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Minister urges parties to resolve rubbish dispute

By 24 May 2016

Meegan Fitzharris, the minister for municipal services, on Tuesday appealed to rubbish collection workers and contractor SUEZ to resolve their industrial dispute. She said i...

Financing for light rail project finalised

By 24 May 2016
light rail artist impression

The ACT government and the Canberra Metro consortium confirmed on Tuesday that financing arrangements for the capital's light rail project had been finalised. Chief minist...

Venture capital scheme for Canberra start-ups

By 24 May 2016

A venture capital scheme launched on Tuesday will enable Canberra entrepreneurs to access funds to build their business. Significant Capital Ventures is a joint venture bet...

$7.3m to promote #CBR to NSW, NZ, Asia

By 24 May 2016
Singapore A330

The ACT Government will in next month’s Budget commit $7.3 million promoting Canberra domestically and internationally as a business and leisure destination, and $1.5 million...

$460K spend on Canberra Theatre Centre security, major show

By 24 May 2016
Canberra Theatre

The ACT Government has announced it will spend $410,000 in next month’s Budget to upgrade security at the Canberra Theatre Centre and commit a further $50,000 to promote the...

Celebrating a darker side of #CBR

By 24 May 2016

Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres’ latest art party, CANBERRA OBSCURA, is a celebration of  the ACT’s weirdest sounds and strangest stories. Inspired by the atmosphere a...

Let’s can the tram (till October, at least)

By 24 May 2016 21
light rail model

An act of political bastardry saw the ACT Government sign off last week on the Gungahlin light rail project, almost five months to the day from the October Assembly election. ...

Seven fab things about Fashfest’s model casting day

By 24 May 2016

While the rest of you were at the supermarket, watching the footy or hanging out the washing on Sunday morning, RiotACT was swanning around the National Convention Centre with ...

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GDE Collapse Response - Nothing wrong, but we're making some changes

By 5 January 2011 5

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced the release of a report of a review of the awkwardly named "oversighting procedures" for capital works in the ACT. This, of course, is in the wake of last year's wildly popular Gungahlin Drive Bridge Collapse. Mr Stanhope, while admitting no fault in h...

More Canberra Geomancy

By 5 January 2011 13

The magic of YouTube brings us a whole new tinfoil hat theory! You'll never look at Vernon Circle the same way again! (Would a guy on the internet called "Survival Cell" be wrong???)...

Gordon Burn

By 4 January 2011 4

This warning not to panic in from the ESA: 4:35pm Tuesday 4 January 2011 - Controlled burn tomorrow in Gordon The ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) will conduct a controlled burn tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 5 January 2011, in Amber Ridge in Gordon. The ACT Handy Map ...

Gungahlin IGAs rolled

By 4 January 2011 17

This in from ACT Policing: ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to two attempted burglaries at the Ngunnawal and Nicholls IGA supermarkets overnight. Around 11.50pm yesterday (Monday, January 3), police received a report of several loud bangs and an alarm being heard at the Ngunnawal IGA. Upon ar...

Building query

By 4 January 2011 26

Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with either of two companies, Chateau Investments or Urban Design Architects/ Builders. My partner and I are currently looking at building a place in Bonner and have noticed these guys have some properties on AllHomes which seem to fit into ...

Wolf spider infestation

By 4 January 2011 40

My garden seems to have quite a number of burrowing wolf spiders (google search indicates this species), I'm sure that the 20-odd I've counted so far classifies as an infestation when one gets the heebie jeebies each time a new burrow is discovered. Before I go down the path of calling a pest co...

Unearthed Review - Distance Fallen ***1/2

By 4 January 2011 14

There are nearly 700 Canberra bands with tracks on the TripleJunearthed website. In 2011 we're going to explore them. First off the rank, selected at random with my trusty THAC0 iphone app, is Distance Fallen who describe themselves thusly: In the quiet suburbs of Canberra, a desperate, ho...

Development application Casey

By 4 January 2011 14

I came back from a lovely holiday to have a letter in my mail box from ACT Planning and Land Authority indicating the vacant block opposite my front yard has received the following development application: "Multi-dwelling 45 Unit, 3 storey building, basement carkparking" etc Must be confident ...

Ginninderra Falls - will they open again?

By 4 January 2011 11

Hi everyone I heard a rumour that the owners of the Ginninderra Falls may reopen them.  Heaven if that were true!!  I live near there and didn't really appreciate it until it was gone.  I know they had a lot of trouble with people falling off cliffs (insurance plus stress plus pain-in-the butt...

Pool or Snooker Places in inner south?

By 4 January 2011 11

Anyone know of somewhere where I could take the 15 year old for a quiet game of afternoon pool or snooker in the inner south?   Preferably not a biker hangout, if possible!...

The bone bank joins the donor network

By 4 January 2011 2

Katy Gallagher has the moderately surprising news that the ACT Bone Bank has joined the DonateLife ACT network. (Surprising in that many will be unaware of the existence of an ACT Bone Bank) "Having the ACT Bone Bank join DonateLife ACT has completed another of the Federal Government's nation...

2010 in Rioting

By 4 January 2011 9

Well that was a wild ride of a year. The graph above has some points of note. Gratifyingly my return as full time editor in April brought about both a steady rise, and an ability to maximise our potential as stories broke. Highlights for readership spikes were, in chronological order, -...

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