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What’s on this weekend? 20th and 21st September 2014

By 19 September 2014 2

With Floriade in full swing and predictions for some pretty cracking weather for the Capital, we’ve got a few suggestions for weekend activities. Add your own tips in the...

7.30 ACT what to expect from tonights program

By 19 September 2014

7.30 ACT on the ABC Friday September 19th On Our Watch – Children are often the hidden victims of domestic violence and a new campaign calls for everyone to get involv...

Police seize six cannabis plants in Stirling

By 19 September 2014

ACT Policing has seized six cannabis plants following the execution of a warrant on a home in Stirling today (Friday September 19). About 9.10am, police executed a Drugs of Depe...

Which Prominent Canberrans Compete in Roller Derby?

By 19 September 2014

Just a quick note to say my latest short story explores the wonderful subculture of the Canberra Roller Derby League, and questions how prominent some of the competitors might be.....

Grooming, Deportment and Etiquette courses – Victoria’s Models

By 19 September 2014

Victoria's Model is Canberra's longest established modelling agency. Victoria's Models offers courses for all ages to improve life skills, self confidence and presentation, as well as training for the modelling industry. The experience and professionalism of our trainers ensures you will receive ...

Phone imagery leads to blackmail charge

By 19 September 2014

ACT Policing will summons a 22-year-old Fadden man to Court next month on blackmail charges after it was alleged he threatened to disseminate explicit images of a woman unless he received sexual favours. The 18-year-old victim uploaded images of herself to a private online dating site and allowed...

EATology the science of eating

By 19 September 2014

Canberran’s are some pretty savvy eaters. With the establishment of Lonsdale Street and New Acton on top of the already vibrant culinary oasis of Kingston and Manuka, it is clear...

State/Territory Mutual Recognition fails again

By 19 September 2014

Today I received my renewal notice for my NSW Recreational Fishing License which has risen 17% to $35.00 for 12 months. They must be using the same rating formula as ACT Revenue. An equivalent license in the ACT does not exist (yet) but my favourite fishing spot is in NSW and ACT residents are n...

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Stuck in Traffic

By 18 August 2009 8

The busy planners at Municipal Services are now conducting the ACT Travel Survey, until October. The goal is to understand travel patterns and plan a transport (ie, bus) system that meets the public’s travel needs. Stop laughing. The survey is intended to record info about trips on a point-t...

A Thank You to Action Bus users

By 18 August 2009 29

Caught two buses yesterday with a 7 month old baby and a pram.  Old style bus = lugging the pram up and down the stairs. Would have taken him out of the pram but a) he was asleep and b) it is safer for him to be secured in the pram on a lurching bus. Got no help, or even a hello, from the bus dr...

The Feldons- New video, new song.

By 18 August 2009

Filmed at the Phoenix in early July, here are the Feldons with a new song 'Staring at the sky' Mark Hunstone- guitar Nick Giles - drums James montgomery- bass and vocals Staring at the Sky Get out on a weekday It's a time that you can play Lift your face up from the eiderdown Life is...

Legislative Assembly in hot water

By 18 August 2009 13

Today the ACT Legislative Assembly will be debating a bill for mandatory energy efficient hot water systems for new homes, which is being spearheaded by the Greens. ACT Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur says: “The Liberal Party, in their 2008 Climate Change policy release, said they would require...

Strangler on the loose

By 18 August 2009 8

The ABC has brought news that the Chief Magistrate has granted bail to an accused strangler, despite being held in custody since June. The accused strangler is reportedly taking anti-psychotic medication, and presumably has been assessed as being of minimal risk to the wider community (we hope)....

Fixing the Currong Apartments?

By 18 August 2009 13

The Greens' Amanda Bresnan has noted that the Government can't find a buyer for the legendary Currong Apartments. She'd like to see them turned into a bigger, better, greener, housing development: “One way to unearth innovative solutions is to run design competitions, as the Victorian Office...

Value of Solar Credits

By 18 August 2009 16

Having decided to install solar panels, I am now struggling to determine whether the offer I've been made for my Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) is a reasonable one.My understanding of the system is that the value of RECs is determined by your zone and market forces, and of course the market fo...

New Technology at Coffee Guru

By 18 August 2009 24

I can’t imagine that I am the only person in Canberra who hates waiting to order my coffee. There is nothing particularly romantic about watching time slip by as the suit wearing guy in front of me changes his mind between the chai latte and double shot short black; in fact, this entire process ha...

Beating the Retreat rubbed out by Defence

By 17 August 2009 20

The ABC brings word that Defence can no longer afford to stage the annual Beating The Retreat gala at Duntroon. One wonders who decided to run the razor over this much loved event. Meanwhile Defence Media bring word that ADFA is staging a production of "Rent". Which would you prefer?...

Police Wrap - 17 August

By 17 August 2009 6

1. On kids and road safety: A 13-year-old girl was transported to The Canberra Hospital in a serious but stable condition earlier today (August 17) after being struck by a vehicle on her way to school. Officers from ACT Policing and ACT Ambulance Service responded to reports of the collision o...

Trying to get to a doctor in Canberra, a joke without a punchline.

By 17 August 2009 67

After booking a week ahead with my doctor for an appointment (I had some stiches that needed removing) I opted to go in early(prior to 9am) to ensure I was going to make it to work on time, only to end up waiting for two hours. This certainly isn't a first for me, in fact, whenever I have been o...

Asbestos removal?

By 17 August 2009 8

Anyone reccomend a firm that will remove asbestos from our home? There's a few places listed in the yellow pages, but with the dodgy nature of the material and with a small child's bedroom being across a corridor from one of the rooms needing to be done I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone els...

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