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At Home with Sophia: the perfect pulled pork sandwich

By 13 February 2016

Sandwiches are one of my all time favourite foods, and having recently opened an espresso bar that sells gourmet sandwiches, I am constantly on the hunt for new sandwich ideas. Whe...

Pick of the Markets: Julies Juice Bar

By 13 February 2016
2016-01-30 07.31.03_635

In true Canberran style, I very rarely go northside if I don’t have to. As a southsider, it bothers me that even my place of work is on the northside of the lake (especially when...

Nine essential Multicultural Festival tips

By 12 February 2016
Multicultural Festival food stalls

As I write, the first of the estimated 260,000 or so people who will head to Canberra’s biggest public event this weekend are about to purchase their first world food snacks ...

A Look around Canberra: Gungahlin

By 12 February 2016 2

This week I'm heading back up the GDE (or via Northbourne and Flemington Road, depending on which you prefer) to my first hometown in Canberra: Gungahlin. The suburb of Gungah...

Ask RiotACT: Florist for Valentine’s Day?

By 12 February 2016 3
Ask RiotACT

With Valentines Day fast approaching, florists have begun to massively inflate the prices of their products, anticipating the surge in demand on the 12th, 13th and 14th of Febr...

Garage Sales on this weekend (11-12 February 2016)

By 12 February 2016
allclassifieds canberra garage sale banner

Today, we present to you a selection of the garage sales on around the capital on this weekend. For the full list, with over 15 advertisements, head to the allclassifieds webs...

ANU part of gravity wave breakthrough predicted by Einstein

By 12 February 2016
Black Hole Merger Simulation

An ANU scientist has led the Australian team within a global scientific collaboration that has proven the existence of gravitational waves, 100 years after their existence was ...

Senior ASIC executive charged with historic child sex abuse

By 11 February 2016 1
Peter Cuzner

Former ACT schoolteacher and ASIC regional commissioner for the ACT Peter Cuzner, of Kaleen, pleaded not guilty in court today to charges relating to the alleged abuse of a tee...

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ACT kids smarter than other, clearly inferior models

By 10 September 2010 10

The ABC has the happy news that students in the ACT have outperformed the rest of the country in NAPLAN testing: The latest results shows ACT students continuing to perform above the national average. In most areas, ACT students are the best performing in the nation or are just below students...

Australian Scientific Instruments named exporter of the year

By 10 September 2010 1

Chief Minister Stanhope is congratulating local firm Australian Scientific Instruments on their winning the ACT Export Awards. The full list of winners is: -- Inland Trading Co (Aust) Pty Ltd - Agribusiness Award -- Lucy Media Pty Ltd - Arts and Entertainment Award -- Shaw Vineyard Estate - ...

Magpies Starting Early

By 10 September 2010 40

Out walking the dogs with the missus and the young fella on his bike the other day when my young fella was swooped by a magpie. He was about 30 metres in front of us and the magpie wasn't getting that close so he was unaware but this is in the same area where we get swooped each year by a magpie ...

Government to consider 111 heritage recommendations

By 10 September 2010 6

Mr Stanhope has released the review of the Heritage Act 2004 and promised to let us know what he thinks of the 111 recommendations early next year. The take home from the executive summary appears to be this bit: Having operated for five years, it is apparent there are many issues which s...

Images of Canberra - The view from the arboretum

By 10 September 2010 1

One of our many Andrews has sent in this skewed view from the arboretum. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Virtual Court Dead On Arrival

By 10 September 2010 2

The Canberra Times has a story on the demise of the little understood "virtual court" proposed by Simon Corbell, after the Greens said no. The ACT Government's proposal to add a third tier to the Canberra court system is dead in the water despite having allocated $900,000 for the idea in this fi...

What is going on at Bimberi?

By 10 September 2010 1

The Liberals' Vicki Dunne is stamping her feet that Labor's Joy Burch has nothing to say about the troubled Bimberi youth detention centre: “Bimberi opened about 18 months ago, but already there is a litany of serious incidents, the latest being one involving serious self harm,” Mrs Dunne sai...

The concrete batch plant at the Cotter Dam

By 10 September 2010 4

More video from ACTEW on their massive construction at the Cotter Dam expansion. This time around the new plant from Colorado making better concrete than previously available....

Workers comp question?

By 10 September 2010 13

I'm currently on workers comp on it approching the 26week limit befor the pay changes to 90% of my wages, but my question is this: My specialist my doctor and my physio have all said it will only keep bruising if i dont get another job. It's my knee I had surgury to remove alot of torn cartlid...

Tak Kee cops a bigger fine

By 10 September 2010 13

View Larger Map The ABC informs us that Dickson's beloved Tak Kee Roast Inn (the place with those tasty, tasty ducks hanging in the window) has had its fine for being run like an authentic chinese restaurant bumped on appeal from $1,500 to $6,900 (as well as having the regrettable incident re-bro...

Fire in Downer

By 10 September 2010 8

This in from the ESA: 7:35am Friday 10 September 2010 - Working smoke alarm leads to quick escape A woman has had a lucky escape from a house fire in Canberra's south this morning. The woman was woken by a working smoke alarm just after 2 o'clock and safely escaped her home in Bonython Street...

Muslims break daytime fast as Ramadan ends

By 10 September 2010 15

The Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan ended yesterday allowing Canberra’s Muslim community to break its dawn-to-dusk fast which it has been holding for the past 30 days. Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Vice President Diana Abdel-Rahman said that the next few days would be one of rejoicing and...

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