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Negative ads drive voters to minor parties

By 28 June 2016 6

As we head into the final days of an election campaign, new research from the ANU has found negative political advertising is driving people to vote for minor parties and inde...

Alleged burglar caught in Forde backyard

By 28 June 2016
ACT Magistrates Court

A 19-year-old woman will face court today for property, burglary and assault offences after a resident caught her in his Forde back garden yesterday afternoon. About 3pm...

Best of Canberra: Café strips

By 28 June 2016 1
Bunda St

This week for Best of Canberra we have explored some of the city’s favourite café/restaurant/bar strips. Our hunt was for the best all-in-one spot to grab a bite to eat, a c...

Predictions for July 2 and beyond

By 28 June 2016 2
election vote

Next week it will all be over – temporarily. The 2016 Federal election has been a mild affair in the ACT and we can confidently predict all four sitting members will be re...

Ask RiotACT: Trees on Mr Fluffy blocks?

By 28 June 2016 4
Ask RiotACT

Hi all, I live close to a couple of Mr Fluffy blocks which I believe are due for demolition soon. They both have a few beautiful backyard trees a fair distance from the hous...

Canberrans, how does your garden grow?

By 28 June 2016

In this bush capital there is no shortage of thriving gardens, edible lawns or green-thumbed Canberrans. However, there might be a shortage of inexpensive and accessible short ...

Kangaroo dragged through streets

By 27 June 2016
Police wrap

Police are appealing for information after a kangaroo was allegedly attached to the back of a vehicle and driven through Goulburn. Officers located the animal at the interse...

Bad buffering

By 27 June 2016 14
NBNCo Palmerston 010

I was 11 years old when I bought my first computer. It was 1984, and the machine was a Mattel Aquarius. Rubber keys, cassette tape drive, less than 4 kilobytes of memory, and b...

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Hoyts preferred operator for Gungahlin cinema, with construction due to start

By 14 April 2016 38
Gungahlin cinema concept

The developer planning to build Gungahlin's first cinema, Krnc Group, has told a meeting of the Gungahlin Community Council that Hoyts is now the preferred operator for the fac...

Top seven things to do in Canberra this weekend (15-17 April)

By 14 April 2016 2

This weekend be transported back to a time before technology: join the Jane Austen Festival at Albert Hall and indulge yourself in everything Regency, attend a guided workshop in t...

Seeking transparency in the ACT Government

By 14 April 2016 39

There are many things about the current ACT Government that are causing concerns, to me and local residents I meet with often – and I think most of us voted for them. Now th...

Ask RiotACT: international finance advice

By 13 April 2016 4
Ask RiotACT

Hi hive mind, Does anyone know of a Canberran financial advisor who is able to give advice on international matters? What we need is personal (i.e. retirement, savings, su...

ANU seeks ACCC help in admissions centres stoush

By 13 April 2016
Marine Hughes Warrington

The Australian National University has lodged a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleging anti-competitive behaviour by state-based university ...

Lathlain now – For a better Belconnen

By 13 April 2016 21
Lathlain Street sign

One of the most audacious features of the proposed Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan is to transform Lathlain Street into a pedestrian friendly promenade. The Master Plan posit...

First look: Yat Bun Tong Dumpling House

By 13 April 2016 9
A selection of dishes from Yat Bun Tong: clockwise from top xiaolongbao dumplings; hot and sour soup; and fried dim sims.

Who likes Chinese dumplings?  Do you prefer boiled dumplings (jiaozi), fried dumplings (guotie or gyoza), shark fins dumplings (yuchi shuijiao) or perhaps steamed Shanghai steamed...

Sullivans Creek path upgrades underway in Turner

By 13 April 2016 4
Sullivans Creek crossing to be upgraded

Work has begun this week on the $1.5 million upgrade of the Sullivans Creek shared path promised in the last ACT budget, with the first stage of the inner north project due for...

Ex-REIA chief to run with Libs in ACT poll, candidate list announced ahead of

By 13 April 2016 15
Amanda Lynch

Former CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Australia Amanda Lynch is set to be among the Canberra Liberals’ 25 candidates for the ACT election in October. Ms Lynch’s nam...

Crowds look on as 4 of first 5 Fluffy blocks sell at auction

By 13 April 2016 9
Mr Fluffy auction

There was so much interest in last night’s auction of the first five remediated Mr Fluffy blocks that several attendees standing outside the venue were heard complaining abou...

You Are Here: arriving this week

By 12 April 2016

An inner suburban house transforms into a theatre hotspot. An old night club becomes a hub for political debate. Mysteries linger in the Civic Interchange. Where are you? Playf...

Best of Canberra – Autumn views

By 12 April 2016
Manchurian Pears with National Gallery

There was only one nomination following our Best of Canberra – Autumn views call out, perhaps because it was for a contender that was such a shoe-in it wasn’t worth nominat...

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