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Best of Canberra taste off – Hangover food

By 3 August 2015
Wattle Snack Bar

Last week I put the call out for Canberra’s best hangover food and the results did not surprise me.  Apart from the one vote that came in for a steaming bowl of pho from Pho Ph...

Bronwyn Bishop and the trough of entitlement

By 3 August 2015 9
bronwyn bishop

Hi there from the Apple Isle. I'm doing a Grumpy Old Grandad's Terror Tour of Tassie with an old mate of mine.  He's 75 and I'm a bit younger. The trip down the Hume Highwa...

Why the “coolest little capital” needs greater participation in the arts

By 3 August 2015 3

Canberra has some of the best seasonal vistas and panoramic landscapes of any city in Australia, as well as a highly educated community, a progressive culture and an enjoyable,...

Weekend cafe hot spot: Chatterbox Espresso Bar, Belconnen

By 1 August 2015 1

Before we head out for breakfast on a Saturday morning, I check Facebook to see if anyone is talking about a new breakfast spot. Facebook is handy like that. Because we live in ...

Fyshwick Mail Centre quarantined due to unidentified substance

By 3 August 2015

More than 100 people have been quarantined at the Fyshwick Mail Centre on Canberra Avenue, after an unknown substance was found in a package. The building and staff have been isolated. Five people have possibly been exposed to the unknown substance but are showing no signs of ill health. ACT Fire...

Belconnen Soccer Club robbed at gunpoint

By 3 August 2015

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to the aggravated robbery of the Belconnen Soccer Club in McKellar late Saturday night (1 August 2015). About 11.07pm, a single male offend...

Fly Pelican enters Canberra aviation market

By 3 August 2015

After so many airlines flying Canberra as part of a regional network have gone under (Rex, Brindabella), I was surprised to discover that there's a brand new player doing the ...

Women’s team sports in Canberra? (For a beginner)

By 1 August 2015 1

Hi all, I was hoping to find a women's sports team to train with on weeknights or weekends. I haven't played any team sports in a while but am keen to try something new whi...

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Purchasing a new car - best not in Canberra?

By 8 September 2010 49

Hello fellow Rioters, I thought I could share a little experience with you guys after reading a post about people having trouble buying a new vehicle (posted like 3 months ago). Basically the issue was that dealers in Canberra would not lower/haggle the advertised price like they used too. Any...

Today's a straight!

By 8 September 2010 12

Awoke this morning at 06.07am on 08/09 in the year '10. Haven't heard any mumbo jumbo yet about the auspisciousness of this confluence of numbers. Anyone got some good rumours to start about it? [ED - Anyone able to find a Canberra spin on it?]...

Police Wrap - 7 September 2010

By 7 September 2010 1

1. Police investigate fire at Gold Creek: ACT Policing is investigating a suspicious fire at Gold Creek High School in Nicholls. Police were called to the location around 11.30am today (Tuesday 7 September) in response to a report of a fire starting in the boy’s toilet block. The fire ha...

Ho ho boo to DJs for Christmas in September

By 7 September 2010 12

I was just down at DJs today and saw, gasp, Christmas decorations for sale! Apparently, they've had them up since August already. If I wasn't so disillusioned with retail outlets I would feel outraged at their greed....

AFL and Prime TV in Canberra - The Angst Continues

By 7 September 2010 16

Regulars will know I have posted before on this issue which often raises my own personal ire but again I wonder why Prime TV bothers with AFL Broadcasting at all??? Friday promised at least an 8.30pm timeslot and sure as the sun went down I flicked on to one of the 4 Prime options afforded us on ...

Andrew Barr releases disability education strategy

By 7 September 2010 4

Andrew Barr has today announced that he's released the Excellence in Disability Education in ACT Public Schools - Strategic Plan 2010-2013. He made particular, nigh on excruciating, reference to the Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent Schools who have agreed to "join...

The future arrives at 3pm

By 7 September 2010 80

We hear the press conference has been set for 3pm when we find out which major party's been able to lube themselves up enough to offer a pleasing sensation to the rural independents. As Canberra's public servants hold their breath we'll let you know when it comes through. UPDATE: 13:37 Bob Kat...

Seeking a GP in Canberra

By 7 September 2010 39

After yet another 2 hour wait at the Health Centre at Phillip (which I am told is an average wait ) I have decided enough is enough. I've heard  that there is a major Dr shortage in Canberra but does anybody know of any GP's that are accepting new patients? I am a recent arrival to Canberra...

Fire at Gold Creek School

By 7 September 2010 3

Another fire notice from the ESA: 11:45am Tuesday 7 September 2010 - Fire extinguished at Gold Creek Senior School ACT Fire Brigade on scene of a fire at Gold Creek Senior School, Kelleway Ave, Nicholls. Fire in toilet block has been extinguished. Two fire pumpers and the Breathing Appara...

Big night of Rock at The Basement this Friday night 10/09

By 7 September 2010

Great line-up for this Friday night (10/09/10)  at The Basement starting from 9pm; 1: John Lollback 2: The Naddiks 3: Fiasco in Solace Will be a big night of Rock!...

National Service Memorial Dedication

By 7 September 2010 1

This event will be held on 8 September 2010 at the War Memorial to recognise the sacrifice and service of those who served as National Servicemen from 1951 to 1972.  Further details of the event are listed online.  There will also be flyover.  The website does not state the actual t...

New Life Tuesday: The budding willows

By 7 September 2010 6

Our photo theme of the week is "new life" which was rather overshadowed over the weekend by "water water everywhere". But there's two more days to capture the spring zeitgeist, just send them in to Above is another entry by Braddonboy of the leaves returning to the w...

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