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Ask RiotACT: Port Salut Cheese availability

By 10 February 2016
Ask RiotACT

Hello friendly friends! Just wondering if anyone knows where/if it is possible to buy Port Salut cheese in the Canberra/Queanbeyan region? I do believe some Coles stores as ...

Urban Renewal its coming your way!

By 10 February 2016

There’s a talk at the Albert Hall here in Canberra on Tuesday 16 February. The title for this session definitely sounds as though a focus group of bureaucrats have signed off...

Face-off: A mandate for light rail?

By 10 February 2016 2
Corbell vs Coe

Our occasional Face-off series is back to look at one of the most-debated issues around town right now. Plenty of RiotACT readers already have a view on this question, but we d...

Best of Canberra callout – bike paths

By 9 February 2016 8
bicycle path

To continue with all things fitness related, let's take a look at Canberra's best bike path for Best of Canberra this week. This town is the cycling capital of the nation w...

Ask RiotACT: wasps on neighbours’ property

By 9 February 2016 6
Ask RiotACT

Hi guys, I wanted a few opinions. My elderly neighbours have been collecting (I use this term loosely) wasps for some years now. They are paper wasps and not the European ones,...

Five to try: Valentine’s Day

By 9 February 2016 2
Photo credit: @

Valentine’s Day is one of those weird “holidays” that some people love to hate, others spend weeks planning big romantic gestures and most of us probably fall somewhere in be...

A chance to reassess airport security controls

By 9 February 2016 4
Airport screening

It’s great news that Singapore Airlines will be flying direct to Canberra opening up Asia, Europe and New Zealand in September. No more obligatory journeys to Sydney, either ...

Building underway for new hospital at Bruce

By 8 February 2016 3
University of Canberra Public Hospital

Construction officially began today on the $139 million University of Canberra Public Hospital at Bruce. The hospital will be the ACT’s first specialist sub-acute hospital...

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The Public Menace of Blight (Episode 01)

By 3 January 2016 1

Today, we introduce a new story to you from local award-winning author Kaaron Warren. The story is very different from Craig's Dateline. You have been warned. All the places you think are real, are real. Events and people are pure invention. People love coincidences. “I was just thinking abo...

Dateline: Canberra, Christmas 2035 (Part 10)

By 2 January 2016

Continuing on from part nine, this is Dateline by Craig Cormick... “Where are you taking us?” asked Angie. “We’re going into the Acton Tunnel,” he said. “The...

Pick of the Markets: Suitcase Dollhouse

By 2 January 2016

Before Christmas, I headed back to the Kingston Bus Depot Market to check out the Christmas stalls. I was very surprised to see many new stalls that I have never seen before. Ther...

Dateline: Canberra, Christmas 2035 (Part 09)

By 1 January 2016

Continuing on from part eight, this is Dateline by Craig Cormick... “What did you do to save the Endeavour?” Angie asked. “We stuffed dead endangered species into ...

Road trip from Canberra: Wentworth Falls

By 1 January 2016 12

With the recent spate of storms and rain sweeping through the east coast, the Blue Mountains is looking very green and lush, and the waterfalls are spectacular as they thunder ...

Dateline: Canberra, Christmas 2035 (Part 08)

By 31 December 2015

Continuing on from part seven, this is Dateline by Craig Cormick... They made their way stealthily over London Circuit and crept down towards the remains of the shipping co...

Dateline: Canberra, Christmas 2035 (Part 07)

By 30 December 2015

Continuing on from part six, this is Dateline by Craig Cormick... Ned Kelly watched his comrades being rounded up by men with electric cattle prods as he manoeuvred himself...

Canberra tales: Blue Poles at the Museum of Australia

By 30 December 2015 9

There is talk in the art world about the National Gallery of Australia's (NGA) changes to their permanent collection galleries and how this has included the movement of the fam...

Is Mr Fluffy planning variation worth a Backyard Bonus?

By 29 December 2015 17
facebook mr fluffy demolition

Maybe the answer to DV 343, which is causing angst among Mr Fluffy owners and their neighbours, lies in a Backyard Bonus or BYB. Readers will recall the ACT government is allo...

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Masquerade at the Albert Hall!

By 29 December 2015

Ring in the New Year with Canberra Salon Orchestra. This event is sure to be a bit! Performing classical favourites and Viennese Waltzes. Prizes for the best dressed cou...

Why I don't set New Year's Resolutions, but I do set goals

By 29 December 2015 8

According to a University of Scranton study, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year's resolutions. So why do we put so much pressure on ourselves by setting a New Year's goal? Why is it so important to make the decision to do or not do something in order to accomplish a personal goal...

Dateline: Canberra, Christmas 2035 (Part 06)

By 29 December 2015 1

Continuing on from part five, this is Dateline by Craig Cormick... “Run,” said Santa when he recognised the two young men in front of them, but as he turned around he s...

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