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Best of Canberra Taste Off – Meat Pies

By 22 December 2014 1

There was quite a lot of debate when the call went out for Canberra’s best pies last week, with over 10 different bakeries and cafes being nominated. Based on most popular I f...

Review: when poetry becomes music

By 22 December 2014
T.S 1

Ex-Canberra theatre teacher’s Ernie Glass’ Tales of Ordinary Madness and T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land presented by Mad As Productions. A young and vibrant Cassie Brizzi ...

Most loved South Coast beaches: Which is your favourite?

By 22 December 2014 3
best south coast beaches

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s almost time for Canberrans to make their annual exodus to the South Coast for a good dose of sun, sea and greasy takeaway. For ...

Christmas Time – Hey! Wait a Minute!

By 22 December 2014

Christmas is here yet again. Peace and goodwill to all, presents everywhere, food from one end of the house to the other, squealing kids and snoring dads. The smell of Christm...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: A.BAKER, NewActon Pavillion

By 20 December 2014 4

My day job sees me frequenting A.BAKER ... once ... more like twice a day. I am always experiencing food envy at 9am when I am waiting for my extra hot skinny latte. Eye-catching b...

House catches alight after lightning strike

By 22 December 2014 2

Multiple fire crews are fighting a house fire in Dunlop believed to be caused by a lightning strike. ACT Fire & Rescue were alerted to the incident in Menzel Crescent at 2:42pm and responded immediately with three fire pumpers and a commander. Update to follow. (ESA Media Release)...

Best Child Access Lawyer Needed ASAP

By 22 December 2014 2

Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of a really good Lawyer in the ACT for Family law. I need the best !! I have had restrictions of my child access placed on me si...

Is Ginger Gorman leaving 666 ABC?

By 22 December 2014 1

Hi Rioters, Does anyone know if Ginger Gorman is leaving 666 ABC? There were a few people talking about it on social media over the weekend. I'm assuming if it is true it...

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Info that leads to a conviction is going to get you a $500.00 gift voucher fr

By 24 January 2009 5

Email sent to Nitrodude customers Hi Folks, We had some losers break into the shop at 1:30am today.... Yawn...been a long day.. Should anyone become aware of a 'bargain' on ebay or down the pub, Please let me know... These are the items that were stolen... Align KX018001TA T-REX 700 Nitr...

WIN shows you the news, then the CT tells you about it

By 23 January 2009 27

Now here's a peculiar thing. WIN News have added a segment (meaning they've bumped either an ad or their own content) wherein the Canberra Times tells you about things that are going to be in the paper tomorrow. I'd be fascinated to hear which way, if at all, the dollars are flowing on thi...

More butts out windows... (another rant)

By 23 January 2009 35

3.40pm this afternoon, my wife and I were driving down College Street, and pulled up behind a dark blue Pulsar (or similar car), the mid 20's female driver and passengers puffing away on cigarettes... of course, the inevitable happened, as the lights turned green and the car started off, the driver ...

Forestry protestors to make Kate Lundy do some work

By 23 January 2009 17

Help save the Upper Florentine - Forestry Tasmania is smashing into Pristine Wilderness RIGHT NOW!!!! At the heart of Tasmania's Southern Forests, wild rivers flow through valleys containing forests which evolved from the ancient continent of Gondwanaland. In the valleys of the Styx, UpperFlorent...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 23 January

By 23 January 2009 32

[First filed: January 22, 2009 @ 08:43] OK hive minders, it's time to get busy like the bees and post information about fun events on this weekend in the comments. Mmmmm Honey! ...

Police Wrap - 23 January

By 23 January 2009

1. Misbehaving police staff: A 25-year old Holt man has been arrested and charged with stalking and possession of anabolic steroids. The man was a staff member of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and his arrest was the result of an internal investigation. He has been suspended from dutie...

The corner of Doonkuna and Donaldson Streets

By 23 January 2009 32

So here's a question for our resident panel of traffic experts. What do these funny painted pseudo islands in Braddon actually mean? There are no signs saying "No Right Turn" and many people continue to turn right at this intersection as the whim takes them. So is it just a gentle hint?...

The Ripe Collective - Exhibition 2

By 23 January 2009

Greetings Ladies and Gents, The Ripe Collective wish to invite you to attend the Opening of Exhibition 2 – Inaugural  Group Show, featuring DJ SEAN KELLY from EXPOSED When:-     Friday 23rd Jan - 7pm Where:-    PARVAIZ CAFE-GALLERY & BAR, Minter Ellison Bld, 25 National Circuit...

Would you like advice from the ACT Government on how to run a business?

By 23 January 2009 16

Chief Minister Stanhope is offering free business advice! "Every business operator is feeling the impact of the global economic downturn. The Business Health Checks program is another free service to be offered by CanberraBusinessPoint, and adds to the comprehensive suite of advisory and mentorin...

Hard work cleaning up after the storm

By 23 January 2009 37

Good blow last night eh? Sky turning weird colours, clouds straight out of a Spielberg movie, continuous rolling thunder, sheets of rain roping in from all angles. Who could ask for more? But there's a downside to such entertainment. The ACT Emergency Services Agency has pushed out a note on t...

Power station #2 rumbles into gear

By 23 January 2009 23

The Canberra Times reports that ACTEW has started buying up the land for their as yet unapproved power station near Williamsdale. At a proposed 500MW this is a much bigger beast than the 210MW data centre jobbie which has caused so much trouble near Macarthur. West Belco next?...

Mick Millett jumps to the ABC, Canberra Times job opens up again

By 23 January 2009 10

Who's going to run Canberra's biggest (by far) media organisation? The SMH Deputy Editor Mick Millett was considered a shoe-in. My mail was that he'd even started looking for real estate here in Canberra. He can't have liked what he saw. Crikey's reporting that he's gone to the ABC instead. ...

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