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Best of Canberra Taste Off – Meat Pies

By 22 December 2014

There was quite a lot of debate when the call went out for Canberra’s best pies last week, with over 10 different bakeries and cafes being nominated. Based on most popular I f...

Review: when poetry becomes music

By 22 December 2014
T.S 1

Ex-Canberra theatre teacher’s Ernie Glass’ Tales of Ordinary Madness and T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land presented by Mad As Productions. A young and vibrant Cassie Brizzi ...

Most loved South Coast beaches: Which is your favourite?

By 22 December 2014
best south coast beaches

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s almost time for Canberrans to make their annual exodus to the South Coast for a good dose of sun, sea and greasy takeaway. For ...

Christmas Time – Hey! Wait a Minute!

By 22 December 2014

Christmas is here yet again. Peace and goodwill to all, presents everywhere, food from one end of the house to the other, squealing kids and snoring dads. The smell of Christm...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: A.BAKER, NewActon Pavillion

By 20 December 2014 4

My day job sees me frequenting A.BAKER ... once ... more like twice a day. I am always experiencing food envy at 9am when I am waiting for my extra hot skinny latte. Eye-catching b...

House catches alight after lightning strike

By 22 December 2014 2

Multiple fire crews are fighting a house fire in Dunlop believed to be caused by a lightning strike. ACT Fire & Rescue were alerted to the incident in Menzel Crescent at 2:42pm and responded immediately with three fire pumpers and a commander. Update to follow. (ESA Media Release)...

Best Child Access Lawyer Needed ASAP

By 22 December 2014

Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of a really good Lawyer in the ACT for Family law. I need the best !! I have had restrictions of my child access placed on me si...

Is Ginger Gorman leaving 666 ABC?

By 22 December 2014 1

Hi Rioters, Does anyone know if Ginger Gorman is leaving 666 ABC? There were a few people talking about it on social media over the weekend. I'm assuming if it is true it...

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Explosion and fire in Mitchell

By 15 December 2009 2

Reports have come in this afternoon from ABC and CT, of an explosion and fire at a medical waste disposal facility in Mitchell. Three workers were seriously injured by exploding aerosol cans, and are currently in hospital receiving treatment for burns. So was this dodgy disposal of unused aerosol...

Made in Canberra 2010 - Seeking Submissions

By 15 December 2009

Call for Proposals From July - December 2010 The Street Theatre will present two curated seasons of work created by independent artists.  Proposals are for the presentation of projects that can be single or multi-artform but must be primarily live performance-based works.  The Street Theatre a...

Banana Buffoonery

By 15 December 2009 64

Reading the ABC story School puts the ban in banana, I had thought April Fools day had come twice this year. Yesterday press were invited to report on Kevin Rudd listening to student's environmental concerns at O'Connor Cooperative School, and apparently the invite included a warning for members of ...

Slaughter of the Frogs

By 15 December 2009 24

[First filed: Dec 13, 2009 @ 8:16] Back when I worked in cinemas in London (over ten years ago) we had sensors in our refrigerators and freezers that triggered alarms when the temperatures departed from the acceptable range. One might think the ACT Government's much vaunted northern corroboree...

Canberra cloud readying to envelop world

By 15 December 2009 9

Canberra based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company Cloud Central has launched its beta service before starting its full paid service next year. According to this CRN report Cloud Central will be one of a handful of Australian companies, and the only in the ACT, offering cloud compute resource...

The 2009 Santa Claus Bar Crawl

By 14 December 2009 7

[First filed: Dec 12, 2009 @ 10:50] In some ways the Santa Crawl Bar Crawl is like every other day of my life. Drink, laugh, be foolish, chatter to pretty women who are scantily clad. It's all no doubt leading to a sad and lonely grave but it feels like a good idea at the time. So while...

Living in Braidwood

By 14 December 2009 36

Hi We are thinking of moving out to Braidwood for a lifestyle change, possibly with one person still working in Canberra for three days per week.  Not sure if he would get sick of the drive on each of those days - probably over an hour each way. Has anyone lived in Braidwood or currently live...

Commuter Cycling on Adelaide Avenue

By 14 December 2009 79

Riding along the Adelaide Avenue cycle lane towards Woden this morning I was pelted by an apple from a passing motorist.  This has left a considerable bruise on my arm as well as shaken me up quite a bit. As someone new to Canberra and commuting via bike I was just keen to get some thoughts on w...

Camping area for kids

By 14 December 2009 23

Been 'camping' a few times with my 6 year old boy in the back garden to get him used to the 'camping' experience. He realy wants to do some 'proper' camping now, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for somewhere the two of us could go. I really want to avoid serviced campsites with plu...

Geminids 2009 - Meteor Shower

By 14 December 2009 5

[First filed: Nov 23, 2009 @ 23:10] For those of you who have ever seen the Geminids, you will know the time is coming to watch another worthwhile meteor shower. The shower should be visible on the 13/14th of December, from 1:00am(Canberra time), with the radiant peaking around 2:12am. To see...

National honour for ACT Muslim volunteer

By 14 December 2009

The Canberra Multicultural Community Forum is delighted to learn that the ACT’s Ahmed Youssef has been named Australian Muslim Volunteer of the Year.  CMCF Vice-Chair, Diana Rahman, said the award was richly deserved.  “Ahmed is a founding member and former president of the Canberra Isla...

Dates - for Canberra media landmarks

By 14 December 2009 4

Can anyone advise me of the two following dates:- 1.  When the first edition of "the Australian" rolled of the Mort Street Presses; and 2. When the Shakespeare family sold the Canberra Times?...

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