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Canberra International Film Festival Opening Night – David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars”

By 24 October 2014

“What better celebration of independent world cinema than to tear Hollywood to shreds?”  Canberra International Film Festival director Lex Lindsay is introducing the openi...

Can anyone recommend a bobcat service at reasonable price

By 24 October 2014

Hi All, I am looking for a bobcat service at reasonable price, please advise if you know someone....

Whats on this weekend? 25th and 26th October 2014

By 24 October 2014

Krystal Sanders is attending the launch of Harry Hartog (the bespoke old school book store) at 6.30pm tonight at Westfield Woden - with special guest Dr Andrew Leigh (Federal M...

ACTs largest drug seizure; man arrested

By 24 October 2014 2

ACT Policing seized approximately 28 kilograms of a substance suspected to be methylamphetamine during the search of a vehicle in Curtin yesterday (October 23). The search w...

Buying a new car – should it have a full tank of petrol?

By 24 October 2014 16

I'm interested on hearing thoughts on this, I recently purchased a new car from a dealer in Phillip that shall remain nameless (although it does rhyme with shommonwealth boaters).  Anyway, I went to pick it up and when the salesperson was handing over the keys and going through some features (its p...

Fitzs Challenge Heroes – Riding for a Reason

By 24 October 2014

With Fitz’s Challenge just a few short days away the excitement of the riders testing their capabilities and pushing themselves to their limits is building. But it is wor...

Canberra Shenzhen intern program connects future innovation leaders

By 23 October 2014

A new StudyCanberra student intern program between Canberra and Shenzhen will attract the best and brightest students from Shenzhen to Canberra and will give local students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in Shenzhen, the home of a major technology company in the world, Chief Minister and M...

Tell us your ideas for better services in West Belconnen

By 23 October 2014

Do you use human services? Does the term 'human services' mean anything to you? It refers to the range of programs or supports that can respond to a person's needs and can include public/social housing, health and wellbeing, education, disability, childcare, care and protection and justice. Navi...

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NYE Hit and run goes to court

By 19 April 2010 2

The ABC informs us that the trial of Wayne Antoniazzo for running over and killing his girlfriend Amaranta Vega in Gungahlin on New Year's eve 2007 (the incident occured in the early hours of 1 January 2008) has kicked off. In a promising development Wayne is at least admitting driving the car wh...

Canberra’s continuing planning fiascos

By 19 April 2010 4

The recent case of the Quayside apartments (ACAT overturned ACTPLA’s approval of a clearly non-compliant DA) shows that the ACT planning system is still totally dysfunctional.  It’s worth spending a few minutes to consider why we continue to have case after case overturned when they get to the ...

Critique Bookkeeping

By 19 April 2010

By Kristen Hyde Critique Bookkeeping is truly a Cinderella story. Starting in September 2008, what was a simple side-business has now expanded into one of Canberra’s leading outsourced bookkeeping companies, and all in the space of 16 months. Despite becoming steadily recognised for he...

Brumbies play complete crap

By 19 April 2010 23

[First filed: Apr 16, 2010 @ 22:23] Poor decision making, inept play, complete crap. I can think of one Brumbies game that I enjoyed less. But it was freezing cold, pouring rain, and my ipod touch got broken by the water. Forwards still good. Backs? We may as well put the Eddies Second ...

Advice on a Good Dermatologist on Canberra?

By 19 April 2010 14

Hello, I'm seeking some advice as to who is a good dermatologist in Canberra. I have battled with acne for several years now and have tried almost everything, including antibiotics, proactiv, natural remedies, and even roaccutane (I experienced extreme side effects from this medication and had t...

Craft Beer Festival Review

By 19 April 2010 5

I went on Saturday with five friends, a beautiful warm sunny day, and the courtyard at Olims was a great place to be.  Paid our money at the door and were given a tasting glass with ten tickets.  There was interesting range of beers and a few ciders and between us we probably tasted everything th...

Another week of Summer

By 19 April 2010 9

They've got their feet up on the desk over at the Bureau of Meteorology where the forecast for this week reads a uniform Min 9 Max 24. Apparently a lazy high pressure system in the Tasman Sea has brought the return to summer. While good for cyclists and dog walkers does anyone know what it me...

Is it too soon or too late in buying a property in Canberra?

By 19 April 2010 23

I have started thinking about getting a property in Canberra, preferably a freestanding house. Is it too soon or too late? Recently I realised the housing prices have gone up so much in the last few years. I'm worried it will continue to rise. If this is true, then will it be better to buy now? ...

Hot Jammer Donuts Caned at Carnival of Carnage

By 19 April 2010 4

On Saturday night Canberra Roller Derby League (CRDL) presented their second annual ‘Carnival of Carnage’ to showcase the League’s freshly bout-ready crop of new skaters.  In homage to last year’s inaugural event, team names for this right-of-passage bout remained the same, with the Cand...

Another accident................

By 19 April 2010 65

[ED - Crimestoppers' report is now available.] Yet again there has been another serious accident at the intersection of Florey Drive and Southern cross Drive. Between this intersection and the next one up (Starke Street) over the last 15 years I have lost count of how many accidents I have see...

Red Album Out Now

By 19 April 2010

Finally the wait is over, after many months in the studio, The Adam Hole and Marji Curran Band have released their new Album (Red Album). Get your Copy now at ...

Affordable office space for freelancers

By 19 April 2010 12

If you're a freelancer or self-employed professional and currently work from home then you might be interested in Canberra Coworking. Canberra Coworking is based on the global "Coworking" concept: basic, minimal cost, commercial office space where freelancers can come and work when they want with...

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