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Local Leaders Deborah Hill (Canberra Roller Derby League and Skate Nation)

By 26 November 2014
Deborah Hill Skate Nation

By day, Deborah Hill is an exhibitions coordinator at the National Gallery. But after hours, she’s better known as Bambi von Smash’er, one of the capital’s top roller der...

Lonesome Lambie

By 26 November 2014 10

On Paul Murray Live Sunday night we were discussing the imminent departure of Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party. Janine Perrett was hosting, because the eponymous h...

Best of Canberra – Pancakes

By 25 November 2014 30

I am drooling over the thought of a big stack of fluffy pancakes, smothered in salted caramel syrup, sprinkled with walnuts and topped with fresh banana. Normally when I eas...

New visual tool to help make cancer treatment less daunting

By 26 November 2014

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has launched a new Radiation Oncology Patient Information DVD, which provides information to patients about radiation therapy, along with the practical aspects of treatment. “After a diagnosis of cancer, patients and their carers can experience a wide range of emot...

Cotter recreational area and campground temporarily closed

By 26 November 2014

ACT Parks and Conservation Service wishes to advise the public that Cotter Campground and neighbouring Cotter Bend recreational area are temporarily closed so tree maintenance can be safely undertaken. It is expected that the Cotter Campground will be reopened on Wednesday 3 December 2014 and the...

Big Trouble Ahead for the ACTs Budget ?

By 26 November 2014 7

In June 2014, this years ACT budget was projected to be m$333 in the red without the impact of Mr Fluffy - which could be as high as m$500 over 3 years, according to the ACT Treasurer, Andrew Barr :

Canberra Custom Knife Show

By 26 November 2014

It's on again, bigger than ever, at the Tharwa Village Hall. Come and see what the local knifemakers have been up to. See fine handmade knives for sale as well as talk to the makers about their craft. A big focus this year is kitchen knives. There are more than twenty makers coming from all ov...

Canberra climbs worlds best student cities rankings

By 26 November 2014

Chief Minister and Minister for Higher Education Katy Gallagher has welcomed news that Canberra has risen 16 places in the QS Best Student Cities 2015, the biggest jump of all six Australian cities represented. Canberra entered the London-based institute’s ranking of the top 50 cities for stude...

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North Weston is actually South-west?!

By 30 March 2010 21

Is it just me or do others think the naming of the new Molonglo suburb sounds a bit dumb? I was thinking it was just a temporary name until they pulled the proper name out of a hat, or whatever they do. But this seems to be it. Maybe we should shift the focus from politicians on to something like en...

Westbourne Woods

By 30 March 2010 10

I have recently been on a fitness kick and have been walking daily from Curtin to Weston Park. This takes me right through Westbourne Woods. I have to come to see that most Canberran's have never heard about the place. The WikiPedia article explains: Westbourne Woods is an area of exotic tree ...

Who is judging our judges?

By 30 March 2010 30

Justin Williams a repeat offender. If he was locked up this wouldn't have happened. I think it is time the community pushes to make judges more liable for there decesions. Doctors, Nurses, Specialists, police, fireman, amulance officers and every other proffesional jurisdiction that serve the commun...

Breast Cancer Support Gala Fundraising Event

By 30 March 2010

This year Bosom Buddies Inc. is organising a Gala Fundraising Cabaret to celebrate 15 years of continuous support for individuals living with breast cancer and to raise necessary funds to support the services and programs we provide to the community. 1 out of 9 of the women you know, love or work...

local ex Scientologist tells of coerced abortions

By 30 March 2010 21

Jeanette Lang is a local ex Scientologist who has come out to tell of her horrific treatment at the hands of Scientology, and to call for a Senate inquiry into the practices of the "church". I've always thought that Scientology was exploitative and a total sham, but this is truly shocking. It...

Pecha Kucha Vol 7- This Thursday

By 30 March 2010 2

Riot-folk interested in some inspiring, revealing provocational chatter might consider popping up to the CraftACT gallery this Thursday April 1 from 7:00 to catch the latest installment of Pecha Kucha. For the uninitiated, Pecha Kucha is an event that takes place in over 20 cities worldwide. Crea...

Lockdown at Gold Creek school

By 30 March 2010 31

Seems there was a bit of excitement out at Gold Creek school today with some reports of golf club wielding current and former students taking out their angst on the Schools windows. The School was apparently put in lockdown mode for some time, which is a proposition that i hadn't realised that schoo...

Too much truth?

By 29 March 2010 87

Tonight Media Watch had a go at the Canberra Times for informing the public that Narrabundah car crash victim Scott Oppelaar was himself a thieving shitbag with a life spent bringing misery to the wider community. According to the Media Watch headline this front page news was "too much truth". ...

Looking for a good doctor...

By 29 March 2010 16

I know this post has been done before. The most recent one I found is from September last year and with the way doctors are I'm sure majority of the recommended ones have moved around. My family doctor moved interstate and I have tried several other doctors, but am yet to find one I like. Jus...

Family Friendly Hairdressers

By 29 March 2010 11

After a few years of going to the same hairdresser, we have decided that enough is enough. You see they have mucked around our appointments more often than not with the final straw being that they cancelled two out of three of them all because the hairdresser in question wants to get away early on h...

Heartless Vandals or Weather?

By 29 March 2010 16

This afternoon I went to check up on where my mother is buried in Woden Cemetery. However when I arrived some of the plastic flowers had been pulled off. I suspect the cockatoo's may of done this. Until I noticed other plots had had flowers stamped on, the silver things next to the headstones pulled...

Southside hoons

By 29 March 2010 27

Just a quick message to say that nothing is cool about speeding around residential areas like Chisholm and Monash, and if you think your tough spinning the wheels in the rain consider that a 10yo kid could spin the wheels on their pushbike. LAME is what you are and if the crash on Canberra Avenu...

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