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Patterns that lead to domestic violence

By 31 May 2016 6
The Jacka residence in which the boy was killed in February.

The ACT Government has released three reports upon domestic and family violence. They are comprehensive complex documents which highlight the need for much greater cooperation...

First frost reminds us winter is coming … tomorrow

By 31 May 2016 5
Frosty windscreen

Happy winter’s eve, everyone. It’s time to pull out the jug of warm water and the ice scraper, the first frost is here – the first in our suburb, anyway. Canberra tem...

Public help identify drink driver

By 30 May 2016
Police wrap

Police will summons a 32-year-old Palmerston woman after she was caught drink-driving on Sunday. A number of reports were received about a silver Mazda sedan being driven er...

More doctors, nurses for TCH emergency department

By 30 May 2016 7
The Canberra Hospital

The emergency department at The Canberra Hospital will gain an extra 39 staff in 2016-17 and a further 15 workers by the end of the 2019-20 financial year as part of a $29 mill...

Ngunnawal woman dies in driveway accident, police investigating

By 30 May 2016
Police wrap

A police investigation is underway into the death of a 44-year-old woman on Saturday after she was struck by her own vehicle in the driveway of her Ngunnawal home. ACT Polic...

Baby, it’s cold outside

By 30 May 2016 17

The forecast was for an overnight minimum of 4 degrees, but the mercury dipped to -1.8 at around 11.30pm and it’s still 0 out there now as families head off for school and ...

Ask RiotACT: ACT-wide shortage of plastic cat tray liner bags

By 30 May 2016 7
Ask RiotACT

So recently I started using these new nifty bag liners that stretch around the cat litter tray and when you are done just fold up and in the bin, so much less mess and so much ...

Dutton offensive on asylum-seekers

By 30 May 2016 55
ss new australia

When I came to Australia in 1952, I couldn’t speak English, I couldn’t count to 10 and I came by boat. If Minister Dutton had been on the wharf, would he have turned my bo...

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Is it just me? Or do all Canberrans hate recumbent cyclists?

By 10 January 2011 21

I was cycling to work on Friday minding my own business when I was overtaken by a man on a recumbent cycle.   Suddenly I had an overwhelming urge to push him over, I don't know the cyclist nor have I previously given recumbent bikes more than pitying grin, I'm unsure where this spite came f...

Jobs for Asperger's adults in Canberra?

By 9 January 2011 18

Hi I'm back looking for help again :) My 20 year old son is looking for work after completing a Advanced Diploma in Games Development at AIE and working part time at McDonalds. Games Development is a difficult field to get into, with most of the work interstate, and he is not ready at this ...

Self awareness comes to West Belconnen

By 9 January 2011 21

Gerry-Built has sent in this corker although he appears to have done it on the fly, unwilling to leave his car in this neck of the woods. Taken on the corner of Tillyard Dr and Kerrigan St the warning sign now reads "Charnwood Lowest Incomes Biggest Flatscreens". In this spirit what other ...

Here comes the floor space test for retail competition

By 9 January 2011 5

Mr Stanhope has announced that he's having a look at introducing a "floor space test" in his government's quest to crush the Liberal supporting IGA owners bring more competition to Canberra's supermarkets. Mr Stanhope said the floor space test is based on a scheme in operation in NSW where any ap...

Eight days for the first fatal

By 9 January 2011 11

This in from ACT Policing:: The ACT has recorded its first fatal collision for 2011, only eight days into the new year. ACT Policing’s Collision, Investigation and Reconstruction Team (CIRT) are investigating the fatal collision that occurred last night (Saturday January 8). Around 8.10pm...

A dingo ate my telescope! - Now with a picture!

By 9 January 2011 53

[First filed: Jan 7, 2011 @ 12:04] I occasionally like to escape the madness of the city that is Canberra by heading bush. I have been known to head as far south as the Snowies in summer for a week or so to escape the heat. Mostly though, due to fuel costs I stay nearby. This week I headed...

Recommendations for hot towel shave in Canberra?

By 9 January 2011 16

The annual summer holiday beard has reached its use by date and it's time to remove it under decree of the Minister for Home Affairs. Last year I decided to treat myself to a ceremonial removal by way of Ziggy's (?) in Civic but what should have been a relaxing experience was more like death by ...

Fuels aint fuels in Canberra

By 9 January 2011 14

I just happened across a western Belconnen service station with E10 for $1.36, unleaded for $1.39 and premium for $1.40. What the? For months we've seen a ten cent per litre gap between these 3 choices and now all of a sudden [that everyone has to go to work on Monday] they all cost nearly as much a...

Thanks RiotACT! Letter did the trick. (for a speeding fine)

By 8 January 2011 9

A big thank you to those who provided excellent advice in regards to my (recent post). I sent a letter asking that my fine be withdrawn because I had a very good driving record. Within two days, I received an email with the good news that my fine and loss of point would be cancelled. I woul...

P-Plater carnage!

By 8 January 2011 15

These in from ACT Policing: 1. P-Plater rams police! ACT policing has arrested and charged a 23-year-old Chisholm man after he rammed his vehicle into the side of a police car earlier this morning (Saturday, January 8). About 1.20am this morning police responded to an incident after being f...

Knife at Summernats

By 8 January 2011 5

This in from ACT Policing: ACT Policing has arrested a 26-year-old Victorian man after an incident at the entrance to Summernats this morning (December 8). About 5.35am police were called to the main entrance to Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) after Summernats security staff saw a man carry...

House fire in Banks

By 8 January 2011 4

House fire on patton place banks at around 4:40 pm. House appears to be totaly dedtroyed as most of the roof has caved in. Photos to come soon. ED - the ESA had this to say: 5:00pm Saturday 8 January 2011 - House fire at Banks ACT Fire Brigade on scene of a house fire on Patton Place,...

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