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Southquay popular with local developers

By 1 October 2014

Spirited bidding by 11 registered parties has seen three multi-unit sites at the new waterfront development at Southquay in Greenway sold today at auction for a total of $9.705 million with all blocks being purchased by local Canberra developers. The largest block is 7,385sqm fronting Anketell St...

Adult dance lessons Canberra? Recommendations?

By 1 October 2014 2

Hi All, I'm in my 30's and looking to get back into exercising, the one exercise I love is dancing but truth be told I'm pretty cr@p at it. I'm looking for a dance studio that teaches adults and is fun! Perhaps where the occasional overweight 30 year old wouldn't look completely ridiculous? Wo...

Bushfire season starts today

By 1 October 2014 5

With bushfire season starting today Canberrans should consider how best to prepare for the months ahead, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, said today. Mr Corbell joined representatives of the ACT’s fire services at Wybalena Grove in Cook to officially launch bushfire s...

Local band SAFIA up for a Channel V Award

By 1 October 2014

Canberra has, like any other city, a fierce pride among its citizens. I often find myself at parties or in clubs with people from other cities desperately defending it, clinging onto credibility as only someone who truly appreciates Canberra for the art-wealthy city that it is. Explaining that no, i...

Anyone know what happened to Scope?

By 30 September 2014 7

Hi Rioters. Went for a drive up Mount Stromlo over the weekend, thinking I would stop and have a coffee at Scope -- but it appears to be closed. Anyone know what happened there? ...

National Museum of Australia (1/2)- Extract from ‘A Case for Ghosts (Part 9)

By 30 September 2014

History has shown us that ghosts and the supernatural seem to be commonplace and that a large percentage of people in the western world, indeed from all races and religions, not only believe in ghosts but have also experienced something that they believe is of a supernatural origin. Indeed, many peo...

Witnesses sought to suspicious fires

By 30 September 2014 1

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to six separate fires which occurred last night and early this morning (Tuesday, September 30). Overnight, police were notified of a number of ...

Local Sports Wrap – 27th and 28th September

By 30 September 2014

FUTSAL: Futsal Premier League The men’s Futsal Premier League season began Friday week ago, and Monaro Panthers Green and Untouchables began their respective campaigns wit...

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How many masterplans do we need?

By 15 August 2009

How many masterplans are current in Canberra?  It seems every day there is a new masterplan for parks, parking, Canberra Stadium, transport, airport............ While The Masterplan is a great oasis song, how many masterplans do we need?  One assumes it is the start of the consultation proc...

Speaking of illegal bill posting - who the heck is Audrey Ray?

By 14 August 2009 15

So I hear the government is going to ban people from putting up posters of gigs etc around town, and even give them big fines if they do.  To be honest, I don't really care either way, but what really annoys me is that for months now every day when I drive around my part of Tuggers I see ...

Airport noise report released

By 14 August 2009 25

Air Services Australia has released their quarterly report into air traffic in Canberra. Of interest this month is the new noise monitor in Hackett. As part of their campaign to run freight planes every 2 minutes overnight in Canberra the airport has consistently stated in the media and in of...

The elderly: out on their arse

By 14 August 2009 9

Interesting article on the website for once. In a TV news article I missed, Damain Hass who heads ACT Light Rail, now seems to have become the Belconnen Community Council spokesperson. In a bit of a stunt to highlight how the Sustainable Transport Plan will fail (not if the...

Woodstock at the White Eagle

By 14 August 2009 3

Woodstock turns 40 this weekend, so Guy The Sound Guy has put together a few bands to do Woodstock Canberra-style - down at the Polish White Eagle Club in Turner on Saturday (15th Aug) The Wedded Bliss, Julia (Deep Sea Sirens), The Lenders, The Chris Harland Blues Band, and special guest Victori...

Simply Slabs Timber on the side of the road

By 13 August 2009 15

I'd never heard about the Wood Slab guy before reading about him on RiotACT. So I was pretty surprised to see a truck sitting on the side of the road on my way to work this morning covered in slabs of timber. I stopped in and had chat with Paul Van Den Heuvel about what he does. He's bee...

Drama in Duffy

By 13 August 2009 18

Anyone hear/see all the drama in Duffy today? Cops raiding a house - guy escapes out the back window (window was closed) and runs into the bush. Police, helicopter - all very exciting for quiet lil ole duffy....

So what are they up to in the Ainslie parks?

By 13 August 2009 15

Around a month ago the parks of Ainslie unexpectedly took delivery of loads of pipe, recently they've been joined by piles of gravel. Today one of the crates was unpacked and all joined up but still no sign of what it's there for. Anyone with any ideas as to what's going on? ...

Police Wrap - 13 August

By 13 August 2009 16

1. Now it's the youths hitting the houses: ACT Policing will summons a 17-year-old, south Canberra juvenile to the ACT Children’s Court for multiple driving and traffic offences. after an incident around 11.10pm yesterday. Police will allege they were conducting routine patrols of Gilmore in...

Guilty plea over fatal car crash

By 13 August 2009 37

I figured that I would add the following after the general consensus at the time of the crash was that we would wait to see what the verdict was and resume the discussions from there (original post). In case you don't recall, I am one of the brothers of the mother in the other car.  My sister, h...

Canberra Orthodontist Recommendations?

By 13 August 2009 27

It appears that our poor children have been cursed with inheriting a not-so-winning combination of their parent's ultra manky-teeth genes. Major orthodontic overhauls are in our future (there goes the overseas trips). Can anybody recommend an Orthodontist in Canberra?   I remember th...

Tweed Ride 2 - Unleash the carnage!

By 13 August 2009 7

The previous and inaugural Tweed Ride finished in a police complaint (by a Tweed Rider), a complaint to the Human Rights Commission (about comments made by Tweed Riders), and is still the subject of ongoing litigation such that I can't even write much about it (and nor will we in the comments th...

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