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ACT electorate redistribution proposal unveiled

By 31 March 2015
electoral redistribution proposal

The ACT Redistribution Committee has today announced its proposed redistribution of the ACT into five electorates. Currently the ACT has three electorates: The electorat...

The Battlefield Challenge comes to Canberra

By 31 March 2015

The paintball grounds in Pialligo were filled with people in camouflage gear and carrying plastic guns for Operation Blackhawk “Battlefield Challenge” over the weekend. ...

Addictive prescription drug use in Canberra

By 31 March 2015

Every day, general practitioners in Canberra are confronted with patients asking, often pleading, for drugs of addiction. The two most sought-after drugs of addiction are th...

Is Manuka dying?

By 31 March 2015 6

The shops at Manuka in Canberra's inner south have always been a hive of activity. The first work started there in the late 1930s and by the 1960s the shops were flourishing w...

Best of Canberra – Sushi

By 31 March 2015 4
sushi platter

Exciting times for me this week. I'm filling in for the Best Of Canberra series while Bec is on holidays - lucky thing! I now have an excuse to eat all in the name of work. ...

Alexander Maconochie Centre a complex challenge

By 30 March 2015 6

I have written many times on corrective services in relation to rehabilitative and restorative processes, and the lack of them, concerning offenders and victims. Perhaps it ...

Ram raid at Gungahlin

By 31 March 2015 1
g ram raid

ACT Policing is investigating a second aggravated burglary in which a stolen vehicle has been used to force entry inside a shopping centre, and also used to force entry to an arcad...

The Awesome Adventure Holiday Drama Workshop 7-12yrs

By 31 March 2015
canberra youth theatre

The air is crisp, the leaves are a rainbow of colours and we can see winter poking her head around the corner... it must be AUTUMN!! Canberra Youth Theatre has decided to ce...

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Two 20 metre high granite structures for the Gallipoli Reach

By 2 March 2009 36

[First filed: February 26, 2009 @ 17:26] The SMH reports on new plans for specific memorials to the two world wars of the 20th century. The design will see two 20 metre-high granite structures constructed near the stretch of Lake Burley Griffin's northern foreshore known as Gallipoli Reach...

We're not snobs - UC

By 2 March 2009 16

The ABC has a piece on some hoo haa with the University of Canberra copping stick in a recent study for not enough "students from low socioeconomic backgrounds". The university makes a very good point that the only thing the research has measured is postcodes....

The casino gets a failing grade

By 2 March 2009 26

The all seeing eye has noticed an outsider's view of our casino: the Entrance of the casino was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo superrrrr ??? can! gosh. unlike the grand entrance of Starcity… Casino of Canberra.. look.soo.. dodgy! even the carpark is rather empty! gosh! i was still worried ...

CPSU and Labor affiliation

By 2 March 2009 15

The Liberal Senator Gary Humphries is very helpfully offering advice to the Community and Public Sector Union on their plans to affiliate with the Labor party: “The whole affiliation exercise is misconceived, and many CPSU members know that. “Members expect that their union will fight for...

CAT EMPIRE @ the Royal Theatre

By 2 March 2009 13

Got out to the "revamped" Royal Theatre last night for the Cat Empire, supported by Paprika Balkanicus.  Quite a piss poor turnout, possible a third full, but obviously many possible attendees out at Corinbank.  Hadn't see the Empire since a red hot show 18 months ago in Adelaide, and my take was ...

When traffic lights go out, why doesn't anyone know?

By 2 March 2009 12

I was coming out of Calvary Hospital onto Haydon Dr. at 8.30pm on Sat. night and then turning right onto Belconnen Way. There were 16 000 people at a Brumbies match just up the road.  The lights to get onto Haydon Dr from Calvary were totally nonfunctional, as were the lights at the major Haydon/Be...

International Alliance of Guardian Angels Canberra calls for volunteers

By 2 March 2009 40

The A.C.T. Chapter of the International Alliance of Guardian Angels is calling for volunteers who are prepared to give their time to help make Canberra a safer place. With a variety of programs including Street Safety Patrols, Youth and anti-bullying programs, Teacher training programs and even graf...

Victorian Bushfires Benefit Concert

By 2 March 2009 17

In review: Bands - great. Turnout - rather average. Volume - just a bit too loud to hear myself think. I understand a bit of money was raised and all worked out well. ED - Farnarkler sent in another view which I've appended here: The setup there assumed a couple of thousand wou...

The most disgusting person in Canberra

By 2 March 2009 44

There is someone, someone who I presume is literate, has good choice in books, and who is sufficiently able as to visit the library. This person, believe it or not has the most disgusting perversion I have ever come across(and that's saying something.) This person takes books out of the library, ...

ACTEW reduces water use targets

By 1 March 2009 20

In the face of Canberra residents who have continually failed to meet recent water targets, ACTEW have announced they will reduce the daily water use target over autumn to just 112ML. Going by the last few winters, I reckon we'll have a very dry winter and completely blow the target set by ACTEW. Ma...

Power brown-out in the city?

By 1 March 2009 11

Did anyone else have a power brown out this morning (around 12.30am I think)? Our whole block in the city seems to have had a momentary drop in power. ...

Aussie Junk or Revolve?

By 1 March 2009 19

Having some rilly, rilly good junk to get rid of, I need guidance as to the more worthy of the two contenders. I would appreciate the opinions of the assembled multitude. [ED (Kramer) - For those of you a bit behind on your Canberra recycling history, check these previous stories about Revolve...

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