Nitrous Oxide Cartridges

By 5 June 2008 50

Hi everyone.

I was just about to make some scones but I realised I had run out of the cartridges or bulbs for my whipped cream dispenser but for some reason I haven’t been able to find them in shops within the ACT. So could someone please tell me what shops sell these cartridges. It’s an emergency. These scones cannot be consumed without whipped cream.


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Nitrous Oxide Cartridges
Woody Mann-Caruso 4:10 pm
05 Jun 08

Brew Your Own At Home in Kambah. They sell them for dispensing creamy widget-style beer through mini-keg systems.

skaboy12 4:11 pm
05 Jun 08

‘Soda’ bulbs are becoming increasingly hard to find. I managed to track some down at Woolies in Queanbeyan for my cream dispenser. Also I don’t remember them contain nitrous oxide, i thought they were a different gas.

They are hard to get for two reasons 1. they are hardly used anymore, and 2. they make good explosives (will destroy a letterbox) if combined with several other common items, and are therefore hard to get so that the kiddies don’t get them.

Skidbladnir 4:12 pm
05 Jun 08


Searching for Nitrous Oxide initiated by someone calling themselves Datura (as in Jimson Weed).

Skidbladnir 4:13 pm
05 Jun 08

Nitrous Oxide is used for more than just exploding things, people.

tickboom 4:15 pm
05 Jun 08

Have you tried using an egg-beater or a whisk? Perhaps that would have involved less effort and time than posting an inquiry on here.

But then again perhaps egg-beaters and whisks won’t help you in what you actually want to use the bulbs for.

fnaah 4:27 pm
05 Jun 08

Not posting useful information here is the most difficult thing I have had to do all day.

Roadrage77 4:29 pm
05 Jun 08

Thankyou for bringing up this hard-hitting issue.

The reason they aren’t available anymore is because of all the teenage degenerates using them for inhaling purposes. Laughing gas, bulbies, nitros, whatever you wanna call em. OK maybe I did a few of em in my time but only to impress chicks at parties.

hk0reduck 4:29 pm
05 Jun 08

Looks like you can order them online from

360 bulbs for $190.00, that’s if you REALLY want your cream to be whipped.

fnaah 4:30 pm
05 Jun 08

Oh, screw it.

Cream chargers CANNOT be found in Woolworths or Coles. You’ll need to go to IGAs or some Supabarns. They live in/near the cookery bits and pieces.

Otherwise, try PWS or AC&R in Fyshwick.

If you’re really, really keen, go to

Lastly, DON’T buy Soda ones from a brewery supply. Soda bulbs (CO2) do not make whipped cream. You need to use cream chargers to make whipped cream, because they contain nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide dissolves in fat, carbon dioxide does not.

PBO 4:44 pm
05 Jun 08

Egg beater and a whisk as tickboom said. It is cheaper and they wont give you a headache or cause breathing difficulties. Less chance of brain damage too.

NH 4:53 pm
05 Jun 08

have you tried to make whipped cream with a whisk?? Takes forever and makes for a sore arm!

I-filed 4:57 pm
05 Jun 08

Datura? The drug name says it all. Datura is after the ‘bubble effect’ peoples, nothing to do with the cream!

lion 5:04 pm
05 Jun 08

Datura… yes, obviously after a high
Try the homewares shop next to the civic fountain, saw a skater there one day who’d just purchased one. And boy he was happy.

fnaah 5:17 pm
05 Jun 08

I don’t think anyone here really believes datura was actually making scones or whip cream, I-filed.

Skidbladnir 5:20 pm
05 Jun 08

I propose Datura submit future stories on either “where can I buy a reliable herb grinder?” or “I have lost my bong buddy, cordial bottle, plastic bucket, and roughly an ounce of weed. Can anybody share?”

p1 5:33 pm
05 Jun 08

They used to have them at IGA in Hawker, no idea if they still do. There are for sale on a popular auction site for use in injection systems to get more power from your pocket bike…

el 5:43 pm
05 Jun 08

Don’t use the C02 bulbs if you’re planning on doing what we all think you’re planning on doing.

lion 6:10 pm
05 Jun 08

p1 said :

They used to have them at IGA in Hawker, no idea if they still do. There are for sale on a popular auction site for use in injection systems to get more power from your pocket bike…

Yes, Red Hill IGA too.

datura 6:37 pm
05 Jun 08

Thanks for for your help everyone. I’m now off to pick mushrooms to use in a delicious mushroom soup.

Skidbladnir 6:57 pm
05 Jun 08

Do not eat the Deathcap

And psilocybin mushrooms look entirely different again.

starry 7:03 pm
05 Jun 08

Palmerston IGA end ailse facing the freezers

RealBasic 7:40 pm
05 Jun 08

Ha ha ha.. That’s so f***ing funny.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:26 pm
05 Jun 08

Lastly, DON’T buy Soda ones from a brewery supply.

Erm…why? They sell both kinds, and they know the difference between them. CO2 is for carbonation and dispensing. Nitro is for mixing with the CO2 for finer carbonation, denser head and a creamier finish. Get a Tap-A-Draft, put a CO2 bulb in one side and an nitro bulb in the other, then fill it with stout (or some other British ale). Voila – widget / Irish-pub style beer.

ant 8:26 pm
05 Jun 08

Yuck, “whipped” cream from those fake dispensers is SO tacky. Rotary beater, or hand-held motor beater makes very nice whipped cream. Put a few drops of vanilla in, and some icing sugar if you want to tart it up a bit.

Our crop of grads at work were moving on to their next rotation and made scones and brought all the usual stuff to put on them. But the bloke who brought one of those squirty cans of ‘cream’ incurred derision and was seen squirting it into a bowl, and then carefully flattening it down with a spoon so it’d look like real cream.

scottie_517 8:54 pm
05 Jun 08

Hehe – you wouldn’t even get halfway through taking a breath of co2 before you coughed your little lungs out. Bloody hell – I can’t believe the government (and community) is so concerned about people making “bombs” from these things. You have to heat the bloody things for half an hour to get them to blow (Ok – I used to do it when I was a kid) – and even when they do go off it doesn’t have that much explosive energy (on the other hand, they do make nasty shrapnel). If someone wanted to make real bungers/bombs all it takes is a trip to the hardware – but you don’t see those items being banned?

p1 9:54 pm
05 Jun 08

Guarantee I can make one go bang in less then 90 seconds in a manner that will certainly cause damage, using only two other products available from the same IGA that you get the NO2.

shiny flu 12:32 am
06 Jun 08

Make your own!

whipped cream.

lemaChet 8:00 am
06 Jun 08

Soda bulbs are CO2.
Cream bulbs are NO2.

You can get Cream bulbs at Florey IGA.
Whatever you do, don’t explode Cream bulbs. Soda bulbs are for exploding. Cream bulbs have better (albeit just as stupid) uses..

lemaChet 8:01 am
06 Jun 08

also try supabarn in the city and IGA at Kingston.

lemaChet 8:03 am
06 Jun 08

scottie – you can explode Soda bulbs in much less than 30 minutes :P

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