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Ask RiotACT: Looking for a lockup garage

By 2 July 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hello Everyone, I am looking for a lockup garage to do some woodwork over the next 4 or so months. I would preferably like somewhere that has lights and close to Lyneham. ...

Hobbs positive on Greens’ chances of taking ACT Senate seat

By 2 July 2016 1
christina hobbs

The Greens are currently poised to steal the ACT Senate seat out from under the feet of the Liberals Zed Seselja. Zed has been virtually absent from his electorate for the past...

Two extradited from NSW over aggravated robbery

By 1 July 2016
Police wrap

A 37-year-old man and a 28-year-old man have been extradited from Queanbeyan to face charges over an aggravated robbery at the Australia Post store in Fyshwick. At about 9.3...

Are you electing to party?

By 1 July 2016
don's party

After all the electioneering, the sloganeering, the cheering and the jeering, and having finally cast your vote this federal election, are you about ready to party? Thought so...

Zed campaigners post ‘rape joke’ about Greens candidate

By 1 July 2016 13
Offensive material

Supporters of ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja have attached to the dashboard of one of their campaign vehicles text on a photograph of his key opponent, Greens candidate Christ...

Village Building Co. chief Winnel retires, Doherty takes reins

By 1 July 2016
Doherty and Winnel

Bob Winnel, the founder and managing director of Canberra property development giant the Village Building Company, retired yesterday, handing the reins to a new Chief Executive O...

Dickson beyond the latest ACTPLA approval

By 1 July 2016 5

What does it take for the ACT Government to have vision for developments in and around my own suburb of Dickson?  I’ll get back to the question. On Thursday the planning ...

Ask RiotACT: Would you pay for this?

By 1 July 2016 13
Ask RiotACT

Back in 2014 we had some renovation work done on our house.  They ran out of materials and didn't return until 9 months later to finish it off. We knew full well we owed them ...

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Remembering Joe Cinque

By 26 October 2010 44

Let's not forget that 13 years ago tomorrow, in a duplex in Antill St Downer/Dickson, student Joe Cinque died at the hands of criminal narcissist law student Anu Singh - who got away scot free and failed to take responsibility to any degree. Joe Cinque's parents in Newcastle would probably like ...

ESA headquarters SNAFU?

By 26 October 2010 1

The ABC informsus that Canberra's ever-revolting ambulance officers are again kicking up about what they claim is a rushed move to transfer Emergency Services Authority headquarters from Curtin out to Fairbairn. The triple-0 communications centre is being moved from Curtin to a new facility at Fa...

Mediocrity, thy name is school

By 26 October 2010 153

I would have thought, with an Honours degree under my belt, and having started a PhD, that there would be nothing for me to learn from kindergarten. My eldest daughter started school this year, you see. Surely, with all that education, kindergarten in Canberra could offer me nothing more. ...

Rafe Morris, In song and story at The Street

By 26 October 2010 1

Rafe Morris has announced he is putting on a show to launch his new CD "Live on Air" with his new band "The Well Dressed". Featuring Rafe, Bec Taylor, Zach Raffan, Nicola Menser Hearn, Catherine Keely and Nick Peddle the band is something of a local super group. This from the media release...

Bureaucracy gone mad!

By 26 October 2010 47

I've finally had it with state bureacracies. My son (now 20) originally got his learners licence in NSW when he turned 16. He has worked full time since then so has not had a lot of time for lessons. He has moved state twice for his jobs during the last 5 years, once to Adelaide where he also obtain...

Parking availability Civic West side?

By 26 October 2010 30

Does anyone know of any free or reasonably priced all day parking around civic on the west side? My company has moved to Gould Street Civic....

Police shoot savage dogs in Macgregor

By 26 October 2010 131

[First filed: Oct 25, 2010 @ 11:47] [Photo of Ameristralian's injuries] A friend of mine had two savage stray dogs one a pit bull and the other a mastiff cornered in her backyard yesterday by the dog controllers. The two controllers were unable to get a hold of the dogs and the police wer...

The booming ACT economy

By 25 October 2010 8

Katy Gallagher is crowing about the latest Commonwealth Bank "State of the States" economic report: Key results for the ACT: -- Economic activity- the second best performance nationally, with the level of output in the June quarter 2010 27.5 per cent higher than its decade average level -- Un...

Greens moving to protect worker privacy

By 25 October 2010 1

The Greens' Amanda Bresnan has announced she's bringing the Workplace Privacy Bill into the Legislative Assembly: “New technology enables surveillance to become ever more pervasive, and this bill represents an important protection to Canberra workers’ privacy,” Ms Bresnan said. “Despit...

Anton Bruehl exhibition at the NGA

By 25 October 2010

The National Gallery have announced a new exhibition of works by Anton Bruehl: The first major retrospective of the photographs of Anton Bruehl, an Australian-born photographer whose work was once seen by millions but is now largely forgotten will open tomorrow at the National Gallery of Aust...

Mini-field of women on Mt Kosciuszko

By 25 October 2010 2

A small band of bushwalkers/snow-shoers from Canberra planted two mini-fields of women in Kosciuszko National Park to raise awareness of breast cancer yesterday. One mini field was planted near the Lookout above Thredbo and was attended by 11 people. The other planted at  the top of Mt K. itsel...

Behold! The Mully Cup

By 25 October 2010 82

[First filed: Oct 24, 2010 @ 19:01] In May we called for ideas for the Mully Cup. In memory (if not honour) of Justin "Mully" Williams who sparked 480 plus comments in his spectacular crime purging exit from this mortal coil the trophy has been awarded virtually four times so far. Each ...

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