Making life harder for paedos

By 16 February 2012 34

Simon Corbell has announced he’s legislating today for more court powers when dealing with child sex offenders:

“Under these tough new measures, the bill proposes to increase maximum penalties, tighten reporting requirements and introduce new prohibition orders that will limit circumstances in which registered child sex offenders can be near children,” Mr Corbell said.

“Courts will have the power to ban offenders from being within a certain distance of a school or child care centre, engaging in some types of employment, or taking photographs of children.

“ACT Policing will be able to intervene in circumstances where there is evidence that the registered offender poses a risk to a child or children through breaching of this order without a reasonable excuse.”

The Magistrates Court will decide what behaviour will be prohibited after considering the behaviour and circumstances of the registered offender’s conduct.

“This intervention is aimed at protecting those children identified as at risk, and at addressing the rates of reoffending child sex offenders,” he said.

Mr Corbell announced that these amendments will also require registered offenders to report electronic communication identifiers not previously required, including email addresses and chat room usernames.

Penalties for offences are also being increased.

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34 Responses to
Making life harder for paedos
Deref 8:56 pm
16 Feb 12

HenryBG said :

Proboscus said :

Deref said :

Roadrage77 said :

Yet another attention-grabbing stunt from Corbell who’s determined to leave his initials in the pavement or die trying.

Political stunts like this merely foster moral panic amongst paranoid parents.

It’s interesting coming from a gubmint that believes that gaol is a last resort, reserved only for people who kill politicians – everyone else gets a finger-wagging.

But paedophilia has been so demonised that it, like “terrism”, is the perfect soft target for any pollie who wants an instant headline and easy votes.

I eagerly await the “won’t somebody think of the children” responses.

Paedophilia has been “demonised” because it is an atrocious act upon our most vulnerable.

But if you want to defend the scum who choose to conduct themselves in this way instead of applauding any legislation that protects kids – you’re a bigger tool than I gave you credit for.

Thank you. Saved me the trouble.

You’ll find there is a certain section of the community which is (at best) ambivalent about protecting children from sexual predators, and Deref’s contribution contained more than just an echo of that attitude.

That’s two. Thanks for proving my point so well.

I wonder who’s going to be first to charge me with actually being a paedophile.

Deref 9:27 pm
16 Feb 12

I-filed 10:03 pm
16 Feb 12

JB – hmmm, law enforcement AND paedos. Did you think to check what matter might be slipping under the radar while this is being put out by the government?

Lookout Smithers 6:27 pm
17 Feb 12

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Lookout Smithers said :

The_TaxMan said :

Lookout Smithers said :

I would be willing to assume life might be already hard for perpetrators and victims. One versus the other in observation is not helpful for anyone.

Sorry but the fact that perpetrators are allowed to keep breathing is enough to make me ill. So ‘hard for perpetrators” who gives a rats arse about the perpetrators :(

Well if it matters that much to you then we will assume that you are hard at work looking for better ways to deal with this very confronting issue. I could not care less about perpetrators or victims myself. But I have no bright ideas on how to best tackle the issue. So I will just comment on the article the way it is written, rather than shout out on how much I pretend to give a shit.

You ‘could not care less’ about children who are victims of sexual abuse? You are not fit to be a member of our society.

Well I am glad that you don’t have a say in who is fit and who isn’t. I spent 5 years in court as a witness against a known repeat offender. I gave evidence for 7 others being the only one with evidence. I learnt about how courts render themselves largely inaffective regarding this issue. Im not going to go out and preach what is the way forward. I let the learned chaps like you stand around with moral tears for all the victims. You don’t have to cry if you don’t feel like it mate. Pfft. Expert.

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