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Local Leaders John Marshall (Frugii)

By 28 January 2015 4
john marshall

When Canberra’s own artisan ice cream brand, Frugii, won RiotACT’s Best of Canberra ice cream taste off earlier this month, I knew I had to meet the man behind the most del...

Cheap eats Two Hands (Fyshwick)

By 28 January 2015 2
Two Hands Fyshwick

The Fresh Food Markets aside, Fyshwick doesn’t have a big reputation as a foodie destination. But there are more than a few great cafes tucked between the kitchen shops and f...

Canberras development dilemma

By 27 January 2015 21
dickson flats

Canberra is undergoing a metamorphosis. Until now, it has grown outwards, slowly engulfing farms and spitting them back out as suburbs, terraforming the landscape fro...

Canberras taxi industry to be reviewed

By 28 January 2015

In response to the use of new technologies by taxi operators, the ACT Government has today announced an innovation review of the Canberra’s taxi industry. Minister Shane Rattenbury said the review will help to inform the way forward for Canberra’s transport network. “Canberrans want to b...

Groovin the Moo 2015 line up announced

By 28 January 2015
gtm 2015 canberra

Australia's only regional music festival, Groovin the Moo, is heading back to Canberra in May this year. Organisers have today announced that the festival will feature Peaches,...

High Fidelity – a Canberra premiere

By 28 January 2015
high fidelity play canberra

Nick Hornby’s book High Fidelity, and the subsequent John Cusack movie, became an instant classic for a generation that postponed entry into adulthood, or ‘coming-of-age...

230 Mr Fluffy owners accept ACT Government offer to purchase house

By 28 January 2015

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has today advised that 15 houses have been purchased and more than 200 homeowners have accepted the offer made by the ACT Government to purchase their home through the Mr Fluffy Buyback Program. The announcement comes after news last night that the ACT Government has o...

Canberras picnic isle Springbank Island on Lake Burley Griffin

By 28 January 2015 3

Fighting it out salad and tongs down by Lake Burley Griffin is a Canberra institution, but have you ever been out to any of the islands on the lake? I just spent Australia D...

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Why people will love Canberra according to

By 24 January 2010 21

Just read this article on about how fabulous a place Canberra now is for tourists. Seems that it's tied into the new TV advertising campaign about Canberra being the hippest place to visit. Will be interesting to see if this effort brings any more tourists in....

Reporting dog attack in Canberra

By 24 January 2010 27

This morning on my morning walk I was attacked by a pit bull in the Calwell area, after going for my terrier it turned on me and I have a large bite on my upper thigh. I have done a google for a place were I can report dog attacks in Canberra but cant seem to find anything? I am not 100% sure ...

Pathetic polluting cyclist

By 24 January 2010 27

Spotted this from my bicycle on the nature strip of Northbourne Ave a bit up from Space if I recall correctly.  This kind of unthinking rubbishing of the landscape is typical of a small number of the lycra brigade who cannot be bothered to take their detritus with them but no doubt would scoff ...

DIY Wotz-on guide - Australia Day long weekend 22-26 Jan 2010

By 24 January 2010 13

Ok I know Australia Day is on Tuesday and most of us don't actually have the Monday off but I'm going to bet that enough of the populace will be making a four day weekend of it. So... assuming you are staying in Canberra, What are the top events and activities you recommend partaking of? ...

The Pol Roger Champagne Bar at the National Gallery

By 23 January 2010 8

Pol Roger is not a champagne maker with a big following in Australia historically speaking. Bolly, Verve, and Moet are much better known at least by the general public. But as of last night Canberra now has a champagne bar devoted to the brand. As they were kind enough to invite the RIotACT te...

Unnecessary road signs; what a waste of our money!

By 23 January 2010 37

I'm getting increasingly fed up with the appalling waste of taxpayers' money on the ever blossoming of more and more road signs throughout Canberra. A classic one is "Park In Bays Only" (yeah, I know they've been around for a while now). I ask you, as if the clowns that don't park correctly take ...

Terry Connolly ORGANised Walk 2010

By 23 January 2010 4

Show your support for organ donation and encourage others to discover, decide and discuss their wishes at the Terry Connolly ORGANised Walk - part of Australian Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week. Join more than 1,000 Canberrans and residents of the region in a morning run, jog or walk around ...

EPIC Shell Petrol Station - Closed down???

By 23 January 2010 18

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what has happened to the Shell Petrol station at Exhibition Park? I have been away from home for a while and returned the other day to see it all fenced up, the pumps removed and the shop empty. I'm sincerely hoping this is just a renovatio...

And now Annette Ellis falls

By 22 January 2010 57

Chief Minister Stanhope today pays tribute to the Member for Tuggeranong Canberra Annette Ellis who is also heading off into the sunset. "Ms Ellis has always had a great passion for and enthusiasm for her city and its people, and has served ably and conscientiously in public life, first as a Memb...

Parking at Russell

By 21 January 2010 22

I live quite far from the airport and occassionally I like to fly back to Brisbane for a couple of days. It costs me quite a lot either in taxi charges or if it's a short stay, car parking charges at the airport. However, I've noticed that there are free car parks in Russell. There is no signage ...

Free Computer Courses?

By 21 January 2010 26

I heard my friend speak something that I almost thought was jibberish the other day.  She said 'I don't know how to use a computer'.  I almost fell over. This all came about because I am attempting to get her out of a rutt with her employment.  Yet there seems to be a fairly large catch 22 wit...

Thoughts of a Driver/Cyclist and Pedestrian

By 21 January 2010 52

Over the last number of years I have both driven to work or cycled.  Also, like a lot of folk I do the park and ride option - and have the pushie on the carrier, park in the Triangle or somewhere else where I don't have to pay the exorbitant parking fees that keep Stanhope and his crew in the manne...

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