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Young, vulnerable and homeless in Canberra – how YouthCARE is helping

By 27 August 2014

He's been in trouble with the law. Minor stuff, but his family don't want to help and don't want him around. He was 15, with an alcohol problem. YouthCARE Canberra (formerly Op...

Cubby houses set to rock Floriade

By 27 August 2014

The Independent Property Group Foundation will be the second charity partner for Floriade 2014. The Foundation joins animal welfare organisation RSPCA ACT, which was announced as a charity partner last month. Both charities will enhance Floriade’s festival atmosphere with a range of experience...

Recall of Infinity electrical cables

By 27 August 2014

Canberrans who had electrical work done in their homes between 2010 and 2013 should heed safety messages following a recall by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission of...

Asbestos Remediation at the Canberra Brickworks

By 27 August 2014

The YRA looks forward to the ACT government's Information Session on Remediation of the Canberra Brickworks to be held at the Albert Hall from 7pm to 8pm on September 3, 2014 (Wednesday):

The Wharf Revue is back and OPEN FOR BUSINESS

By 27 August 2014

Everyone's favourite lampoonists return for another annual instalment of The Wharf Revue packed full of their trademark irreverent, anarchic political satire. Amanda Bishop an...

Break in – unusual items taken

By 26 August 2014 1

Hi- our house in Curtin was burgled yesterday at lunchtime and amongst other items including a playstation 4 and lots of games the jerk took one of my daughters singing medals (worth absolutely nothing to anyone else) - it was on a blue ribbon and was from the Australian National Eisteddfod. I just ...

Tips for buying at auction

By 26 August 2014 10

First time user and poster so go easy on an old man please... Can anyone offer any tips on first hand experience with auctions?   There appear to be lots of information online but many of which are contradictory. Appear confident in a suit and bid loud and in big increments or lay low and be...

Organic semi-conductors – Public Talk, Associate Professor Vipul Bansal

By 26 August 2014

In the world of nanotechnology, organic semiconductors are potentially revolutionary. These eco-friendly carbon-based materials have unique properties which can be used in a huge range of futuristic devices, from flexible electronics to high-tech bandages to help us heal. In the next talk in o...

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Gribble Street, Gungahlin to become Efkarpidis Street

By 29 November 2009 10

I recently found out that Gribble Street in Gungahlin is about to have its name changed to Efkarpidis Street. (Gribble was an early pioneer in Gungahlin prior to the establishment of Canberra.) It made me wonder why a change was necessary, when Gribble Street has been formed and named for about f...

Desertification comes to Commonwealth Avenue

By 29 November 2009 8

Six weeks after the close of Floriade, and the flower beds and lawn median strip in Commonwealth Avenue, between Acton and Commonwealth Parks, are looking like a desert landscape - plus weeds! I have never seen this part of Canberra looking so bad. The lawn is brown, the grass along the edges is ...

Any other athletes we want on the Government payroll?

By 28 November 2009 30

The ABC brings word of just why the ACT taxpayers are shelling out $50k to get Lauren Jackson to play a few games for the Capitals: "It's about community, it's about vibrancy, it's about supporting sport and it's about supporting women's sport," he said. "I proudly declare and stand by the dec...

Universal tile ventilators

By 28 November 2009 2

We are looking at installing ventilators on our roof to reduce heat and moisture buildup in the cavity between the ceiling and the roof. A product called Universal Tile Ventilator is on the market for such a purpose, and the company is based in Watson, and actually won its episode few years ago o...

Gorman House Market

By 28 November 2009 6

Is gorman house market still running on saturdays .... Does anyone go ??  Worth checking out ??...

NCA Public Forum

By 28 November 2009 4

So did anyone from RA go to the NCA's public forum last night?  I imagine there were a lot of lake users and Campbell residents in attendance. From reading this CT article  sounds like there were a few has beens ("in the good ole NCDC days") and the usual wannabes putting across their 'valua...

Best Gym for kickboxing/muay thai

By 28 November 2009 5

Has anyone got any info on either the Phoenix Gym in Canberra or the Underground Boxing Gym in Queanbeyan???   My son has decided he wants to get into muay thai and i'm wondering where the best place to send him,  he's 14 yrs old.   I'm not a fan of the Bob Jones Corp Gyms so would...

Secret Telstra facility

By 28 November 2009 40

The news web sites are bringing us news about a new secret Telstra Security Operations Centre, somewhere in Canberra, certified by ASIO, and employing 40 people, with the capacity to increase that to 100. So, any ideas where this new hi-tech top secret establishment is? Is it related to the ot...

Weddings outdoors

By 27 November 2009 19

My beautiful man wants to marry me and he would like a outdoor wedding . I thnk he is looking at a spot down the south coast on a headland or somewhere here in Canberra.  If you do have an outdoor wedding do you need to seek approval from councils etc etc and if so, whats the process?...

Queer Country Town Spectacle - Possibly The Work Of Rival Quilters!!!!!

By 27 November 2009 8

Only One Day To Go!!! Apparently Q.U.I.L.T (Queers United In Little Towns) has caused a bit of a stir amongst the residents of sleepy Braidwood! The owners of a Braidwood retail outlet at which we now regularly shop, told us that what appears to have started as satirical take on the ac...

Non-religious private schools in Canberra?

By 27 November 2009 46

Howdy folks, Can anyone tell me if there are non-religious private schools anywhere in Canberra? I'm a bit worried about poor resourcing in Canberra public schools, but don't want to send my child to a school that has a religious bent....

Inflatable pools and spas?

By 26 November 2009 37

So my boyfriend is obsessed with the idea of getting a full size inflatable pool or spa. If you haven't seen them they look like this: My question for Canberra is this: would inflatable pools and spas be allowed under water restrictions? And has anyone tried these? It looks like it has a ser...

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