Mini arthropod bugs that arrive with rain? What bug is this?

By 30 March 2012 9


Could these bugs be falling with the rain – they are always there after rain fills containers like fine grey ash on the surface.

Or could they be some insect life stage quickly appearing in rainwater ?

They are very alive – legs working well.

I have tried Google – but got no leads.

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9 Responses to Mini arthropod bugs that arrive with rain? What bug is this?
Baldy2:47 pm, 30 Mar 12

They are the larvel stage of pod people.

Gungahlin Al3:02 pm, 30 Mar 12

I’d suggest asking Alex Wild here:
He’s spent a lot of time in Australia so may well be familiar with the critters.
BTW add his site to your RSS feed – some outstanding macro photography.
PS: aren’t those cheapo USB microscopes neat? The kids love being able to save pics of what they are viewing. Try taking pics of your iris up close – you’ll be amazed.

MWF10:56 pm, 30 Mar 12

They look like freaking head lice to me.

Sending a great big HELLO to those of you with school aged children ;)

BugData3:43 pm, 04 Mar 13

They are springtails, a primitive kind of insect and totally harmless. They live in the soil in big numbers, and get washed to the surface when it rains a lot.

Pork Hunt7:37 pm, 04 Mar 13

What are those black caterpillar type things that form a coil when touched? About 25 mm long.

milkman9:12 pm, 04 Mar 13

Newly hatched bogans. You should kill them before they change form and increase demand for public housing.

breda9:26 pm, 04 Mar 13

PorkHunt, they’re millipedes. They often come out after rain in Autumn.

I have written previously about the Great Millipede Plague the first year I lived in this house. It was like a horror movie – the front of the house was swarming with hundreds them, and they came inside through every nook and cranny.

Fortunately, they are strictly vegetarian.

poetix9:27 pm, 04 Mar 13

It looks like one of the fat ones has invented the lasso and is catching the smaller ones.

A really interesting picture.

Mr Evil9:48 pm, 04 Mar 13

They are Young Liberals at their mature stage.

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