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Angry Anderson brings good karma to Canberra

By 3 July 2014 4

Angry Anderson brings good karma to Canberra King O’Malley’s has always been one of my favourite places for live music. The vibe is always excellent, the food is decent and it’s intimate enough that when you ha ...

High calibre road safety applications result in record trust fund allocation

By 3 July 2014

High quality applications submitted to the NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust have resulted in a record allocation of almost $1m for 18 projects to support research and events which will benefit road safety in the ACT and region. Chair Don Aitkin, AO was very enthusiastic about the overall quality of appl ...

Timely warning about snow safety from Sports Medicine Australia

By 3 July 2014

Timely warning about snow safety from Sports Medicine Australia Looking around at the snow on the mountains it’s easy to picture the hive of activity taking place up in the ski resorts, particularly given the start of school holidays. M ...

Effective Writing: Plain English at Work launching at Paperchain

By 3 July 2014

Effective Writing: Plain English at Work launching at Paperchain [ 11 July 2014; 6:00 pm; ] Paperchain is launching Elizabeth Manning Murphy's new book 'Effective Writing: Plain English at Work' Friday 11 July at 5.45pm for 6.00pm. Effect ...

Maintenance of ACT Government car parks

By 3 July 2014 16

Now that parking fees have (inevitably) risen again, wouldn’t it be nice if the ACT Government actually spent a bit of this extra revenue in maintaining their car parks? For example, ensuring that the lines delineating parking spaces are repainted every now and then, repairing ruts in the sur ...


By 3 July 2014

Zoologica Tonight, I got an invitation to an event in the city, a photographer’s exhibition being held at the Kaori Gallery, in Hobart Place. All very mysterious, as I usually don ...

Fireworks - 2nd July

By 3 July 2014 2

Two questions, Does anyone know what and where the fireworks were at about 19:00 on Wednesday night, hearable from Deakin? What is the best resource for looking up such info (beside RIOTACT ). There was nothing on the Canberra Events sites. ...

Wielding the axe over the Public Sector

By 3 July 2014 5

Wielding the axe over the Public Sector It feels a bit like most of Canberra is walking a tightrope at the moment.  Wide Public Sector cuts have been coming for a long time.  I have heard talk of departure lounges and ...

Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows at the Nishi Gallery

By 3 July 2014

Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows at the Nishi Gallery [ 15 July 2014; 1:30 pm; ] In the spirit of upcoming school holidays, we thought we'd give you some information on a concert for the kids (although from the write up, adults ar ...

Strengthening Housing in the ACT

By 2 July 2014

The Minister for Housing and the Minister for Economic Development today announced a whole of government commitment to the Housing sector. Cabinet supported a range of measures including growing community housing stock, accelerating the renewal of ageing government housing and maintaining and extend ...

ACT Government - new way to pay bills online

By 2 July 2014

New options to streamline government bill payments have come online today which make it more convenient for businesses and the community to make payments online rather than over the phone or in person, Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher announced today. “We live in a society that is increasingly m ...

Waterwatch keeps its eye on our local waterways

By 2 July 2014

Our local waterways will be in good hands with the announcement of ACT government funding for Waterwatch, which keeps an eye on catchment areas across the Canberra region. Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell said ACT government funding of $270,000 would fill a hol ...

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