O-Week is go, what’s good?

By 14 February 2006 12

OK, so it’s O-Week.

I am old and boring but some of you mob aren’t. So why not share with us the highs and lows of O-Week to date, as well as what’s still coming up.

Anyone? Anyone?

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12 Responses to
O-Week is go, what’s good?
b2 11:57 pm
14 Feb 06

datarock from norway are playing wednesday night at anu bar.

schmerica 10:31 am
15 Feb 06

I’m attending UC this year as a first year Education student, and I looked up what was happening… and it dosent appear to be much going on. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong place for info ?

Absent Diane 10:36 am
15 Feb 06

just hang out at the pub thing there you will find plenty to do that way

johnboy 10:58 am
15 Feb 06

Toga party at burgman tonight, but kids today are so damn soft they wear clothes under their togas.


Maelinar 11:55 am
15 Feb 06

I went to my first orientation class at CIT, and I still don’t know where the bar is.

Disgraceful. The student union representative should have been shot for that shoddy performance.

Kerces 2:39 pm
15 Feb 06

Schmerica, this isn’t real great, but it’s a start.

And if it’s not too late by the time you read this, haul your arse down to campus today cos it’s market day and there’s free stuff to be had left, right and centre.

Blossy 2:52 pm
15 Feb 06

up for a non-wimp RiotACT toga party Johnboy?

johnboy 2:54 pm
15 Feb 06

i think if we get 100 to a pub night we might try for a proper toga party.

Blossy 3:09 pm
15 Feb 06

could prove a lot of fun

Absent Diane 7:56 am
16 Feb 06

Well it appeared that uc had their pub crawl night in belco last night…. potbelly was packed… it was rather amusing to watch as all the screaming kiddies were herded out to move on to the lighthouse….and less then five minutes later the rain hammered down…

schmerica 11:55 pm
16 Feb 06

Due to my starting two new jobs this week, I havent been able to attend ANY O-week stuff. I have to head out tomorrow to check it all out – oh and get book etc.

nyssa76 5:27 pm
18 Feb 06

schmerica, save yourself some money and get those text books second hand. There are always signs up in Building 5.

Are you doing Primary or Secondary? Let me know how you go on your first prac and if you need stuff, just let me know.

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