Little black worms

By 4 March 2014 7

What are the little black worms that get into houses at this time of year?  They are about 5 to 8 cms long and usually come in at night.  They crawl around for a while (sometimes up the wall)  and then die.  If disturbed, they curl into a tight spiral.  They don’t seem to do any harm.

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7 Responses to
Little black worms
NoAddedMSG 9:49 am
04 Mar 14

Portuguese Millipedes.

shirty_bear 9:53 am
04 Mar 14

If memory serves, this has been asked here before, and the answer was

molongloid 9:57 am
04 Mar 14

shirty_bear 10:17 am
04 Mar 14

… so it appears we agree

bronal 3:56 pm
04 Mar 14

Thanks for the info. Thank God we don’t get them in plague proportions here!

Cimexus 7:12 pm
07 Mar 14

I dunno … this summer has been quite dry so they don’t seem too bad this year. But a few summers ago (2010-11 I think, or maybe 11-12?) when we had quite a wet, cool season, they were in plague proportions in some areas of the ACT (including my flat, unfortunately!)

They don’t do any immediate harm but they do like crawling under couches and other hard to see places and dying en masse. And after a while their little graveyards can stain and mark surfaces if you don’t find them and clean em out once in a while.

Roundhead89 9:01 am
08 Mar 14

Little black worms? I thought you were talking about players in the NRL and Super Rugby teams.

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