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Best of Canberra – parma taste off

By 28 August 2014 3
Edgars feature

This week our taste test took us in search of Canberra’s Best Parma, or chicken parmigiana for those not in the ‘know. Nominations gave us two favourites – Edgar’s I...

July 2014 – ACT & Queanbeyan Monthly Property Market Wrap

By 28 August 2014

The weekly Allhomes ACT & Queanbeyan Property Market Wrap has been well-received by Rioters and we're pleased to now offer a more in-depth analysis of the current property ...

Injury forces McCabe into early retirement

By 28 August 2014

Pat McCabe will announce his retirement from rugby on Thursday following a third break to his C1 vertebrae. McCabe suffered the injury while playing against the All Blacks for the Qantas Wallabies in Auckland on Saturday night. The University of Canberra Brumbies back has been a part of the full...

Yes it’s Father’s Day next Sunday

By 28 August 2014

Spring has sprung, birds are chirping. Days are warmer, skies bluer, and soon winter will have washed away. And what better way to celebrate then by giving Dad happy socks a...

Seven aggravated robberies linked to one offender

By 28 August 2014 1

ACT Policing Criminal Investigations Detectives believe seven aggravated robberies which were committed this year are linked. Police believe one man is responsible for the armed robberies of five small businesses across Canberra, and two in Queanbeyan, since April, based on descriptions provided...

Cub Calloway, The Feldons & the Crossbones @ Smiths

By 28 August 2014

A night of rock and roll for you at Smiths Alternative. Cub Calloway (ex Saints), modrockers the Feldons and rockabilly kings the Crossbones are teaming up to give you a nig...

Would you buy a non-fluffy house in a fluffy area?

By 28 August 2014 6

We are looking to buy property in the Woden area and have seen a couple of suitable ones in Garran and Curtin. Been doing some research on Mr Fluffy and I see Curtin is a Mr...

Young, vulnerable and homeless in Canberra – how YouthCARE is helping

By 27 August 2014

He's been in trouble with the law. Minor stuff, but his family don't want to help and don't want him around. He was 15, with an alcohol problem. YouthCARE Canberra (formerly Op...

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Laser eye surgery recommendations?

By 14 January 2010 32

I am considering having laser eye surgery this year, but I'm not sure where to go. Has anyone had their eyes done recently at either of the below providers? Any recommendations? Vista Eyes in Kingston Canberra Eye Hospital Cheers...

Is this the end of Tralee?

By 14 January 2010 24

There is an interesting article at Crikey about Tralee, and it looks like the airport has won... Of note is that "Today the Land and Environment Court of NSW ruled that the current rezoning process for the controversial development under Canberra Airport flight paths is invalid" Whilst I'm sur...

Wotif Canberra was better than Darwin?

By 14 January 2010 16

Last week a friend of mine who has recently abandoned Canberra to seek career and relationships in the NT sent me a link to a 'news' story. has this piece about how "The online accommodation website ranked Darwin a lowly 12th on its Top 20 list - down from 8th last year." ...

DIY Wotz-on guide, weekend 15-17 Jan 2010

By 14 January 2010 5

It's that time again, that day when work productivity begins to slow as planning starts for the weekend. And so in an effort to increase your productivity we provide you with your own weekly weekend wotz-on guide, so you only need to go to one locality to find out OR better yet inform the communi...

On the buses

By 14 January 2010 44

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="840" caption="ACTION bus (image care of"][/caption]I'm sure that this is not a new rant or rave, but having just had two days of using the buses in this swealtering heat I will give it a go. Before I go too far into said rant, the point of my po...

Ad about Canberra

By 14 January 2010 11

Anyone seen a TV advertisement about Canberra recently? (I think it was on GO! FreeTV). I thought it was a novel way of looking at us - gritty and urban - and want to follow up with the Agency. It was themed around Canberra changing and had good cityscape shots....

Brumbies Need Props

By 13 January 2010 2

Are you over 110 kilos, able to run 40m and cuddle people aggressively? Then you should give the Brumbies a call as they've just lost 3 props in the last week. They've called up John Ulugia back into the squad to fill in for injuries to Jerry Yanuyanutawa with a stress fracture to his foot, Ben Al...

To pool or not to pool... that is the question

By 13 January 2010 15

The recent hot weather has prompted some heated - pardon the pun - discussions with my 4 & 5 year old about wether we should get a pool or not (I'm opting for a dog as it cost less and is easier to maintain). Around social gatherings I've heard claims of in-ground pools costing anywhere from ...

Are Meredith and Amanda worth anpther $50,000?

By 13 January 2010 20

Greens MLA Meredith Hunter says that her request for a $50,000 pay rise three months after being elected was an attempt to address the ''inequity'' of the ACT's two-party system. continues: ...

Cosmetic tattooing

By 13 January 2010 9

Hi all, I am hoping for some advice. I wish to get some cosmetic tattooing done on my eye lids.  Any advice where to go and not to go? Also, personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!...

Road Rule Reminder. 77: Give way to buses pulling out from bus stops.

By 13 January 2010 46

A rule that in my experience, many drivers in Canberra are unaware of, or simply choose to ignore. 77 Giving way to buses. (1) A driver driving on a length of road in a built-up area, in the left lane or left line of traffic, or in a bicycle lane on the far left side of the road, must give way t...

Disposing of fuel

By 13 January 2010 11

I went to do a fire drill on the farm on the weekend and tried to kick over the fire pump.  I've been slack and let it sit for a year, and needless to say it took a lot of coaxing and there was a lot of stalling irrespective of throttle and choke control.  So my initial conclusion is that the fuel...

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