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Best of Canberra – Fresh produce

By 7 July 2015

My dad grew up on an orange farm and has instilled in me a love for only the freshest and in season fruit and vegetables. There is just something so satisfying about biting int...

Win a double pass to Tim Rogers this Thursday night

By 7 July 2015

With a career now motoring along in its third unique decade, TIM ROGERS remarkable resume encompasses the world of music, film, television and stage. See him perform all the be...

5 unmissable views for those new to Canberra

By 7 July 2015

I don't know what it is about looking out over a city from its highest points, but it gets me going. This week I set out to find Canberra's top five unmissable views - and discove...

Best of Canberra taste off – Pub food

By 6 July 2015 2
Edgars 1

Pub food is great winter food – hearty, down-to-earth and honest. When I go out for a pub meal, I’m looking for a comforting feed that won’t leave me hungry. This week’s ta...

No bets on Abetz

By 6 July 2015 18

The latest little pearlers from Senator Abetz just about say it all for me. Straight out of the moral code of the 1950s! Anyone opposing his view should get out of the kitchen....

How UC plans to become a world-ranked university by 2018

By 6 July 2015 6
university of canberra

If the University of Canberra is to become a world-ranked university, we need to improve infrastructure in Belconnen. I attended a public meeting late last month in which...

Swan Valley: One reason to make the trek over to WA

By 5 July 2015
Swan Valley 10

Hands up if you’ve heard of the Swan Valley. I hadn’t before last week, but now after getting a little taste for some of their food and wine, I certainly want to hear more. If ...

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Unusually cold August good for the ski bunnies

By 25 August 2010 13

The Canberra Times informs us that there's an upside to the cold we've been shivering through. Snow. Despite a slow start, an unusually cold August brought with it massive snow falls, reaching depths of more than 118cm across the Snowy Mountain's main ski resorts. Selwyn Snowfields resort ...

Wee Jasper Markets - October Long Weekend

By 25 August 2010 1

Wee Jasper is a tiny village just an hour from Canberra via Weston Creek, or 45 minutes from Yass. On Sunday 3 Oct from 9am to 1pm we turn one of our famous camping reserves into the WEE JASPER MARKETS! It's a great way to spend a spring day! There'll be trash & treasure, fresh produce...

Warehouse Circus 20th Birthday Celebration

By 25 August 2010

Warehouse Circus takes great pleasure in inviting all those with an interest in the circus arts to our 20 year Birthday and Reunion! Saturday 4th September, 2010 10am to 4pm Chifley Community Hub, Maclaurin Cres, Chifley The day will be comprised of speeches, performances by Warehouse Circus...

The State of the Nation('s capital)

By 25 August 2010 21

I've just come back from a holiday in Queensland. What stuck out like canine testicles as soon as I got back was how incredibly scruffy and unloved Canberra looks compared with even small towns elsewhere, let alone significant cities. There are dead and dying trees everywhere, rubbish and weeds l...

Report released into the GDE bridge collapse.

By 24 August 2010 7

The Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) has released the report into the GDE bridge collapse. It appears that our commenters on the original story were on the ball: This report concludes that the main girders supporting the formwork were not braced to prevent lateral move...

Greens scupper Simon's plans to kill small pubs

By 24 August 2010 16

Simon Corbell is bleating that his efforts to force all of Canberra's drinkers into mega bars (many of them owned by the Labor Party) have been scuppered by Green demands that late night transport be included in the package: "A last minute call by the Greens, to the Government in the last 24 hou...

Good Saunas in Canberra?

By 24 August 2010 11

Has anyone found a good Sauna in Canberra? Northside would be ideal but anywhere is fine. I can't find much by way of google! thank you...

Gliding the limits

By 24 August 2010 8

The Centenary of Canberra ("Canberra 100" for those in the tent) is running a digital media competition. Entries are sought that explore the gruelling history of the border survey, and show us how you now interact with and explore the border regions and the limits of the ACT. Above is Nic ...

Air Disaster Memorial This Friday 27/8/2010

By 24 August 2010 28

Hi all, Myself and jclarkeact have been reading the many threads here about haunted locations in Canberra: http://the-...

Why isn’t Canberra a Marginal Seat?

By 24 August 2010 59

Just to open debate up and in an effort to continue flogging a dead horse.  I want to know why Canberra isn’t a marginal seat?   Being a safe Labor seat means that we cannot take advantage of being invited to the Budget Banquet, instead we are relegated to taking the scraps.  Canberra is se...

Hash House Harriers - Drinkers with a Running Problem!

By 24 August 2010 5

Overheard has previously posted regarding the Hash House Harriers, and I figured it was about time to do so once more. As the title says, we're "drinkers with a running problem", but we have a large number of walkers, too. Runs are conducted from pubs, restaurants, homes or the middle of nowhere...

Does money spent equal money delivered?

By 24 August 2010 4

Katy Gallagher is letting the world know that she's spent a record amount on capital works (or as she prefers to call it "infrastructure investment"): "The Government has successfully achieved a preliminary outcome of $580 million for the 2009-10 Capital Works Program," Ms Gallagher said. "Thi...

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