New political party on deck for the ACT

By 29 April 2008 98

The ABC has the ever so slightly comfroting news that another group has managed to be registered as a political party within the ACT to do battle with old beasts for the next ACT election. The Community Alliance Party (CAP) (ABC Link) is mainly a group set up to fight for the rights of those who fell victims of the 2003 Bushfires in our beloved Canberra. The CAP has been founded by a Mr Rich Hingee, who it appears has been quite busy of late, with mentions here (Access Card), and numerous appearances in the comments and letters of the Australian and the ‘Crimes.

The CAP itself is said to be bipartisan, however wont be following Comrade Stanhope. Well, at least they have gotten one thing right.

My only real concern is that it is on the surface a single issue party, and thats even before you get to the nitty gritty of their ‘issue’ and that is how one actually goes about actually classifying a victim of the 2003 fires, when so many ACT folk saw and experienced something that only be described as traumatic at best.

Good Luck all, hope it goes well.

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98 Responses to
New political party on deck for the ACT
S4anta 2:54 pm
29 Apr 08

smashed the second link. Much apologies over lords. will neck and draw blood from a chicken in lieu of your wrath.

captainwhorebags 3:30 pm
29 Apr 08

So what are the bushfire victims after anyway? A complete acceptance of responsibility by the govt? A payout? An apology?

S4anta 3:31 pm
29 Apr 08

A seat in the Legislative Assembly it appears.

Ingeegoodbee 3:32 pm
29 Apr 08

Another whinging minority group looking for a handout and believing that their pathetic circumstances somehow make them special … in reality they’ll dilute the anti-Labor vote ensuring that Labor get back in again – good on ya douche-bags.

captainwhorebags 3:45 pm
29 Apr 08

S4anta: what, all of them? Will they each take a turn in the seat or all pile on at once?

S4anta 3:55 pm
29 Apr 08

Thats the bueaty of a democracy my friend. It all depends on how many votes they can get. I reckon we’ll have to wait to see which electorates they choose to contest, and what the rest of the policy statements look like. Either way these little single issue parties make it easier for the more established parties (lib, labor democrats, greenouts etc) to get up under the hare clark system.

ant 4:26 pm
29 Apr 08

Single issue, waste of time. We need a broad-based group of sensible, committed people who want to look right across the territory. Even if this bushfire mob get someone in, they could turn out to be a crazed far right nightmare who holds the government to ransom for all kinds of things (married women not allowed to work, compulsory breeding, 6 cylinder cars mandatory and cats for all).

Thumper 4:35 pm
29 Apr 08

Single issue parties..

You’d be an idiot to vote for them.

What a waste…

Joe Canberran 4:47 pm
29 Apr 08

I believe CAP plans on being far from a single issue party.

spoonbill 4:47 pm
29 Apr 08

I hope if elected their first policy will be to pay back all the charity that was given to them by the generous citizens of Canberra.

To think if these morons had home insurance there would be no issue.

James Sizer 5:04 pm
29 Apr 08

There might be a few here regretting that they spoke before finding out any facts.

If you only knew!!!

The Community Alliance Party is most surely is not a single issue party. As the name implies it is an alliance of ACT communities. Let’s all hope that S4ANTA and Sonic are of the same mindset. Because even as the one source S4ANTA relied upon noted the party membership (those prepared to put their money where their mouth is) include all sectors of the ACT Community. If you refer way back as far as page B3 of last Saturday’s Canberra Times you will see that this well supported, well organised and well funded group will work with both parties (something neither Libs or Labor do with eachother)and as far as splitting the Lib vote, even the Canberra Times are already billing them as Zed’s greatest chance by demonstrating that he can work with them.

Perhaps it might also be that Labor’s only chance might be to work with the Party which really does represent the people of the ACT.

People in droves have given up on both the major parties in the ACT. They want people to come before party policy.

Pandy 5:20 pm
29 Apr 08

Hingee is a whinger on the same thing. Boring. Has Reynolds joined the party yet?

S4anta 5:34 pm
29 Apr 08

I sincerely hope you are correct JAMES. My albeit quick search found very little information on CAP, and as noted in a previous comment, I look forward to seeing what you all table closer to the election. Here’s hoping the ground swell of anti Lib/Labor sentiment works in your favour.

Thumper 5:35 pm
29 Apr 08

However, you got to at least give him (Hingee) credit for having a go.

Mr Sizer, let’s see these policies then.

And no overarching motherhood statements please. We saw enough of them from the Rudd love in.

Tell the good folk who haunt these pages why we should vote for the CAP.

S4anta 5:38 pm
29 Apr 08

As an aside James, when you mention of the groundswell of support, i distrust politicians, and those who aspire to become are twice as worse. No offence my friend but after dealing with these bodies for the best of ten year, if i could get a buck for the amount of time I have heard those same words in my short life, not even the Sultan of Brunei could make that bet.

Hence the reluctance to quote Mssr Hingee’s statement.

Mike Crowther 5:44 pm
29 Apr 08

Strewth S4anta! Where are you getting your information, the Stanhope foundation for goodtruth ?
Never having been prepared to commit to a political party in my life, I joined this new party at it’s inception. It contains people interested in all facets of Canberra governance. Fed up with what is being served up to us. This government said they wouldn’t close schools and after the last election they did. They promised they’d build a Dragway and they reneged on it. They decided to spend up on a luxury gaol that will cost us $20Mil per year as opposed to the previous $10Mil we were paying NSW. They raise rates and charges (though we are constantly in surplus), they commit to build an arboretum while appendix burst in hospital waiting areas, the current workers compensation act has enough holes to drive a truck through, buildings collapse on cars while the Workcover approval ink is still dry, money is splashed out on important art (like statues of disgraced politicians) while we don’t have enough cops to respond to….ahhh, yeah, must be a single issue party…..someone said so.

And why so much agro towards the Bushfire victims? For gods sake, this current government tried to nobble a coronial inquest!
Doesn’t that bother anyone just slightly?

S4anta 5:56 pm
29 Apr 08

I am far from a supporter of stanhope. i hope that he doesnt get re-elected, same goes for liberals in the ACT. Before you continue this castigation, i would like to see where it is that you stand, and what alternatives you have for us all.

As for Canberra Governance… no comment.

James Sizer 5:57 pm
29 Apr 08

All fair comments S4anta.

And that distrust of politicians has been part of the catalyst that has brought people together to form the CAP.

There is deliberately very little released on the net about the CAP at this stage, so your inability to find much is completely understandable. Now imagine how you would feel if you were a Lib/Labor party staffer tasked with finding dirt or something to fight off. With very little available they are restricted in what lies to make up.

This is a new Party and something completely new to ACT politics. Policy is not based around promising what will buy votes and not about grandiose schemes to inflate the ego of the all powerful leader. This is a grassroots party representing people to act in the best interests of the ACT as a whole.

Who are the community? Just look around, even in old RiotACT posts about the dissatisfied people of the ACT. Yes, I may have spoken out first but there are regular posters on here who know a lot more than I can say at this stage

There is still six months of campaigning to take place (yes sorry we will all have to endure more political advertising and MLA pictures in the paper, keen to get press for attending the opening of an envelope). Plenty of opportunity for proper analysis of all parties platforms.

Ingeegoodbee 5:58 pm
29 Apr 08

Nice try Mike, but every issue you raise is a legitimate concern of the ACT Liberals – why the hell would any respectable Canberra piss their vote into the breeze hoping that a bunch of newbie amateurs would have any better chance of changing any of that? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? …. tumble weed rolls by ….

The sad reality is that any group trying to brand themselves as a broad cross-section of the Canberra community representing a diverse range of backgrounds, interest and political persuasions is really just a recipe for disaster as competing egos strive to choke the b’jesus out of each other while the financial backers watch helplessly from the sidelines as the whole tawdry mess goes down the toilet.

Zed’s not going to jump into bed with you tools, partly because the Liberal machine wont stand for it, and partly because its smarter to sit it out and see if you lot can win a seat – if your relevant after the election you’ll no doubt get a call but don’t waste your time sitting by the phone before then.

S4anta 6:00 pm
29 Apr 08


Thanks for that mate.

As I said in the original post, good luck to all concerned! I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

James Sizer 6:05 pm
29 Apr 08

Ingeegoodbee, wait for a call?

What if calls have already been made, and not just the Libs?

You are entitled to your view and I am sure that you are not alone. No one has been asked to cast a vote as yet. Until earlier today you most likely had never heard of the CAP before and therefore probably have nothing to compare.

Mike Crowther 6:13 pm
29 Apr 08

Nice to see you can make an argument without resorting to personal abuse.
(“you tools”). And so brave of you to put your real name to it too!

What we ‘brand’ ourselves is irrelevant. We either represent a good cross section of the Community or we don’t. If we don’t we’ll sink into oblivion. If we do we win seats. I am in a better position to gauge that because I’m in, and your not.

I’m not here trying to convince anyone how they should vote, I was simply correcting an inaccurate statement that we are a single issue party.

Ingeegoodbee 6:18 pm
29 Apr 08

Until earlier today you most likely had never heard of the CAP

Dream on sunshine, its a small town, I’d actually be surprised if I came across someone who didn’t know about the CAP.

I wouldn’t flatter yourself if you lot have managed to speak to a few MLAs and party officials it’t pretty meaningless unless you have a seat at the table and the voting system dosn’t favour touchy-feely grass roots douche-bags. You might get a look in if you get Val Jeffreys on your ticket but its a sad reality that unknown means unloved – you’ll just end up dividing the anti-Labor vote.

James Sizer 6:31 pm
29 Apr 08

Ingeegoodbee, Happy to dream on.

You put it in print it can now come back to bite us all. It is really pleasing to hear that it would be hard to find someone who didn’t know about the CAP. Except for S4anta, oh and anyone else who has posted so far, or reads this and doesn’t know what you mean.

What makes you think if we had Val on our ticket we would have a chance?

Where did the touchy feely bit come from?

You contradict youreslf when you say that everyone knows about the CAP, but then say unknown means unloved. Obviously you need time to adjust to new ideas like realising that there are things in this big wide world you know very little about.

Have a nice day
Vote 1 CAP

Mike Crowther 6:34 pm
29 Apr 08

You really ought to get that Tourettes looked at.

el 7:14 pm
29 Apr 08

A decent alternative to the to two majors? Bring it on!

Keep us updated, guys.

Thumper 7:49 pm
29 Apr 08

Ingee and Ssanta do have a point.

I’m all for Stanhope being uncerimoniously booted in his idealogical arse, but I want to know that we will have stable, productive, and efficient government to take his place.

Frankly, if you shoved your weight behind the Libs and ousted some of the oxygen thieves currently sitting there I’d be happy.

I’ll wait until the policy launch before I comment further.

And now I need to drink wine and listen to Frank Sinatra ;)

Special G 8:17 pm
29 Apr 08

stable, productive and efficient – I hope you’re not referring to the current gubmint. Wht we need is a local council not a bunch of grandstanding wankers.

Someone who is prepared to have a go. Well let’s see what you got over the next couple of months and see if you can stick to a few promises you make. Stanhopes promises are about as watertight as a seive and he blows cash on anything that takes his fancy whilst neglecting the ACT and focusing on ‘world issues’. The guys a joke and I would vote for a turnip before him in the next election.

S4anta 8:30 pm
29 Apr 08

Apart from the fact he is as helpful as a frozen turd, you do have to feel for a CM of a principality that cant generate an income.

ant 9:46 pm
29 Apr 08

Well come on then, let’s see the policies, and I expect if there’s any crazed far righters or weirdos, you’ll mention it, too.

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