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13 things to do in Canberra this weekend (4 and 5 July 2015)

By 2 July 2015
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.30.04 pm

How do you plan to spend this weekend? There’s plenty on in Canberra to keep you busy over the next few days, including the Westside Sunday markets, a ping pong jam and Bungendor...

Local politics: Here’s what you missed this fortnight

By 2 July 2015

Anyone for tennis? A few humble tennis courts are proving to be more of a problem for Chief Minister Andrew Barr than he thought. Earlier this year, Barr said the ACT Gov...

The 10 types of drivers you see at Canberra school drop offs

By 2 July 2015 29

I am a mother of four children and have done a gazillion school runs in my time. My experience to date has been with childcare, pre-school and primary school, so to write this post...

Canberra to host premier international ceramics event

By 2 July 2015
AP 3.8b Girl Nomad Ceramics

Canberra has been selected for a three-day premier ceramics event that will bring national and international luminaries and cutting-edge ceramicists to the capital from across ...

Canberra’s number one work crew cafe

By 2 July 2015 1
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.40.16 pm

We all know that energy needs fuel, your car or truck needs petrol, your home needs heating at this time of year especially using gas as energy, your office printer wouldn’t ...

Free online palliative care training

By 1 July 2015

If you work in health or aged care, the Canberra-based Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association would like to invite you to take advantage of a new, free palliative care...

Telstra ACT Business Awards finalists announced

By 1 July 2015

Enabled Employment, Red Robot and Paladin Risk Management Services are some of the innovative Canberra businesses announced as Telstra ACT Business Awards finalists today. From the media release: The diversity of ACT’s thriving business community, including a four-wheel drive training school...

Support a Canberra action camera crowdfunding project

By 1 July 2015 2

We have just released a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a new smaller, lighter and tougher action camera, and we've called it the Barnacle. We are currently the best p...

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Central signup for public housing starts tomorrow.

By 31 August 2010 2

Joy Burch wants you to know that from tomorrow all public and community housing will have a single signup point called the "Social housing register". "People seeking public and community housing will now only have to fill out one form and engage in one assessment process to be registered for mul...

Who is the new Civic doctor?

By 31 August 2010 4

Hello About three weeks ago, a doctor advertised as "taking new patients" in the Civic area. This is a rare thing, and I would like to take up this opportunity, as I'm tired of waiting for my doctor of 14 years, to actually make it on time for my booked appointments. I'm often left waiting for 2 ...

The bunyip cometh to Gungahlin.

By 30 August 2010 7

Back in January 2009 in the comments section on a story on tourist attraction for Canberra a Big Bunyip was suggested for Gungahlin. By September the Gungahlinites were convinced that they were indeed going to get a bunyip. Today Jon Stanhope has announced that the bunyip has been commissioned...

Evidence of witches on Mt Ainslie?

By 30 August 2010 12

John of Campbell has sent in the above with this note: Is this Canberra's weirdest tree? Mount Ainslie, not far off a well-used track. Would love to know how it managed to contort itself into such a shape. Any theories beyond our friends in witchcraft? (Got an image of Canberra you wa...

Raiders V Broncos on TV?

By 30 August 2010 4

Does anyone know if WIN will show the Raiders V Broncos match live into Canberra this Friday? Ch 9 are showing this game as the late game into Sydney but how difficult is it for WIN to show this game live to where the fans are? UPDATE: Thanks to CanRaiders for providing the link WIN Network...

The Hung Parliament Blues

By 30 August 2010 31

The ABC reports that while the nation waits for two loveable yokels and a mad old fascist to decide who can give them what they want the fair and reasonable trio of wise and statesmen like rural independent to finish deliberating on the future of Australia's Government... Well it ain't pretty for th...

Wattle Week Finale

By 30 August 2010 5

Well a lot of you have had some fun with Wattle Week. We had a final flurry of photos over the weekend, many thanks to everyone who participated. Above is from Androo. Below are photos by Inlymbo and Emma Chizit, as well as a slideshow of all the entries below the fold. Feel free to nom...

Time to get gazza off the forklift and give it a service

By 30 August 2010

ACT Work Safety is letting Canberra businesses know that they're coming to have a look at forklifts. The ACT is taking part in a national campaign to assess and improve forklift safety in the grocery wholesale/retail and fruit and vegetable wholesale /retail industries. The campaign, which wil...

Kids running wild at Bimberi?

By 30 August 2010 17

The Canberra Times brings word of three assaults on staff in the last week at the Bimberi youth detention centre. The incidents come as the Government struggles to adequately staff the facility, with private security guards commissioned to fill the gaps for at least the past four months. The ...

A-League 4 Canberra - What is happening?

By 30 August 2010 11

[First filed: Aug 26, 2010 @ 10:50] Does anyone have any recent information on Canberra's attempts to get an A-League team? I am one of the "foundation members" who payed $200 and I assume some of you are also? The bid page no longer seems to work, is there...

Back to the drawing board on 301 and 303

By 30 August 2010 2

Earlier in the month Andrew Barr was asking you to get your submissions in on proposed changes to the Territory Plan to improve solar access to new single occupancy developments (rendering them more expensive) while at the same time making it easier to infill multi-occupancy developments. Yesterd...

Mynahs and Starlings in the Roof Space?

By 30 August 2010 4

Hello all, I have Mynahs and Starlings nesting in the roof space. Colo(u)rbond roof on the upper storey. I am too old to be crawling over roofs. Can anyone recommend a good roof plumber or bird-proofer in Canberra that can fix the problem?  Does anyone have any success stories? Backg...

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