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Local Leaders Jack Taylor (The Jack Taylor Group)

By 22 October 2014
jack taylor

Canberra entrepreneur Jack Taylor is proof that you don't need an MBA or years of experience to start a successful business (or four). The 22-year-old, who started his first...

Gough Whitlam

By 21 October 2014 12

Edward Gough Whitlam was the 21st Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975, and a genius of humanity. I think that perhaps the only person worthy of delivering Gough’s ...

Man wanted by police; warrant for arrest

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to locate 27-year-old Sonny Oeti, who they believe is responsible for a number of aggravated robberies earlier this year. ...

What are the worst traffic lights in Canberra?

By 22 October 2014 3

By the 'worst', I mean the most frustrating and disruptive, the ones that always seem to be red, no matter from which direction you approach them, and particularly if it's on the more important road of the two at an intersection.  The ones which really get on your wick. My own 'top two' are the ...

Mower repair

By 22 October 2014 5

My daughter needs to have her mower looked at. Her teenage boys have been fiddling with it trying to get it going. It will start but won't keep going. Can anyone recommend someone, maybe a hobbyist, to do a reasonably priced job?...

Elderly man missing; assistance sought

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to help locate a missing 80-year-old man, Vernon Pretty. Vernon was last seen this morning about 6.45am when he left his u...

Book Launch: ‘Fire in the Afternoon’ by John Stokes

By 22 October 2014

Celebrated poet John Stokes does not shy from the contentious and the harrowing, his verse evokes the plain truth about love, sex and chaos. In a clear, resonant voice Fire in ...

Concrete slab: Normal vs Waffle Pod recommendations

By 22 October 2014 4

Hi All, I am looking to build a house in Canberra, and I was given the option to either go with a waffle pod slab with single glazed windows or a normal slab with double glazed windows to achieve the 6 star rating. Do any of you out there have any suggestions as to which option would be best suitab...

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Elm Grove Open Day at Bonner - ACT Heritage Festival

By 17 April 2010

Experience and celebrate the history of early pastoralists in the Gungahlin region. The upper Ginninderra Creek area was keenly sought after and the Gillespie family had numerous land holdings stretching across the creek's numerous flows - in the good years. The ACT's Heritage Festival moves ...

The slave pits of Braddon

By 17 April 2010 9

The Canberra Times brings word of an alleged sex slave business being run out of Braddon apartments by one 55 year old Robert Phillip Dick (aka "Uncle" or "Bobo"). Dick's alleged victim, a young Thai woman, whose identity has been suppressed by the court, told police she was brought to Australia ...

ACTPLA gets smacked down - again

By 17 April 2010 11

The ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) has again refused a DA which had been approved by ACTPLA.  In the case of Mainore Pty Ltd v ACTPLA & Canberra Investment Corporation Ltd (Administrative Review) [2010] ACAT 18, ACAT stated it "is a mystery to the Tribunal as to how such a prop...

Starry nights all night. The Masterpieces go hardcore.

By 17 April 2010 49

[First filed: Apr 15, 2010 @ 9:29] I've been gagging to see the masterpieces exhibition at the National Gallery, but its runaway popularity has turned me off so far. But in a grand finale the exhibition is staying open all through the night this Saturday. And we've got 5 adult double pa...


By 16 April 2010

Or maybe your a great filmmaker already. In which case you will want to be part of the competition! The 15th annual Canberra Short Film Festival will be on 30 September - 2 October 2010 at the Canberra Dendy Cinemas. As in previous years we anticipate an exciting eclectic selection of entries wil...

2K Australia is dead, long live 2K Marin

By 16 April 2010 5

Computer games are being increasingly recognised as a major new industry of the future, and Canberra has a bigger presence than it does in well, pretty much any other global industry. So a snippet in Game Daily is worth a look. It seems even the game media's been blindsided by changes at Canberr...

DPP Cocks up again - Stephen Hillier walks free

By 16 April 2010 18

The Supreme Court has posted the order in the matter of The Queen v Steven Wayne Hillier. Justice Besanko concludes: In the circumstances, with respect to the charge on indictment that Steven Wayne Hillier murdered Ana Louise Hardwick between 30 September 2002 and 2 October 2002 at Canberra in...

Driving Tests

By 16 April 2010 43

At 9am this morning, my girlfriend had her driving exam, she turned up at Dickson and off she went... Here is a list of things she did wrong: -- she did 70km/h on northbourne ave - instructor told her to slow down cos she was 10km's over the limit, -- stalled the car 3 times, -- rolled back...

Every Single Saturday - Opening at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre

By 16 April 2010

Canberra theatre goers like musicals, they like comedy, do they also like sport? We're about to find out! Every Single Saturday (sample music on the website) is a new musical having its world premiere at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre and the team has sent through a stack of material. There's...

Police Wrap - 16 April 2010

By 16 April 2010 10

1. Hooded Highwaymen in Haig Park: ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery which occurred in Haig Park, Braddon today (April 16). Around 1am a 21-year-old Braddon man and 19-year-old Braddon woman were walking home when they were approached by three men. One of the offender...

Big rats flee the sinking bushfire litigation

By 16 April 2010 7

The ABC brings word that QBE insurance has pulled out of the quixotic compensation suit for the 2003 bushfires currently enriching the legal profession in the Supreme Court. QBE is the third insurer to pull out of the proceedings. NRMA was the first to withdraw in December last year while Sunc...

Blame Canberra?

By 16 April 2010 12

The Canberra Times is running hard with Gary Humprhies' outrage after PM Kevin Rudd blamed Canberra for his ministers' inability to retain staff: ''It's probably like a dog year ... so folks stay with me for three or four years, that's probably 28 or 30 years or more in actual time,'' he said. ''...

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