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Emergency after hours dentist

By 11 March, 2014

A family member visiting Canberra at the moment has developed an infection following wisdom teeth extraction a couple of weeks ago. Where can you find an after hours dentist? ...


Fortnightly property management?

By 11 March, 2014

I’m looking for a property manager to take on my two investment properties, which are currently managed separately. My only problem with the current property managers is that neither can manage the accounts on a fortnightly basis. My income and mortgage repayments, as well as the tenants’...


Greener Electricity in the ACT - At What Cost ??

By 11 March, 2014

A while back, I recall the ACT Government proudly announcing that the feed in tarriff to make the Royalla Solar Farm economically viable, would add about $13 pa to everyone’s electricity bill in the ACT.   Doesn’t sound like much, does it.   But, multiply that by the number of Solar Fa...


selection of a builder

By 8 March, 2014

Selection of a builder is a risky part of the dream home construction. Currently I am going through it and getting lost in so many builders in Canberra. I liked the display homes of BLD homes. Can anyone share his/her experience about working with them. Thanks ...


The Arboretum - a housing estate?

By 7 March, 2014

Apparently there are to be houses among the trees in the Arboretum? (I just caught a quote on ABC 7.30). The reporter said “among” the trees – did he mean “an estate next to” the Arboretum? Surely the Arboretum isn’t going to have houses actually within its treed ...


Fleeing suspect tries to hide from officers at police station

By 7 March, 2014 It’s like something out of those carry on movies, you would just love to see the face as he realised where he was.. ...


Eucalyptus Branch Fall in Mugga Way Red Hill 6/3/2014

By 7 March, 2014

Today, when travelling along Mugga Way, Red Hill, I witnessed the sudden and unexpected fall of a very, very large branch from a eucalyptus tree. The branch was so large that it blocked both lanes of traffic and it required a chainsaw to cut and remove it. Two travellng cars and a cyclist were withi...


Overtaking Gordon style

By 7 March, 2014

Overtaking Gordon style Overtaking Gordon style, P-Plater overtakes me on double white lines, I was doing the posted speed limit of 60 k’s ...


Pregnant during a bushfire? Help out a PhD...

By 6 March, 2014

Because bushfires are becoming more prevalent, it’s important to understand what their effects are and what support pregnant women may need during bushfires. A PhD candidate at the ANU is studying the impact of the 2003 Canberra Fire and the 2009 Black Saturday fires on pregnant women. She is seek...


Moving to Googong & researching high school options

By 6 March, 2014

Hi Rioters We will be moving to Googong next year and I’m in search of a new school for my son. He will be going in to year 8. I’m considering St Edmund’s but I’d happily consider a public school as my son is currently attending Harrison and we are very happy with it. I’...


Light Rail in the ACT, subject of next TCC meeting - 1 April 2014.

Hi, Another interesting TCC meeting this month. Members and visitors were given an update on the Federal Government funding announcement to clean up Lake Tuggeranong and the results of the Clean Up effort around the Lake by an army of volunteers.  Wayne King spoke on the advice he received from th...


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