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Bodies in Lake Burley Griffin

By 26 May 2015 7
lake burley griffin

Lake Burley Griffin has had its fair share of bodies, acting as a watery grave for several unfortunate souls in the last century. Some met foul play, one woman's body was found...

Best of Canberra – French toast

By 26 May 2015 8
french toast

French toast is one of those decadent weekend breakfast dishes from my childhood. My parents used to make us French toast when we didn’t quite make it through the loaf of bread...

Payment splitting startup, QPay, reaches new milestone

By 26 May 2015 1
quickly Screenshot_1

Finding the right vertical has helped a Canberra startup taking the hassle out of split bills to this week surpass over $340,000 in total payments processed. QPay is an app ...

Dont worry, animal cruelty will only cost you $123

By 26 May 2015
dog xray

It took two operations to remove the fishhooks that were ingested by a Staffordshire bull terrier owned by a 26-year-old Canberra woman, who was fined $123, banned from owning...

Aggravated robbery at Kaleen service station

By 26 May 2015 5

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery that occurred at the Caltex Service Station in Kaleen this morning (Monday, May 26). Around 1.55am, a man carrying...

Feedback on Woden primary schools?

By 26 May 2015

Just looking for feedback on Curtin and Hughes Primary schools. If you have kids going there or you teach there, what is your opinion of the school/s? Great, poor, average? Is ...

Geeks and nerds theme party

By 26 May 2015
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.21.14 am

Nerd up people. Now here is the opportunity to take a break from your busy work schedule or mundane life to cut loose and dance the night away at Digress Lounge and Bar. Hik...

Pine Island rabbit control begins today

By 25 May 2015

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service has advised residents that a rabbit control program has commenced at Pine Island Reserve. The program will involve the use of pindone poison and aluminium phosphide warren fumigation to control the rabbit population.  As such, residents are asked not to touc...

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Kaboom! Watching the Cotter Dam expansion

By 29 April 2010 10

[First filed: Apr 28, 2010 @ 13:14] ACTEW are proudly announcing that they're on track to build a viewing platform (and a trail to it) by August so we can go see the huge new structure being built. But just as nice is the YouTube channel they're running so we can see the big toys at work. ...

The ACT Crime League Table - March 2010 data

By 29 April 2010 16

So how does your suburb stack up for crime? With Crime Statistics now online I've taken the very crude measure of ranking police patrol sectors by the total crimes committed per 1000 people in March. Interestingly nicer areas seem to have more crime. Do they have more to steal? Or are they more l...

The best of Bad Slam! No Biscuit! - Jan 2010

By 29 April 2010 1

For your listening pleasure we're going to be hosting audio highlights of the Phoenix's monthly poetry/theatre mashup of a poetry slam know as Bad Slam! No Biscuit! Here's the highlights of January. Funny in parts, touching in others, generally well intentioned. It's not going to be for ev...

Estate Jewellers in Canberra?

By 29 April 2010 8

Having reached a milestone age I have decided to buy something pretty and sparkly as Mr Jess probably won't.  I have a problem with all the big chain jewelry stores.....I would prefer to buy something that is older with a history and well....generally better quality and better made. Bit like ...

Gaz jumps on the Brod bandwagon

By 29 April 2010 20

[poll id="163"] Only 17% of RiotACT pollees earlier this month support the "Give Brod whatever he wants" solution to the great Brodburger dispute. But with the story hitting the Sydney Morning Herald over the weekend the Liberals' Senator Gary Humphries has leapt to action with a strongly ...

ACT Policing gets a new website

By 29 April 2010 8

ACT Policing has a new website! It includes such cutting edge upgrades as the decade old RSS (much appreciated assuming they can keep the feed in the same place). Possibly of more interest will be the crime statistics. I look forward to the conclusions the RiotNerd community can come up w...

DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 30 April 2010

By 29 April 2010 2

OK Rioters, let's get the group thinking hive mind revved up! What do you know about worth seeing and doing around town this weekend? Share your wisdom in the comments....

Julia Creates A Committee!

By 29 April 2010 10 / CC BY 2.0 In an announcement symptomatic of the dismal failures of the Rudd Government Julia Gillard has announced that she's formed a committee. Eventually, assuming the government doesn't forget about it or change its mind, this could lead to an Austra...

Wanna hire an ex-con?

By 29 April 2010 12

Simon Corbell has been talking to the Canberra Times about his efforts to convince Canberra's employers to give good jobs the departing guests of the Hume Hilton. The ACT Government wants to hear from employers willing to take on workers who are rebuilding their lives after a prison stint. At...

Gobby Git and the treacherous donkeys' northern flirtation

By 29 April 2010 2

Foxsports informs us that Matt Giteau has escaped with a fine after slagging off the sacked Steve Walsh (a rugby referee with a novel belief in the concept of a double movement in a game with no such law). The Git is also going to have to write a letter of apology to Steve Walsh which we'd pay go...

What's Duffy like?

By 29 April 2010 22

My family is moving over from Perth and you guys have helped me out with advice on schools - thank you! We're keen on Duffy  - it seems cool and is in our price range. I'd love to know your opinions on Duffy as a suburb, Weston Creek in general and what you know about Duffy Preschool? [ED - ...

Tuggeranong United and Woden Valley Premier League Action

By 29 April 2010

This Sunday sees Tuggeranong United and Woden Valley meet each other in the ACT Gatorade Premier League.  Both these community-based clubs are without a win so far, and the two sides of young players will be desperate to get some points on the board.  Both clubs are renowned for their youth develo...

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