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Canberra & Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap

By 23 November 2014

The below real estate market snapshot is based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. Percentages represent the increase/decrease from the previous w...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Mocan & Green Grout, New Acton

By 22 November 2014

I've walked past Mocan & Green Grout a lot but always found it way too busy to indulge in a coffee or a meal. This week I was in the area for a meeting and spied a few empty ta...

A Summer Fling

By 21 November 2014

With these warmer months approaching it's hard not to want to spend most of my time out doors, taking in all the sunshine and warmth before the next Winter comes. It's also ...

Wanniassa school opinions

By 23 November 2014 1

We are moving to Wanniassa next month and would like some opinions on primary schools in the area. Would anyone mind sharing some experiences and advice on Wanniassa school?...

Cancellation of tomorrows Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon

By 22 November 2014

The ACT Government wishes to advise of the cancellation of the Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon which was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Sunday 23 November 2014. The event has been cancelled for safety reasons, with a high probability that a total fire ban will be declared for tomorrow, and the su...


By 22 November 2014 8

Hi all, I need a retaining wall built out the front of my house.  I have been looking for someone to do the work as it's a little more difficult than my skill level.  I am struggling to even get a quote.  I have had 5 tradies come and inspect and say they would forward on a quote but NONE have (A...

Local startup Hardcotton launches Kickstarter campaign to develop world first in 3D printing

By 22 November 2014

Hello fellow Rioters. Canberra has a record of invention and local tech startup Hardcotton continues to take up this challenge and make an impact in the 3D printing world. ...

Hot air balloon stuck in light fitting

By 22 November 2014

Firefighters are helping to untangle a hot air balloon that is suspended in a light fitting at the Aranda District Playing Fields. Sixteen people were in the basket at the time of the crash. ACT Ambulance Service said nobody was injured. (ESA Media Release)...

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Road rule reminder: You can't stop there

By 28 January 2010 51

To follow SGT.BUNGERS' lead, here are some more road rules which Canberra car drivers seem to be blissfully unaware of: 179 Stopping in a loading zone  (1) A driver must not stop in a loading zone unless the driver is driving:  (a) a public bus that is dropping off, or picking up, passenge...

How does your school rate?

By 28 January 2010 59

I checked out the new My Schools web site to see how the schools in our area are going and compare them to the expensive private schools in the ACT and elsewhere. A bit of a shock! How does your school rate?...

DIY Wotz-on guide; weekend 29-31 Jan 2010

By 28 January 2010 8

My desk calendar informs me that "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt So what beautiful local events and activities are you dreaming of partaking in this weekend?? As always, leave details in the COMMENTS...

Kaleen University?

By 28 January 2010 12

I know how there are members of the community that dislike Super Schools (Preschool to Year 10). Well without any consultation, the ACT Government has decided to give Kaleen a Preschool to Year 21 school. My evidence is the below tender: Tender Number: 2009.0302.906 Description: BER Project: St...

Canberra flag wavers make "Things Bogans Like"

By 27 January 2010 34

{First filed: Jan 25, 2010 @ 16:37] So there I was this very Australia Day Eve and what should I see while browsing the excellent Things Bogans Like but my own photo! At least they had the decency to leave the bug mark on. Canberra's very own making the viral big time. I couldn't be proude...

Can anyone else smell balls?

By 27 January 2010 2

RiotACT loves all Canberra sport. But we reserve a special place in our hearts for the Brumbies, for all that they spurn us. And so for the second year running we're running a pool in the Investec Super 14 Challenge. (a tipping comp) If you sign up with them at some point in the process yo...

State of the Service & Environment Sacrifice

By 27 January 2010 44

Thanks to the generosity of federal government conditions of service,  many permanent Canberra employees are currently entitled to salary sacrifice provisions by maximising the entitlement in the form of  acquiring their own motor vehicle. Now here's the environmental rub.  An incentive exists...

How to get a following...

By 27 January 2010 19

While I was sitting at the lights outside Bunnings waiting to cross Belconnen Way a white ute went belting through the red light heading north. Promptly followed by what must have been every cop car in Canberra. As I rode to my friends place there were cop cars waiting at strategic intersections thr...

Stanhope speaks, Brodburger stays

By 27 January 2010 15

According to the Crimes Jon Stanhope spoken in support of Brodburger, ''I support the Brodburger location, the van, the service they provide and it's enormously popular. The people of Canberra are certainly voting with their feet and their stomach." The NCA, too, is happy for Brodburger to stay o...

To the nice lady who stopped to help

By 27 January 2010 3

Three months ago on 28 October 2009 at about 4.30pm I crashed my bike on the bike path beside the Turner school, in between Condamine and David Streets.  I had somehow managed to clip the chainlink fence and get flung off.  I don't remember hitting the ground, only a glimpse through the fence whil...

Police Wrap - 27 January

By 27 January 2010 1

Over the weekend and Australia Day its been car burnings, aggravated robberies and assault, what a way to celebrate. A burglary in Ainslie has seen some unique items being stolen and the police would like everyone to tnoify them if they hear of the following items: A gold wedding ring with 191...

Things have changed - Finally explained

By 25 January 2010 42

[First filed: Jan 24, 2010 @ 17:35] There has been a lot of interest around town as to the whys and wherefores of the "Things Have Changed" ads running on late night TV promoting the sides of Canberra normally only recorded here on RiotACT. AlexCoble has come to the party, youtubing it, an...

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