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Police wrap


Bicycle Path Danger

By 29 June, 2009

Just a quick reminder to be careful on the cycle paths around Canberra. I was cycling home last Friday 26/06/2009 through Mawson. l was going under Athlon drive between Marist Brothers and Melrose High schools. I had one hand off the handle bar taking a drink out of my bidon, when I noticed an obje...


Trevor Thurling gets a six month driving ban and a $1,200 fine

By 29 June, 2009

The ABC informs us that the latest Canberra Raider to face the courts, Trevor Thurling, has been banned from driving for six months on top of a fine after crashing his car drunk in Bondi a few months ago: His lawyer told Queanbeyan local court Thurling had been chivalrous, offering to drive his sic...


Adventure Paintball - another Break in...

By 29 June, 2009

On Saturday morning, persons unknown got into one of the shipping containers at Adventure Paintball, ran up a generator and then proceeded to cut in to another container. They cut through the earth lead on the 18.5 kVa generator, (possibly thinking it was an alarm cable) and are very lucky to not h...


Prison contraband?

By 29 June, 2009

Jeremy Hanson is very excited by what he sees as a slip from John Hargreaves on prison security. “Minister for Corrections John Hargreaves has let it slip that the reason drugs, razor blades and other contraband got inside the Alexander Maconochie Centre was because an important security system th...


Looking for Qi Gong class

By 29 June, 2009

I’m looking for a Qi Gong class to join.  It has to be northside.  I know of one, but it is pretty pricey ($36/class!, although I’m sure the teacher is excellent).  I’d prefer if there was one that I could try out for a class or two before committing.  Does anyone know of an...


The cost of green paint

By 29 June, 2009

Alistair Coe is feeling vindicated today having discovered that the green paint being used to make on road cycle paths is ferociously expensive: One of the very Questions on Notice the Chief Minister lambasted as ‘frivolous’, has revealed it costs 14 times more to paint a green bike lane than th...


Whos your favourite dentist?

By 29 June, 2009

The last post on this topic is a couple of years old and maybe it’s time to revise those recommendations as people may have moved or new people may now be the cool talent.  Personally I’m on my third panadol and the ache of a wisdom tooth emerging is starting to seem more like the [...]...


Police Wrap - 29 June

By 29 June, 2009

1. In case you were wondering about McBryde Crescent police activity: ACT Policing will be undertaking training in buildings within the grounds of Trinity Christian College tomorrow (June 27). Residents of Wanniassa may see an increased police presence and loud noises in the McBryde Crescent area be...


Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

By 29 June, 2009

I have spent some time recently at the newly-opened Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, and I would love to know what others think of it. It is a new museum – and a new approach to being a museum – in an old building, and possibly Canberra’s, if not Australia...


Airport sees hope of blocking Tralee

By 29 June, 2009

The Canberra Times is reporting that somewhere out there an un-named part of government has released a discussion paper which is saying things Canberra Airport really likes in its ongoing battle against the planned sprawling Tralee development under their southern flight paths. The discussion paper,...


Biggest AFL match of the year - Not being shown in the ACT

By 29 June, 2009

Just noticed in Prime’s TV guide for next Sunday the biggest AFL match of the year between the Cats and Saints blockbuster is NOT being shown live in the ACT. Instead Canberra fans will be treated to the crucial Swans vs Kangaroos clash from 1pm (actually a Foxtel match, but one which Prime wi...


Skateboarding Dickson style - and Michael Jackson

By 29 June, 2009

“dumassfaceheadbum” has gifted YouTube with this footage of skateboarding on the mean streets of Dickson. And as a little tiny tribute it’s got a Michael Jackson sound track. ...


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