Lawn irrigation Dripper v sprinkler in Canberra?

By 3 January 2013 5

Hi riotact,

Im looking at irrigation for the lawn I will soon be seeding. It’s a big lawn (over 1000mtrs) and I’ve heard a few things about planting drip line underneath as opposed to sprinklers.

Any help or advice you could offer would be appreciated


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5 Responses to Lawn irrigation Dripper v sprinkler in Canberra?
enrique4:46 pm, 03 Jan 13

Pure hearsay…

I’ve been told that drippers are pretty useless for lawns since they have a limited range per drip-hole and this gets worse as the ground compacts over time.You’ll end up with little green patches of lawn among a sea of dead brown. Could look quite pretty from an artistic point of view ;-)

curlylocks11:54 pm, 03 Jan 13

have a look at the KISS system that is an underground drip irrigation system. Are you wanting to do it yourself???

Here is a link

curlylocks11:56 pm, 03 Jan 13
curlylocks11:58 pm, 03 Jan 13

And here is Toro Australias website too. Very good products.

Elf2:24 pm, 18 Feb 13

I know this was posted long ago, but I have had KISSS irrigation in my lawn in Gungahlin for 8 years and never had a problem. Use only when it is needed. I wouldn’t use normal droppers. The sticker on my control box has the phone number 0419296251. He was the only one installing KISSS at the time.

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