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Executive Drivers chauffeur services a cut above the rest

By 22 September 2014

Steve Cotter, the founder of Canberra-based luxury chauffeur service Executive Drivers, is better known to clients as Driver Steve. He chauffeurs overseas dignitaries, busin...

Floating on Canberra

By 22 September 2014

Sean Stoddart has sent in a link to "Floating on Canberra". It is a video comprising a collection of footage taken in Canberra over winter 2014. It was taken using a Phantom2 Vision+ quadcopter. Check it out...

In-Person-8 – Impro ACT (Review)

By 22 September 2014

Whenever I told someone the theme for this improvised show the response was usually a mix of surprise and horror.  “Well, you see, in the first half a group of improvisers s...

Basketball Backboard

By 22 September 2014

Rather ironically my "lifetime" freestanding basketball system's backboard has broken ie the perspex sheet.  To be fair the thing is about ten years old so was bound to happen at some point. I have contacted the company but while the part is worth $50 the postage is over $500! Also had no succes...

Recommendations for painter and decorator

By 21 September 2014

Can anyone give me a good recommendation for a painter to paint the inside of my house? I want someone who is careful and thorough with their work and can recommend the right paint and colours for the various areas of the house. Eg wet areas etc... and cleans up thoroughly after themselves and is go...

Canberra and Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap

By 21 September 2014

The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. Percentages represent the increase/decrease from...

Riot Weekly Top 5 (20th September 2014)

By 21 September 2014

Another week gone and here are the most popular posts of the week (firstly by readership and then by comments) including confirmation on Capital Metro, disappointment over Myer...

Road rage on Monaro today almost killed us

By 20 September 2014 16

My partner and I are very lucky to be alive this afternoon.... At approx 3:10pm this afternoon, we experienced horrific road rage directed at us on the Monaro Hwy. It happened in the direction going from Civic to Hume about 1km or so of the Alexander Maconochie Centre. An "electric blue" coloure...

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I used to enjoy the races.....

By 30 November 2009 12

Well today I came back from "my cup" (according to the promoters) at Thoroughbred Park and what a dissapointment. Fair enough the weather was poor, but I'm sure the minimal numbers that were there were probably treaty to a suitably underwhelmeing experience as myself and my party were subjected to. ...

New A.C.T. Mountain Biking community network is on the web.

By 29 November 2009 9

This is one for anyone interested in Mountain Biking in Canberra and the surrounding regions. The website The story Having recently moved to Canberra and being a keen mountain biker, I found it difficult to meet other people to go for a ride or find out what's going on without having to t...

DIY Wotz-on Guide - weekend of 27-29 Nov '09

By 29 November 2009 18

[First filed: Nov 26, 2009 @ 7:10} With the weekend a day away those of us that plan are planning their weekend activities. Which means it's also time for you, our loyal and enthusiastic readership, to stretch those typing fingers and get tapping in the COMMENTS to let us and all your fellow r...

Lack of speed limit signs up to Northbourne RL/Speed Camera

By 29 November 2009 40

So I'm sick of writing directly to our Minister for Transport (Stanhope) every time I find what I view as a major flaw with something on ACT's roads... I'll still be doing that in this case, but thought I'd rant on here as well. Northbound traffic on Commonwealth Avenue is now greeted with a sole...

Canberra Dental Surgeons

By 29 November 2009 25

I have just had the pleasure of breaking a huge chunk out of one of my impacted wisdom teeth.  I went to the dentist who said it can only be removed under a general.  He referred me to a surgeon who said it will cost me around $3,000 to have it removed.  That's actually for two teeth but the pric...

Gribble Street, Gungahlin to become Efkarpidis Street

By 29 November 2009 10

I recently found out that Gribble Street in Gungahlin is about to have its name changed to Efkarpidis Street. (Gribble was an early pioneer in Gungahlin prior to the establishment of Canberra.) It made me wonder why a change was necessary, when Gribble Street has been formed and named for about f...

Desertification comes to Commonwealth Avenue

By 29 November 2009 8

Six weeks after the close of Floriade, and the flower beds and lawn median strip in Commonwealth Avenue, between Acton and Commonwealth Parks, are looking like a desert landscape - plus weeds! I have never seen this part of Canberra looking so bad. The lawn is brown, the grass along the edges is ...

Any other athletes we want on the Government payroll?

By 28 November 2009 30

The ABC brings word of just why the ACT taxpayers are shelling out $50k to get Lauren Jackson to play a few games for the Capitals: "It's about community, it's about vibrancy, it's about supporting sport and it's about supporting women's sport," he said. "I proudly declare and stand by the dec...

Universal tile ventilators

By 28 November 2009 2

We are looking at installing ventilators on our roof to reduce heat and moisture buildup in the cavity between the ceiling and the roof. A product called Universal Tile Ventilator is on the market for such a purpose, and the company is based in Watson, and actually won its episode few years ago o...

Gorman House Market

By 28 November 2009 6

Is gorman house market still running on saturdays .... Does anyone go ??  Worth checking out ??...

NCA Public Forum

By 28 November 2009 4

So did anyone from RA go to the NCA's public forum last night?  I imagine there were a lot of lake users and Campbell residents in attendance. From reading this CT article  sounds like there were a few has beens ("in the good ole NCDC days") and the usual wannabes putting across their 'valua...

Best Gym for kickboxing/muay thai

By 28 November 2009 5

Has anyone got any info on either the Phoenix Gym in Canberra or the Underground Boxing Gym in Queanbeyan???   My son has decided he wants to get into muay thai and i'm wondering where the best place to send him,  he's 14 yrs old.   I'm not a fan of the Bob Jones Corp Gyms so would...

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