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Police Wrap

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One for the Hang them high files

By 31 July 2009 47

The ABC has a blood boiling story. A Canberra man accused of having sex with his 12-year-old babysitter has pleaded guilty to the charge. The incident occurred in December 2008. A statement of facts tendered to the court, says the 43-year-old Sudanese born man, from the suburb of Florey, threatened ...

ACT Ambulances get a fatty lifter

By 31 July 2009 101

ACT Ambulances get a fatty lifter Simon Corbell has proudly unveiled a “bariatric ambulance” entering service in the ACT. “The new bariatric ambulance is a multifunctional vehicle that has the ca ...

Police Wrap - 31 July

By 31 July 2009 12

1. Pissed, 16, and driving: ACT Policing has apprehended a learner driver after he was caught with a blood alcohol content (BAC) allegedly ten times over the legal limit in Latham today (July 31). Around 4am police were conducting a traffic stop on Ginninderra Drive when they pulled over a Nissan Na ...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 31 July

By 31 July 2009 19

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 31 July [ 31 July 2009 to 2 August 2009. ] [First filed: July 30, 2009 @ 09:28] In the blink of an eye it's the weekend again. Sunshine, puppies and joy! What's worth doing and s ...

Dog poisoning in Evatt

By 31 July 2009 45

The RSPCA is has put out a media release warning that dog poisoners are on the loose in Evatt. We have heard about the tragedy one family has suffered and are seeking information to assist with our investigations. A resident in Sheehy Street has lost one family dog and has had two others admitted to ...

Battle Royale in the ALP

By 31 July 2009

In the Canberra Times James Massola is having a good hard look at the war on many fronts consuming the Labor party in Canberra. What, exactly, is going on? Is federal intervention in the local party a cash grab, as some speculate, to finance the next federal election? Is intervention about ensuring ...

The bell tolls for Aussie Junk, and the communities that rely on it

By 31 July 2009 33

The Department of Territory and Municipal Services has announced that Aussie Junk has been placed in liquidation. This is going to have some repercussions while the mess is sorted out: “A public tender process will commence shortly to engage an operator for the Mugga Lane facility. It is anticipat ...

Bollywood fashion in Canberra.

By 31 July 2009 7

Any suggestion where I can buy a sari in Canberra? Preferably a shop that also would give me some instructions on how the actually wear it correctly? ...

Images of Canberra - The Road Ahead has a big pole, but a very small sign

By 31 July 2009 27

Images of Canberra - The Road Ahead has a big pole, but a very small sign I noticed this while tramping around the lake yesterday. Someone decided bike paths need special dinky signs warning people of things which are easier to see than the sign itself ...

Vandals - Actually worse than that

By 31 July 2009 19

I discovered this week my sons childcare centre was broken into last weekend.   They trashed everything in his room and proceeded to break glass all around the playground.  They broke and spread glass throughout the (covered) sandpit.  This required an amazing amount of gutless forethought – ...

Mushrooms - a dirty business

By 31 July 2009 24

The ABC website has an interesting article on the (I assume) little known mushroom war in Canberra. The long established Canberra Mushrooms (who are actually in Yass) vs Majestic Mushrooms, the upstarts. Majestic Mushrooms has entered a market tightly held by Canberra Mushrooms for 20 years. Can ...

Comrade Smyth on property rights

By 30 July 2009 7

In theory, back in the days when Liberals believed in anything at all, property rights were part of their intellectual underpinning. So, jaded as I am, I was just a little surprised to see Brendan Smyth disputing the right of the Labor Party to maximise the return on the sale of its assets. The unse ...

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