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Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Common Grounds, Gowrie Shops

By 23 August 2014

For this week's café hot spot review I decided to head south again and try out suburban café Common Grounds found at Gowrie shops. I've been to Common Grounds once before ...

What’s on this weekend? 23rd and 24th August 2014

By 22 August 2014

As we approach our penultimate Winter weekend, there is plenty going on in the Capital. Suggestions from some of our team: Amy Birchall is indulging her not-so-inner nerd...

Searching for LIVE vongole in cbr

By 23 August 2014

As above! I can find 'fresh' vongole/clams but they're never alive (tried all the fish/seafood shops at and around fyshwick mkt). Any ideas?...

Victory for Tuggeranong United FC

By 23 August 2014 1

Tuggeranong United FC will host Melbourne Victory FC in the Round 16 match of the 2014 Westfield FFA Cup knock-out competition. Vikings Park, Erindale is the confirmed venue. ...

David Eastman’s murder conviction quashed

By 22 August 2014 17

David Eastman is set to be released from prison after his murder conviction was quashed in the supreme court today. The Director of Public Prosecutions must now decide whether Eastman will be hauled back before a jury for another trial. Holding an effective retrial could prove near impossible ...

Corin Forest snow report

By 22 August 2014

Corin Forest has a deep cover over the snow play area, up to 1.4m deep in parts, which means plenty to play in. There were a few nights of snow making during the week topping u...

Kingsford Smith School reviews?

By 22 August 2014 1

Hello all, I am seeking reviews on the Kingsford Smith School. Please help! This is our PPA school, but I have a few reservations about sending my little one there. Any info, thoughts, reviews would be GREAT! Don't hold back. Can also include thoughts on surrounding schools (within 5-10km)....

A Canberra Sunday tradition marks 20 years

By 22 August 2014

Canberra's Old Bus Depot Markets are celebrating 20 very successful years in operation next month. They will mark the occasion on Sunday 14 September. “The Old Bus Depot ...

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Drugs Seized in First Use of Crimes (Controlled Operation) Act

By 8 December 2009 7

About mid 2008 there was some pretty lively (and heated) debate on this site regarding the Crimes (Controlled Operations) Act (introduced late 2008). See here and here. I hadn’t really thought about the issue  until I came across this media release, detailing the first time a matter has gone t...

Summertime bugs

By 8 December 2009 23

Is it just me, or are there more flies and less Christmas beetles and grasshoppers than there used to be?  If this is the case, why is it so?...

ACT libs want roadside drug testing

By 8 December 2009 75

The ACT opposition is planning to introduce a bill which will give police powers to test drivers for illicit drug use using an oral swab. The measure would bring us into line with all other Australian jurisdictions, which already have the powers to test for drugs. Of course the measure is oppose...

Infrastructure Commissioner - do we really need one?

By 8 December 2009 13

The ACT Liberals have been stamping their feet and making noises about Canberra missing out on federal infrastructure funds due to the current lax planning, budgeting and delivery of large infrastructure projects. The Canberra Liberals have a new plan for infrastructure: "Key elements of the draf...

Canberra Christmas Lights 2009

By 8 December 2009 15

As we are all so green these days, Christmas lights may be a little frowned upon, but they do warm the hearts of children as they warm the environment. So I thought I'd kick off the Christmas lights 2009 with this beauty (apologies for the dodgy photo - I need a better camera and less caffine). ...

The Canberra City Band FREE Christmas Concert 2009

By 8 December 2009

The Canberra City Band FREE Christmas Concert 2009 Where: Glebe Park – The New Performance Stage at Glebe Park When: 4-6pm Saturday 12 December 2009 The Canberra City Band proudly announces our annual Christmas Concert for 2009, held at the new Performance Stage located at Glebe Park in the C...

Burning down the Waldorf

By 7 December 2009 16

To the great Canberra list of regrettable facebook groups let us welcome If the Waldorf does to Transit Bar what it did to Toast, I'll burn it down. RiotACT advises against joining the group, or burning down the least loved corporate component of the Canberra night life. The description reads ...

Any ex-Scientologists in Canberra?

By 7 December 2009 21

I am a co-host of a skeptical podcast, which has recently been covering some of the mentions that the Church of Scientology has been receiving in the news. I am looking for an ex-Scientologist willing to be interviewed for a segment of the podcast. I particularly would like an insight into the pract...

Fire In Canberra

By 7 December 2009 9

I was just down at Regatta Point and looking across the lake (toward Kings Ave and beyond) there appeared to be a fire, possibily in Fyshwick or near by. Over the course of an hour, it looked as if it was getting quite large and we also noticed that Ainslie Fire Station looked as if they were of...

Paintball tournaments in Canberra - anyone interested?

By 7 December 2009 7

G'day all, those who have been around RA for a while know that my paintball field, Adventure Paintball (Tuggeranong), runs regular paintball tournaments. We are currently running Friday night novice tournaments once a month, with the next one being THIS Friday night (11 Dec). They are pretty ...

civic xmas shopping

By 7 December 2009 8

Whilst dragging yourself around civic centre for xmas stuff on saturday pop your head into Gorman House markets - its so close I went there on saturday - really lovely venue/gardens  - very mellow,  was a lady there selling delicious home made cakes and couple of girls selling their cute ar...

Woden Valley Flood Memorial

By 6 December 2009 32

I am the sister of one of the flood victims. There is a memorial due to be erected to the 7 flood victims on 26 jan 2010. Our family was lead to believe that an information sign would be included but at a meeting on fri Dec 4 with Jon Stanhope's representatives this was not going to be included due ...

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