Gun robbery in the Pearce foodworks

By 13 December, 2013 6

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery that occurred at the Foodworks Supermarket in Pearce today (Friday, 13 December).

Around 12pm, a man entered the Foodworks Supermarket and threatened a staff member with what’s believed to be a firearm.

The staff member complied, handing over a sum of cash before the man fled the store.

The offender is described as dark skinned, aged mid 20’s, around 6’1″ (185cm) tall with dark hair. He was wearing beige shorts, black thongs, grey t-shirt and a dark hoodie.

Police are urging anyone who may have information relating to the robbery to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website on Information can be provided anonymously.

ACT Policing currently has a campaign to remove illicit firearms off our streets.

During this campaign anyone who can provide information that leads to the recovery of an illicit firearm or results in the successful prosecution of the offenders may be eligible for a $5000 reward.

Rewards of up to $5,000 as part of this initiative are only eligible until 31 January 2014.

People can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via Information can be provided anonymously.

Further information about the illicit firearm rewards strategy can be found via the ACT Policing website

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

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6 Responses to Gun robbery in the Pearce foodworks
Roundhead894:39 am, 14 Dec 13

I saw that guy on the bus stop next to the shops while driving past on the way to the gym 30 minutes before the robbery took place. He was black and had dreadlocks. I thought it was unusual as we are a white neighbourhood so I knew he was going to rob or bash somebody. I should have called the cops then and there to get them to remove the trash before trouble occurred. Hopefully no more trash will cross the border into this suburb and they will stay in Charnwood or Narrabundah.

tuco9:22 am, 14 Dec 13

Sadly, you are too obvious Roundhead. And maybe spare a thought for the staff member who had to face this sort of thing before you use this incident to launch off on an unhinged screendump.

BimboGeek9:38 am, 14 Dec 13

Nice one Roundhead89. Let me guess, your first language was Africaans?

IrishPete1:05 pm, 14 Dec 13

BimboGeek said :

Nice one Roundhead89. Let me guess, your first language was Africaans?

Spelt with a K not a C but otherwise nicely put.

Perhaps his real name is George Zimmerman.


BimboGeek2:07 pm, 14 Dec 13

I dunno but can someone please give him the time machine he so desperately wants to get back to before 1994.

troll-sniffer6:32 pm, 14 Dec 13

Oh dearie dearie me by golly gee whizzikas. Is it possible that such a large percentage of readers of this august site are completely oblivious to satire, even in its crudest form as posted above? Surely not. Surely it must be just a rare confluence of the less cranially endowed all waking up at the same time? Please say it is so.


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