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Canberra 1959 - In Colour!

By 10 June 2009 28

Canberra 1959 - In Colour! [First filed: June 09, 2009 @ 10:47] Janed has been digitizing her father’s slides and sent in these ones for your enjoyment. They were taken in 1959 in Civic and on the top ...

Lies, damn lies, statistics, and worst of all health statistics

By 10 June 2009 3

So once again we enter the interminable world of health statistics with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare announcing the release of the Australian hospital statistics 2007–08. Health Minister Katy Gallagher would have us believe that the report card is straight A’s: The latest ...

Sometimes its about you

By 10 June 2009 72

The Canberra Times brings word of the end of an era in Canberra legal matters with Michael Firestone’s epic and voluminous disability complaint against the ANU finally being dismissed. Mr Firestone, a former PhD linguistics student, alleged the university discriminated against him when it kic ...

Police Wrap - 10 June

By 10 June 2009 37

Police Wrap - 10 June 1. Northbourne death: ACT Policing is investigating a collision in Braddon today (June 9) which resulted in the death of a male. About 6pm police attended Northbourne Avenue, Brad ...

Government caves on disability funding of private schools?

By 10 June 2009 15

Back at the end of April I was astonished that Steve Doszpot was pushing for the Government to take over the provision of disabilities in private schools. I went so far as to label it the most pointless whinge in history and this morning it appears I was wrong. I still maintain that for the long ter ...

Has anyone been called re government survey on Canberra sports facilities ie

By 10 June 2009 3

I was called yesterday and asked to complete a government survey on Manuka Oval and Canberra Stadium, now as I am a sporting fan I was happy to provide my views and found the survey quite interesting. Many of the questions were loaded towards a particular response (as per most surveys) and I found t ...

Mark Cormack gets snippy about the black texta

By 9 June 2009 27

The ABC reports that the ACT Health chief executive Mark Cormack has spat the dummy over the Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson’s suggestion towards the end of May, that FOI requests might be receiving politically sensitive handling. Mr Cormack has pointed to a press release issued by Liberal MLA ...

A Chance of Snow tonight

By 9 June 2009 52

The good folk at the Bureau of Meteorology have made the call: Scattered showers, falling as snow on the ranges and lowering to around 600 metres overnight, with the chance of some light snowfalls locally.  Fresh and gusty westerly winds. Time perhaps to crack out the mittens, warm up the gluhwein ...

Land tax mayhem

By 9 June 2009 5

I know that the budget is stressed and that Jon has maxed out the ACT credit cards but crikey!!! I purchased an investment property in the New Acton development and immediately received a Land Tax notice for $100,000.00 representing about 40% of the value of my investment. When I made enquiries wi ...

The words of the prophet are written on the junction boxes?

By 9 June 2009 17

The words of the prophet are written on the junction boxes? Someone’s been scrawling this on bits of urban infrastructure around town. Others will disagree but me, I want to say thank you. On the darker days I’ve found it somet ...

Hospital car park call in questioned

By 9 June 2009 7

The ABC brings word of some rowdiness in Assembly estimates hearings over the decision of the ACT Government to terminate the planning approval process for the new carpark at Canberra Hospital. Andrew Barr is refusing to have anything to do with the estimates committee but Katy Gallagher is defendin ...

Hairdressers specialising in Blonde?

By 9 June 2009 12

Hello, I know there was a recent ‘hairdressers’ post but I am hoping people might have a recommendation for a hairdresser that specialises in blonde? My wonderful hairdresser moved to Melbourne and I tried a new place over the weekend that I am less than impressed with – I have a ...

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