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Should we ban smart watches while driving?

By 1 September 2015
woman driving wearing smart watch

Using a mobile phone while driving has been an offence for quite some time now. But what about sending an SMS from an object that isn't a phone? My partner bought an Apple W...

The bright stuff: Project Lighting goes from strength to strength

By 1 September 2015
maryanne gore project lighting

If you’ve bought a light fitting in Canberra, Queanbeyan or the South Coast in the past 40 years, there’s a good chance you’ve visited Project Lighting. The Canberra-f...

Why we need safe access zones outside Canberra’s abortion clinics

By 1 September 2015
act health moore street

Many years ago, as a student of the Australian National University, I’d often ride my bike past the ACT Health building in the city and wonder why the front was often tassell...

Best of Canberra – Burritos

By 1 September 2015
stock photo of burritos

Burritos are seriously the best. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner or even a cheeky snack, a good burrito will always hit the spot. My favourite thing about burritos is their ver...

Quality gym near Civic/Ainslie/Dickson?

By 1 September 2015

I am a student looking for a quality gym near Civic, Ainslie or Dickson. Hopefully I can get fit. I am looking for a price around $10 - $20 a week. Thanks in advance for you...

More speed cameras for the ACT – effective or waste of money?

By 31 August 2015 9

The ACT Government has announced it will expand the territory’s speed camera network from today, with at least 30 new locations for mobile speed vans being trialled by the en...

Man and teen to face court over Scullin burglary

By 31 August 2015

ACT Policing apprehended a 27-year-old man from Queanbeyan and 14-year old teen from Florey, for burglary on a house in Scullin on Saturday (29 August). About 2pm, the two all...

New Canberra Brickworks plan a win for the community

By 31 August 2015 9
artists impression yarralumla brickworks

The Yarralumla Residents Association welcomes the government’s scaled down development plans near the Canberra Brickworks and looks forward to further discussion about the d...

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A tree just floating through the sky

By 17 September 2010 1

As seen in Turner this morning. Looks like a lot of work....

Fountain cleaning follies

By 17 September 2010 10

This in from the ESA: 10:00am Friday 17 September 2010 - Small chemical incident in City ACT Fire Brigade on scene of a small chemical incident near Legislative Assembly, London Crt Civic. Workmen cleaning a fountain have mixed cleaning chemicals together producing fumes. No evacuations o...

More work to try and make Belco beautiful

By 17 September 2010 5

Mr Stanhope has announced more lipstick for the pig that is Belconnen. In particular he's going to try and beautify the stagnant water grave of shopping trolleys to the west of the Belconnen Arts Centre. As part of the work, the shoreline of the Inlet at Casuarina Park will be reshaped to impr...

Silversmithing in Canberra?

By 17 September 2010 7

Would anyone be able to advise me of a place in Canberra that offers courses in Silversmithing? I am looking at the ANU right now but I don't really want to go through the process of trying to enroll in a degree/diploma when I am only interested in doing practical units. Any ideas? This li...

Burning Solo's Floriade

By 17 September 2010 22

[First filed: Sep 16, 2010 @ 9:22] Burning Solo has been to Floriade with her unusual eye for detail. Below is a slideshow of the flower festival in a way you might not have seen it before: ...

Ever more severe mobile phone laws

By 17 September 2010 45

Comrade Stanhope is increasingly frustrated with all of you ignoring him and continuing to use your phones whilst driving. To that end he has made new laws so that the extent to which you ignore him is increased: Under the laws, drivers can only use a mobile phone to make or receive a call if ...

"STOP" and "BUS ONLY" Signs!!!

By 17 September 2010 71

These signs should be replaced with "DO AS YOU WANT" signs.I have Three examples for those that GAF.On the corner of Namatjira Dr & McNalley St,Weston,there is a STOP sign.A recent survey (completed by me) showed 81% of vehicles did not come to a complete stop. While 73% of vehicles did not co...

50% expansion of the ACT Honour Walk

By 16 September 2010 16

Mr Stanhope has announced that the ACT Honour Walk, currently home to 40 plaques, is picking up another 19: -- The Royal Military College, Duntroon -- War hero, Corporal Ernest Albert Corey -- Landscape developer, Mr Charles Weston; -- Former Director of the Australian National Botanic Gardens...

Simon starts thinking about court security

By 16 September 2010 11

Simon Corbell has announced that he is making "moves" to "address" court security. Which, for new players, means he hasn't even begun to do anything yet. But here's some of the things he's thinking about: Mr Corbell said the Government would look at a range of options, including the introd...

More slack work in court

By 16 September 2010 4

The ABC has the alarming news that Predrag Markovic has beaten a charge of driving while disqualified because the paperwork never said when his disqualification would end. Acting Justice Nield wasn't going to award him costs with it though: When his lawyer asked for the prosecution to pay his ...

Beneath your feet

By 16 September 2010 23

On YouTube "tailus" has posted what he calls a pseudo documentary with the following note: Exploring the storm water drains in Canberra Australia. The music is original performed by myself. It goes without saying this kind of thing can be dangerous! Adventure safe....

Roller Soccer

By 16 September 2010 4

Yup just as it says … playing  soccer on skates (and before you ask yes you kick the ball with your skates)! Either inlines or quads - that doesn’t matter.  But trust me, it is truely a great, addictive, fun game. How would I know?? Well, I played in English team for a few y...

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