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Tour de Stroke starts in Fyshwick

By 9 October 2015
Josh Goyne - Stroke Awareness Ride - Tour de Stroke

Josh Goyne, 17, sets out from Fyshwick tomorrow on a 2,200 kilometre ride with the aim of raising money for stroke support and assistance. Seven years ago, Josh’s grandfat...

Ask RiotACT: Best Sports Lawyer

By 9 October 2015
Ask RiotACT

Can anyone tell me the contact details for the best sports lawyer in Canberra please?...

A Look around Canberra: Barton

By 9 October 2015
A Look Around Canberra: Barton

The suburb of Barton in Canberra's inner south has one of the smallest suburb populations, if not the smallest, in Canberra. However, according to ABS data, Barton was once the...

Five garage sales to visit this weekend (10 and 11 October)

By 9 October 2015
allclassifieds canberra garage sale banner

The early bird gets the worm, as they say, and this weekend you’ll want to be that early bird. Rise and shine on Saturday to grab a bargain with a broad selection of garage s...

15 things to do in Canberra this weekend (10 and 11 October 2015)

By 8 October 2015 1

There is so much on this weekend we had to make some tough calls to put this list together. You could spend a day of beautiful garden wandering at The Tuliptop Gardens Festival...

Our first look: Boffins Restaurant new menu

By 8 October 2015 2
Boffins Restaurant: Piano

With all the hype and commotion about all the new cafes and restaurants opening around Canberra, it's easy to forget about the original establishments that have stood the test of t...

Ask RiotACT: Sourcing a pinata

By 8 October 2015 2
Ask RiotACT

My dear hive mind of rioters, My little astromonkey is having a birthday party this Sunday [11/10] and now desperately wants a pinata.  I've seen a few places do on-line sa...

Beer Week returns to Canberra this November

By 8 October 2015 1
Beer Day Out 2014

Canberra Beer Week was launched last night at Bentspoke Brewery in Braddon. The week-long celebration of beer will take place form 5 – 11 November. Representing the ACT Go...

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Did you get MOGged?

By 12 September 2010 15

The PM has come up with her new cabinet and ministerial portfolios. And the winners are... Drumroll please... Movers and Shakers (and all the other office relocation specialists in town), the printers and the signwriters. DEEWR gets a worse acronym after going totally vocational by losing C...

You're an Idiot

By 11 September 2010 42

Is this the greatest government advertising? I believe it might be. To be found when driving on Belconnen Way from Civic to Belconnen. I realise that the sign changes from day to day, so you need to be lucky to be called an idiot, otherwise you will see such great rhymes as "Pick up your pho...

How much is too much?

By 11 September 2010 12

Was down at the lake today, having a look at the ducks and swans, and a gent and his daughter drove up, and started feeding the ducks. Not unusual when people bring a roll, or a few slices of stale bread. However, these people had enough bread to keep Brumbies in business for a week. Plastic bag...

Police Wrap - 11 September 2010

By 11 September 2010

1. Hoodies again: ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated burglary and assault which occurred in Dunlop yesterday (September 10) around 6.05pm. Police attended the Shoobridge Circuit residence where the 26-year-old male victim described how he had returned home and disturbed a singl...

Overpass argy bargey

By 11 September 2010 6

The ABC reports that the CFMEU Secretary Dean Hall has been playing secret squirrel at the Kings Avenue overpass site after being refused entry: CFMEU secretary Dean Hall says he tried to enter the Kings Avenue flyover construction site about 6.00am to check on safety before a major concrete pour...

The Bohemian Masquerade Ball at the Albert Hall

By 11 September 2010 10

Way back in 2007 Tom Woodward ran the first of what would be two Jester's Balls. On the strength of that experience a lot of people rushed to get a piece of the Bohemian Masquerade Ball. And many elements were there. Lots of interesting people, many of them very beautiful. There was wo...

Wanted: Weston Park photos!

By 11 September 2010 14

Hi Everyone, I am working on a project for Weston Park in Yarralumla and am finding, through basic googling and conversations with people, that there doesn't seem to be many photos of the playground area of Weston Park between the 1970s and today. I am looking specifically for pictures of the cli...

Not exactly gracious in victory

By 10 September 2010 64

Senator Humphries has been officially given the nod by the electoral commission to retain his place. His office has now sent out the sort of media release normally associated with a sore loser: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE GREENS SPIN CYCLE Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the dodgy po...

ACT kids smarter than other, clearly inferior models

By 10 September 2010 10

The ABC has the happy news that students in the ACT have outperformed the rest of the country in NAPLAN testing: The latest results shows ACT students continuing to perform above the national average. In most areas, ACT students are the best performing in the nation or are just below students...

Australian Scientific Instruments named exporter of the year

By 10 September 2010 1

Chief Minister Stanhope is congratulating local firm Australian Scientific Instruments on their winning the ACT Export Awards. The full list of winners is: -- Inland Trading Co (Aust) Pty Ltd - Agribusiness Award -- Lucy Media Pty Ltd - Arts and Entertainment Award -- Shaw Vineyard Estate - ...

Magpies Starting Early

By 10 September 2010 40

Out walking the dogs with the missus and the young fella on his bike the other day when my young fella was swooped by a magpie. He was about 30 metres in front of us and the magpie wasn't getting that close so he was unaware but this is in the same area where we get swooped each year by a magpie ...

Government to consider 111 heritage recommendations

By 10 September 2010 6

Mr Stanhope has released the review of the Heritage Act 2004 and promised to let us know what he thinks of the 111 recommendations early next year. The take home from the executive summary appears to be this bit: Having operated for five years, it is apparent there are many issues which s...

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