake down Kingston way last night, just before the Old Bus Depot Markets, I noticed a food caravan has set up shop right near the shoreline.

How long has it been there, does it have a name and, most importantly, is the food any good?

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Kingston lakeside Food Caravan
Ryan 1:51 pm
05 Jun 09

ant 2:02 pm
05 Jun 09

That’s the Brod Burgers van! Seems quite popular, I often see people there especially motorbikes.

southeeplace 2:04 pm
05 Jun 09

I think I’ve tried all their burgers now. I think they’re excellent.

Duke 2:08 pm
05 Jun 09

Thanks Ryan, I must have missed that thread. When I first saw it I thought it was people camping! Also I thought a greasy food caravan would be too low-brow for Kingston…..will have to do the dirty on RJ’s one night (Shhhh).

wishuwell 2:22 pm
05 Jun 09

I’ve been dropping in for feeds there since it opened and honestly recommend it. Don’t be put off by what seems at first glance to be pricey food, it’s not for what you get. Double chicken deluxe yum.

threeze 2:38 pm
05 Jun 09

Ate there twice this week and intend to go back next week. Good burgers (amazing burgers, really), amusing service and great fries.

ant 2:55 pm
05 Jun 09

eh? What’s this “amusing service”?! I’m intrigued.

jackal 3:02 pm
05 Jun 09

Appearances can be deceptive. This is not your average food van that attracts drunken people like moths to a flame, in fact this joint shuts up shop quite early to avoid this crowd. Rather, they provide gourmet burgers at reasonable – but not cheap – prices (less than ten bucks from memory). I had a chicken burger there recently and it was better than ones I’ve had at pretentious cafes. Highly recommended for a pre-Green Square snack. It’s been there about 3 months.

YapYapYap 3:07 pm
05 Jun 09

I’ve done the entire menu – fantastic bugers

Avy 4:19 pm
05 Jun 09

+1 to these positive comments. Brodburger is EXCELLENT.

Danman 5:40 pm
05 Jun 09

Dont get the deluxe burger unless you intend to share it.

I made the mistake of attempting one by myself (took it home) and spent the rest of the day on the couch snoozing…


threeze 6:37 pm
05 Jun 09

Ant, the guys who run the place are real characters and I have had to argue with them that they have given me the wrong change (in my favour) and they couldn’t work out why I would admit that!

deye 6:52 pm
05 Jun 09

When I was walking home from work the other night I noticed Mandalay all lit up and someone scrubbing off the graffiti. Looks like it will be back in business soon.

ant 9:07 pm
05 Jun 09

Keep meaning to try this Brod Burgery, I’ve parked near it and noticed the steady trade. I think they have some dinky little tables set up, too. It’s good these types of outfits are springing up around town, it’s in a perfect spot and sounds like word of mouth is doing the trick.
Typos on menus are funny though… I’m not sure if they really meant “rations” of bacon or RASHERS of bacon!

farnarkler 9:40 pm
05 Jun 09

Jackal, what time do they close up? Sounds like I’ll have to get there early.

jase! 10:04 pm
05 Jun 09

they do 12-4 on sundays, and shut at mightnight on friday and saturday nights. not sure about the other times but they are posted on the side of the van

UrbanReality 10:30 pm
05 Jun 09

Whats the prices here? Been to the belco one a few times when friends were buying there, but always been turned off by the price. Are van burgers really that good?

Wanon 10:57 pm
05 Jun 09

I could have sworn I saw it open around 2-3am the weekend before last. With plenty of people out the front too!

Danman 8:48 am
06 Jun 09

This burger joint is run and owned by a qualified chef – and he strives to make restaurant grade food out of a van and succeeds quite well in my opinion. Give it a try – its only 10 bucks lost in the unlikely event that you do not want to return

jahash 10:38 am
06 Jun 09

So after reading these posts the bf and I went last night.
Service was interesting but the food was fantastic!
A friend ordered a vege burger but was told he ordered fish.

Refreshingly it was great food for Canberra… moved here a few months ago and am a little disappointed with the food on offer down here…

Snarky 2:15 pm
06 Jun 09

Tried it last night too. Excellent burger! Skip the chips though – they’re okay, but thin and not thoroughly crispy by the time you get near the bottom of the alfoil bag they’re served in. And given the size of the burger, quite unnecessary to fill out a meal!

Aeek 6:47 pm
06 Jun 09

+1 fantastic burger (went with blue cheese), pathetic chips

Aeek 8:23 pm
19 Jun 09

and after having a Deluxe I went back to the Brodburger. The taste of the meat patty is too nice to be masked by bacon & egg.

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