Naked in the James Court Maccas. Caption contest!

By 22 April 2012 63

naked in maccas

I guess we’re a big city now.

Matthew has taken this eyebrow raising picture in the James Court McDonalds late at night last week.

A pint to the commenter with the best caption.

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63 Responses to
Naked in the James Court Maccas. Caption contest!
pptvb 2:33 pm
22 Apr 12

Do you have anything smaller?

gentoopenguin 2:37 pm
22 Apr 12

Bogan Pete stared at the menu board, wishing he could upsize his Junior Burger to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese…

Havok 2:47 pm
22 Apr 12

“Upsize? What do you mean upsize?”

gunslingr 3:02 pm
22 Apr 12

“just the pattie, cheese and ketchup thanks. I’ve brought my own buns”

gunslingr 3:04 pm
22 Apr 12

“who are you calling small fries?”

trevar 3:06 pm
22 Apr 12

“The sausage in my McMuffin seems to have shrivelled up!”

Dilandach 3:16 pm
22 Apr 12

“No socks, No service.”

Bennop 3:27 pm
22 Apr 12

“Only 5.95? Let me just get that out for you.”

MsDizzy 3:39 pm
22 Apr 12

“Do these socks make my buns look big?”

c_c 3:41 pm
22 Apr 12

Peter Slipper had his aide pick up Maccas for him?

Dingoman25 3:44 pm
22 Apr 12

This is the last time I bet on the Brumbies to win!

Brianna 3:48 pm
22 Apr 12

Forget the caption bit…………where’s the wallet?

PoQ 3:51 pm
22 Apr 12

You want fries with that?

PoQ 3:51 pm
22 Apr 12

Those polyester uniforms make me itch

trevar 3:56 pm
22 Apr 12

“Good evening my good man, I noticed your ‘no shoes no service’ policy and dressed appropriately; would you be so kind as to prepare a tasty repast and pop it over to table five please?”

poetix 4:15 pm
22 Apr 12

McDonald’s new special sauce met with widespread public approval, until the organic methods of manufacture were revealed.

rosscoact 4:24 pm
22 Apr 12

Hold the mayo

Pork Hunt 4:54 pm
22 Apr 12

Welcome to McDonalds sir, what’s the big occasion?

I-filed 5:09 pm
22 Apr 12

Nudie Juice rep taking his job seriously

Dilandach 5:21 pm
22 Apr 12

“Kony has his own meltdown over the Kony2012 video campaign”


“McDonalds takes its customer safety seriously. Please remove all metal objects, electronic devices, clothes and inhibitions before passing into the ordering area.”

Holden Caulfield 5:46 pm
22 Apr 12

Would you like to upsize that, sir?

Holden Caulfield 5:58 pm
22 Apr 12

This is a stick up. Don’t move or I’ll shoot!

goggles13 6:12 pm
22 Apr 12

“two all beef patties, special sauce, pickles, onion and mayo on a sesame seed bun” that makes a big mac

Mr Evil 6:30 pm
22 Apr 12

“Excuse me, can I please see the manager? I’d like to complain about the size of my Double Choc Fudge McFlurry.”


“Jesus, this bench top is really cold!”

Marquis-boy 6:43 pm
22 Apr 12

I thought “open 24 hours” means “never clothed”.

nobody 6:53 pm
22 Apr 12

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

PrinceOfAles 7:16 pm
22 Apr 12

New improved Grand Angus….Now with extra pickle.

Shinigami_Josh 7:38 pm
22 Apr 12

That’s the last time i fall asleep in hancock…

taninaus 7:45 pm
22 Apr 12

I’m sexy and I know it – wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Holden Caulfield 8:00 pm
22 Apr 12

goggles13 said :

“two all beef patties, special sauce, pickles, onion and mayo on a sesame seed bun” that makes a big mac

I think they can hold the special sauce.

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