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Canberra dog parks - all you need to know

By 18 March, 2014

Canberra dog parks - all you need to know Dogs need a combination of exercise, mental stimulation and socialising with lots of people and other dogs to be happy and healthy. Canberra has several excellent dog parks that provide safe, fenced, off leash areas that help meet these needs. Pups4Fun playgroup in Yarralumla Dog Park Canberra dog ...


You Are Here festival - Faux Faux Amis

By 18 March, 2014

#Who  Faux Faux Amis #What  Garage Punk Rock #Where  Open Air Stage – Ainslie Place (off Garema Pl) #When You Are Here Festival 14/03/14 #So  Find them at venues like The Phoenix   Nothing fake about these friends  Words by Steve Boardman. Tonight I venture in to the CBD to check out th...


Bike Searching

By 18 March, 2014

Hiya. I am looking to get into cycling (the non lycra type!). I am overweight and havent ridden in a hundred years. Does anyone know what a good bike would be for the likes of me? I have researched and it seems that 36> spokes is the go as well as a damn comfortable seat!! [...]...


Thanks ACTEW energy saving person!

By 18 March, 2014

Really, thankyou. I love saving energy. These new bulbs are saving lots of energy! On the flip side, I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING. WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF A LIGHTBULB IF IT DOESN’T LIGHT ANYTHING? Does anybody know where I can obtain some lightbulbs that actually work? It seems all the sho...


Halal certified - is it out of control and being forced onto our kids

By 17 March, 2014

So I find out by accident that Melrose High School is pushing Halal onto the students there.  Cooking a traditional Aussie breakfast but no bacon because that’s not allowed in the school kitchens, traditional Aussie breakfast is bacon and eggs so WTF is going on, and than the camp only has Ha...


Invisalign recommendations

By 17 March, 2014

Hi all, I did have braces in high school however as I didnt wear my retainer properly my teeth, in particular the bottom row have moved significantly. I was just wondering if anyone could give me recommendations of any dentists who provide the Invisalign service as I’d really prefer not to be ...


Canberras anti-gay psychologist in the news again

By 17 March, 2014

After gaining media prominence by uttering his misogynist homophobic views and implying they were backed by psychological science, the Psychological Board placed restrictions on Philip Pocock’s practice. He is now apparently appealing the decision of the national psychology registration board ...


Reporting Suspected Corruption/Fraud in the ACT Government

By 17 March, 2014

In  a previous post, I have questioned why there is not the equivalent of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) that exists in NSW, does not have a similar agency in the ACT for those who wish to report  suspected corruption or fraud committed by or against the ACT Government. Given...


Post Election Analysis: Coalition Govt to destroy Communist Canberra

By 17 March, 2014

Post Election Analysis: Coalition Govt to destroy Communist Canberra Unless the South Australian Labor Party can conjure a minority government from the ashes of last night’s state elections, the ACT will be the only Labor government left in the country. Will this go unnoticed in Cabinet (or more specifically, the powerful Expenditure Review Committee who run t...


Australian Education Union you gotta be kidding?

By 17 March, 2014

This year I am starting my diploma in Education at UC and recently saw a presentation from some union advocates about, unions, the high level of union representation among teachers, blah blah blah. During the Q&A we discovered that school Principals and Deputy Principals can be full union member...


Belconnen Community Council Public Meeting: Does every suburb need a local ce

By 17 March, 2014

[ 18 March, 2014; 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ] This months public meeting will be in the form of a community discussion about the future of local centres. Belconnen is unique amongst the Canberra town districts in having so many local centres in a state of decline. Three no longer exist and six have lo...


Public Forum: Labor and Refugees - Pathways to Change

By 16 March, 2014

[ 18 March, 2014; 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. ] Yvette Berry invites you to this Refugee Action Committee event. 6:30PM on Tuesday, 18 March Manning Clark Centre, Lecture Theatre 4, Australian National University Federal Labor supports mandatory detention for asylum seekers, offshore detention on Man...


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