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Whats on this weekend? 25th and 26th October 2014

By 24 October 2014 2

Krystal Sanders is attending the launch of Harry Hartog (the bespoke old school book store) at 6.30pm tonight at Westfield Woden - with special guest Dr Andrew Leigh (Federal M...

Canberra International Film Festival Opening Night – David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars”

By 24 October 2014

“What better celebration of independent world cinema than to tear Hollywood to shreds?”  Canberra International Film Festival director Lex Lindsay is introducing the openi...

Possible ramifications for public servants from health insurance selloff

By 25 October 2014

Radio National is reporting plans on the part of Medicare and the Government to compulsorily take part of public servants' superannuation on retirement, and use it to pay health care premiums, regardless of the choices and wishes of said retirees once Medicare is privatised. With no regard to whethe...

Canberra Home Delivery Food?

By 25 October 2014 6

I've just moved to Canberra and quite like it... except for the take-away and home delivery choices (or at least those I've found so far). Why does Pad Thai cost $16.50 (Lemon Grass)? In Sydney $12 is expensive. Same goes for Indian food... curries at $17-20 is a rip-off for take away. And why n...

Dodgy TV (ABC + 10) Fraser – anyone else?

By 24 October 2014

No signal on those two stations since storm yesterday.  Anyone else in the Fraser area having the same trouble, or it is just us? cheers MS...

Can anyone recommend a bobcat service at reasonable price

By 24 October 2014 1

Hi All, I am looking for a bobcat service at reasonable price, please advise if you know someone....

ACTs largest drug seizure; man arrested

By 24 October 2014 4

ACT Policing seized approximately 28 kilograms of a substance suspected to be methylamphetamine during the search of a vehicle in Curtin yesterday (October 23). The search w...

Buying a new car – should it have a full tank of petrol?

By 24 October 2014 28

I'm interested on hearing thoughts on this, I recently purchased a new car from a dealer in Phillip that shall remain nameless (although it does rhyme with shommonwealth boaters).  Anyway, I went to pick it up and when the salesperson was handing over the keys and going through some features (its p...

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DIY Wotz On Guide for 19-21 March

By 18 March 2010 10

Another weekend is finally here, and there are so many choices on what to do while the weather stays warm but not too hot, which will be a benefit to those attending the World Naked Bike Ride this Sunday. Body painting starts at 10.30 with the ride starting at 12 (details here). Plus on Saturd...

Early indications are....

By 18 March 2010 54

I have recently relocated to the ACT and currently living on the North-side and I was hoping that Canberrans can advise me on a very strange motoring phenomenon that seems exclusive to the ACT. Having driven around and commuted in  many of the world's largest cities, most of which are no where ...

Roadblock in Fyshwick - Whyalla Street?

By 17 March 2010 15

Just wondering if anyone knows what was going on in Fyshwick yesterday around 4-4:30pm yesterday? Living in Fyshwick I was quite shocked to arrive home, only to be told to turn around by police when I tried to drive down my street. According to people in businesses on Whyalla street there was a r...

Brindabella Airlines Flight Training Closing Down

By 16 March 2010 37

Unfortunately, the only Flight Training school in Canberra is closing down. I can only imagine the huge costs that Terry Snow imposes on people using the airport is a major factor to this. With the Government refusing to put pilot training under HECS, more and more flight schools will close down, ev...

Sustainability Network Meeting

By 16 March 2010 2

Would you like to live in a thriving sustainable city of the future? So would lots of us. That's why the Sustainability Network, made up of individuals and people from groups across Canberra are getting together to hold this idea in our hands and hearts and see how we might progress to make it a rea...

Book publishers/ agents?

By 16 March 2010 14

As many of you would know, I have an interest in ghosts and the paranormal and as such, over the past few years have researched and catalogued numerous incidents that have been claimed to be of a paranormal or ghostly origin, much of which is in the form of a 60,000+ word manuscript I recently finis...

Canberra Housing Prices, as good as it gets?

By 16 March 2010 88

Housing prices in Canberra continue to soar, as evident today by the sale of a three bedroom house in Canberra's inner North for almost $700,000. This begs the question - will Canberra's property prices become affordable to the hundreds of first home buyers in the region? If not, how can this be ach...

Lights! Canberra! Action! 2010

By 15 March 2010 7

Well, another year of the Lights! Canberra! Action! short film competition over and done with. The screening of the Top 12 films in Garema Place on Friday night went really well. After winning the prize for Best Film last year, I unfortunately went home empty handed this year, although my film di...

Please stay, LJ!

By 15 March 2010 28

Will someone pass the hat (the biggest hat in the land) around please to convince Lauren Jackson to stay in Canberra and keep on assisting the Capitals cream their opposition? As the article says she loves it here in our fair city, so let's give the best female basketballer in the world another ...

RiotACT Rugby Review Podcast – 2010, Episode 06

By 15 March 2010

Tim, Rob and I mix up the rugby ideas in All Bar Nun and expound on the weeks come and gone for your tipping success. The music for this episode is from the from Kasha and the beer for review is the James Boag's Pure. You can download it now. The podcast feed for future episodes is: ...

When He Was Famous - Locally written play

By 15 March 2010

Canberra Dramatics is pleased to bring you a play written by a local playwright. When He Was Famous is about an actor, Robert Taylor, America’s favourite B-list celebrity. His abilities to pull, to drink and to forget his less palatable actions are matched only by his inexplicable ability to s...

Can anyone recommend an ironing service?

By 15 March 2010 22

Can anyone recommend a reliable and good quality ironing service around the Northside? An idea of costs would be great. Thanks....

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