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Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Cafe Gaudi, Westfield Woden

By 20 September 2014 4

Time to put the south side to the test again! This time I decided to try out Cafe Gaudi which you’ll find at the Coles and Woolworths end of Westfield Woden. It’s nestled right...

What’s on this weekend? 20th and 21st September 2014

By 19 September 2014 2

With Floriade in full swing and predictions for some pretty cracking weather for the Capital, we’ve got a few suggestions for weekend activities. Add your own tips in the...

road rage on Monaro today almost killed us

By 20 September 2014 1

My partner and I are very lucky to be alive this afternoon.... At approx 3:10pm this afternoon, we experienced horrific road rage directed at us on the Monaro Hwy. It happened in the direction going from Civic to Hume about 1km or so of the Alexander Maconochie Centre. An "electric blue" coloure...

missing dog

By 20 September 2014

One One went missing midday on the 19th from Franklin. She is very shy, but an extremely sweet girl. We are very frightened for her. If you have any knowledge of her whereabouts, please call Caitlin on 0400158765. Reward....

Police investigate fatal collision in Belconnen

By 20 September 2014

ACT Policing is investigating a single vehicle collision off Kirinari Street, Belconnen today (Saturday, 20 September). About 10am this morning, security at the University of Ca...

Canberra Startup Snapknock – looking for feedback!

By 20 September 2014

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you a new Canberra startup company, it is a recently created social auction website named Snapknock. We are celebrating this launc...

Isle of Man TT style race for Canberra / region?

By 20 September 2014 6

I've been reflecting on recent RA posts about events in Canberra (i.e whether or not Canberra is a boring place), and this prompted me to think what sort of event would put our fair city on the world stage. Now, we already have Floriade and Summernats, the Balloon and Folk Festivals, various NGA...

Man charged after disturbance at Majura

By 20 September 2014

ACT Policing arrested a man after causing a disturbance at Brindabella Business Park yesterday afternoon (Friday, 19 September). About 2.55pm, a 43-year-old Farrer man was driving a red coloured Nissan Navarra northbound along Brindabella Circuit when he proceeded through a roundabout adjacent t...

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Dog Boarding Kennels

By 8 February 2010 35

As new dog owners who also enjoy weekends in national parks and with non dog people, we are looking around for kennels to leave out dog for the occasional weekend and while on holidays.   Does anyone have any recommendations for dog boarding kennels in Canberra area or between Canberra and th...

The best venue for...

By 8 February 2010 19

... a 6 piece high energy funk band who will be in Canberra right after playing at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival. It is my job to book them in to the best place possible, but I'm not sure where to start. Where do you think is the best live venue in Canberra for a band like this? BT...

Playdate for the Planet, Canberra - Thursday 25th February 2010

By 8 February 2010

Just wanted to let any interested people know about an upcoming event: Playdate for the Planet, Canberra Thursday 25th February 2010 From 10am, BYO morning tea Black Mountain Peninsula play area Southern end of Garryowen Dr, Acton This first playdate is just a basic get together, to see wh...

Where's Rockin' Around Canberra???

By 8 February 2010 27

I moved to Canberra from Melbourne about 3 months ago. Back in Melbourne my partner and were very much into the live Rockabilly music scene with a particular interest in dancing. On a visit to Sydney we were lucky enough to see Charlis Greaser perform live and were delighted to discover that he a...

A.C.T.I.O.N.? What a massive F.A.I.L.U.R.E.

By 7 February 2010 66

A.C.T.I.O.N. C.E.O./Executive Team GPO Box 158 Canberra City ACT 2601 CC: Editor: The Canberra Times Choice – Consumer Advice Jon Stanhope ACT Chief Minister & Minister for Transport The RIOT ACT website Dear A.C.T.I.O.N. C.E.O/Executive Team, If you do in fact care about the sta...

Upholstery cleaning in the ACT

By 7 February 2010 16

So I have a wee bit of an issue. My rescue cat peed on my loungesuite overnight.  Money is a bit tight given it is kitten season. Has anyone got any recommendations on companies that clean fabric lounge suites but will not charge more then I actually paid for it ($200), or alternatively any...

Should my son be discriminated from preschool because of Autism????

By 6 February 2010 47

Hi all, it has been a long time since i have posted here I am posting this today to get advice or find out the laws for discriminating an autistic child from entering main stream preschool, I was told by the deputy principle that my 4  yr son shouldnt be entering pre school until term 3 or even ...

Mayner and Cochran, Thanks For Fixing My Washing Machine!

By 6 February 2010 52

I'd like to thank the outstanding job Mayner and Cochran (Fyshwick) did on my $750 Samsung washing machine. A couple of months after purchasing our wm brand-new from The Good Guys (Fyshwick), the machine started making a loud, repetitive knocking sound. As it was under warranty, we booked it...

The Art of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance at theQ

By 6 February 2010

The Art of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance consists of works from internationally acclaimed artists.  The artists paint for a basic human dignity that is compromised in China, human rights that transcend culture, drawing from and depicting real stories of extremes:  brutal suffering, triumphant c...

CAM-JAM @ Wamboin 2010

By 5 February 2010

For the BMX Bandits out there Cam White will be hosting another day out at Wamboin tomorrow (Saturday 6Feb2010). He usually gets some world class riders coming along to show off their moves, so hopefully the rain won't affect the huge air that they normally get. At least it will make for soft ...

Solar Power Feed in Tariff Recommended to go down

By 5 February 2010 12

The ABC has this story about the Solar power feed in tariff, which is 50c per KiloWatt/hour at the moment, but the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) is recommending it be put down to 37c from July this year. The scheme is only one year old at present and those who are already...

Free buses up for grabs

By 5 February 2010 30

In an amazing act of self-sacrifice, ACT public servants have convinced their union to include a request for free [commuter] bus trips in this round of EBA negotiations. Not for them the convenience of driving and parking somwhere close to work. Here's the ABC report:

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