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Negative ads drive voters to minor parties

By 28 June 2016 4

As we head into the final days of an election campaign, new research from the ANU has found negative political advertising is driving people to vote for minor parties and inde...

Alleged burglar caught in Forde backyard

By 28 June 2016
ACT Magistrates Court

A 19-year-old woman will face court today for property, burglary and assault offences after a resident caught her in his Forde back garden yesterday afternoon. About 3pm...

Best of Canberra: Café strips

By 28 June 2016 1
Bunda St

This week for Best of Canberra we have explored some of the city’s favourite café/restaurant/bar strips. Our hunt was for the best all-in-one spot to grab a bite to eat, a c...

Predictions for July 2 and beyond

By 28 June 2016 2
election vote

Next week it will all be over – temporarily. The 2016 Federal election has been a mild affair in the ACT and we can confidently predict all four sitting members will be re...

Ask RiotACT: Trees on Mr Fluffy blocks?

By 28 June 2016 4
Ask RiotACT

Hi all, I live close to a couple of Mr Fluffy blocks which I believe are due for demolition soon. They both have a few beautiful backyard trees a fair distance from the hous...

Canberrans, how does your garden grow?

By 28 June 2016

In this bush capital there is no shortage of thriving gardens, edible lawns or green-thumbed Canberrans. However, there might be a shortage of inexpensive and accessible short ...

Kangaroo dragged through streets

By 27 June 2016
Police wrap

Police are appealing for information after a kangaroo was allegedly attached to the back of a vehicle and driven through Goulburn. Officers located the animal at the interse...

Bad buffering

By 27 June 2016 13
NBNCo Palmerston 010

I was 11 years old when I bought my first computer. It was 1984, and the machine was a Mattel Aquarius. Rubber keys, cassette tape drive, less than 4 kilobytes of memory, and b...

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Where in Canberra can you get the best Greek Yoghurt?

By 17 October 2010 4

We have moved from interstate recently and have struggled to find a store/providore who sells tasty greek yoghurt with a variety of flavours. Any suggestions would be great?...

Police Wrap - 17 October 2010

By 17 October 2010 2

1. May as well tattoo "Born to lose" on his forehead: ACT Policing has arrested a 29 year-old male after a short pursuit in Lyneham early this morning (Saturday 16 October). Around 3.54am, police were conducting a patrol around Lyneham when they sighted a vehicle that had failed to stop earlie...

Murrays $15 CBR-SYD service under threat from Disability Lawsuit

By 17 October 2010 28

Yahoo7 news brings us the story of a woman who was refused travel on the Murrays service because none of their 'coaches' were low floor wheelchair accessible, nor did any have wheelchair lifts or some other provision for passengers in wheelchairs. "(I want) people to realise that legislation is i...

Mean Feet Brass Band at the Phoenix

By 17 October 2010

Mean Feet Brass Band will be playing the Phoenix next Sat Oct 23 from 8pm. Mean Feet is an 8-peice, accoustic brass and drums band playing raucous big-beat dance music. We'll also be featuring the Mean Feet Treats where players from the band show-off their special individual talents. ...

Images of Canberra - Late snow on the Brindies

By 16 October 2010 2

Dylan has sent in this picture of snow dusting the Brindabella Mountains this morning following the weird wild weather we've been having. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Should Graham Woolfe leave it on the ice?

By 16 October 2010 19

The Canberra Times has a story on the Woolfe family's crusade against injustice in ice hockey which has dragged in the police: Graham Woolfe claims the player from the Sydney club Canterbury received just a two-week ban for hitting both Mr Woolfe and his son, Jeremy, during what was supposed to b...

Possibility of getting a red light camera fine?

By 16 October 2010 35

Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone could give me advice on my worries that I might be getting a red light camera fine. I was driving across the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Barry Drive. When the traffic light turned amber, I was too close to the intersection and was unable to pull up...


By 16 October 2010 18

Heyy guys, the name's Leigh. I'm 11, yes thats right, but I really need someones help. The last two days on the way home from school (On my bicycle) I've been swooped and pecked at by male magpies. On the first day I was attacked by one but now I'm being attacked by the odd three.  It's tota...

Police Wrap - 16 October 2010

By 16 October 2010 4

1. And he thought he was sooo clever: About 8.00pm last night (Thursday October 14), police observed a dark blue coloured Holden Commodore sedan on Bunda Street in the City. The driver was pulled over by police and spoken to in relation to numerous traffic offences. A vehicle matching the desc...

Housing crisis call for help

By 16 October 2010 17

I moved to Canberra expecting boulevards, backyards and an easier, cheaper lifestyle, and I've found myself in the middle of a housing crisis. And it really is that - a crisis. Most of us simply can't afford to buy here and so we're trapped in the rental realm. With such a captive audience, most of ...

Can real estate agents fake counter-offers?

By 16 October 2010 14

I am trying to buy my first home and am at the mercy of what i suspect are dodgy real estate agents. In Canberra if I make an offer, and they say someone has made a higher offer, can I ask them to prove it? Or, are they bound by any laws to tell the truth about an offer?...

It's just that kind of day in Canberra

By 16 October 2010 36

[First filed: Oct 15, 2010 @ 13:23] It's pretty foul out there right now. (as warned) We've been advised of the following road closures: -- Oaks Estate Road -- Sunshine Crossing Road -- Bendora Dam Road -- Angle Crossing Road Also having been out with an umbrella I'd ask motorists...

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