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Fisher growhouse bust

By 25 May 2015
fisher drug busy

Two men will face court today (Monday, May 25) after they were arrested for using a residential house in Fisher for the hydroponic cultivation of a traffickable quantity of can...

WomenCANPlay to boost female sports participation in Canberra

By 25 May 2015
Billi, Kate, Hannah

Billi McCarthy-Price and Hannah Massingham have received a YWCA Great Ydeas grant to develop a website, WomenCANPlay, to increase local women’s participation in sport. Whe...

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Coffee

By 25 May 2015 1
The Cupping Room

It was with some hesitation that last week I put the word out there for Canberra’s best coffee. To many people coffee is absolutely sacred and you wouldn’t dare mess with them ...

A perspective on the new ACT electorates

By 25 May 2015 2
new electorates

The ACT Electoral Commission has just confirmed the new boundaries for the five electorates in the 25-seat Legislative Assembly. This is the biggest change since the modifie...

Pine Island rabbit control begins today

By 25 May 2015

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service has advised residents that a rabbit control program has commenced at Pine Island Reserve. The program will involve the use of pindone poison and aluminium phosphide warren fumigation to control the rabbit population.  As such, residents are asked not to touc...

Gate installation recommendations

By 25 May 2015 2

I am moving into a new property and there is no side gate. I would like to know of any recommendations please. I would also like a functional lock with a key on the gate as ...

Do Canberra mums agree with Senator Gallagher on PPL?

By 25 May 2015

Senator Katy Gallagher has written a powerful response to the Prime Minister's accusation that Canberra mums have/are double dipping when it comes to the matter of paid parenta...

New Optus 4G in Canberra – good, bad, or ugly?

By 24 May 2015 3

A few years ago there was a RiotACT thread regarding poor Optus 3G reception in Tuggeranong. It turned out that this was a pretty common problem for Optus customers across Canb...

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Stolen bag and the Lyneham IGA / St George blackspot

By 1 August 2010 20

Last week in the evening someone stole my handbag from my kitchen. To cut a long story short I was cooking dinner and had the back door open. I walked out of the kitchen for about 3 minutes and when I returned my bag was gone.  Naturally I felt terrified that someone had been in my house and incre...

Bouldering in Canberra?

By 1 August 2010 25

Does anyone know of any decent bouldering areas in or around Canberra? I've just been scanning some old snaps of me bouldering on Dartmoor, and in Cornwall (UK), and thought it may be nice to get out with a pair of boots to drag my aging carcase up some easy routes. I've been to the indoor walls...

Parking Inspectors - Canberra Hospital, have no heart!

By 1 August 2010 37

I have not been booked, but I had to attend the other day for chemotherapy with my wife only to be told that the inspectors are out in force, forcing my wife, who is heavily pregnant (8 weeks to go) to park a mile away and then walk to hospital so that she can then sit with and help me whilst I have...

Mysterious Moroccan missive in today's Canberra Times

By 31 July 2010 9

[First filed: Jul 30, 2010 @ 12:24] Has anyone else noticed the very strange advertisement from a Moroccan journalist at the bottom of page 6 in today's Canberra Times? It seems to be a congratulations notice addressed to the Moroccan ambassador to Australia, on the occasion of the anniversary...

Zebras vandalised =(

By 31 July 2010 21

[Zebras pre-vandalisation by ozmackem] The ABC has a story on the recently beloved Zebras of Lake George have been assaulted by vandals. overnight one zebra was beheaded while another is missing a tail and has been dragged 60 metres from the herd. So if you find a zebra's head in your bed,...

Jorian Gardner stood down from WIN News?

By 31 July 2010 45

[First filed: Jul 30, 2010 @ 9:51] WIN have confirmed to us that Lachlan Kennedy is now the acting Chief of Staff for WIN News. We're currently chasing down why this would be the case and what's up with the controversial and colourful news director, Jorian Gardner. More on this as it comes ...

Art for the Stanhope memorial gardens

By 31 July 2010 24

The Canberra Times brings word (for some reason there's been no media release, just a highly selective media event) of a $242,000 sculpture for the new arboretum. It's the words "Wide brown land" written in steel (brown steel mind you). One would think we've moved beyond the hackneyed dross o...

Police Wrap - 31 July 2010

By 31 July 2010 1

1. Gotcha! An off-duty member of ACT Policing Operations yesterday (Friday, July 30) identified two suspects sought by police in connection with an armed robbery in Queensland, with the pair subsequently arrested and held pending extradition proceedings. ACT Policing received information from...

Fire in Hughes

By 31 July 2010

The following in from the ESA: 9:25am Saturday 31 July 2010 - Elderly man rescued from house fire A neigbour has rescued an elderly man from his home in Hughes this morning after a fire started inside. The ACT Fire Brigade responded with two fire pumpers to the Glasgow Street property just be...

McGregor Hall closed without warning

By 31 July 2010 21

[First filed: Jul 30, 2010 @ 14:16] We've just been informed that McGregor Hall has been closed without warning. Ostensibly for asbestos issues, but one suspects that emergency heritage applications and community protest might have moved some hands. The fundraiser for the ACT Women's L...

Giving way to ACTION buses

By 31 July 2010 53

In the ACT if a bus have a give way sign on the back of it then you must give way to that bus when the right hand intercator is flashing! I know that some bus drivers abuse it but you have to remember that as a bus driver you are resposible to get people to there places on time all the time. If 1...

Paid parking in Barton from 16th

By 31 July 2010 24

The word is out around the government offices in Barton that the parking lot behind the Ottoman (bounded by Macquarie, Broughton, Blackall Sts is closing this afternoon and re-opening on the 16th AS A PAY AS YOU USE PARKING LOT. Where does anyone suggest I park? It's always been a scramble to ge...

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