Laksa: Ginger and Spice vs Sammys Kitchen

By 30 June 2008 15

A work companion recommended Ginger and Spice in Gungahlin Laksa as being the best avaliable  - here’s a blow by blow comparison. A Sammy’s Kitchen Laksa for comparison purposes is a straight 10/10/10 G&S Taste (Flavour) = 9
Size = 10
Ingredients = 9
Decor/Cutlery = 10
Waiting Staff = 11
Cost = 10
Ginger and Spice is relatively comparable to a SK Laksa. I found it interesting that they used deep-fried chicken, which added subtle variation to the dish, but detracted a little from what I would consider a ‘conventional’ laksa. I found the soup quite ‘watery’ than usual, but in subsequent conversation with the owner, she explained that they opted for a more mild version normally, and you are encouraged to request a hotter one if that is your desire.

I’ll raise this as a special point – this is a tailorable laksa, which is not offered – at least that I am aware of – in other venues in Canberra.

The Laksa is what I would consider to be a chinese chef’s interpretation of a laksa, using ingredients they have to hand. My overall impression is that I could have compared it to a long wonton soup quite easily. Overall, next time I’m in the area I’ll request a hotter one with more coconut milk base, but only if I’m in Gungahlin looking for a laksa. If you are a Gungahlin local, I encourage you to give it a shot as it’s a good and local dish, and don’t hesitate to tailor it to your tastes – 9/10.

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15 Responses to
Laksa: Ginger and Spice vs Sammys Kitchen
peterh 2:17 pm
30 Jun 08

what about a real comparison, with Ginger and spice vs Laksa House in weston?

sammy’s kitchen laksa’s don’t compete against these 2 heavy laksa houses.

kel 2:37 pm
30 Jun 08

Personally, I love the laksa at the Dickson Asian Noodle House. I think the Duck Laksa there is fantastic! But then I haven’t tried the laksa at Ginger and Spice or Sammys Kitchen. Has anyone else tried all three?

Katie 2:38 pm
30 Jun 08

It’s gotta be Madame Woo (Kingston) FTW.

cmdwedge 2:58 pm
30 Jun 08

I’ve always considered ‘soupy’ to mean ‘the chef is a tightarse’.

red 3:19 pm
30 Jun 08

I have tried all kinds of different laksa’s, to me the Dickson Noodle House is far superior.

Katie 3:22 pm
30 Jun 08

The dickson noodle house is fine provided you don’t order the chicken version. Their chicken is the cheapest, nastiest cuts of meat I think i’ve ever has at an asian restaurant.

hairy nosed wombat 3:23 pm
30 Jun 08

does anyone have a view about the Laska from “Too Yum” in Belconnen?

Mælinar 4:14 pm
30 Jun 08

hnw – where is that ?

kel – yes

et al – SK laksa is merely a comparison point. Use the search function (typing Laksa is sufficient) at the top of the screen if you want to find a review between different venues on this site.

Ava 5:10 pm
30 Jun 08

I ordered the chicken laksa from Sammy’s a few weeks ago and it was pretty much a bowl of gristle. Give me my Civic/Dickson/Tuggers Noodle house laska any day!

Pandy 6:39 pm
30 Jun 08

Asian in Melbourne building. Extra hot chilli can be ordered.

utah 7:36 pm
30 Jun 08

Mekong Delta, on Alinga street, near the Wig & Pen. They used to be better than both Sammy’s and The Dicko Noodle House, but I haven’t had one from there in a about six months, so that might have changed.

Thumper 9:12 pm
30 Jun 08

Some of my original army instructors actually served in the Mekong….

That’s scary…

ant 9:49 pm
30 Jun 08

I wonder why Laksa has become so hugely popular in Australia, and yet the equally luxurious and fascinating Sayur dishes are barely known?

Danman 9:43 am
01 Jul 08

Thai Garden Dickson – Best Duck Laksa I have ever had.

hairy nosed wombat 11:23 am
01 Jul 08

Mælinar said :

hnw – where is that ?

the 2 Yummy BBQ noodle house, on the Boardwalk, Emu Bank (Belconnen).

just interested to see how they compare in this discussion. I think they are quite good, but I have not had a laska at any of the other places mentioned in this discussion.

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