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Green Drinks Canberra changes venue, format

By 2 September 2014

Long-running networking event Green Drinks Canberra is changing its venue, and revamping its format. The monthly networking event, which is held on the second Tuesday of eac...

Best of Canberra – Vietnamese

By 2 September 2014 9

Some friends of mine went to Vietnam for their honeymoon a few years ago. When they got back, they were not only all loved up and glowing from the sunny break but also clued in ...

The Ellis Collective to Launch New Album

By 2 September 2014

Following the success of their first album, Triple J Unearthed winners The Ellis Collective will return to The Street Theatre to launch their latest album, Carry. A patchwork of em...

Political dilemmas

By 2 September 2014 3

As a person who likes to be involved in my community, and indeed am, politics has become quite a frustration for me lately. I feel really compelled to join a particular political party on a federal level - happy to disclose, the ALP - because I am completely unimpressed with the various agendas o...

Recommendations for home Improvements/renovations

By 2 September 2014 2

Hi there I'm looking to do some improvements on my home and would appreciate some recommendations on reliable, great quality businesses who can help me with the following: New wardrobe cupboards Removal of old carpet and installation of new flooring (floating timber floors) Kitchen/Bathr...

Lake George- Extract from ‘A Case for Ghosts (Part 5)

By 2 September 2014 3

History has shown us that ghosts and the supernatural seem to be commonplace and that a large percentage of people in the western world, indeed from all races and religions, not only believe in ghosts but have also experienced something that they believe is of a supernatural origin. Indeed, many peo...

Power Kart Raceway – Grand opening day 6th September 2014

By 2 September 2014

The first of its kind in the Canberra region, Power Kart Raceway is a fully Indoor Electric Go Kart Centre. Offering Canberrans of all skill levels a chance to experience motor...

Local Sports Wrap 30th and 31st of August

By 1 September 2014

RUGBY UNION It took a week longer than expected, but the Canberra Vikings’ National Rugby Championship campaign is alive and kicking after a 37-18 victory over Greater Syd...

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Civil Defence Sirens for ACT?

By 18 December 2009 21

Wouldn't it be nice if the ACT GovCo spent some tax payer dollars on something useful... in my opinion, bizarre statues of obese naked men reading books on city walk, are not that useful. The new mobile phone alert system has many flaws, the primary ones being someone who doesn't have a mobile ph...

Gotta tell me: ACT petrol prices

By 18 December 2009 10

Re-connecting with my roots and returning to the ACT has been a bit of an eye opener for the family on the petrol price front. Even Goulburn saves me up to 10 cents a litre on fuel compared to ACT prices that I've found around Civic. Can Rioters please let me know where the cheapest ACT petrol...

Bushfires at Michelago

By 18 December 2009 6

Fires burning in the Tinderry Ranges after threatening Michelago. Photographed from Smiths Road....

Brodburger too successful?

By 17 December 2009 53

Heading down to Brodburger tonight I was dismayed to see a sign on the little red van that they have been told they will have to leave Bowen Park by the middle of next year. They have started a petition so if you have had a good burger from down there or just like seeing lit up little red caravan...

Tuggers Cinema: Reopening 26 Dec

By 17 December 2009 17

WIN News tonight featured a quick story on the Tuggeranong Hyperdome Cinema. Following Hoyts' exit earlier this year, "Limelight Cinemas" will fill the void, reopening on 26 December after some renovations (and going by the pictures on WIN News, looks very swish too) Their website can be found he...

Bob McMullan tries card trick on Gungahlin offices

By 17 December 2009 17

Bob McMullan is trying to divert attention from his own failure to deliver jobs for Gungahlin. He has called on the ACT Government to use the empty office space upstairs in The G shopping centre to help the construction backlog. Yes it should have been used by the ACT Government when they relo...

Commonwealth trumps Queanbean City Council

By 17 December 2009 15

Finally sanity prevails as reported in today's Crimes on the notion of building anew beneath flight paths. I find it amusing that a federal government independent review is deemed an 'air swing' by the Tralee developers. Give it up already! Mr Albanese also attacked the notion that because planes...

Fool or perve? It's academic.

By 17 December 2009 16

The Canberra Times reports yet another example of a local academic being done for "grooming" a child for sex. The man in question is a pal of the girl's father and apparently has already lost his own wife and son through his actions.  Kudos to the father for reporting this to the police rather ...

Australian Government to censor the Internet

By 16 December 2009 54

I know this isn't strictly an ACT issue, [Ed don't worry, we're very much against it here in the Riot bunker as seen here, here and here] but this is something that I believe is still relevant to RiotACT readers as it is something that will affect all Australians, i just want to bring awareness to t...

DIY Wotz-on guide weekend 18-20 Dec 09

By 16 December 2009 11

For those of us staying in Canberra this last weekend before Christmas, the schools are finished and most of us are still at work until Thursday next week so there must be something to do between now and then besides attending another work Christmas function or farewell or even (shock horror) a work...

New Brumbies jerseys show Canberra the love

By 16 December 2009 16

[First filed on: Dec 14, 2009] With a cold wind blowing through the world of corporate finance the Brumbies have decided they are, once again, proudly a Canberra team as they return to the warm soft embrace of a Government town. From their media release: CA Brumbies Stephen Hoiles, Just...

Places Around Canberra Vol 1 - Wee Jasper

By 16 December 2009 16

Hi Rioters (The website readers.... not the ones who smash shop windows and steal TVs.... although, hello to you too). I've been in Canberra for 18 months now and mostly stayed in the city for the breaks. Most people tend to head towards the coast for long weekends and the like, I've been on the r...

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