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Glebe Park is not for Floriade it’s a park!

By 7 October 2015

More than thirty years ago there was a very vocal community campaign to halt the complete takeover of Glebe Park. The proposal by a large development company in partnership ...

Cheap Eats – Noodle Cafe (Civic)

By 7 October 2015
Noodle Cafe

Since I've been doing Cheap Eats reviews, I've had about a bazillion people (OK, maybe closer to 5 or 6) tell me I should review the Noodle Cafe in Garema Place. I put it off for...

Feathering eyebrows recommendations please?

By 6 October 2015
Ask RiotACT

Has anyone had their eyebrows tattooed – i.e. feathering eyebrows? I am looking for professional, hygienic, licensed operators in ACT. Any suggestions/experiences are grea...

Ask RiotACT: Magpies in our backyard

By 6 October 2015 5
Ask RiotACT

Hi, I have a question that Google can't seem to answer for me! We have an issue with magpies that are coming into our backyard to try and steal our food.  TAMS isn't helpfu...

Best of Canberra ­­ river and lake swims

By 6 October 2015 3
Dogs swimming in the Murrumbidgee

Until now, the RiotACT's Best of Canberra has been limited to food-related experiences, but with a new editorial team on deck, we thought it was time to give the series a bit o...

Start-up Fudie up for two Telstra biz awards

By 6 October 2015 1
Katie Geus of Fudie

Learning she has been shortlisted for not one but two Telstra ACT Business Women’s Awards was “quite surreal” for personal trainer, uni student and entrepreneur Katie Ge...

US gun lobby should learn from ours

By 6 October 2015 1
Gun law reform

Jennifer Margret One of the critical differences between Australian gun culture (and yes, we do have one) and the US gun culture are the gun lobbyists. Ours advocated [in 1996...

Civic pool on track for summer

By 6 October 2015
Civic Pool

We went for a quick dip at Civic Pool (known as Canberra Olympic Pool these days) yesterday afternoon and learnt that work to repair the expensive leak from the outdoor diving ...

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UFC on the big screen

By 22 October 2010 4

With UFC 121 due for this Sunday I have been attempting to locate local venues that show it live on the big screen (will be about 1:30pm Sunday our time). Does anyone know anywhere locally in Canberra that regularly show the UFC events live? So far I have only found 'The Australian', but haven...

Liquor licence fees unveiled

By 22 October 2010 4

After months of speculation yesterday the ACT Government unveiled the Liquor (Fees) Determination 2010 (No 1) without much fanfare. The new fee structure seems to be trying to have a bob each way. By making it expensive to sell booze late it pays lip service to dealing with late night violenc...

Raw Comedy finalist Ryan Coffey to play Tuggeranong in Nov

By 22 October 2010 1

Versatile Melbourne comedian Ryan Coffey will headline the November show of the Tuggeranong Arts Centre (TAC) Comedy Club on Tuesday, November 2.    A Raw Comedy national finalist in 2008, Ryan has made a name for himself in a variety of performance disciplines, including the eclectic comed...

Images of Canberra - Snails on Parade

By 22 October 2010 9

Sunrise yesterday saw these four little guys making their best speed from nature strip to hedge across the footpath. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to ....

When things go wrong on Mt Stromlo

By 22 October 2010 29

[First filed: Oct 21, 2010 @ 11:57] "SuperAdvancedMedia" have posted the above to YouTube showing the highs and lows of mountain bike riding at Mt Stromlo....

Panel Beaters / Smash Repairers in Canberra

By 22 October 2010 25

I've finally gathered enough dings, dents and scratches from Canberra's wonderful residents to warrant a re-spray of my doors and fixing the panel damage suffered by my car. Can anyone recommend some fine panel beating establishments around town? I'm not necessarily after the cheapest, as I wo...

Police Wrap - 21 October 2010

By 21 October 2010 24

1. The young will want to go fast: ACT Policing has caught three motorists driving at excessive speeds since the beginning of October despite a highly publicised road safety and enforcement campaign. A NSW provisional licence driver was caught travelling in his black Ford utility at 112 km/h ...

Google gone undercover?

By 21 October 2010 37

I spotted this interesting looking car  in Barton just the other day. Any ideas what it could be used for? ...

Images of Canberra - Telstrayama lifts off!

By 21 October 2010 6

For reasons too ludicrous to go into I was outside at 6am and noticed Black Mountain Tower apparently having achieved ignition and leaving the launchpad. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 21 October 2010

By 21 October 2010 3

OK Rioters it's time to shine. The waiting world needs to know what's worth seeing and doing around Canberra this weekend. Just leave your ideas in the comments....

Got fired again, any jobs for loners?

By 21 October 2010 58

[ED - This should be taken as a follow on from an earlier story] I can't understand it, I got fired again last night. I was working in a fast food restaurant and have been there for a few months. My shift supervisor and I got on well, but the boss had been riding me hard after finding out that...

Annual ANTaR lecture on November 4

By 21 October 2010

The following came across my desk and is worth a looksie: 2011 marks the 20th Anniversary of the final report to the Royal Inquiry into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. At this year’s annual David Hunter Memorial Lecture, hosted by Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR), two promi...

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