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By the grace of garlic

By 29 August 2014

Shopping seasonally brings me a great number of joys. The sweetest kale in the winter frost, the first spears of asparagus in spring, soft summer peaches and autumnal chestnuts...

What’s on this weekend? 30th and 31st August 2014

By 29 August 2014

As Winter draws to a close and we look to the blossoms with the hope of warmer weather and longer days, two days remain to get through that final push to Spring. The fact that...

Best of Canberra – parma taste off

By 28 August 2014 3
Edgars feature

This week our taste test took us in search of Canberra’s Best Parma, or chicken parmigiana for those not in the ‘know. Nominations gave us two favourites – Edgar’s I...

Motorcycle lane filtering to be trialled in the ACT

By 29 August 2014 2

Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, today announced that a two-year trial of motorcycling lane filtering will commence in the ACT from 1 February 2015. “Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcyclist moves between stationary or slow moving vehicles in the same lane. It is not the same as lane s...

Wanted: a reliable bobcat operator

By 29 August 2014

I'm after a reliable bobcat operator that knows how to drive a bobcat properly and will actually turn up when a time has been agreed. Have had a couple of recent bad experiences. Prefer north side, any advice appreciated!...

Cerebral Palsy – call for support

By 29 August 2014

A note from one of our Rioters - a mum, talking about her son's fight to walk. Ollie’s Cerebral Palsy Dream Oliver (Ollie) is two and a half years of age, and at two wa...

Injury forces McCabe into early retirement

By 28 August 2014

Pat McCabe will announce his retirement from rugby on Thursday following a third break to his C1 vertebrae. McCabe suffered the injury while playing against the All Blacks for the Qantas Wallabies in Auckland on Saturday night. The University of Canberra Brumbies back has been a part of the full...

Yes it’s Father’s Day next Sunday

By 28 August 2014

Spring has sprung, birds are chirping. Days are warmer, skies bluer, and soon winter will have washed away. And what better way to celebrate then by giving Dad happy socks a...

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free tennis courts?

By 28 December 2009 13

Hello Just wondering if anyone knows of any tennis courts that can be used for free in Canberra, preferably in the Belconnen area? (Either with or without nets would be fine, as we are basically a couple of hacks just wanting to hit a ball around on the weekends for fun and a bit of exercise). ...

Anyone know an excellent dentist in Canberra?

By 28 December 2009 38

I am interested in hearing about any really, really good dentists in Canberra.  I need some significant dental work (root canal, crown and dental implant) and I have a fear of the dentist.  I've tried a lady in civic but was not happy and so I hope someone out there has a great recommendation....

I need a boat

By 28 December 2009 5

Hi all, I have recently nominated myself as the handyman for the local playschool. One of the issues faced by the playschool is they are moving in to an ex-preschool site and the play equipment, which was fine last year when the preschool was there, now no longer complies with the standards and ...

Good Primary Schools?

By 27 December 2009 37

Hi All, My Family & I will be moving to Canberra shortly, due to work, and we have 3 Children with another on the way. My question is if we can get some recommendations for good Primary Schools in the Canberra area - or one's to avoid. Best Regards,...

Police parking

By 26 December 2009 163

While this police car was parked illegally in Murulla Lane at 1600 on Christmas Eve, the driver was booking cabs on the nearby taxirank for double parking. If this was an isolated incident, it would be bad enough, but this is standard procedure for cops: parking rules and traffic regulations...

DIY Wotz-on guide - Christmas 2009

By 26 December 2009 1

Come Chrissy a large number of Canberrans flee interstate to see rellies or hang out down the coast and almost everything closes down. But besides eating and drinking ourselves silly what are the events and activities on this weekend? And the best way to let everyone know? Put it in the COMMEN...

Grass Fire in Chisolm

By 25 December 2009 6

Images from grass fire at the top the hill near Heagney Cresent, Chisolm. Looked under control. Lets hope for a wet Christmas! Chisolm grass fire 24/12/2009 Chisolm grass fire 24/12/2009...

ACT Gov behind the times, again

By 24 December 2009 28

A recent post about the ACT Gov considering 40km/h zones in pedestrian areas, stirred up a bit of debate about nannying. Australian research shows that a person who is hit by a car at 60km/h, has a 75% chance of being killed. At 50km/h, 38%. At 40km/h <20%....

Stolen Pacific Schools games Medals in Barton

By 24 December 2009 1

Hi Guys, My friends car was broken into in Barton last night and his brothers Medals from the Pacfic school games were stolen. He had them in the car to take to a place to get them framed for his brothers Christmas present, they are not worth any money but they do hold sentimental value. We ha...

Nicholls mosque scuttled

By 24 December 2009 37

Always was a poor decision. What a sign of embarrassment by our Green Left bosses to release this on Christmas Eve !!  A rare example of a bad Govt decision being reversed. Gungahlin or Belconnen Town Centres are more logical sites. ED - The Canberra times artical relating here. Previous R...

Total Fire Ban Today

By 24 December 2009 7

In the words of the ESA website: The Chief Officer of the ACT Rural Fire Service, Mr Andrew Stark, has declared a Total Fire Ban for the whole of the ACT from 00:00 Thursday 24 December 2009 to 23:59 Thursday 24 December 2009. The official PDF can be found here...

Cell Block 69 to ROCK Canberry this Wed 23rd Dec - ANU Bar

By 24 December 2009 3

After a blazing performance at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory on Sunday night, Cell Block 69 are keen to inform the good Rock and pop fans of Canberry of just exactly where the party is at. Tonight the 23rd Dec 1989 at the ANU Bar / Stadium ! This news comes reportedly from a friend who knows th...

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