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5 local cars in the pits at NATIONAL CAPITAL SPEEDWAY fairbairn 8/11/2008

#67 Russell payne lc torana

#78 darryl payne  lj torana

#66 Shane williams  vb commodore

#29 robert waters tc cortina

#38 Roger bradley chrysler galant

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willo 11:24 am
24 Nov 08

ahhh what a fine looking bunch of racecars…i bet the driver of that # 66 is a top bloke…..

Granny 11:43 am
24 Nov 08

I like #95 Lightning McQueen … ka-chow!

Thumper 12:04 pm
24 Nov 08

Lightening McQueen, obviously named after Steve McQueen who had a great love of speedcars and actually used to drive one himself.

Granny 12:06 pm
24 Nov 08

Yeah, but Steve doesn’t have quite the same ring as Lightning. Lightning is much more ka-chow.

Growling Ferret 12:19 pm
24 Nov 08

Thumper, your kids are too old for you to understand.

Best Lightning McQueen paint job was on a Garry Brazier sprint car two seasons back…

Thumper 12:23 pm
24 Nov 08

Then educate me my friend ;)

Steve McQueen was cool though…

Granny 12:37 pm
24 Nov 08

I would have gone to see that car. Then I would have stolen it.

astrojax 1:22 pm
24 Nov 08

willo – williamson – reference to ‘top bloke’…

nah, just a coincidence, eh? ;)

(how’d ya go then? fast?)

willo 1:28 pm
24 Nov 08

na …had a bit of an “off” into the concrete and fucked the car….and it is williams…not williamson…..

Growling Ferret 1:39 pm
24 Nov 08

Granny 1:43 pm
24 Nov 08

Thanks, Growling Ferret! That will suit me a treat. Now where do I pick it up?


willo 1:49 pm
24 Nov 08

haha it’s been repainted about a dozen times since then granny…..and been rolled about half a dozen….

astrojax 1:51 pm
24 Nov 08

weird, i posted a correction to my ‘williamson’ mistake – sorry willo – and on the ants thread, neither of which are here and certainly neither of which are controversial to warrant moderation.


willo 1:54 pm
24 Nov 08

hmm…yea and i swore thinking an aserisk would appear to hide my profanity as happens on other forums….and it didn’t…..and that post is here??

Granny 1:54 pm
24 Nov 08

I was being moderated on one thread the other day, but I just assumed I had been a very bad Granny!

Thumper 1:56 pm
24 Nov 08

Mr Ferret,

post a photo of your old car. That was cool…

astrojax 1:56 pm
24 Nov 08

aww, we always assume you’re a very bad granny – s’how we like you!

Granny 1:58 pm
24 Nov 08


willo 2:04 pm
24 Nov 08

hmmm a naughty granny???…..i’m gettin all excited now…..i think i need a little time alone…….

Granny 2:13 pm
24 Nov 08

I have, in fact, been called a GILF, willo, but I’m sure it was just a typo.

hrazor 7:08 pm
24 Nov 08

Nah dont listen to willo, he cant drive for sh*t, i hafta keep fixin them lol

willo 2:21 am
25 Nov 08

hrazor said :

Nah dont listen to willo, he cant drive for sh*t, i hafta keep fixin them lol

pffft….the only time this season that i actually needed your help because i damaged the car and injured myself doing so…… go and get yaself stabbed, nearly dying in the process………how unreliable are you???……….i think i need to find myself a new pitcrew…….

willo 3:00 am
25 Nov 08

here’s a link to some footage from the meeting on 9th nov

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