Namadgi fire contained

By 15 January 2008 11

ABC online is reporting that a Namadgi fire is still burning away but is now under control.

It is believed the fire was sparked by a lightning strike during a storm on Saturday night and I must add that it is surprising that we haven’t had many fires this season given the abundnace of rain follwed by stinking hot days.

Praise to the volunteer firies and SES who are out there and who have spent long days and nights fighting the fire which my sources tell me is at Mt Clear, about 50-60 kilometres from Canberra itself.

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11 Responses to
Namadgi fire contained
Felix the Cat 10:32 pm
15 Jan 08

De ja vu anyone?

Skidbladnir 9:17 am
16 Jan 08

Save the deja vu for Friday, when its 5 years since Jan18 2003.

Thumper 9:38 am
16 Jan 08

Geez, amazing.

I really can’t believe that it’s been five years…

Skidbladnir 11:36 am
16 Jan 08

I have a pretty scar and am lucky to have anything below my left knee since 18Jan2003, so remember it fairly well.

Anyone know if there’s an “Aftermath: Five Years On” due for the CT or RiotAct?

hingo_VRCalaisV6 1:31 pm
16 Jan 08

The Canberra fires were on TV last night on Channel 9 I think. It was a program called “In the Line of Fire”. Quite scary stuff. I wasn’t living in Canberra then but I remember it well.

Mr Evil 2:01 pm
16 Jan 08

Yeah, that footage taken by Richard Moran is spectacular.

I still can’t beleive that ONLY four people died on that day, and that certain people who should take responsibility for their actions on the day (and days leading up to the firestorm!) still haven’t done so.

Who was it who said words to the effect of “don’t blame the firefighters, blame me”???

Thumper 2:27 pm
16 Jan 08

It was remarkable that 20-30 people didn’t die that day.

sjp 3:35 pm
16 Jan 08

I watched the final of in the line of fire lastnight as well. I wasn’t here in 2003 either but the stories etc are just mind-boggling. It’s hard to believe so many homes were lost and that so few people lost their lives.

andym 12:06 pm
17 Jan 08

Some photos from Sunday night are here

Thumper 12:18 pm
17 Jan 08

What crews were out there andym?

Mr Evil 12:28 pm
17 Jan 08

They look like ACT Forest crews in the photos?

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