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Tiger Woods lovers on public ovals

By 20 October 2009 16

My first post after being a long-time reader… i complain a great deal but i felt this one worthy of writing about. I was trotting across Southwell Park on the weekend, just past the back of the Netball Centre, and some numpty almost ko’d me with a golf ball! Now i’m all for sharing ...

Orionid Meteor Shower Tonight

By 20 October 2009 7

For those who love getting up really early the Orionid Meteor Shower will be streaking across the sky tonight. I’m told they’ll be hitting their peak around 4-5AM tomorrow (Wednesday) morning as the Earth runs trhough the debris left behind by Halley’s Comet. No telescope is requ ...

Canberrans triumph in the battle for Mount Ainslie

By 20 October 2009 105

Canberrans triumph in the battle for Mount Ainslie [First Filed Oct 17, 2009] Mount Ainslie was a glorious place to be this afternoon for a proud Canberran. Victoria’s banjo country bused in to vilify our pagan community an ...

Spence shops ?!

By 20 October 2009 11

Does anyone know what is going on here ? What was a handy little shopping centre is going to the dogs.  The convenience store (I use this term loosely) is so run down it’s not funny.  You have to check the use by date on the milk every time. Lots of empty shelf space and practically tumblew ...

Canberras Whisky Culture

By 20 October 2009 43

I’m not a coffee wanker or a beer wanker however I amstarting to become a whisky wanker. Can anyone point me in the direction of a great single malt? ...

The problem with poker

By 20 October 2009 31

Last week, while the Crimes was distracted with the proposal to ban outdoor smoking at eateries, the ACT Government introduced the Unlawful Gambling Bill in to the Assembly. The bill aims to consolidate and update the Territory’s gambling laws. So, now you know where to go to confirm whether c ...

Canberra men - lazier than most?

By 19 October 2009 19

Two trendy young women were sitting behind me on the bus this afternoon and, without meaning to eavesdrop, I heard them reach the conclusion that the young men of Canberra are a bit on the lazy side. What do you reckon? Are we? Are Canberra men lazy? No lazier than other men. As lazy a ...

Canberras wrestling scene, now available on DVD

By 19 October 2009 2

Canberra's wrestling scene, now available on DVD Dave Farrell has been in touch to warn that his documentary about Canberra’s wrestling scene, “The Young and the Wrestlers” is now available on DVD “The Do ...

Police Wrap - 19 October

By 19 October 2009 12

1. Would you like to make it any easier for the police? ACT Policing will summons a 35-year-old Chisholm man to court following a lengthy and reckless drink-driving incident yesterday (Sunday, October 18) in which the offender allegedly drove erratically from Queanbeyan and more than 15 kilometres t ...

ACTORS WANTED - Tropfest Film

By 19 October 2009 2

Two local filmmakers are seeking expressions of interest for a Tropfest film entitled ‘Yeah? And…’ The film is about a series of catastrophic events that commence after a simple cup of coffee. The characters are: CARLY – Early 20′s. A sexy, approachable, strong girl wi ...

Danmans Great Ride for Samoa

By 19 October 2009 16

Dear fellow RiotACTers On Wednesday 30 September, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck in the pacific, offshore, between the islands of Samoa and American Samoa. The earthquake triggered a tsunami of up to 1.7 metres in height, which caused severe damage in island areas that are only a few feet above ...

Webber wins Brazilian

By 19 October 2009 11

In the wee hours of the morning, “our” Queanbeyan boy Mark Webber has pulled off a win at the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix win. From a start way down the grid, I was thinking “why bother getting up at 3am for another disappointment – just set the recorder instead”. U ...

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