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Ask RiotACT: Watering system / irrigation setup

By 25 June 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hi Rioters. I purchased a house about 6 months ago. It has large established gardens. There was an existing watering system and a large underwater tank. I had a plumber com...

Coward punch puts victim in hospital

By 24 June 2016
Police wrap

Police are seeking to identify three men over a ‘coward punch’ assault that occurred in Civic in the early hours of Sunday 12 June. At about 3.55am, a male was assaulted...

Update | Rural road closures in ACT

By 24 June 2016
road closed detour

Motorists and other road users are advised of the following rural road closures due to the recent wet weather and snow. Roads and crossings closed: Sunshine Crossing A...

More to do on affordable housing

By 24 June 2016 8

Housing affordability remains a hot topic with most Australians. And rightly so, given the fundamental human right for safe and secure housing. I have previously written abo...

Ask RiotACT: School disco DJ

By 24 June 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hi all. I'm trying to find a DJ for my sons 12th Birthday. There is one that has been recommended to me but nobody knows how to contact him. He is "DJ CLIFF". He plays at some ...

Take your dog to work day

By 24 June 2016 8
dog in the office

Today is International Take Your Dog to Work Day when employers are asked to open their doors to pet dogs to promote the benefits of pet ownership and encourage animal adoption...

ANU welcomes collaborative cyber facilty

By 23 June 2016 4

The Australian National University will collaborate with the Australian government on a new facility to help grow Australia’s cyber-security workforce and the so-called STEM...

No monopolies on bigotry in election lead-up

By 23 June 2016 25
Christina Hobbs

“I believe human life begins at conception,” the Liberal Senator said quietly. Zed Seselja’s response was the last in a line of ACT Federal election candidate answers ...

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Kambah High is Dead (as I knew it)

By 22 October 2009 13

The Kambah High School (KHS for the acronym inclined) has been demolished. Established in 1976, demolished in 2009. Kambah High school provided 'educational services' to the northern Tuggeranong area primarily. The school's established motto was "Participation, Excellence, Equity, Relevance and C...

Ralph Babe = ACT MLA Media Adviser???

By 22 October 2009 35

I was flicking through our local rag over breakfast where I noticed a wonderful piece in the Today' [21 Oct 2009] section where the new ACT Minister, has a media adviser who is a Ralph Babe... I'm sure young male journos will be falling over themselves to make it to those press conferences? Here'...

Who is allowed to block the roads?

By 22 October 2009 11

Is anyone with a flouro orange vest and a few flouro bollards allowed to block the roads in the ACT? I note that the lads building the spectacularly dull new block of flats in the Belco towncentre randomly block 2 lanes of traffic so that they can work on the building from an enormous cherrypicke...

Industrial paramedic?

By 21 October 2009 18

Recently - well for the last couple of months - I have noticed an unusual ambulance driving around Canberra and at the recent Floriade. It is marked as an "Industrial Paramedic" on the sides, and as an "ambulance" on the front. It is not an ACT Ambulance Service vehicle, nor that of another stat...

Fun and games to get government action on climate change

By 21 October 2009 10

[Ed] First filed here but now with more info GetUp! and have joined forces to hold events all over the planet on Saturday, 24 October. They want governments in every country to take action to keep our CO2 levels below 350ppm (parts per million) to prevent catastrophic climate change. D...

The Lakeside Players present Moliere's "The Miser"

By 21 October 2009

 The Lakeside Players are a troupe of Lake Tuggeranong College graduates, who have mentored the college's students in their drama productions for the past five years. They will now perform together for the first time in Moliere's 'The Miser' – a story of love and deception told with wit, char...

Mow your verge

By 21 October 2009 67

Gungahlin Community Council is starting to get a number of complaints about overgrown grass on roadside verges in suburban areas. After several years of not much rain, it seems that many of us have forgotten a few things about grass. So for those with short memories, here are the key points: 1...

Thanks a bunch for the timely info - curtain dude!

By 21 October 2009 5

About eight weeks ago we received a (very reasonable) quote for honeycomb blinds from a largish Canberran blind and curtain company. The blinds were installed yesterday and they look fabulous ... no complaints there. I got a bit excited when the installation dude mentioned that we can apply for ...

Does anyone know what happened in Page last night?

By 21 October 2009 3

I have heard on the news and subsequently seen in the paper news of a shooting in Page last night.  Apparently a fellow was shot in the face but escaped with grazes (It would still suck).  Anyone know anymore about this? [Ed] The CT have this story about it....

Got any weed man?

By 21 October 2009 5

An interesting advert popped up in Craig's List and I just thought some Rioters may be able to help, or comment. [Ed] Below is the text in question in case it disappears, and no, RiotACT doesn't approve but thought others might like the chance to comment on the Craigslist item. You got any.......

What Magpies Swoop

By 21 October 2009 39

In an effort to stop cyclists wearing the silly cable ties on their helmets which have become all the rage for the last 3 years some members of the CSIRO have done an exhaustive study on what magpies will swoop. But the law says you still have to wear a helmet....

Firefighting Cows

By 20 October 2009 5

Prime have this funny little story on the cows who are being put out to pasture in order to conduct fuel removal and help prevent bushfires this season. I think its a great idea, but I'm sure there is someone out there who will come up with a reason why this is a bad thing. Plus once you start...

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