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Bodies in Lake Burley Griffin

By 26 May 2015 8
lake burley griffin

Lake Burley Griffin has had its fair share of bodies, acting as a watery grave for several unfortunate souls in the last century. Some met foul play, one woman's body was found...

Best of Canberra – French toast

By 26 May 2015 8
french toast

French toast is one of those decadent weekend breakfast dishes from my childhood. My parents used to make us French toast when we didn’t quite make it through the loaf of bread...

Payment splitting startup, QPay, reaches new milestone

By 26 May 2015 1
quickly Screenshot_1

Finding the right vertical has helped a Canberra startup taking the hassle out of split bills to this week surpass over $340,000 in total payments processed. QPay is an app ...

Dont worry, animal cruelty will only cost you $123

By 26 May 2015
dog xray

It took two operations to remove the fishhooks that were ingested by a Staffordshire bull terrier owned by a 26-year-old Canberra woman, who was fined $123, banned from owning...

Aggravated robbery at Kaleen service station

By 26 May 2015 5

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery that occurred at the Caltex Service Station in Kaleen this morning (Monday, May 26). Around 1.55am, a man carrying...

Feedback on Woden primary schools?

By 26 May 2015

Just looking for feedback on Curtin and Hughes Primary schools. If you have kids going there or you teach there, what is your opinion of the school/s? Great, poor, average? Is ...

Geeks and nerds theme party

By 26 May 2015
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.21.14 am

Nerd up people. Now here is the opportunity to take a break from your busy work schedule or mundane life to cut loose and dance the night away at Digress Lounge and Bar. Hik...

Pine Island rabbit control begins today

By 25 May 2015

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service has advised residents that a rabbit control program has commenced at Pine Island Reserve. The program will involve the use of pindone poison and aluminium phosphide warren fumigation to control the rabbit population.  As such, residents are asked not to touc...

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A look at the new XCOM

By 16 August 2010 7

Gamasutra has a lengthy interview with Canberra's Jonathan Pelling about what his team at the 2K Marin studio here has been up to with the new XCOM game. Nice to see our town getting a real seat at the table in this multi-billion dollar industry....

We have a bonsai collection!

By 16 August 2010 3

Chief Minister Stanhope brings the astonishing news that not only does his arboretum have a "National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia", but since it was located in a pavilion in Commonwealth Park two years ago it has been visited 100,000 times! It currently displays 32 deciduous, ever...

After ideas on how to make a move to Canberra simpler

By 16 August 2010 21

Hi Guys, My first post, so go easy. There's gonna be some naïve questions / statements here. I have been intending to make a move to Canberra for more than a decade, and have decided to give it a shot sometime in the new year. I in NSW, and have moved to WA before and learnt a lot of thing...

Security on Civic cab queue?

By 16 August 2010 18

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I had the displeasure of standing in the Civic bus interchange taxi queue last Saturday night around 2am and witnessed a pretty nasty punch-up between 4-5 guys. I'm hardly ever out at that time of night but I have to say that on the few occasions I have b...

Canberra Walk Against Warming

By 15 August 2010 8

Took the dog for a walk and a protest broke out, as a bit over 1000 people came together for the Canberra Walk Against Warming. Seems to be working as its bloody cold and cloudy today. Senator Bob Brown was there along with MLA Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens Senate candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds...

Speed camera leeway in Canberra?

By 15 August 2010 40

Hi All, I'm quite new to Canberra and am constantly coming across the much debated issued of the amount of roadworks and speed changes in and around Canberra. Driving around I seem to spend most of my time checking the speedo and looking for the latest sign. While I'm slowly adjusting and lear...

Raiders get over the doggies

By 15 August 2010 1

Foxsports has the news on our brave lads in green getting one over the thuggish Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium 28-14. Canberra coach David Furner said his young players were growing in confidence at the right time ahead of another big test when they host ladder leaders St George Illawarra next Sund...

Who can help with a cat playground?

By 15 August 2010 22

Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is anyone in Canberra who can assist me in designing and building a backyard cat enclosure encompassing most of the backyard (not along the lines of the modular units). I am hoping for something that isn't an eyesore and gives my cat ample room to ...

Calvary deal off - this time we mean it

By 15 August 2010 3

This must be the classic on-again-off-again romance. The ACT Government has decided it does not need to buy Calvary Hospital now. Apparantly Katy has realised what the community has been telling her all along: that $77 million is a lot of money to buy something you already own. Accounting stan...

Stolen Teddy Bear

By 15 August 2010 8

Sorry to disturb people, and this is my first post, but my girlfriends daughter had her sleepover bag stolen from the fenced off (but able to be see into) front court yard of her house (it was left there by her Gran) and in the bag was her favorite teddy bear and blanket she has had since she was bo...

Roller Soccer...?

By 15 August 2010 7

Yeap just as it says ... playing  soccer on skates (you kick the ball with your skates on!)  Either inline or quads - that doesn't matter.  But trust me, it is truely a great, addictive, fun game. Don't believe me?  Have a look at - It's not the greatest website but ...

The Battle for Mt Ainslie - Take 2

By 15 August 2010 8

Well, the batshit-crazy christians won this round by bringing in overwhelming numbers. The few heathens/atheists/Sex Party advocates were totally outclassed. More pictures below: ...

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