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State of the Capital Weekly Political Wrap 30/10/14

By 30 October 2014

The Fluffy fiasco The announcement on Tuesday that the ACT will receive a concessional billion-dollar loan may come as a relief to many ACT households but for others, the ni...

Many voices for One Canberra multicultural symposium

By 30 October 2014

A new reference group to oversee actions promoting cultural harmony was announced today at a major community forum. Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Joy Burch and Attorney-General Simon Corbell made the announcement at the One Canberra symposium. The symposium fe...

“Ivory Tower” – university fee deregulation (Canberra International Film Festival)

By 30 October 2014
ivory_tower_thr (1)

With deregulation of uni fees going before the Senate soon this is the ideal time for a conversation about what we want higher education in this country to be.  The Canberra I...

No more Mickey Mouse: Close UC Kaleen High and expand Melba Copland

By 30 October 2014 1

I have previously raised the question that perhaps it’s time to close UC Kaleen High School on the grounds that it is costly, under-utilised and increasingly redundant. Despite initial outbursts against my proposal it seems now there is some growing community support and political consideration to...

Beer Day Out – Saturday 8 November

By 30 October 2014 1

With more than 28 Australian Craft Breweries along with many International Breweries from New Zealand, South Africa, United States, Belgium and Germany... it's going to be a mi...

Poor planning shows Canberra cyclists in a selfish light

By 30 October 2014 10

Go for a drive any Saturday or Sunday through Uriarra crossing to the wonderful natural bush areas of the Brindabella Mountains (that I believe help give Canberra it's iconic bush status), and you will quickly realise you need to look out for not only wildlife but road cyclists who are also out enjo...

ESA Bushfire Survival Plan goes mobile

By 30 October 2014

Canberrans can now do their bushfire survival plans on their portable devices with the launch of a new mobile app by Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell. ...

First sod turned on Canberra IKEA store

By 29 October 2014 7

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher today joined IKEA Australian Country Manager David Hood to turn the first sod on the IKEA Canberra store. The turning of the sod marks the star...

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Family Friendly Hairdressers

By 29 March 2010 11

After a few years of going to the same hairdresser, we have decided that enough is enough. You see they have mucked around our appointments more often than not with the final straw being that they cancelled two out of three of them all because the hairdresser in question wants to get away early on h...

Heartless Vandals or Weather?

By 29 March 2010 16

This afternoon I went to check up on where my mother is buried in Woden Cemetery. However when I arrived some of the plastic flowers had been pulled off. I suspect the cockatoo's may of done this. Until I noticed other plots had had flowers stamped on, the silver things next to the headstones pulled...

Southside hoons

By 29 March 2010 27

Just a quick message to say that nothing is cool about speeding around residential areas like Chisholm and Monash, and if you think your tough spinning the wheels in the rain consider that a 10yo kid could spin the wheels on their pushbike. LAME is what you are and if the crash on Canberra Avenu...


By 29 March 2010 3

It's with much delight that I announce to Rioters the inaugural Braidwood Billy Cart Derby of which Hoola Hoop is a sponsor. The event is open to allcomers in a variety of categories and we'd love to see some entries from Canberra and the surrounding r...

RiotACT Rugby Review Podcast – 2010, Episode 08

By 29 March 2010 4

Rob and I mix up the rugby ideas in All Bar Nun and expound on the weeks come and gone for your tipping success. The beer for review is the Chimay Triple. Apologies for the glitch that saw a chunk go missing =( You can download it now. The podcast feed for future episodes is: http://...

How to get rid of a car?

By 28 March 2010 25

Once again we turn to the knowledge (if not wisdom) of the RiotACT hivemind. Let's say someone has a car which will cost more to repair than what it's worth. Who can take such a car off one's hands? Scrappers? Junkyards? Used car salesman? Recommendations and advice welcomed!...

Life's Worth Living!

By 28 March 2010 7

You know when you come across something really inspiring and want to share it with as many people as possible... Well, here it is... There is a guy out there in the Canberra community who has organised a music show to raise money and awareness for Suicide.  He's pretty amazing - and I think tha...

Canberra Raiders fall to Titans at the Gold Coast

By 28 March 2010 3

ABC Sport brings news that Canberra have fallen to the Gold Coast Titans up at Robina tonight, going down 24-4. Tight defence from Josh Dugan and Shaun Fensom provided the only real highlights of a scrappy game for Raiders fans. In the end, the class of Scott Prince and the Raiders' lazy handling...

Another unconvincing win for the Fumblies - but they do keep winning

By 27 March 2010 2

A 30-23 win over the highly fancied Chiefs should be cause for celebration in Brumbieland. And yet, and yet, they just look so... Fragile. The Saffers at Keo are bemused. Oh yes, and Julian Huxley. Applause....

Skyfire 2010 the biggest ever

By 26 March 2010 16

For all the hype in the lead up last weekends biggest ever Skyfire event i'm very surprised at how quickly we've all returned to normality of day to day existence. According to all media releases the crowds were huge, the police were out trying to keep the unruly and underage drinkers locked u...

National Folk Festival giveaway

By 26 March 2010 14

Just 7 days to go ‘til the opening of the 2010 National Folk Festival! It really is shaping up to be the best Festival yet – buoyed by the recent win in the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards, ticket sales for the event are through the roof and the impressive line-up will include well-known ac...

DIY Wotz On Guide for 26-28 March

By 25 March 2010 13

Another weekend, another Brumbies home game at the stadium in Bruce. On Saturday there is the Canberra Harvest Festival for those who want to go green in the garden. Plus there's the Canberra Airport open day, for those who like that sort of thing, on Sunday, or you can go scouring Canberra's stre...

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