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Complaint against officer substantiated, investigation complete

By 17 September 2014

AFP Professional Standards (PRS) has completed an investigation into a complaint that an ACT Policing officer deployed Oleoresin Spray (OC) towards a tethered dog in a backyard during the course of a search warrant in May this year. Chief Police Officer for the ACT Rudi Lammers said that the com...

Tuggeranong’s FFA Cup journey ends but won’t soon be forgotten

By 17 September 2014 1

The Tuggeranong United coaching staff and reserve players laughed and smiled as they stood together on the sideline prior to kick-off. Their relaxed mood told the story well, and was befitting of the special occasion they were playing a part in. Tuggeranong, buoyed by its remarkable penalty sh...

EATology: the science of eating

By 17 September 2014

What do humans have in common with soil? How does soil health impact upon human health? Healthy soil grows healthy food, and healthy food makes for healthy people. We know that a vast amount of human health problems are related to diet, yet how often do we trace nutrition back to agricultur...

Nuclear Reprogramming: past, present and prospects – Public Talk, Sir John Gurdon

By 17 September 2014

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction but changing one kind of cell to act like another is nothing new. In fact, in some of the first experiments of their kind, our next public speaker Sir John Gurdon was able to do just that more than fifty years ago. This work with frogs was later used ...

Three national awards in a row for Hotel Realm

By 17 September 2014

Canberra’s best hotels and venues were honoured with national accolades at the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) National Awards for Excellence last night. Hotel Realm, ...

Trivia Night – Communities@Work

By 17 September 2014

When: Saturday  11 October 2014. 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start Where: The LAKE VIEW Room Tuggeranong Community  Centre 245 Cowlishaw St, GREENWAY ACT Why: To raise much needed funds for the Communities @ Work social programs. How: $20 per person - includes hot and cold snacks, drink, tea and coffe...

Should you quit sugar?

By 17 September 2014

Agave syrup, Xylitol, Stevia, Sugar, Honey, Maple Syrup, Coconut Sugar? What to choose? Well it depends on your health, weight, risk factors and whether you have food sen...

Stephen Cummings live at Smith’s – double pass to giveaway!

By 17 September 2014 1

Stephen Cummings is playing at Smith's on Friday night and we've got a double pass to giveaway! 2014 sees Stephen release his first album for three years, ‘Nothing to be f...

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Best Kangaroo Steak in Canberra?

By 9 November 2008 21

Hi everyone - in order to make good on a promise to an American colleague, I was hoping to get some recommendations as to restuarants serving good kangaroo steak in Canberra. So... any suggestions? Any favourites? Any to watch out for? Thanks, fellow rioters! PS> Feel free to make rud...

McFatty Day?

By 9 November 2008 131

  The McHappy Day "Fundraiser of the Year"? Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to support seriously crook kids and their families. And this Saturday (15 November), Maccas are again doing McHappy Day to raise funds for their Ronald McDonald houses.It works is like this.  You shove...

After Dinner by Andrew Bovell - At the Belconnen Theatre

By 9 November 2008

Desperate, dateless and deranged... Five desperately lonely singles head out in search of a good night out. As the evening unfolds, inhibitions and social restraint are abandoned, exposing the foibles, pain and humour of the characters' inner lives. In this hilarious Australian comedy from the ma...

John and Marianne on 2XX - Talking the RiotACT episode 12

By 8 November 2008 8

For those who missed it live, the downloadable version of 2XX’s RiotACT segment featuring your’s truly and Marianne Mettes is now available. To catch it live tune in at 5pm on Friday afternoons on 2XX, 98.3FM....

The red man of Dickson

By 8 November 2008 11

Last Sunday I headed to the Hall markets and on the way spotted what appeared to be a street performer at the Dickson intersection of Northbourne and Antill – in the middle of Northbourne next to where the southbound traffic stops at the lights. He was wearing red stockings on his legs, arms an...

Raunch - your chance to submit

By 8 November 2008 13

The things that drift across my desk would curl your hair. From the Facebook event page: A call is going out to all Masters and Slaves, Doms and Subs, Daddies, Dominatrix, Leather Men, Sex Pigs and others in the art of fetish to the Raunch Dance Party at Cube Nightclub. Come and show C...

So which supermarket has the cutest checkout boys?

By 8 November 2008 30

Inspired by a conversation I vaguely remember from last night, and in an effort to give the long suffering women of RiotACT a chance to be just like the men, I now ask the question... Which supermarket in Canberra has the cutest checkout boys? I've been told that Dickson Woolies rates pretty w...

Michael Cooney hears the call of the Barr?

By 8 November 2008 9

The Per Capita website tells us that the former Canberra resident Michael Cooney is Per Capita's, Policy Director and includes the following exciting information: From January 2002 Michael worked on the staff of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party for five years, including three years as Prin...

November notices

By 8 November 2008

Notices appear once a week and aggregate through the month. You can send them in via out contact form. --- 8 November: A racegoer notes: Found at Melbourne Cup Races at Thoroughbred Park - A silver Canon digital camera. I found a camera on a table near the end of the grassed area of ...

Real estate predictions, anyone?

By 7 November 2008 34

We are in the position of having bought a new house before starting to sell our old one. We were happy to do things this way - we waited a very long time before finding precisely the property we wanted, and did not want to take the chance of losing it while waiting for our house to sell. Unf...

Comrades! The plastic bag reduction target is -80%

By 7 November 2008 51

Simon Corbell has celebrated his return to power by announcing he wants to see a reduction of plastic bag use of 80% in the next year. To achieve this Simon is planning "a range of measures", the only one of which he names is a 10c levy on plastic bags. Now here's a question, will this include...

The Allstars Acoustic Festival

By 7 November 2008 16

[First filed: November 03, 2008 @ 10:48] [As a Foundation Sponsor of the Canberra Musicians Club, The Riot Act has two single pass tickets to give away to Riot Act Premium members. Email here to go in the draw to win, entries close 5pm, Friday 31 October] November marks the start of the A...

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