Offensive Christmas lights

By 12 December 2005 30

The ABC has a short piece in which Labor MLA Mary Porter says she doesn’t want to be “a killjoy” but maybe we should regulate Christmas lights.

Why not just ban Christmas spirit while you’re at it?

Ms Porter said she has received “numerous complaints” from humbuggered residents who don’t like people driving past late at night to look at their neighbour’s Christmas lights.

“Late at night with cars still driving up, doors banging, people explaining how beautiful the lights are in very loud voices keeping them awake,” she said (by the way, how many blind people do you think go to see Christmas lights and so need their beauty explained?).

Her solution is that the government regulate the use of outdoor lights in Canberra’s suburbs.

To that I say: you scrooge! Let the peasants have some fun!

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30 Responses to
Offensive Christmas lights
johnboy 10:54 pm
12 Dec 05

I think it’s great that an otherwise complete non-entity like Mary Porter has in one fell swoop attained the lofty heights of RiotACT nicknames and shall hereafter be known as “The Grinch”

I mean seriously, get over yourself you evil cow.

Jazz 8:08 am
13 Dec 05

has she done anything else before now? I can’t recall her name popping up for anything since the last election

Maelinar 8:19 am
13 Dec 05

A simple neighbourly call to the neighbour over the fence asking them to turn their lights off after 10pm would solve this issue.

I’ve never heard of this chick before, but she sounds like a nutjob.

If she was going on about xmas lights still being up in March, different story.

barking toad 9:03 am
13 Dec 05

Mary fuckin’ who?

The Grinch now joins the Snout Trougher as an oxygen thief

Should women even be allowed on the local council?

Mick 9:03 am
13 Dec 05

Can’t believe that crap.

I mean, why don’t we start regulating the use of Christmas Trees in the home, and the number of presents you give to your kids as well…


Chris 9:13 am
13 Dec 05

Ms Porter is married (though I’m sure she prefers
‘partnered’) to a Mr Ian De Landelles, who used -maybe still does- write letters to the CT on various issues. Expect a letter on this subect from Mr D. L soon!

Thumper 9:18 am
13 Dec 05

Why not regulate the number of bulbs allowed to be on in your house at one time while we’re at it.

Ms Porter is totally off the planet.

Evictor 9:19 am
13 Dec 05

I remember Mr De Landelles. Furious lefty who is very similar in views to the verbose Brent Howard from Rydalmere who is now published every second day. Didn’t know he was married to this daft bint though.

johnboy 9:23 am
13 Dec 05

Should women even be allowed on the local council?

Roslyn Dundas, Rosemary Follett, Kerrie Tucker, Kate Carnell.

Want to name 4 men from the assembly with similar aggregate record of achievment?

I doubt anyone is a fan of all four but compared to some of the drop kick men who’ve graced the assembly it’s hard to argue there is a gender component to the litany of lunacy and mediocrity from that place.

johnboy 9:30 am
13 Dec 05


a fell swoop to lofty heights, that will teach me to post late at night when tired and emotional

ssanta 9:41 am
13 Dec 05

fucking chrisvegas. it guarrantees that every nutjob, lunatic, moron or god bothering holy water snorting freak will air their views ona suvbject that really is irrevelant. People decorate houses, and subsequently have enourmous power bills, the profits of which ensure that RA family members get ion the telly in overpriced ads.

barking toad 9:42 am
13 Dec 05

I’ll trump your 4 with a craig duby!

But yes johnboy, stupidity isn’t limited to the female council members

They just seem be displaying it more in recent times

But I’m sure the mayor will let loose a press release soon about multicularism and violence and riots and things to balance the ledger.

Thumper 9:53 am
13 Dec 05


Dennis Stephenson!

And yes barking Amphibian, I’m sure the CM will put out a statement assuring the multicultural population that here in canberra these will not happen and that he will ensure consultation and education. And will probably blame the Howard government in some way.

johnboy 10:16 am
13 Dec 05

it helps that all our surf nazis have to go to NSW to commune with nature and knock out the teeth of people who look funny.

barking toad 10:27 am
13 Dec 05

Oh yes thumping one, well spotted. Didn’t our Den used to kip in his office?

Hey, that’s an idea for out deb – kip in the office and release the public house for some other poor kiddies

johnboy 12:35 pm
13 Dec 05

And where are the liberals wwith this free kick of an issue.

nowhere to be seen.

Can’t decide what you believe in here either kids?

Thumper 1:00 pm
13 Dec 05


RandomGit 2:04 pm
13 Dec 05

How many people argued, where and whats their density?

Personal mental density is, obviously, high.

Indi 2:20 pm
13 Dec 05

JB – why would anyone bother to join Ms Potter in a debate being had by one…

bulldog 2:36 pm
13 Dec 05

For fucks sake, many a gripe has been aired at RA, but this has to take the cake…

Fucking reality check required ASAP – do we have it so good (?) that the biggest problem in someones pitiful life is the noise generated by a closing car door at 9 o’clock on a school night? Fucking mouth breathers, and this Mary (fucking who?) Porter has given them a platform!?!

Oh, and while we’re on it – how come every year there are various groups banging on about us (the great unwashed materialistic masses), forgetting the true meaning if Christmas? I’m all for charitable acts, good will and so on – but I’m over the annual guilt trip! And then you get these idiots who want to legislate and control every facet of our lives becasue expression and fun have no place in their proletarian existence! Fucking mind numbing!

I’m nearly ready to humbug it all, but at least I won’t try and deprive anyone else of a good time.

colsim 2:43 pm
13 Dec 05

So do we maybe need our own RA driven festival of love and goodwill instead? In a Festivus groove?

We could all ride bikes around a giant cigarette?

LurkerGal 5:34 pm
13 Dec 05

This wouldn’t have happened if Susan McCarthy had got in at the last election…..

kingmaker 5:43 pm
13 Dec 05

Perhaps Mrs Porter should refrain from driving home anytime after 9pm at night, so as to not make noise with her car / have her headlights wake people up / disturb her neighbours with the sound of her car or car door, or her garage or front door opening!!

What a joke – and a waste of my money having her there – she is nothing more than a puppet!!!!!

kingmaker 5:56 pm
13 Dec 05

BTW, Mr De Landelles, in addition to being married to Mrs Porter, also has his snout in the trough – he is employed as her adviser. (This was in the Canberra Times earlier this year.) As well as this, there is also a member of her staff, Alys Graham, who also likes to write to the paper.

I anyone else concerned that they both fail to disclose their employment with a member of the Government before they write to the paper claiming to be ordinary citizens of the city?

Mr Evil 8:01 am
14 Dec 05

Mary Porter – who the fuck are you?!

Chris 10:50 am
14 Dec 05

On letters to the CT – Ian de Landelles once wrote a letter to the CT saying how (comparitively) poorly L.A. staffers were paid (he was referring to Die Pratt’s ad for a staffer) – isn’t it interesting that he IS now one ?

bonfire 3:15 pm
14 Dec 05

i agree porter is a do nothing. i sat and listened to her ‘why you should vote for me ‘ speech. what a dullard. however, im sure shes a nice person.

have to agree on teh xmas light thing though. i used to live near a ‘santa man’ and car doors slamming and people parking in my driveway until 11.30 at night gave me teh shits. i asked him to turn teh lights off at 10.30 and he did – problem solved.

if neighbours cant just talk to each other but run off to the gummint for a solution then the community has problems.

proscriptive societies should be bannned.

Slinky the Shocker 8:03 pm
14 Dec 05

I have the solution: Find out where Mary Porter lives, rent the house next door and install this on your house.

The owner actually has a FAQ online

Vic Bitterman 9:11 pm
14 Dec 05

Never heard much from porter (which shows how insignificant she is), but she is now up with my ‘fuckwit list’ of polititians, which fosky is winning. Winning comfortably I may add.

Snarky 3:59 pm
15 Dec 05

Slinky said: … install this on your house…

Wow – that’s awesome! I’ll have a set of those :-)

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