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Local Leaders Deborah Hill (Canberra Roller Derby League and Skate Nation)

By 26 November 2014
Deborah Hill Skate Nation

By day, Deborah Hill is an exhibitions coordinator at the National Gallery. But after hours, she’s better known as Bambi von Smash’er, one of the capital’s top roller der...

Lonesome Lambie

By 26 November 2014 8

On Paul Murray Live Sunday night we were discussing the imminent departure of Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party. Janine Perrett was hosting, because the eponymous h...

Best of Canberra – Pancakes

By 25 November 2014 28

I am drooling over the thought of a big stack of fluffy pancakes, smothered in salted caramel syrup, sprinkled with walnuts and topped with fresh banana. Normally when I eas...

New visual tool to help make cancer treatment less daunting

By 26 November 2014

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has launched a new Radiation Oncology Patient Information DVD, which provides information to patients about radiation therapy, along with the practical aspects of treatment. “After a diagnosis of cancer, patients and their carers can experience a wide range of emot...

Cotter recreational area and campground temporarily closed

By 26 November 2014

ACT Parks and Conservation Service wishes to advise the public that Cotter Campground and neighbouring Cotter Bend recreational area are temporarily closed so tree maintenance can be safely undertaken. It is expected that the Cotter Campground will be reopened on Wednesday 3 December 2014 and the...

Big Trouble Ahead for the ACTs Budget ?

By 26 November 2014 7

In June 2014, this years ACT budget was projected to be m$333 in the red without the impact of Mr Fluffy - which could be as high as m$500 over 3 years, according to the ACT Treasurer, Andrew Barr :

Canberra Custom Knife Show

By 26 November 2014

It's on again, bigger than ever, at the Tharwa Village Hall. Come and see what the local knifemakers have been up to. See fine handmade knives for sale as well as talk to the makers about their craft. A big focus this year is kitchen knives. There are more than twenty makers coming from all ov...

Canberra climbs worlds best student cities rankings

By 26 November 2014

Chief Minister and Minister for Higher Education Katy Gallagher has welcomed news that Canberra has risen 16 places in the QS Best Student Cities 2015, the biggest jump of all six Australian cities represented. Canberra entered the London-based institute’s ranking of the top 50 cities for stude...

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One of Australia's biggest mistakes claims Canberra is "a huge mistake"

By 23 October 2009 96

Possibly Australia's worst ever Prime Minister, Paul Keating,  has slammed Canberra at a book launch claiming that "Canberra is of its essence a great mistake" and has suggested that Sydney or Melbourne should be the capital. Judging by his comments, he probably spent most of his time in Manuka so ...

Canberra Motorcycle Awareness Week

By 23 October 2009 24

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="600" caption="image of the 2008 Pink Ribbon Ride, sourced from the Got'M website. "][/caption]Canberra Motorcycle Awareness Week runs from the 24th to the 31st of October and is a joint initiative between the MRAACT (Motorcycle Riders Association of the AC...

Matthew Reilly book signing

By 23 October 2009 11

One of our literate readership pointed us in the direction of Dymocks ACT events page informing us that Australian action/thriller author Matthew Reilly will be in town doing some book signings this weekend. If you are unfamiliar with Mr Reilly's works ample info can be found on either of the ab...

ACT drivers

By 23 October 2009 120

I was driving around Canberra earlier this day, showing a friend from Victoria around the city. After about an hour of driving, he turned to me and said "Where are all the speed cameras?" I had to think for a while because I only knew the location of five, two on The Monaro Highway, One on Lany...

Canberra's car registration - the most expensive in Australia?

By 23 October 2009 32

I just received this year's rego bill; a whopping $853.00, which includes rego of $405.30 and Compulsory Third Party Insurance of $448.60. The fees seem to have increased by about $80.00 per year over the past few years. Ouch. A quick scan of other State's regos confirms that the ACT is, indeed, pa...

There has never been a better time to switch to solar power!

By 22 October 2009

Did you know that Canberra has Australia’s most generous solar power incentives available? Join thousands of Australian homes and businesses that are receiving the financial and environmental benefits from this renewable energy source. Find out how you can save up to $70,000* by installing ...

DIY weekend guide - 23-25 Oct 2009

By 22 October 2009 26

Well the Roller Derby is sold out (and I missed getting a ticket -grrr!) but what other wild, interesting and fun events are taking place in out fair city this weekend? We wont know unless you tell us....

Kambah High is Dead (as I knew it)

By 22 October 2009 13

The Kambah High School (KHS for the acronym inclined) has been demolished. Established in 1976, demolished in 2009. Kambah High school provided 'educational services' to the northern Tuggeranong area primarily. The school's established motto was "Participation, Excellence, Equity, Relevance and C...

Ralph Babe = ACT MLA Media Adviser???

By 22 October 2009 35

I was flicking through our local rag over breakfast where I noticed a wonderful piece in the Today' [21 Oct 2009] section where the new ACT Minister, has a media adviser who is a Ralph Babe... I'm sure young male journos will be falling over themselves to make it to those press conferences? Here'...

Who is allowed to block the roads?

By 22 October 2009 11

Is anyone with a flouro orange vest and a few flouro bollards allowed to block the roads in the ACT? I note that the lads building the spectacularly dull new block of flats in the Belco towncentre randomly block 2 lanes of traffic so that they can work on the building from an enormous cherrypicke...

Industrial paramedic?

By 21 October 2009 18

Recently - well for the last couple of months - I have noticed an unusual ambulance driving around Canberra and at the recent Floriade. It is marked as an "Industrial Paramedic" on the sides, and as an "ambulance" on the front. It is not an ACT Ambulance Service vehicle, nor that of another stat...

Fun and games to get government action on climate change

By 21 October 2009 10

[Ed] First filed here but now with more info GetUp! and have joined forces to hold events all over the planet on Saturday, 24 October. They want governments in every country to take action to keep our CO2 levels below 350ppm (parts per million) to prevent catastrophic climate change. D...

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