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State of the Capital – Weekly Political Wrap 2/2/15

By 30 January 2015

Life without Katy  Chief Minister Andrew Bar has not enjoyed an entirely perfect kick-off in the top job. After a long and successful innings from the factionally unali...

A Look Around Canberra: Curtin

By 30 January 2015

I was keen to head back to the Woden Valley this week for A Look Around Canberra, as it's been several weeks since I'd done one of the suburbs there. I decided to have a look a...

Once a Knight’s enough

By 30 January 2015 6

So everyone in the known universe is criticising the PM for making the Duke of Edinburgh a Knight of the Order of Australia. I might have a go too. Much has been written abo...

Whats on this weekend (31st Jan and 1st Feb)

By 30 January 2015

It’s back to school for Canberra students next week, which means that the city is well and truly out of its quiet January slumber. It also means that there’s plenty to do i...

Body corporate costs for new apartments?

By 30 January 2015 3

Hi, just wondering whether anyone could advise on what one might expect to pay in body corporate fees for a two bed, two bath, 80m living apartment off the plan in Canberra at ...

Beware of dodgy roof repairers: Corbell

By 30 January 2015

Canberra households should be on high alert to the activities of a travelling con man who is knocking on doors promising roof painting and roof restoration services, warns Attorn...

Court reforms working: Productivity Commission

By 30 January 2015

Simon Corbell says reforms to the ACT Courts have led to reduced waiting times in the Supreme Court and Coroner's Court, according to the Productivity Commission's Report on Government Services. The report showed changes implemented in the ACT’s courts have resulted in the ACT Supreme Court final...

Tips for riding from Belconnen to Tuggeranong?

By 29 January 2015 8

Hi all Due to machinery of government changes I'm now facing a potential work move from the City to Tuggeranong.  As I live in Belconnen and we are a one car family I'm n...

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Murrumbateman astronomy kicks another goal

By 21 June 2010 6

It was a couple of weeks ago but the Daily Telegraph is noting that Murrumbateman's Anthony Wesley has followed up from his big hit last year by capturing an impact on Jupiter on film. If one is going to spend one's nights in cold towers asking questions of the stars (or planets) it must be n...

No Bus Friday

By 21 June 2010 34

TAMS is warning that the bus drivers are taking all Friday off work to have a meeting: ACTION General Manager James Roncon today expressed his disappointment in the planned industrial action on Friday by the Transport Workers Union (TWU). The TWU has announced a 24-hour stop-work meeting fr...

NCA plants another Hebe

By 21 June 2010 2

The National Capital Authority is letting us know that their efforts to grow hebe down the middle of Anzac parade (to commemorate the NZ in Anzac) are ongoing: The National Capital Authority will today begin trialling new varieties of New Zealand Hebe on Anzac Parade. The Hebe plants are locat...

Telstra vs Transact

By 21 June 2010 24

We are about to move house and have been with Telstra for home phone, internet and mobile.  Much as Telstra sucks we have stayed with them because I get free calls to my husband's work mobile.  We have been frustrated with the ADSL because even though its meant to be as fast as cable we've had lot...

Images of Canberra - Crace, a place like no other

By 21 June 2010 70

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has sent in the above photos with the following note: When walking towards the trig on Percival Hill in Gungahlin recently to had to take this shot! CRACE - a place like no other? My first thoughts were of one of the scenes in the Jackie Chan mo...

Taxi fares rise again

By 21 June 2010 7

The Canberra Times informs us that Canberra's already ruinously expensive taxis are going to get more costly still: Flagfall for standard hirings will increase to $4.50. The rate per kilometre on weekdays between 6am and 9pm will increase to $1.80. The kilometre rate at other times will increase...

Goons at the Hyatt

By 21 June 2010 27

"fgzk" has sent in some pix of the protests outside the Hyatt for the Chinese Vice President's visit (the Chinese can manage to turn up unlike the leaders of the current hegemon) with the following note: Some of you may have seen the dual protest outside the Hyatt on the way to work. One grou...

Inner North SEE-Change presents: Backyard Tour - Retrofitting and everything

By 21 June 2010 3

Matthew Driver of Lyneham has extensively retrofitted his 1950’s Lyneham house, dramatically reducing electricity, gas and water use and cutting their households carbon emissions on energy use from 19 Tonne a year to minus one Tonne. Join us for a tour of this house to see what can be achie...

The Devyles (Melb), Activate Jetpack & The Flat Earth Confederacy. Pot Be

By 21 June 2010

9 - Flat Earth Confederacy 10 - The Devyles (Melb) 11 - Activate Jetpack...

Co-principals for the P-10

By 21 June 2010 4

In the world of ACT Education "innovation" seems to be "untested experiments to try on your child". It's a problem because you can't just trade the kid in if the twelve year experiment doesn't work out. Andrew Barr has announced that the already novel Kambah school serving primary kiddies to y...

Waldorf Wankers Whingeing (Still)

By 21 June 2010 32

I see in yesterday's Crimes that the residents and managers of the Waldorf Apartments are still whingeing about the noise of live venue music.  The reality is, folks, that noise has been there for many years, was there before the apartments were built, and you knew about it before you moved in. ...

What is the best Vietnamese Restaurant in Canberra?

By 21 June 2010 28

We love our Vietnamese food. Who can tell me the best one in town?...

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