Lawlessness in Lanyon Valley

By 26 January 2008 76

2:22am this morning (Friday 26th January 2008), a golf ball enters my dining room window, showering the dining, kitchen and family area with glass, a quick call to 000 has me believing the police are on their way to alleviate not only my fears but that of the 4 children in the house ranging from 8 years to 19.

Forward 18 minutes (2:41am) and a car is dispatched to check the local area, forward 34 minutes (3:15am) the car arrives at the area and does not see any persons of interest wondering the streets.

Now around 4:00am I call the police (hence the details above) and am told my initial call was booked as a disturbance. Now this incident did disturb me and my family but it was far from that. What if the perpetrators had continued their barrage on my property or other properties? I was given the above details and a job number by a young constable, he also re-entered the call as “Property Damage”

During this time, my second eldest (18 years) and his friend who is staying over (19 years) went on their own search for the perpetrators and happened to find them at the local Woolworths service station. My boys overheard their conversation where the perpetrators laughed about it “The Ball” going through a bedroom window. These people thought they were hitting the bedroom window where my 8 and 13 year old sleep, and were happy about the damage they caused.

We have obtained a partial number plate and description of the vehicle; alas the police said there was nothing they could do, very ineffective.

Tonight I don’t think I’ll sleep as I am concerned the perpetrators will return, tonight I’ll be ready to take the law into my own hands, I know a call to the police who are meant to Protect and Serve will be a waste of time and effort as it seams Lanyon Valley is a neglected part of Canberra in the eyes of the law.

Any law abiding citizen of the Lanyon Valley would surely agree that police presence here is lackluster.

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76 Responses to
Lawlessness in Lanyon Valley
threeze 7:29 pm
26 Jan 08

smart move claiming you are going to take the law into your own hands on a public forum. i can’t see that coming back to haunt you.

gooterz 7:49 pm
26 Jan 08

How old were they? the perps?

barney 7:50 pm
26 Jan 08

There is no way of telling what Police are doing. Response times could be anything they feel like. Maybe they were busy, but maybe they weren’t. How could you ever tell. You cant. That’s one thing that concerns me.

Duke 7:50 pm
26 Jan 08

As disturbing as this incident was, anti-social behaviour and a lack of policing is hardly exclusive to Lanyon.
A golf ball through the window is hardly Assault on Precinct 13!
How scared could your older boys have been if they went out at 2.30am looking for the perpetrators?
Sounds like an abuse of 000 to me.

cranky 7:56 pm
26 Jan 08

I’m sure the root of the majority of complaints regarding Police (in)action can be sheeted home to ACT Police numbers.

We seem to be constantly reassured that our Police numbers are adequate, and in keeping with Australian averages.

I don’t believe we are being told the truth. So many calls to Police are fobbed off as below seriousness to attract Police attention, in what appears to be a dearth of resources.

How does the ACT compare in Police numbers/population in comparison with other Australian/Overseas numbers? If we are being treated less than adequately, what do our political masters propose to do about it?

One assumes it will cost more money. One also has to query how transparent the provision of local Police by AFP in comparison to what the ACT Govt pays for this service. I have little faith that we are not being ripped off.

I also have little faith that Sonic and Co have the clout to rectify any shortchanging by the AFP.

astrojax 7:56 pm
26 Jan 08

ask to be their caddy, then suggest the one iron. no-one can hit a one iron.

(i’ve often wondered ‘the streets…?’) [sorry, had to do that...]

and barney is right – how many patrol units do you imagine are on hand on that shift in your area to deal with everything that goes on? and what else was happening? see? he’s right, you can’t answer – so if you wanna complain like this, try the area commander and get a real answer first… where’s proud local when you need him?

that said, also tell the local area commander about the response to your lads’ obtaining what seems to be useful information…

t0m 8:42 pm
26 Jan 08

This is misuse of the 000 service. Call the police directly instead in future.

sepi 9:02 pm
26 Jan 08

Sadly this happens to everyone in Canberra all the time.

I think there has to be imminent danger of serious injury for ACT police to turn up promptly.

New York has 10 times the police per head of population than we do. I don’t know how many other Australian cities have.

I do think we should have more. A few more police on the roads might deter some stupid behaviour and then they’d be available to actually attend disturbances and robberies etc.

BenMac 9:41 pm
26 Jan 08

From talking to some police, and ex-police, it seems the trouble is the paper work that is taking patrols off the street. These guys work a 12hr shift, and are meant to write reports on every incident before their shift is over. Doesn’t leave much time to ‘police’ the community.

Next time ring 131 444 as it wasn’t an emergency. If someone got hurt or if the boys are attacking the house (more than 1 ball) then ring 000.

Adza 9:52 pm
26 Jan 08

From my own experience, the police don’t do much at all… sadly it seems to be much more effective to catch them yourselves and deal with it appropriately…

Perhaps your son and friend should have returned the favour by smashing the golf ball back through their car window?

ant 10:16 pm
26 Jan 08

I’ve never known the police to be interested in the things we expect them to be in the ACT. They probably have more important things to do, and we just don’t realise it. as for investigating crimes, even when you’ve got descriptions, number plates of the perps etc, they have much more important things to do.

And people wonder why people take things into their own hands.

Danman 11:06 pm
26 Jan 08

Dont hate the player – hate the game.

Police have their hands tied as much as Nurses Iwould say.

Sure they can make more police stations – but withouty staff to attend them it snot worth a pinch of shit eh ?

Tonight I don’t think I’ll sleep as I am concerned the perpetrators will return, tonight I’ll be ready to take the law into my own hands, I know a call to the police who are meant to Protect and Serve will be a waste of time and effort as it seams Lanyon Valley is a neglected part of Canberra in the eyes of the law.

This was barely a premeditated attack – I doubt they will be back – not worth you staying up for.

I have had ctrade tools stolen from, my car on several occasions (being a chef you tend to get attached to your tools, taking them home so no one from work steals them.. and get them stolen anyway – have had several cars broken into and windows broken… Basically I ring the cops now only for insurance purposes, its not like they intend to fuck you over by their non attendance, just that ther is not enough cops because the working conditions and pay are shit…

Queenie 11:18 pm
26 Jan 08

Quick! Call the police to protect you from rogue golf balls!!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 11:25 pm
26 Jan 08

Unfortunately it’s not exclusive to Lanyon. Kids are constantly trying to (and occasionally succeeding) in stealing cars in Weston Creek, in particular my area. Basically the police can only get to you so quickly, and by the time they do the shitbags have left the scene, hence, there really *isn’t* much they can do.

Thumper 11:55 pm
26 Jan 08

And people bag Charnwood?

At least we get caddies thrown through our windows…

barney 12:02 am
27 Jan 08

Cloak & Dagger stuff. Well maybe that’s going a bit too far.

I’m sure that a lot of the people in the ACT Police force are not doing much wrong. Or are they? How can you tell? Nothing is ever perfect. Does accountability matter? Should we have 100% operational secrecy of Police and invest as a community in hearsay?

I’m not suggesting that there should be more Police, but maybe they should be accountable to the community. If not, perhaps we should invest in our own local security squad, just like Homer Simpson’s “Spring-Shield”. The RiotACT would have many possible recruits.

Once more to clarify. I am NOT for more Police, as much as I am for ACCOUNTABILITY.

.o0 ( *sigh* )

Ingeegoodbee 12:15 am
27 Jan 08

Just another example of wasted taxes I’m afraid. If you’d rung in with the opportunity for the police chief to flip flop on national security or maybe had some suggestions for the current top cop on how he might manage to “top” the departure of his predecessor then they might have been interested.

From other threads hear it seems that a car theft is some sort of major crime worthy of an all out police jolly on wheels but an assault on your house is racked up as just another whinging motherfu@ker complaining about being woken up in the wee hours.

The average law abiding citizen wouldn’t worry so much if they weren’t paying taxes and didn’t have to be insulted by the conga line of whining co@ksuckers who queue up to blow sunshine up the ar$e of our keystone coppers with how frigging wonderful their thin blue line really is.

bd84 12:25 am
27 Jan 08

I think the police pretty much do all they can with the numbers they have, they’ve been grossly understaffed for many years with stanhopeless’ useless funding to “boost” police numbers, which really just replace the officers leaving not boost actual numbers.

unless someone/something is direct danger response times will normally drag, i’m surprised they actually responded within 30 minutes to this. i’ve reported thefts/criminal damage in progress and violence to have them rock up 4 hours later or the next day, and they’re a patrol from the other side of the city.

I don’t even think the police remember what a police patrol of a suburb or area is anymore, Canberra is very much a city of reactive policing, their numbers are so small compared to population that all they can do is react after the fact.

Agreed with the comment a call to 131 444 would be more appropriate for one golf ball too :)

el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:28 am
27 Jan 08

Would the real johnboy please stand up?

(Small j)

Ingeegoodbee 12:35 am
27 Jan 08

I’m with you el… it’s a tad suss.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:39 am
27 Jan 08

His comment and the other ‘suss’ article have now been pulled.

barney 12:41 am
27 Jan 08

Is that Brendan Smyth a moderator for RiotACT?

wishuwell 9:45 am
27 Jan 08

Seems like the perfect case for Special Constable Matthew and his garbage detection camera squad.

Mr Waffle 10:53 am
27 Jan 08

Come on guys, give the police a break- they’re out stopping the REAL criminals, the ones going 85 in an 80 zone!

ant 2:59 pm
27 Jan 08

Yep, Mr Waffle, I think you’ve got it.
Dumbed-down “crime” for our non-existant police.

After they failed us for the last time (hello, we have crime. licence plates. visual id. CCTV oh that’s STILL circumstantial, is it?) well, OK.

own measures were implemented. Legal? Hell no.

After one experience of same, guess what? they’ve gone.
Our taxes at work. yet again.

Tooks 3:18 pm
27 Jan 08

You called triple 0 (which is reserved for EMERGENCIES)for a property damage which most likely was a random attack and happens dozens of times a week, then your son goes down and gets a partial numberplate and description of the vehicle you reckon is involved.

Then there’s some hearsay evidence about a golf ball going through a window. What exactly would you have Police do to investigate this major crime?

gooterz 3:18 pm
27 Jan 08

They should try and catch the little freaks.. Not much different to them from throwing a golf ball through a window of a home, or a car or a bus.

Homes you can repair but if you get hit whilst driving it can kill.
Back in November/decemeber there was a few of these if ppl remember

Tooks 4:26 pm
27 Jan 08

According to the original poster, police did turn up
and look for them. Yes, this/these little prick/s deserve to be caught and I can understand riotrossco’s frustration, but in this case:

- The victim didn’t see the offender/s or the vehicle in his street (unless I’m missing something, so the fact that his son went to the servo later and saw a car he believes was involved means very little.
- Even if he did get a full rego, what do police do? Knock on the door and the owner of the car denies any involvement. Without further proof, there’s nothing that can be done.

- Population of Tuggeranong, about 90,000. Police cars (tugg station) patrolling per shift, probably 2-4. Not nearly enough police per head to effectively police the area.

nyssa76 5:00 pm
27 Jan 08

The poster’s boy and a friend heard a conversation to which a group of youths ‘allegedly’ admitted to hitting said golf ball through the window of the poster’s house.

Was I the only one that actually read the post correctly? (out of the last few posters)

ant 5:17 pm
27 Jan 08

Yeah, but I bet it’s “circumstantial”.

Like catching perps on property, getting the licence plates of their cars parked outside, spotting them AND their kids who are near the cars acting as cockatoos (lookouts).
All “circumstantial”. Riiight. Seems like it’s all too much like hard work, don’t it?

So the people who care (ie the property owners) have to just look after it themselves.

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