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A Look Around Canberra: Turner

By 28 November 2014

This is the first instalment of RiotACT's newest weekly series: A Look Around Canberra (unless I think of a better name...). Each week I'll take a look at a different suburb an...

Could these be the best vegan and paleo cupcakes in Canberra?

By 28 November 2014
A&E Cupcake Mixed box

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? Even if you’re vegan, paleo or gluten free (and these days, who isn’t?), there’s a lot to like about a freshly-baked cupcake with lashi...

Cowards at the Keyboard

By 28 November 2014 1

Before the anonymity of the internet, if a person had a view and wanted it expressed, they had to write to a newspaper, call into a radio station or stand on a soap box. But th...

Canberras Indie Game Developers Celebrated this Saturday at iFEST

By 28 November 2014

iFEST indie games festival is happening in Canberra this Saturday, November 29th . The free festival is now in its fourth year and is set to showcase the work of Canberra’s most promising independent game developers. iFEST provides the opportunity to game developers working without major stud...

7.30 ACT what to expect from tonight’s program

By 28 November 2014 1
Lyndal Curtis

7.30 ACT on the ABC Friday November 28th The penultimate program. ThroughCare - a program for prisoners both during incarceration and after – cutting recidivism rates....

Ambos reunite with baby that couldnt wait

By 28 November 2014

The ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) has today reunited with a family in less stressful circumstances following the birth of a baby girl on the roadside in Gungahlin. “It is not uncommon for the ACTAS to be called to pre-hospital baby deliveries and I am pleased to say that dad has managed the sit...

Do you know this man?

By 28 November 2014

ACT Policing is investigating an incident of a stolen credit card that was used around the Duffy and Curtin area on Friday 31 October. ACT Policing were notified of the sto...

Justice Crew headlines 2015 National Multicultural Festival

By 28 November 2014

Chart-smashing Australian group Justice Crew and exciting new British funk and soul sensation Z-Star are among the headline acts for the 2015 National Multicultural Festival, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Joy Burch announced today. “One of the great things about our National Multicultural...

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Drinking Fountain Street?

By 9 January 2009 16

A very odd observation from downtown Civic. A new "street sign" has appeared at the intersection of Hobart Place and London Circuit in Civic. The sign - in a format completely identical to other street signs in Civic - simply, and enigmatically, reads: "Drinking Fountain". As it is identi...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 9 January

By 9 January 2009 30

[First filed: January 08, 2009 @ 09:36] Well, I'm sure there's more options than the solitary one suggested by the pillar... What's worth heading out to see and do this weekend? Knock yourselves out in the comments. ...

Public Housing tenants happier! More included! Hooray!

By 9 January 2009 16

John Hargreaves is cracking open the bubbly after the latest Housing ACT Client Satisfaction Survey showed a happy bunch of campers in public housing. ""I am delighted with the results of the 2008 Client Satisfaction Survey which show overall satisfaction with Housing ACT has increased from 68% t...

Outdoor basketball courts in Belco area?

By 9 January 2009 17

Anyone know of an outdoor basketball court in the Belconnen region with public access? Any information will be contributing greatly to me getting off my arse and getting regular exercise. Sorry for the mundane post Rioters, but short of driving around schools emitting carbon and looking like a...

Ambulance service asks you not to be stupid

By 9 January 2009 61

The ABC brings word that a five year old had to be rescued from a baking car yesterday (presumably before winter returned). This has prompted the ambulance service to ask people not to lock kids in cars on hot days. Apparently leaving the window cracked open is not good enough. If only you cou...

Alice Cottee makes a move into the Fringe

By 9 January 2009 21

The interesting bit of any arts festival is generally the "fringe". In Canberra the Fringe now appears to be a wholly independent entity going by the name of "Fringe 09" and even I can barely remember what it's a fringe of. In any event Fringe Director Jorian Gardner has announced that the ir...

How many mowers for one small park?

By 9 January 2009 38

I was amazed this morning by the spectacle of a small park in Ainslie getting mowed. Not that the mowing was taking place. Ainslie is much better serviced than, say, Macquarie. But that one tiny park was being mowed by five (one, two, three, four, FIVE) ride on mowers. They had to stay ...

Mark Parton channelling the parrot's malignant brain?

By 9 January 2009 54

Sweet holy jesus. Check out this rant from near-run ACT political candidate and 2CC morning presenter Mark Parton. Here's some of my favourite highlights: The youth of our nation are out of control. The jackass generation who believe that it's really funny when someone else gets hurt have n...

The first HMAS Canberra in colour

By 9 January 2009 28

The all-seeing eye of RiotACT spotted a new blog entry on the first HMAS Canberra, lost at the Battle of Savo Island and now a good chunk of the iron in the Iron Bottom Sound. The entry isn't remarkable for it's information, the wikipedia entry has much more. But I've never seen such a good c...

More stupid undergraduate degrees from our universities

By 9 January 2009 59

The Canberra Times has a piece on moves by ANU and UC to offer ever more specialised "degrees" to students fresh out of year 12. ANU's proudly touting a "Bachelor of Genetics" for future paternity testers to spend three years working towards. Meanwhile UC is promising a "Bachelor of Urban and Reg...

Our taxes at work at Summernats - the Australian "Armygeddon"

By 9 January 2009 28

Rare Spares Australia has given us this peek into the the Defence Force's presence at the summernats - The Australian Regular Army has released or should I say unleashed it's latest recruiting tool - Armygeddon. A Blown 7Ltr 6 wheel drive landrover that produces 700 HP and can do 6,5,4,3 an...

Slow Internet Access since Christmas?

By 9 January 2009 33

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the very slow internet browsing speeds that have plagued some Canberra ISPs since just after Christmas? At least two ISPs that seem to be affected are iiNet and Optus. There are Whirlpool threads on this here and here. Theories range from secret gove...

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