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Best of Canberra taste off – Chinese

By 31 August 2015 2
Sammys 1

It seems RiotACT readers love Chinese food just as much as I do. There were more than 35 different Chinese restaurants that got a mention after this week's call out for Canberra's ...

To go or not to go, that is the question

By 31 August 2015 8

Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon will today reveal whether he will continue as head of the trade union royal commission after he was embroiled in a conflict of interest scanda...

RSPCA ACT celebrates 60 years of animal welfare work

By 31 August 2015
Vintage RSPCA

The year was 1955. The polio vaccine passed its first large scale test, Elvis Presley made his TV debut, the Vietnam War began and Robert Menzies was Prime Minister. It was als...

Uber is coming to Canberra. Will you use it?

By 31 August 2015 10

If you are a regular taxi user, there’s a good chance you've heard of Uber, the upstart company that is threatening taxi industries all over the world. Already operating i...

Time to learn from planning overreach

By 31 August 2015

Two planning announcements have raised a few eyebrows in Canberra recently.  The first was that the government had taken back the running of the infamous Westside container...

More speed cameras for the ACT – effective or waste of money?

By 31 August 2015 7

The ACT Government has announced it will expand the territory’s speed camera network from today, with at least 30 new locations for mobile speed vans being trialled by the en...

Man and teen to face court over Scullin burglary

By 31 August 2015

ACT Policing apprehended a 27-year-old man from Queanbeyan and 14-year old teen from Florey, for burglary on a house in Scullin on Saturday (29 August). About 2pm, the two all...

New Canberra Brickworks plan a win for the community

By 31 August 2015 3
artists impression yarralumla brickworks

The Yarralumla Residents Association welcomes the government’s scaled down development plans near the Canberra Brickworks and looks forward to further discussion about the d...

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The Raiders saving Rugby League?

By 13 September 2010 9

The Back Page Lead have a piece on how our own Canberra Raiders are the antidote to the Melbourne Storm. And so without offending the other seven clubs which are still technically in the running, I want to say this: the Canberra Raiders are probably the only one left who can make us completely fo...

A roadside memorials policy

By 13 September 2010 40

The Chiefly Stanhope has announced a policy on roadside memorials which is also online. Whether grieving bogans will take a blind bit of notice remains debateable. In our post christian era, stripped of time proven grief mechanisms, the new paganism of sacrificial offerings at the site of deaths ...

An ode to Canberra Drivers

By 13 September 2010 39

Blogger "Girl in the City" has posted a lengthy rant on the Canberra driver. Then there is the driver who attempts to park but doesn’t quite manage to park (a) straight (b) in between their designated lines or (c) without scratching my car. Thanks, alot!!! Then there is the driver that think...

New outdoor smoking laws from 9th December.

By 13 September 2010 57

I have heard a few radio adds about smoking not being allowed at outdoor restaurants in the ACT from 9th of December. As some one who has a quite severe reaction to cigarette smoke I see this as a good thing, because I’ll finally be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the sun instead of being cooped up...

Raiders beat Penrith 24-22

By 13 September 2010 7

[First filed: Sep 12, 2010 @ 9:21] Foxsports reports on the Raiders first win in finals football since 2000. It was close at 24-22, but six weeks of sudden death has given the former "Faiders" a hard edge....

Explosion around Gungahlin?

By 13 September 2010 14

Did anyone hear of an explosion around Gungahlin around 8.20pm last night?  Sounded loud and deep....

Ideas for ACTION?

By 12 September 2010 21

Piratemonkey made the below suggestions as a comment but I thought it warranted wider consideration: Solving the teenager and pensioner problem is simple. Once the system has been in place for 6 months cash fares become 5 bucks no matter what, with no pensioner or student discounts availible. The...

Police Wrap - 12 September 2010

By 12 September 2010 5

1. Problem solved? Twenty-nine people have been arrested this weekend in the ACT as part of Operation Unite, the stand against alcohol misuse, violence and anti-social behaviour. Of the arrests made, 24 people were taken into police custody for being intoxicated and disorderly. These result...

Latham Hold-Up 2003

By 12 September 2010 21

Just wondering if anyone remembers the hold up that went really bad at the Latham post office in 2003?? There were 2 injured and one died.... So anyway, the guy gets out of jail this week... 7 years for stabbing 2 people numerous times and causing death to an elderly man... 7 years.......

Did you get MOGged?

By 12 September 2010 15

The PM has come up with her new cabinet and ministerial portfolios. And the winners are... Drumroll please... Movers and Shakers (and all the other office relocation specialists in town), the printers and the signwriters. DEEWR gets a worse acronym after going totally vocational by losing C...

You're an Idiot

By 11 September 2010 42

Is this the greatest government advertising? I believe it might be. To be found when driving on Belconnen Way from Civic to Belconnen. I realise that the sign changes from day to day, so you need to be lucky to be called an idiot, otherwise you will see such great rhymes as "Pick up your pho...

How much is too much?

By 11 September 2010 12

Was down at the lake today, having a look at the ducks and swans, and a gent and his daughter drove up, and started feeding the ducks. Not unusual when people bring a roll, or a few slices of stale bread. However, these people had enough bread to keep Brumbies in business for a week. Plastic bag...

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