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Do you feel safe walking at night?

By 23 October 2014

Something I’ve always attributed to a good lifestyle is being able to go for a walk at night and feel safe to do so. There’s nothing better sometimes than being able have d...

Local Leaders Jack Taylor (The Jack Taylor Group)

By 22 October 2014
jack taylor

Canberra entrepreneur Jack Taylor is proof that you don't need an MBA or years of experience to start a successful business (or four). The 22-year-old, who started his first...

Witnesses sought to OConnor assault

By 23 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an assault which occurred at O’Connor shops yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, October 22). About 4.40pm, a 25-year-old woman was approached...

Man wanted by police; warrant for arrest

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to locate 27-year-old Sonny Oeti, who they believe is responsible for a number of aggravated robberies earlier this year. ...

What are the worst traffic lights in Canberra?

By 22 October 2014 15

By the 'worst', I mean the most frustrating and disruptive, the ones that always seem to be red, no matter from which direction you approach them, and particularly if it's on the more important road of the two at an intersection.  The ones which really get on your wick. My own 'top two' are the ...

Mower repair

By 22 October 2014 7

My daughter needs to have her mower looked at. Her teenage boys have been fiddling with it trying to get it going. It will start but won't keep going. Can anyone recommend someone, maybe a hobbyist, to do a reasonably priced job?...

Elderly man missing; assistance sought

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to help locate a missing 80-year-old man, Vernon Pretty. Vernon was last seen this morning about 6.45am when he left his u...

Book Launch: ‘Fire in the Afternoon’ by John Stokes

By 22 October 2014

Celebrated poet John Stokes does not shy from the contentious and the harrowing, his verse evokes the plain truth about love, sex and chaos. In a clear, resonant voice Fire in ...

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DIY Wotz On Guide for 12-14 March

By 13 March 2010 11

Another weekend is upon us, we have another ACT Brumbies game at the stadium in Bruce, hopefully without the rain. The National Arboretum is having their open day (so you can see where all the money is going), plus the Canberra Balloon Spectacular finishes up this weekend at Old Parliament House, b...

What is wrong with Monaro?

By 13 March 2010 10

I recently saw that Andrew Stoner and Melidna Pavey from the NSW National Party - the "Party for Regional NSW" are holding a function to introduce their candidate for Monaro in Late March. You would think they would hold this function in Monaro right? You know, in "Regional NSW" .. say in Co...

Giralang Shops New New New Development Application

By 13 March 2010 12

Deja vu. Yet another DA for the Giralang Shops. The first DA completely dispensed with the pretence of a local centre and consisted mostly of housing. It was not popular, and was shot down. There looked to be no way out of the impasse when White Knight Woolies swooped out of nowhere and propos...

Car servicing

By 13 March 2010 27

Just got myself a new Toyota Camry Hybrid in Sydney and finding that I'm doing 1,072km on one tank of fuel - honest truth! Amazing. Need to know if anyone has a strong recommendation about any of the (few) Toyota dealerships in Canberra for their service ability. That is, I want service with...

What to do in retirement?

By 13 March 2010 16

I’ll be retiring from the paid workforce at the end of April and I’ve been thinking for a while about what I could do in retirement to help the community in some volunteer capacity, however as the date looms large on the horizon I have realised that due to other things occupying my time I haven...

Greens in chaos

By 13 March 2010 10

[ED - The contents of this piece should be taken as no more than rumour] The ACT Greens continue to be in disarray this week following the shock departure last Friday of their most senior and competent staffer, Meredith Hunter’s Chief of Staff, Louise O’Donnell. It is understood that Ms O...

PANDSI Harmony Day celebrations

By 13 March 2010

Hi All As you may or may not be aware, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship have created Harmony Day, a celebration of our cultural, racial and religious diversity to be held March 21 each year. I volunteer for a group called PANDSI, Post and Ante Natal Depression Support and Informat...

Senator Adds Support to Gungahlin Broadband Issues

By 13 March 2010 10

Federal Senator Kate Lundy has  added her support to fixing Gungahlin's Broadband performance issues and will represent the issue to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Yesterday Senator Kate Lundy published a media release and video of an interview she had with m...

Two disabled son's and a husband with Careers Burnout Depression

By 13 March 2010 29

Hi, I want to get some information on how to go about petitioning for full time care for disabled children and a care center for carers with burnout. My sister and her husband have three children two who are disabled, wheelchair bound and at 14 and 9 still need nappy changes and feeding / bathing...

World Naked Bike Ride - Canberra

By 13 March 2010 7

Freedom is not a word. Freedom is not a lifestyle that can be bought and sold. Freedom is an action. Freedom is the wind in your hair. Where ever than hair may be. Freedom is a bicycle and the open road stretching out into the horizon. Freedom is not needing permission. Or oil. Or clothes. Freed...

POP THE POT 2010 Pre show

By 12 March 2010 1


Road Fatality on Kuringa Drive, Spence.

By 11 March 2010 29

Sad news about a crash on Kuringa Drive just after 4am this morning. Seems that the driver strayed onto the north-bound lane and slammed into another vehicle. (2 cars on the road at 4am? Unlucky) From what I've heard, the crash was up near the Barton Highway turnoff. Over-tired perhaps? ...

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