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Ask RiotACT: Watering system / irrigation setup

By 25 June 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hi Rioters. I purchased a house about 6 months ago. It has large established gardens. There was an existing watering system and a large underwater tank. I had a plumber com...

Coward punch puts victim in hospital

By 24 June 2016
Police wrap

Police are seeking to identify three men over a ‘coward punch’ assault that occurred in Civic in the early hours of Sunday 12 June. At about 3.55am, a male was assaulted...

Update | Rural road closures in ACT

By 24 June 2016
road closed detour

Motorists and other road users are advised of the following rural road closures due to the recent wet weather and snow. Roads and crossings closed: Sunshine Crossing A...

More to do on affordable housing

By 24 June 2016 8

Housing affordability remains a hot topic with most Australians. And rightly so, given the fundamental human right for safe and secure housing. I have previously written abo...

Ask RiotACT: School disco DJ

By 24 June 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hi all. I'm trying to find a DJ for my sons 12th Birthday. There is one that has been recommended to me but nobody knows how to contact him. He is "DJ CLIFF". He plays at some ...

Take your dog to work day

By 24 June 2016 8
dog in the office

Today is International Take Your Dog to Work Day when employers are asked to open their doors to pet dogs to promote the benefits of pet ownership and encourage animal adoption...

ANU welcomes collaborative cyber facilty

By 23 June 2016 4

The Australian National University will collaborate with the Australian government on a new facility to help grow Australia’s cyber-security workforce and the so-called STEM...

No monopolies on bigotry in election lead-up

By 23 June 2016 25
Christina Hobbs

“I believe human life begins at conception,” the Liberal Senator said quietly. Zed Seselja’s response was the last in a line of ACT Federal election candidate answers ...

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What the heck is in my yard making holes the size of a 20c piece?

By 18 January 2011 19

Last night I discovered my dog franticly digging a hole in my backyard. It was dark, so I told him off, brought him inside and left it. Today I investigated my new crater, to find a small tunnel in the wall of it. The opening is about the size of a twenty cent piece. What could make a hole ...

Jeremy Hanson enjoying his waiting list triumph

By 17 January 2011 10

Following on from this morning's scathing enditement of Canberra's hospital waiting list system the Liberals' Jeremy Hanson is having about as good a day as one can have in the Legislative Assembly. So much so that he's put out a media release revisiting his favourite bits from the report and Hea...

Unearthed Review: Craig Dawson. Three and a half stars

By 17 January 2011 1

Today with our Unearthed Review hat on we have a listen to the "roots" of Craig Dawson. There are nearly 700 Canberra bands with tracks on the TripleJUnearthed website. In 2011 we're going to explore them. (Previous reviews are available) Today we're giving a spin to Craig Dawson who, at s...

Hell and High Water - fundraiser show/event to help QLD flood victims

By 17 January 2011 4

Those all-round-cool-guys behind Canberra's well-loved Green Room have teamed up with The Maram and a whole slew of local and interstate bands and acts to bring you Hell and High Water, A Fund Rasier for the Qld Flood Relief Appeal. WHAT: a 12-hour, over-18's only, two-stage musical extravaganza ...

Ever wondered what riding skate boards down Black Mountain would look like?

By 17 January 2011 11

Wonder no more! Youtube and dannnnn12345 brings you the action. Let's build a space ship! ...

Canberra social workers sent north to the floods

By 17 January 2011 1

Joy Burch has waved farewell to a team of nine community recovery workers from the Department of Disability, Housing, and Community Services who have answered Queensland's flooded call: “On January 13 the Director General of Queensland’s Department of Communities, Ms Linda Appelt, asked all ...

Kings Highway re-opens

By 17 January 2011 3

Following on from this morning's fatal accident on the Kings Highway near Kowen, comes the news that the highway has now been re-opened....

Controlled burn in Gordon today

By 17 January 2011

Territory and Municipal Services advise that they're burning off more fuel in the area "Adjacent to Covenant College, Woodcock Drive, Gordon" this afternoon. So don't panic....

Rivers of Gold around Canberra

By 17 January 2011 12

Flooding of the local river systems means that the entire river bed is churned up with erosion and deposition of vast amounts of  loose material.  Many of our local rivers also contain gold which is re-deposited in the same locations as previous floods. The above photo of alluvial gold ...

Fire at The Mint

By 17 January 2011 3

Small fire extinguished at Royal Australian Mint ACT Fire Brigade on scene of a small fire at the Royal Australian Mint, Denison Street, Deakin. Fire has been extinguished. Fire started following a grinder that ignited some material. Smoke has entered the air conditioning system and crew...

Auditor-General vindicates Jeremy Hanson, makes mockery of Katy Gallagher

By 17 January 2011 3

The Auditor-General has announced the release of her report Waiting Lists for Elective Surgery and Medical Treatment. It's always hard to tell in the political hurley burley, what's actually true. But there's nothing quite like the cold hard eye of an auditor. Here are the highlights: --...

Long Awaited improvements to taxi services

By 17 January 2011 19

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced the change we've been waiting for in Canberra's taxi fleet. The key measures are: -- the release of at least 25 new standard taxi plates and four new wheelchair taxi plates in 2011; -- annual increases in taxi licence numbers to ensure that taxi supp...

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