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Overtaking Gordon style

By 7 March, 2014

Overtaking Gordon style Overtaking Gordon style, P-Plater overtakes me on double white lines, I was doing the posted speed limit of 60 k’s ...


Pregnant during a bushfire? Help out a PhD...

By 6 March, 2014

Because bushfires are becoming more prevalent, it’s important to understand what their effects are and what support pregnant women may need during bushfires. A PhD candidate at the ANU is studying the impact of the 2003 Canberra Fire and the 2009 Black Saturday fires on pregnant women. She is seek...


Moving to Googong & researching high school options

By 6 March, 2014

Hi Rioters We will be moving to Googong next year and I’m in search of a new school for my son. He will be going in to year 8. I’m considering St Edmund’s but I’d happily consider a public school as my son is currently attending Harrison and we are very happy with it. I’...


Light Rail in the ACT, subject of next TCC meeting - 1 April 2014.

Hi, Another interesting TCC meeting this month. Members and visitors were given an update on the Federal Government funding announcement to clean up Lake Tuggeranong and the results of the Clean Up effort around the Lake by an army of volunteers.  Wayne King spoke on the advice he received from th...


Citizens Electoral Council

By 5 March, 2014

I got a “newspaper” in the mailbox yesterday from the Citizens (sic) Electoral Council of Australia. It’s a real hoot. The headline is “World Financial Collapse Looms, British Empire Prepares Nuclear War”. It’s very similar to the wonderful US paper, The Weekly Wo...


jogging through the city late night

By 5 March, 2014

jogging through the city late night I was out in the city tonight and I saw these guys jogging through civic at 10:30pm anybody know what this was all about? ...


Right of way at Captain Cook/Jerra Ave?

By 5 March, 2014

Hello Rioters, This afternoon I was walking home when I saw the following: three cars waiting to turn right from Captain Cook Crescent on to Jerrabomberra Ave Narrabundah, and one car waiting to turn right from Jerra on to Captain Cook. The sun was in the eyes of the driver turning on to Captain Coo...


Should Canberra legalise marijuana?

By 5 March, 2014

Should Canberra legalise marijuana? Back in the 90s, Canberra flirted with decriminalising pot. The only noticeable effect at the time was that the police gave up policing it. The ACT has since pulled back from such a position.2013 was a breakthrough year for planet Earth’s pot-lovers. With states and nations across the globe c...


40kmh speed limits coming to Athllon Drive near mawson?

By 5 March, 2014

Travelling along Athllon Drive over the past few days, I’ve noticed new road signs have been installed before and after the intersection near Mawson shops. The signs remain covered over but due to the shoddy covering material it looks like a 40km/h speed limit is going to be introduced in that...


Images of Canberra : Pinnacle this morning

By 4 March, 2014

Images of Canberra : Pinnacle this morning Ben Dover has sent in another great photograph of the Pinnacle on his morning dog walk. If you’ve got an image you’d like to share – email it in to ...


Canberra Times puts out call for new General Manager .... on competitor Seek

By 4 March, 2014

Canberra Times puts out call for new General Manager .... on competitor Seek Things must be getting pretty rough at Fairfax if they can’t get a job response for the General Manager’s position via their own advertising network. [My contacts] inside CT report a major shake-up underway which may see Canberra’s only daily rag reduced to a tiny operation operat...


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