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Doing hen’s nights right at QT Canberra

By 28 March 2015
QT Canberra pick up

When I think of hen's nights, I imagine fashioning wedding dresses out of toilet paper, eating cookies in the shape of male genitalia and drinking a lot of champagne (if only to ma...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Cherryripe Brasserie, Watson

By 28 March 2015

Recently having moved house, I have found myself in random suburbs that I would otherwise not spend much time in. Last week I found myself at ONA in Fyshwick. This week I was on...

Local sports club profile: Tuggeranong United Football Club

By 27 March 2015
Tuggeranong United junior football

Most suburban football teams would be intimidated by the prospect of playing against one of the country’s top A-League teams, but not Tuggeranong United Football Club (TUFC)....

Weekend garage sale guide (28th March)

By 27 March 2015

It’s garage sales galore this Saturday in Canberra, with second hand bargains for sale in suburbs including Yarralumla, Conder, Charnwood, Holt and Queanbeyan.  Southside...

A look around Canberra – Doing time in the Rivetto Ghetto

By 27 March 2015
photo 4

I maintain that Canberra is a well-kept secret (although I am told there are now license plates surfacing which say ‘ACT – it’s not as bad as you think’ in which case t...

Whats on this weekend? 28th and 29th March

By 26 March 2015 12

How is it almost the end of March? This month seems to have raced by, probably in part because the past few weekends have been jam-packed with festivals (Art Not Apart, You Are...

Why did Smiths Alternative really close?

By 25 March 2015 15

One of Canberra’s most loved performance venues announced last week that it would cease its operations indefinitely. This week, Smith’s Alternative is in receivership. The c...

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Oi Stanhope! How's the affordable accommodation working out for you?

By 15 February 2010 27

Every so often Our Chiefly Leader comes out and proclaims the wonders of his affordable housing programs. More often than not they mean a few lottery winners get a sweet deal and the rest of the populations has been further shafted. Last week the Canberra Times ran a story on the ANU's despera...

Canberra leading the way in green design

By 15 February 2010 28

Check this out for cutting edge urban design, a super-duper green development planned for our fair city which is aiming to be the pinnacle of green sustainable living in Australia. And how funky and futuristic does it look!! Very Pandora like even :) NewActon Nishi is currently being developed by...

Help finding someone who sells compost worms in Canberra

By 15 February 2010 11

Hi everyone, Not a particularly exciting post I know (especially after franks hyperdome car parking post).  But with the recent heat all the worms in one of my worm farms died. I went to my normal supplier in pialligo (first time in ages) and they don't seem to be there anymore :( Does anyone...

Statehood for ACT

By 14 February 2010 43

Is there a good reason we haven't become a State of Australia? If we did we'd get equal representation in the HoR and Senate and also prevent the Federal Government from flipping our laws as they see fit. The NT have already taken (apart from the failed referendum) big steps down this path. ...

Workers Compensation?

By 14 February 2010 24

A good friend of mine works for a government department here in Canberra which deals with people face to face daily. Recently, she was involved in a nasty incident in the workplace. An object was thrown at her by a disgruntled member of the public, resulting in  a trip to the hospital, a tetanus...

And then it rained - Just for us

By 14 February 2010 33

I'm meant to be moving house this weekend. And on Friday night one of my helpers broke his leg in two places training to be a rollerderby referee (which has to be the most ludicrously extreme way to get out of spending time with his girlfriend on Valentines Day I've ever heard of). So it's ha...

Trouble in Triathlon ACT?

By 14 February 2010 46

[First filed: Feb 11, 2010 @ 12:33] Just got this rather interesting email from the Triathlon ACT mailing list. Obviously a disgruntled ex-employeee, some interesting things raised though: UPDATE: Thanks to LegendLee for pointing out TACT's response, which some might read as a bit of a mea cu...

F*** YOU

By 14 February 2010 53

I am currently a parking attendant at the carpark at hyperdome and what you guys dnt understand is we have a job to do just like all you other people. exiting the carpark with out paying for your ticket is against the law just like any other store you go into. We do have cameras to get your registra...

Elizabeth Herfort - 1990 Inquest Info.

By 14 February 2010 8

Hi, I was reading all about Elizabeth's Dissappearance from Canberra 28 + yrs ago now and some of the posts mentioned a 1990 ACT Coroner's Inquest into her Disappearance as finding that she was presumed murdered. However, when I search for this document there is absolutlely no match for it to ...

Campbell's Crimes and Misdemeanors

By 13 February 2010 18

The issue about the development at the bottom of Blamey Crescent, isn't so much that it is "development" and heaven forbid, that Canberra should eschew any form of development - no matter how ugly. We are the nation's capital after all!  We wouldn't want to appear to be too hickish about issues ...

Undercover areas in Glebe Park?

By 13 February 2010 7

Can anyone please tell me if there is undercover areas in Glebe Park, apart from the gazebo?  Meant to have a bbq there today :( thanks...

ACTION Northside Bus Service... or lack of

By 13 February 2010 18

Lately I've noticed that the bus services for Dickson, Watson, Hackett and Ainslie haven't been running on time (or showing up at all) and are always overcrowded. I catch the number 2 and 39 and the last few days the number 2 has driven past half the stops on the route unable to pick up passengers b...

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