Online Privacy in Canberra

By 4 May 2014 3

Forget the NSA, browsing the average website returns anywhere between three and 30 trackers, all merrily logging your online activity. (Riot Act is pretty tame registering only three – Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Double-Click.)

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3 Responses to Online Privacy in Canberra
davo10111:44 am, 05 May 14

I take it you’ve just installed Ghostery?

Deref12:37 pm, 05 May 14

davo101 said :

I take it you’ve just installed Ghostery?


And NoScript, Better Privacy, Priv3 and Adblock Plus?

davo1011:31 pm, 05 May 14

Deref said :

And NoScript

I’m not paranoid enough to be bothered setting up NoScript

Deref said :

Better Privacy, Priv3

These just duplicate functionality that’s already in Ghostery

Deref said :

and Adblock Plus?

Can’t do that you’d be stealing revenue from hard-working websites.

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