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Do you feel safe walking at night?

By 23 October 2014 15

Something I’ve always attributed to a good lifestyle is being able to go for a walk at night and feel safe to do so. There’s nothing better sometimes than being able have d...

Local Leaders Jack Taylor (The Jack Taylor Group)

By 22 October 2014
jack taylor

Canberra entrepreneur Jack Taylor is proof that you don't need an MBA or years of experience to start a successful business (or four). The 22-year-old, who started his first...

Canberra Shenzhen intern program connects future innovation leaders

By 23 October 2014

A new StudyCanberra student intern program between Canberra and Shenzhen will attract the best and brightest students from Shenzhen to Canberra and will give local students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in Shenzhen, the home of a major technology company in the world, Chief Minister and M...

Tell us your ideas for better services in West Belconnen

By 23 October 2014

Do you use human services? Does the term 'human services' mean anything to you? It refers to the range of programs or supports that can respond to a person's needs and can include public/social housing, health and wellbeing, education, disability, childcare, care and protection and justice. Navi...

DESIGN Canberra festival to launch in November!

By 23 October 2014
DESIGN Canberra_CMYK_lockup

Save the date! DESIGN Canberra is a four-day festival held November 20- 23 celebrating and promoting Canberra’s vibrant and diverse design community. Explore a CBD reACTivate...

Local florist recommendation

By 23 October 2014 7

Hi Rioters. It is my mothers 50th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks. I'm looking at getting a variety of flower arrangements for a party we are organising. Does anyone have any florist recommendations?...

Owen Campbell at the Harmonie German Club this Friday – free entry

By 23 October 2014

The Harmonie German Club comes alive this Friday night with the awesomely talented Owen Campbell and we’re excited!! Owen Campbell, who started strumming a guitar when he ...

Witnesses sought to OConnor assault

By 23 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an assault which occurred at O’Connor shops yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, October 22). About 4.40pm, a 25-year-old woman was approached...

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Data Recovery services in Canberra

By 26 August 2009 20

I couldn't find via search that this has been asked before, so can anyone give me any advice on a good local service for data recovery services? I'm looking to get information off a formatted hard drive that was running Windows XP and has all the photos of my baby's first 8 weeks of life! There is o...

Are Canberrans a bunch of NIMBYs?

By 26 August 2009 50

There have been a couple of issues floating around recently which has made me realise just how anti-development Canberrans tend to be. First, there’s the immigration bridge which seems to be condemned as an ‘eyesore’, despite no firm design having been put forward; then there’s the new ASIO ...

The Edition

By 26 August 2009 11

'The Edition' on display at Megalo Gallery White books in a white room. Lots of them. This art exhibition at Megalo in Watson is at first quite mystifying. For his solo exhibition artist Nick Stranks has gone to a lot of trouble to cast a matched set of books in aluminium, bronze and plaster...

Poker machines, the money, and Labor

By 26 August 2009 55

[First Filed August 24, 2009] Poker machines are a strange game. In the long term, the only way to win is to not play. And yet, Canberra still gambled $56 every second last financial year, just on the pokies. Canberrans love sport, and Canberrans their Clubs, and Clubs help make the ACT be...

No Utilities Rent for Actew

By 26 August 2009 10

The ABC has this story on the Federal Court ruling that the ACT government cannot impose a utilities tax as its unconstitutional. Leaving a nice big $18 million hole in the budget surplus. Well done on Queanbeyan on questioning the imposition of these fees. My question is, does this tax have a ...

Digital radio unpossible in Canberra

By 25 August 2009 27

I’m not sure how many Canberrans care about radio, but I quite enjoy listening to the wireless. This is especially the case during the footy and cricket seasons where a bloke can go about his business in the shed with just the dulcit tones of his favourite sportscaster for company. So, the adve...

Pay up to see doc

By 25 August 2009 34

As sepi has alerted us, Ginnindera and Phillip medical centres are 'rolling back' thier bulk billing services. Children and pensioners will still be bulk billed, but everyone else will pay $30 - $40 for a consultation. Jon, Katy, Kevin, Nicola, anyone - please fix our health system! Doctors - ple...

Hargreaves kills fireworks now

By 24 August 2009 161

[First filed: August 24, 2009 @ 11:49] John Hargreaves has announced that, having last week murdered the Fringe Festival, he's killing off Queen's Birthday fireworks. Some days it seems as if the man gets up in the morning devoted to making Canberra a worse place to live. He is offerin...

Police Wrap - 24 August

By 24 August 2009 7

1. Road spikes catch teeny car thieves: ACT Policing officers were required to deploy road spikes in order to apprehend four juveniles in a stolen car on Saturday night (August 22). Around 10.40pm, Tuggeranong General Duties police on patrol in Barraclough Crescent, Monash, attempted a traff...

Working with Vulnerable People Checks

By 24 August 2009 12

The ACT Government is seeking community comment on a proposed system of background checking of people working with vulnerable people in the ACT. The ACT Minister for Community Services, Katy Gallagher MLA, released a discussion paper on A Working with Vulnerable People Checking System for the ACT i...

Half Price Gym Membership anyone?

By 24 August 2009 13

Ok, it may seem like I'm getting a little desperate here, but I just wanted to make a call-out to anyone out there that might be interested in getting some cheap(ish) gym membership. CISAC's Club Lime is offering a promotion at the moment of 2 for 1 Platinum membership. That is, instead of the...

Driving schools in Canberra? Any better than the others?

By 24 August 2009 20

Can anyone suggest a good driving school in Canberra?  A Google search just brings up a series of rather ugly websites that all claim to be the best or at least the most popular.  Should we just play it safe and go with the NRMA driving school?  Also, as the person learning is in his ...

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