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What’s on this weekend? 23rd and 24th August 2014

By 22 August 2014

As we approach our penultimate Winter weekend, there is plenty going on in the Capital. Suggestions from some of our team: Amy Birchall is indulging her not-so-inner nerd...

The Importance of Being Earnest – Canberra Theatre Centre (Review)

By 22 August 2014 1

The Importance of Being Earnest can feel like fairy floss: sweet, yes, but when you start to pull it apart it becomes insubstantial. The play is an outright farce and this prod...

David Eastman’s murder conviction quashed

By 22 August 2014 11

David Eastman is set to be released from prison after his murder conviction was quashed in the supreme court today. The Director of Public Prosecutions must now decide whether Eastman will be hauled back before a jury for another trial. Holding an effective retrial could prove near impossible ...

Corin Forest snow report

By 22 August 2014

Corin Forest has a deep cover over the snow play area, up to 1.4m deep in parts, which means plenty to play in. There were a few nights of snow making during the week topping u...

Kingsford Smith School reviews?

By 22 August 2014

Hello all, I am seeking reviews on the Kingsford Smith School. Please help! This is our PPA school, but I have a few reservations about sending my little one there. Any info, thoughts, reviews would be GREAT! Don't hold back. Can also include thoughts on surrounding schools (within 5-10km)....

A Canberra Sunday tradition marks 20 years

By 22 August 2014

Canberra's Old Bus Depot Markets are celebrating 20 very successful years in operation next month. They will mark the occasion on Sunday 14 September. “The Old Bus Depot ...

The Deck at Regatta Point

By 22 August 2014 2

I am looking to book "The Deck at Regatta Point" for a function. The most recent reviews on RIOTACT are from 2011 and they are pretty woeful (actually, truly woeful). Has anyone been there lately? I have heard that it has changed hands, and seeing that my function will mainly have interstate vis...

Analysing the New ACTION Network – Part 2

By 22 August 2014 5

This is the second of my three part series looking at the ACTION network 14. My first post focused on changes north of the lake. This write up focuses on changes Southside. P...

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police go a hunting...

By 15 October 2008 28

Anyone have any idea what the police were doing in the scrub at the back of Orana, near the parkway today? Looked like they were looking for something pretty important - 3 cars there....

Are you going to Tharwa Fair?

By 15 October 2008

Some big anniversaries down Tharwa way, and a shiny new bridge to get there for the Fair....

Another bad case for the Scouts

By 15 October 2008 68

The ABC has a bad story for the local Scouting movement with a 21 year old Banks man fronting the court "facing a number of charges including five counts of sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16 and two of possessing child pornography" Apparently he met the girls through a scouts g...

Candidate Questionaires for 15 October

By 15 October 2008 20

The following responses in so far today to your questions in the 2008 candidate questionaire: -- Norvan Vogt, Community Alliance Party for Molonglo...

Canberra - the perfect location for a zombie movie?

By 15 October 2008 20

Monkeybizness is suggesting that Canberra would make an excellent location for making a Zombie flick. "If I ever make a post-apocalyptic zombie flick - and I intend to - It will definitely be set in Canberra. I’m going to get public servants to play zombies, they’re perfect for the role. They...

One laptop per child and you

By 15 October 2008 11

Dear Canberra, Computer Assistance Support & Education (CASE) is a non-profit organisation that was formed to assist Australian community organisations in making better use of information technology. We accomplish this through education, advocacy and technical support relevant to the spec...

Something for the Cotter freaks

By 15 October 2008 12

ACTEW are running a competition for who has the most bucolic memories of hanging out at the Cotter: Entries are encouraged from across the community. To enter, draw, paint or write in 100 words a response to one of the following: • What object would you place in a time capsule in the new Cot...

Cook Community Blue Sky Kite Festival

By 15 October 2008 4

I've lived in Cook for almost 3 years now and I'd say the biggest thing to happen to the local community in recent years has been the closing of the local school. Something I noted more because my 2yo was enrolled there at the time it got shut down & I was faced with prospect of having to thi...

Candidates' websites - October 2008

By 15 October 2008 144

[First filed: October 13, 2008 @ 23:43] Candidate websites are in decline. Politicians seem to have realised that the web is hostile territory where people won't always say what you want them to say. Much safer to stick to older school media where opinion can be safely bought and sold, to...

Weaving the Australian Tapestry

By 15 October 2008

Hi all, From 6.30 this Friday night at the National Library there's a free talk by Linda Burney, which she's called "Weaving the Australian Tapestry: building a society of 'beauty rich and rare' from threads of harmony and contradiction." Link is here:

RiotACT Sim Challenge Round 12 - Dr. Luciano Lombardo, Pangallo Independents

By 15 October 2008 16

"The perfect metaphor for Canberra" was how The Australian described the RiotACT Sim Challenge. The 12th and final instalment of the challenge is taking place this Thursday night at All Bar Nun in O'Connor. If you've been meaning to come along to one of these, this is your last chance. Jesu...

Election wrap - 15 October

By 15 October 2008 69

Roadside: Megan Doherty in the Canberra Times is weirdly excited by finding David Morgan skulking by his signs on Yamba drive rather than doing the hard yakka of door knocking. --- Buses to Quangers: The ABC reports that Deane's Transit Group wants to know what the parties will do for th...

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