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Ask RiotACT: Watering system / irrigation setup

By 25 June 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hi Rioters. I purchased a house about 6 months ago. It has large established gardens. There was an existing watering system and a large underwater tank. I had a plumber com...

Coward punch puts victim in hospital

By 24 June 2016
Police wrap

Police are seeking to identify three men over a ‘coward punch’ assault that occurred in Civic in the early hours of Sunday 12 June. At about 3.55am, a male was assaulted...

Update | Rural road closures in ACT

By 24 June 2016
road closed detour

Motorists and other road users are advised of the following rural road closures due to the recent wet weather and snow. Roads and crossings closed: Sunshine Crossing A...

More to do on affordable housing

By 24 June 2016 8

Housing affordability remains a hot topic with most Australians. And rightly so, given the fundamental human right for safe and secure housing. I have previously written abo...

Ask RiotACT: School disco DJ

By 24 June 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hi all. I'm trying to find a DJ for my sons 12th Birthday. There is one that has been recommended to me but nobody knows how to contact him. He is "DJ CLIFF". He plays at some ...

Take your dog to work day

By 24 June 2016 8
dog in the office

Today is International Take Your Dog to Work Day when employers are asked to open their doors to pet dogs to promote the benefits of pet ownership and encourage animal adoption...

ANU welcomes collaborative cyber facilty

By 23 June 2016 4

The Australian National University will collaborate with the Australian government on a new facility to help grow Australia’s cyber-security workforce and the so-called STEM...

No monopolies on bigotry in election lead-up

By 23 June 2016 25
Christina Hobbs

“I believe human life begins at conception,” the Liberal Senator said quietly. Zed Seselja’s response was the last in a line of ACT Federal election candidate answers ...

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Magical Mystery Tour@Nat Library

By 29 November 2010 1

I took my initially skeptical family to the Youth Theatre's Retrieval at the National Library Saturday night, mainly on the promise of a backroom tour through the library.  We got that and a wierd and wonderful Dr Who-ish grand production as we weaved through darkened spaces into new 'si...

Police Wrap - 29 November 2010

By 29 November 2010 22

[First filed: Nov 29, 2010 @ 9:05] 1. Foreshore gets a tick: The Foreshore Summer Music Festival wrapped up late yesterday (Saturday, 27 November), with police praising the overall good behaviour of those that attended. ACT Policing was responsible for patrolling the outer perimeter of the ...

Recommendations for a good home ISP provider

By 29 November 2010 62

Done to death but deals and experiences change... I've just move to the Southside and need to sort out an ISP for my home. I know Riot uses Velocity. I've also had a look at for Canberra ISP's. Most of the recommendations there are Bigpond or Optus but I'm wary. Looki...

Floriade triumphant

By 29 November 2010 6

Andrew Barr is letting the world know that Floriade has been a smashing success in 2010: Mr Barr said official event evaluation results show Floriade was an outstanding success this year – providing a record economic return to the ACT, record levels of interstate visitation and the highest att...

The Death Star is fully operational

By 29 November 2010 3

The ANU is announcing the launch of the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) Laboratory. ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Chubb said that the new facilities will complement, and substantially extend, the current sophisticated solar research facilities at ANU. “ANU has a proud record of innovati...

Who's petitioning for the Canberra Declaration?

By 29 November 2010 18

Over the weekend we took a look at the Canberra Declaration which some business owners around town are putting out for petition. They hope to use the signatures to influence public policy as a statement of public opinion. But these things work both ways. So if you've seen the petition in a ...

Builder Rubbishes Canberra

By 29 November 2010 20

The leafy suburb of Aranda is undergoing a rennovation building boom. However, this has been accompanied by a build up of builders rubbish, some of which addorns footpaths and front gardens for months on end (see attached photo). What is happening in your suburb? Is this standard  Canberra ...

Keep An Eye Out For Pro Camera Gear Going "Cheap"

By 29 November 2010 7

This article in today's CT refers to a cameraguy buddy of mine. The equipment is his livelihood, so if you come across anything or hear anything, please let the police know. Yes, it was insured. But gear like this can't just be replaced at the local camera store. It'll take time for him to replac...

Help! My Puddy has gone missing in Conder

By 29 November 2010 8

Hi everyone, I'm hoping one of you out there might have seen my Puddy. Puddy is a desexed and micro-chipped black male short-hair cat with a white spot below his neck. Puddy went missing around 21 November in the vicinity of Russell Drysdale Cres, Conder, while being looked after by a neighbo...

So that was 10 years.

By 29 November 2010 6

[First filed: Nov 27, 2010 @ 16:21] 27 November 2000 was the dawn of the Riot, largely as en effort on my part to win an argument with an ex. But it wasn't until November 2005 that we turned on Google Analytics. Since then we've served up 6,355,023 visits and 17,394,000 page views. (For...

reg Air disaster memorial

By 29 November 2010 37

I heard many people talking abt the ghost in air disaster memorial it is sad but true there is no ghost its all imagination even a kangaroo runs next to you u think its a ghost in dark i worked as a security guard and used to patrol the paint ball and around air disaster in dark nights on my own i...

Why Public Transport will never catch on

By 28 November 2010 58

There are many problems with public transport that could be resolved with a reasonable amount of effort and expense. However, there is one major problem that would take several generations, a great deal of political will and the expenditure of billions of dollars to fix. I am going to use Action ...

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