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Whats on this weekend? 25th and 26th October 2014

By 24 October 2014 2

Krystal Sanders is attending the launch of Harry Hartog (the bespoke old school book store) at 6.30pm tonight at Westfield Woden - with special guest Dr Andrew Leigh (Federal M...

Canberra International Film Festival Opening Night – David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars”

By 24 October 2014

“What better celebration of independent world cinema than to tear Hollywood to shreds?”  Canberra International Film Festival director Lex Lindsay is introducing the openi...

Possible ramifications for public servants from health insurance selloff

By 25 October 2014

Radio National is reporting plans on the part of Medicare and the Government to compulsorily take part of public servants' superannuation on retirement, and use it to pay health care premiums, regardless of the choices and wishes of said retirees once Medicare is privatised. With no regard to whethe...

Canberra Home Delivery Food?

By 25 October 2014 3

I've just moved to Canberra and quite like it... except for the take-away and home delivery choices (or at least those I've found so far). Why does Pad Thai cost $16.50 (Lemon Grass)? In Sydney $12 is expensive. Same goes for Indian food... curries at $17-20 is a rip-off for take away. And why n...

Dodgy TV (ABC + 10) Fraser – anyone else?

By 24 October 2014

No signal on those two stations since storm yesterday.  Anyone else in the Fraser area having the same trouble, or it is just us? cheers MS...

Can anyone recommend a bobcat service at reasonable price

By 24 October 2014 1

Hi All, I am looking for a bobcat service at reasonable price, please advise if you know someone....

ACTs largest drug seizure; man arrested

By 24 October 2014 4

ACT Policing seized approximately 28 kilograms of a substance suspected to be methylamphetamine during the search of a vehicle in Curtin yesterday (October 23). The search w...

Buying a new car – should it have a full tank of petrol?

By 24 October 2014 27

I'm interested on hearing thoughts on this, I recently purchased a new car from a dealer in Phillip that shall remain nameless (although it does rhyme with shommonwealth boaters).  Anyway, I went to pick it up and when the salesperson was handing over the keys and going through some features (its p...

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No jobs for school leavers or am I blind?

By 7 April 2010 28

Hey folks! I am an 18 year old and I graduated from college late last year.  Since then I have been seeking either part-time or casual work while I do a course at CIT.  I have checked notice boards, The Canberra Times and job search websites localised in for the ACT to no avail, not to mention ...

Supporting local music?

By 7 April 2010 6

Andrew Mottram's been running a Facebook group asking people to get involved into the Legislative Assembly's long running Inquiry into Live Community Events. Andrew's sent a recent missive which I think bears repeating: Hi everybody! I thought I'd write to bring everybody up to speed on wh...

Where's "Lost property" for mobile phones?

By 7 April 2010 24

Hey crowd. My dad just called me to let me know he found a mobile phone at the side of the road on one of his outings. He thought it was dead, but it turned-out to have power (currently) and credit to make calls. He then asked what to do with it. So the question for everyone is: What do you do with...

Vehicle Storage

By 6 April 2010 17

G'day Rioters, I will soon be leaving my beloved Canberra and will be going overseas walking the Earth for about a year.  Does anyone know of any mobs in Canberra who do long term vehicle storage (plus care of vehicle).  I don't really want to sell my car and also, I don't want to just put ...

The shrine of the risen Mully

By 6 April 2010 45

In the raging debate over the meaning of the horrific Narrabundah car crash p1 sent in the immensely helpful contribution of the above image from the Woden bus interchange (if I recognise it correctly). I draw this to your attention simply because not everyone has the time and the energy to r...

Uh Oh, computers are more powerful than you'd think!

By 6 April 2010 13

CT over the weekend reported that ACT bus crashes had increased over the 2009 year compared to the 2008 year. Our glorious leader and minister for buses retorted that it was untrue and the apparent increase was due to a new database. Well I'm blowed, I've heard of computers doing strange thing...

Fadden Pines Vandals Outdo Themselves

By 6 April 2010 72

For the uninitiated, Fadden Pines is a lovely, popular park that is widely used by families and community groups from all over Tuggeranong. The government has spent quite a lot of money ensuring modern, enticing facilities and has attempted to provide a range of playground equipment that is appealin...

Learners on the Highway

By 6 April 2010 40

Having done a roadtrip to Newcastle over Easter I was left wondering as to how wise it really is letting Learner drivers on the Highways and Freeways in such a busy time. I know they need the experience but there were a few dozen of them out there and while they were plodding along at their required...

Run With The LAW

By 6 April 2010 1

Interested in good causes? Like running? Want to meet some local cops? Well if you answered yes to any (or god forbid all) of those questions then the ACT leg of Run with the Law may be for you. The run is in support of the IX National Special Olympics games which will be held in Adelaide...

Tower blocks to march across the green belts?

By 6 April 2010 22

[poll id="160"] In the Canberra Times today that champion, in my opinion, of big developers John Thistleton is heroically trying to pre-empt a National Capital Authority review of the green corridors that separate Canberra's satellite towns. The dream of developers is apparently unfettered con...

Belconnen Markets - Website

By 6 April 2010 5

Wanted to find out if the Belconnen Markets were open today, so went along to their website... ooops, been hacked. Thats gotta suck. (P.S. the markets weren't open when I did a drive by) [ED - As we advise against visiting defaced sites unless very secure about your computers defences n...

RiotACT Rugby Review Podcast – 2010, Episode 09

By 5 April 2010

Tim and I mix up the rugby ideas in my living room and expound on the weeks come and gone for your tipping success. The beer for review is the Oranjeboom Premium Lager. The music this week is by local act Big Score You can download it now. The podcast feed for future episodes is: htt...

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