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Paedophile Protection - sex offender guilty but not named

By 15 July, 2009

Once again, the Canberra courts have taken a harsh stand.  The ABC reports on a 22 year old who pled guilty to having sex with a 14 year old.  In response, the courts have given him exactly NO jail time, even though he “still has some distance to go with respect to his attitude.” Any...


No burkas banned but we were turned away

By 15 July, 2009

My partner and I had registered for the free public debate “Should we ban the burka” hosted by The Australian National University and The Canberra Times. When we registered it was to be held at Finkel Lecture Theatre at the John Curtin School of Medical Research @ 12.30pm but apparently it chan...


Police Wrap - 15 July

By 15 July, 2009

1. Operation School Safe rumbles on: ACT Policing is continuing to seek the assistance of the community to prevent criminal damage to schools as Operation School Safe enters its second week. Operation School Safe began on July 3, with ACT Policing logging 69 proactive patrols in the first week. Am...


The control freaks come for the bottled water

By 15 July, 2009

The control freaks come for the bottled water [First filed: July 15, 2009 @ 10:52] It started with a very local issue in the Southern Highlands where Bundanoon residents got the hump with their own water being trucked back with a 300x markup. But now the tired recurring voices of rigid social control here in Canberra (particularly on 666 this ...


The archetypes of supermarket self service at the Erindale Woolies

By 15 July, 2009

In our earlier discussion of the merits of self-service at supermarket checkouts in Canberra Woody Mann-Caruso has devoted some time to the different characters inhabiting the self service lines at the Erindale Woolworths. I enjoyed it enough to give it some light editing and a reposting as its own ...


Proposed direct sale of land to Canberra Muslim Community in Nicholls

By 15 July, 2009

In the local paper stuffed right on the back page is a notice to sell land at Nicholls. block 17 section 73, next to the Nicholls shop to the CMC, Canberra Muslim Community. Not many people know what is going on so lets spread the word and find out. A public information drop in session will [...]...


Yousha Sleimans brave bid to not be DNA swabbed fails

By 15 July, 2009

Another intriguing one from the Supreme Court where one Yousha Sleiman has been knocked back in an effort to avoid getting swabbed for DNA. Here’s the back story from the judgement of Justice Refshauge: It is alleged that at about 2.00 pm on 21 August 2002, two men, at least one of whom was ma...


Ground broken to get the young persons with a disability out of Aged Care

By 15 July, 2009

It’s been to Australia’s shame that for many years now young people with severe disability have been shoved into aged care facilities and promptly forgotten. If your idea of fun is playing Halo 3 with the volume all the way up there can be issues with fitting in. The ACT Minister for Dis...


Now you can lick the back of Commonwealth Park

By 15 July, 2009

Now you can lick the back of Commonwealth Park Australia Post have announced this very day the release of their “Parks and Gardens” issue to celebrate “five of Australia’s most beautiful city parks”. And our very own Commonwealth Park made it on! Hurrah! ...


Neuter your mongrel dog!

By 15 July, 2009

I received this email in my inbox this morning from a friend who knows I love dogs.  It is from a government department bulletin board. Hello Can you please forward this onto everyone you know as these pups are going to the RSPCA if they can’t be homed. They are 7 week old Kelpie cross blood...


The spectre of the VFT rises again

By 15 July, 2009

The spectre of the VFT rises again [First filed: July 14, 2009 @ 10:16] The Canberra Times brings word that dreamers on the North Canberra Community Council and the Canberra Business Council are optimistically trying to kick start a national debate on a high speed inland rail line linking Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. Apparently ...


A good old love in at the Magistrates Court

By 15 July, 2009

Readers of a delicate disposition are advised to avoid today’s story of love, tears and forgiveness in the magistrate’s court. 65 year old disability pensioner John Meadmore Symond was facing Magistrate Karen Fryar for punching up the 76 year old Edwin Diehm. Diehm had been driving a car...


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