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Canberra truckie unluckiest man no longer on earth

By 29 June 2009 67

Canberra truckie unluckiest man no longer on earth [First filed: June 26, 2009 @ 11:14] LiveNews bring word that a 66 year old Canberra truck driver was tragically killed overnight when he had the misfortune to be driving past a KF ...

Drink Driving signs.. in your suburb.

By 28 June 2009 13

Ive noticed over the last couple of days these ‘Drink drivers targetted in your suburb’ signs appearing at various locations on major roads.  Is this part of the ACT governments attempt to save money, by putting up signs warning of police activity, rather than actually having any police ...

Raiders beat the Storm 26-16

By 28 June 2009 3

Good news for Raiders fans! League Unlimited brings word of a triumph for the men in green this afternoon in Bruce: The Canberra Raiders have defeated the Melbourne Storm for the first time since 2002, recording a 26-16 upset in Canberra this afternoon. Coming into the match, Canberra had not won an ...

Canberra Gaming Arcades?

By 28 June 2009 32

Since intencity was cut in half at belconnen mall the arcade scene in canberra has been pretty lame. Anyone know of any other good arcades around canberra? ...

On 2am taxis

By 28 June 2009 40

Last night I was leaving Civic at 2am, which means I’d already made some mistakes. Looking at the line for taxis my first instinct was to just walk home. But for reporting purposes I decided to give it a go. And for a piece of civic infratructure relied on by thousands of Canberrans every week ...

Northbourne Av / Antill St speed zone?

By 28 June 2009 17

I received a speeding fine from cameras near the Formula 1 entering Canberra form Sydney end on Northbourne Ave at Antill St Intersection. The fine says the speed limit is 60. To my knowledge it is actually 80. My speed was 78. Has there been a recent change from 60 to 80 km/h?  Can anyone [...] ...

Centrebet vs. ACTTAB for online gambling

By 28 June 2009 6

Last week an American friend texted me asking if I could put $40 on the USA to beat Spain in the Confederation Cup (soccer). The American betting agencies were offering 10/1, he had a good feeling about them, and was in transit so not able to get much money on himself. I duly pointed my browser at [ ...

Red Necks and Green Cycle Lanes - Alistair Coe Sets Out to Incite Hatred Agai

By 28 June 2009 34

Liberal TAMS spokesman Alistair Coe clearly believes that inciting hatred against cyclists by complaining about the cost of green paint on cycle lanes (Canberra Sunday Times 28 June p,11- sorry not on-line) is smart politics. After all, given that the average cost per annum is about 36 cents per Can ...

Canberras Patty Mills makes the NBA draft... Just

By 27 June 2009 4

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Canberra and Marist College’s Patrick Mills has made the US NBA’s draft, being picked up by the Portland Trailblazers. Being picked 55th out of 60 places experts were surprised he dropped so law in the draft, not helped by a recent broken hand. Bu ...

Petrol companies ripping off Canberra again?

By 27 June 2009 41

The ABC informs us that petrol prices are running 15 cents a litre higher than Sydney, or even Goulburn or Yass. It also seems we have both too much competition, and not enough. One suspects maybe we just have too much money. ...

Words of the prophet cont...

By 27 June 2009 7

Words of the prophet cont... I saw this one on Thursday morning, adorning the wall of the construction site where the Greater Union cinema used to be. It made me wonder two things… 1. What sort of speci ...

Calling all Woden Valley Youth Choir Alumni

By 27 June 2009 7

On the weekend of the 18th to the 20th of September the Woden Valley Youth Choir will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a Bush dance, a Picnic and most of all a Concert in Llewellyn Hall on the 19th. To commemorate 40 years in the community they are desperately seeking Alumni to join in th ...

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