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Best of Canberra – Vietnamese

By 2 September 2014 1

Some friends of mine went to Vietnam for their honeymoon a few years ago. When they got back, they were not only all loved up and glowing from the sunny break but also clued in ...

The Ellis Collective to Launch New Album

By 2 September 2014

Following the success of their first album, Triple J Unearthed winners The Ellis Collective will return to The Street Theatre to launch their latest album, Carry. A patchwork of em...

Political dilemmas

By 2 September 2014

As a person who likes to be involved in my community, and indeed am, politics has become quite a frustration for me lately. I feel really compelled to join a particular political party on a federal level - happy to disclose, the ALP - because I am completely unimpressed with the various agendas o...

Recommendations for home Improvements/renovations

By 2 September 2014 2

Hi there I'm looking to do some improvements on my home and would appreciate some recommendations on reliable, great quality businesses who can help me with the following: New wardrobe cupboards Removal of old carpet and installation of new flooring (floating timber floors) Kitchen/Bathr...

Lake George- Extract from ‘A Case for Ghosts (Part 5)

By 2 September 2014 3

History has shown us that ghosts and the supernatural seem to be commonplace and that a large percentage of people in the western world, indeed from all races and religions, not only believe in ghosts but have also experienced something that they believe is of a supernatural origin. Indeed, many peo...

Power Kart Raceway – Grand opening day 6th September 2014

By 2 September 2014

The first of its kind in the Canberra region, Power Kart Raceway is a fully Indoor Electric Go Kart Centre. Offering Canberrans of all skill levels a chance to experience motor...

Local Sports Wrap 30th and 31st of August

By 1 September 2014

RUGBY UNION It took a week longer than expected, but the Canberra Vikings’ National Rugby Championship campaign is alive and kicking after a 37-18 victory over Greater Syd...

Looking for a solo musician to hire for art exhibition opening

By 1 September 2014 4

Hi everyone, I'm planning an open night for an art exhibition and thought a musician would be a great addition. Space is limited, hence the single musician. Perhaps a classical guitarist, cellist or someone who can play melodious, classy yet unobtrusive music and has good vocals, for an intima...

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Festival sells out

By 4 August 2014

Thursday night saw the gala opening night for the greatly anticipated Stronger than Fiction documentary film festival at Palace Electric cinemas. Upon arrival I was greeted ...

Police seek witnesses to collision in Phillip

By 4 August 2014

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a serious collision that occurred in Phillip yesterday afternoon (Sunday, 3 August). Around 5.45pm police attended the scene at Melrose Drive, between Hindmarsh Drive and Botany Street, after reports of a head-on collision between a white Mercedes and silver M...

4,000 residents challenge poor planning

By 4 August 2014 9

Representatives of Yarralumla residents braved the cold today (Monday 4 August) to present a petition at 8am calling for the withdrawal and reworking of current plans for the Canberra Brickworks and environs. The Yarralumla Residents Association presented the petition to Member of the Legislative...

Coffee machine repair centres

By 4 August 2014 6

Hello Rioters I'm seeking some advice or recommendations on where I can take my beloved Breville BES860 Coffee machine to get repaired. In the past I've had it serviced at Premier Instruments in Dickson as they are an authorised Breville repair centre. Unfortunately they have now closed down. ...

The Burning - Everyman Theatre (Review)

By 4 August 2014

"The Crucible meets A Few Good Men". Duncan Ley's witch-trial play "The Burning" has clear influences but delivers thrilling and engrossing drama. Francis Schiller (Jack Par...

The Hyatt - Extract from 'A Case for Ghosts'

By 4 August 2014 6

History has shown us that ghosts and the supernatural seem to be commonplace and that a large percentage of people in the western world, indeed from all races and religions, not only believe in ghosts but have also experienced something that they believe is of a supernatural origin. Indeed, many peo...

Pontificating Police

By 4 August 2014 36

Do you wanna know what annoys me? Probably not. Anyway, heaps of things do. As an over 65 year old, I have a duty to pick things which give me the irrits and whinge about them. It comes with the right to hiss at noisy children in supermarkets, the right to make unseemly noises in the bac...

Dancing in the Dark

By 4 August 2014

It's Friday night, and I'm dancing alone in a dark room full of strangers. Oh, and everyone is sober. Welcome to No Lights No Lycra. No Lights No Lyrca (NLNL) is a movement ...

Where now for the Raiders?

By 3 August 2014 9

It took 153 minutes before the Raiders Holden Cup team scored to make it Raiders 6 against New Zealand Warriors 108 in the 2 games that they have played this year. That unfortunately spells a bleak future for the Canberra Raiders. The Raiders can't attract footballers with any sort of name to the cl...

Building company sent me to debt collection!!!

By 3 August 2014 11

Hi All, Long story, trying to put as short as possible. We built our house is Canberra with a dodgy company. My builder (who pretends to be builder, but actually is director of company) after finishing my home after 17 months asked me the final payment. Then we started calculating the figur...

Super Rugby is in Big Trouble

By 3 August 2014 9

(Warning: spoiler – result mentioned) There is very little future for Super Rugby. The reason people are not watching is that it is boring. The old days of the free running Brumbies scoring 50 points mostly in tries has long gone. I recorded and just watched the Super Rugby Final. Played it back ...


By 3 August 2014 1

Hello fellow Canberrans! Are any of you participating in GISHWHES this year? If so, Team ChildrenoftheKaleLovesSomeKindOfTeamName would like to do something kind for you! Email if you're interested!...

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