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Five things to do in Canberra this weekend (12, 13 and 14 February 2016)

By 11 February 2016

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the top five things happening in Canberra this weekend. My picks would be the Royal Australian Mint Open Day on Saturday where you can learn ab...

Ask RiotACT: portrait photography recommendations

By 11 February 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

I'm looking to get a 'family' photoshoot - myself, partner and our dog - and looking for recommendations of good photographers - perhaps more creative/original-type artists, mo...

Thanks for the memories Canberra

By 11 February 2016 1

After hiking my way around Canberra and finding fun road trips in the area, it’s time to farewell the nation’s capital. As a ring-in public servant hailing from Brisbane...

Planning Minister seeks bright ideas from afar

By 11 February 2016 1

On a recent visit to Wollongong I observed the notices for and then read about the consultations for a major project: Wollongong – A City for People. Being a frequent visitor...

Greens home entry, dope-testing laws part of cannabis ‘witch hunt

By 11 February 2016 3

New laws introduced by Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury this week will give police the power to force their way into a person’s home in order to test someone who is suspected...

Ask RiotACT: Port Salut Cheese availability

By 10 February 2016 9
Ask RiotACT

Hello friendly friends! Just wondering if anyone knows where/if it is possible to buy Port Salut cheese in the Canberra/Queanbeyan region? I do believe some Coles stores as ...

Urban Renewal its coming your way!

By 10 February 2016 5

There’s a talk at the Albert Hall here in Canberra on Tuesday 16 February. The title for this session definitely sounds as though a focus group of bureaucrats have signed off...

Face-off: A mandate for light rail?

By 10 February 2016 42
Corbell vs Coe

Our occasional Face-off series is back to look at one of the most-debated issues around town right now. Plenty of RiotACT readers already have a view on this question, but we d...

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Henry Parkes Oration, free at the National Library

By 29 October 2010

Hello Rioters, Tonight the annual Henry Parkes Oration is on at the National Library, 6.30pm, and it’s free: The importance of public education as a fundamental building block of a sustainable democracy is the theme of the Oration, to be delivered by A...

DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 29 October 2010

By 28 October 2010 17

It's a jam packed weekend of fun and excitement coming up around Canberra. What do you think is worth seeing and doing in town? Just leave your thoughts in the comments....

Brits in Canberra wanted for UK television series

By 28 October 2010 27

Hi, I am working as an assistant producer on the property show Relocation: Phil Down Under (presented by Phil Spencer of the UK Channel 4 show Location Location Location) which helps British people buy property after relocating to Australia. We are looking for British people who have relocated...

The fragile fence at Majura Oval

By 28 October 2010 12

One might think that a fence built upon a public, unlocked, multi-use sports ground would need to be a robust thing. But the oval across the road from the Ainslie football club appears to have a fence not built to a rigorous standard. I'm not sure how long that sign is going to last either...

Canberra Cavalry on the charge

By 28 October 2010

Canberra’s newest national sporting team, the Canberra Cavalry, will have a multicultural look when it takes to the field for the inaugural season of the Australian Baseball League (ABL). The Cavalry’s inaugural 35 man squad will feature 18 Australians, 6 Koreans, 3 Americans, a Canadian, Dut...

Zed's truancy bill, a bazooka to kill roaches

By 28 October 2010 29

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja has announced he's introduced legislation "to allow businesses who choose not to serve students during schools hours to do so without fear of unintended legal consequences". In particular he's proposing exemptions to the Discrimination Act, which he rightly points out i...

Getting ready for bushfire season

By 28 October 2010 14

Simon Corbell is telling us at great length about the clever media campaign he's launching with a view to keeping you all safe from bushfires this summer. "The annual information campaign has been designed by the ACT Emergency Services Agency with the advertising component scheduled to run fo...

Restrepo tickets, restrepo tickets... where for art though restrepo dendy tic

By 28 October 2010 4

In a very sad move by Dendy, there is only one screening of Restrepo during the canberra international film festival with the 'panel' including MAJGEN Jim Molan. All tickets sold out so quickly that only a small few have the privilege. So, who has 4 tickets they don't want anymore? http...

War Memorial wins this round of chicken

By 28 October 2010 10

The Canberra Times reports that the ever expanding War Memorial has forced the government to blink over its budget and Julia Gillard has ordered a review: Former defence chief Peter Cosgrove has condemned continuing funding cuts to the Australian War Memorial, warning about 30 jobs will be axed a...

Peter Engel and the Ilios Gallery

By 28 October 2010 1

This month the Ilios Gallery located at Wilburs Cafe, Hackett shops is hosting local artist Peter Engel. I managed to get myself an invite to the launch and wandered along with Mrs G for an evening of culture without the kids. Peter Engel paints portraits, landscapes and a bunch of other s...

Police Wrap - 28 October 2010

By 28 October 2010 39

1. It's going to be an interesting trial: A 47-year-old man from Pearce will appear in the ACT Magistrates Court later today (Thursday, October 28) charged with the sexual assault of a sex worker. Police will allege that on October 15 the man called the woman and a price was negotiated for sex...

Crace Roundabout

By 28 October 2010 55

What is the go with Crace roundabout?  A single lane approaches a roundabout then it becomes two lanes to facilitate the movement of traffic and then merges back into one lane. At Crace roundabout, heading toward the Barton Highway, drivers seem to have the moronic idea that they are meant to qu...

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