Lost Cockatiel in Condor [Conder?]

By 24 October 2011 3

Hi Guys,

My friend has lost her beloved cockatiel in Condor [Ed - we hope we're talking about Conder here] .

She is mostly grey with tinges of colour, has a red spot on her cheek and is very tame.

She flew away yesterday afternoon. Her owner is very distressed at her loss and is desperate to find her, she is offering a reward if anyone finds her bird.  

She is a very squawky bird, so please keep and ear/eye out for her and if you find her, please contact Summer on 0404877634.


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3 Responses to
Lost Cockatiel in Condor [Conder?]
Tooks 9:19 am
24 Oct 11

Maybe a condor took the cockatiel.

Deref 9:29 am
24 Oct 11

Her cockatiel is in a condor?

How did she get it in there? And which end?

boffins 9:35 am
24 Oct 11

Oops, my bad. Sorry, I don’t live anywhere near Conder, so I rarely have a need to spell it. Please ignore the bad spelling, I’m just trying to help a friend out.

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