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Best of Canberra Taste Off – Vietnamese

By 18 September 2014 1

For the Best of Canberra Taste off this week I was forced to sample some local Vietnamese food. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – my life is pretty tough sometimes...

Home security revisited

By 18 September 2014

It's been a few years since the matter of home security systems was discussed and, since I am currently poised to jump ship with the company I've been with for more than 10yrs (ADT) and switch to one about which I know very little (Chubb), it seemed a perfect time to ask what people's experience ha...

Tigers set for monumental clash

By 18 September 2014

It’s probably the biggest match in the history of the Cooma Tigers. This weekend the National Premier Leagues: Capital Football League Champions lock horns with their New South Wales counterparts in a huge National Premier Leagues Finals match. The first National Premier Leagues Finals match to be...

Nature Conservation Bill 2014 is a commitment to a sustainable future

By 18 September 2014

A new Nature Conservation Bill introduced into the Legislative Assembly today forms a key part of the ACT Government’s commitment to a sustainable future for Canberra, Minister for the Environment, Simon Corbell, said today. The Bill is a result of a review of the Nature Conservation Act 1980....

Forde Community Association

By 18 September 2014 2

Hi Rioters, We are trying to launch a Residents/Community Association in the suburb of Forde in Gungahlin - the Forde Community Association. Communities@Work are hosting a 'Community Conversation' at the Forde Community Centre this Saturday at 3pm as part of a continuing series to engage the c...

Complaint against officer substantiated, investigation complete

By 17 September 2014 5

AFP Professional Standards (PRS) has completed an investigation into a complaint that an ACT Policing officer deployed Oleoresin Spray (OC) towards a tethered dog in a backyard during the course of a search warrant in May this year. Chief Police Officer for the ACT Rudi Lammers said that the com...

Tuggeranong’s FFA Cup journey ends but won’t soon be forgotten

By 17 September 2014 2

The Tuggeranong United coaching staff and reserve players laughed and smiled as they stood together on the sideline prior to kick-off. Their relaxed mood told the story well, and was befitting of the special occasion they were playing a part in. Tuggeranong, buoyed by its remarkable penalty sh...

EATology: the science of eating

By 17 September 2014

What do humans have in common with soil? How does soil health impact upon human health? Healthy soil grows healthy food, and healthy food makes for healthy people. We know that a vast amount of human health problems are related to diet, yet how often do we trace nutrition back to agricultur...

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Tara - terrible experience

By 16 February 2010 20

I have used Tara for years but recently when i picked up my dog he was very distressed and looked like he had been forgotten by the staff (who had no idea where he was). When i enquired about the possibility that he had recieved less than optimal care I nearly had my head bitten off!  Previous to T...

The Necks @ The Street Theatre

By 16 February 2010 1

Legendary Australian improvisers The Necks are one of Australia's most highly regarded musical ensembles. Critical acclaim worldwide reflects a growing realisation that these three Australians have created a way of making music unlike anything else.  Highly respected music writer Richard Willi...

Tina Harrod - Underneath Your Spell

By 16 February 2010

The Street presents TINA HARROD ‘UNDERNEATH YOUR SPELL’  Thursday February 25th @ 8pm  ALL TICKETS - $30 - go to or ph: 6247 1223 'Not even Billie Holiday can cast a shadow here' - Michael Dwyer, The Age (4 stars)   “There are really only two great Australian ...

Another one bites the dust

By 16 February 2010 13

I have just heard that Fruitylicious in Gungahlin has closed its doors and is moving to Spence. It is a brilliant vegie/deli/coffee shop run by people who care. This is very disappointing as it was one of the better places to shop in Gungahlin. But I can't blame them - they have to go where the cust...

What part of "No junk mail" doesn't the Chronicle understand?

By 16 February 2010 58

Rioters, My front-yard is constantly (weekly) being bombarded by the Chronicle being tossed on it.  Fortunately the delivery date coincides with bin day.  I pick up the Chronicle from the front yard every week, put it in the bin and that's that.  Job done. I never subscribed to the Chronicl...

RiotACT Rugby Review Podcast – 2010, Episode 02

By 15 February 2010

Canberra’s most reliable podcast runs like a swiss watch, and returns for episode 1 of 2010. Tim and I mix up the rugby ideas (in the absence of the others due to pathetic excuses) in All Bar Nun and expound on the weeks come and gone for your tipping success.. The music for this episode...

Oi Stanhope! How's the affordable accommodation working out for you?

By 15 February 2010 27

Every so often Our Chiefly Leader comes out and proclaims the wonders of his affordable housing programs. More often than not they mean a few lottery winners get a sweet deal and the rest of the populations has been further shafted. Last week the Canberra Times ran a story on the ANU's despera...

Canberra leading the way in green design

By 15 February 2010 28

Check this out for cutting edge urban design, a super-duper green development planned for our fair city which is aiming to be the pinnacle of green sustainable living in Australia. And how funky and futuristic does it look!! Very Pandora like even :) NewActon Nishi is currently being developed by...

Help finding someone who sells compost worms in Canberra

By 15 February 2010 11

Hi everyone, Not a particularly exciting post I know (especially after franks hyperdome car parking post).  But with the recent heat all the worms in one of my worm farms died. I went to my normal supplier in pialligo (first time in ages) and they don't seem to be there anymore :( Does anyone...

Statehood for ACT

By 14 February 2010 43

Is there a good reason we haven't become a State of Australia? If we did we'd get equal representation in the HoR and Senate and also prevent the Federal Government from flipping our laws as they see fit. The NT have already taken (apart from the failed referendum) big steps down this path. ...

Workers Compensation?

By 14 February 2010 24

A good friend of mine works for a government department here in Canberra which deals with people face to face daily. Recently, she was involved in a nasty incident in the workplace. An object was thrown at her by a disgruntled member of the public, resulting in  a trip to the hospital, a tetanus...

And then it rained - Just for us

By 14 February 2010 33

I'm meant to be moving house this weekend. And on Friday night one of my helpers broke his leg in two places training to be a rollerderby referee (which has to be the most ludicrously extreme way to get out of spending time with his girlfriend on Valentines Day I've ever heard of). So it's ha...

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