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Does Canberra have too many coffee shops?

By 7 July 2015 6

There's no doubt Canberrans love their coffee. A new cafe pops up every five minutes, and research published by Roy Morgan earlier this year found that 68 per cent of us had vi...

Best of Canberra – Fresh produce

By 7 July 2015 4

My dad grew up on an orange farm and has instilled in me a love for only the freshest and in season fruit and vegetables. There is just something so satisfying about biting int...

Win a double pass to Tim Rogers this Thursday night

By 7 July 2015

With a career now motoring along in its third unique decade, TIM ROGERS remarkable resume encompasses the world of music, film, television and stage. See him perform all the be...

5 unmissable views for those new to Canberra

By 7 July 2015 5

I don't know what it is about looking out over a city from its highest points, but it gets me going. This week I set out to find Canberra's top five unmissable views - and discove...

Vice City Players present the inaugural ACT Pinball Championship

By 7 July 2015
2015 ACT pinball championship update 1

Vice City Players warmly welcome all to the inaugural ACT Pinball Championship. It's gonna be cold outside but the competition inside will be hot! This bash will run over tw...

Where can I find good coffee in Belconnen?

By 7 July 2015

I've recently started working in Belconnen and I'm yet to find a really great coffee shop nearby. Any suggestions? I really liked Lava when I worked in Phillip, as well as T...

Does anyone know what happened to Cafe Bamboo in Braddon?

By 6 July 2015 2

My wife and I had a favourite Chinese restaurant, Cafe Bamboo, on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. It was forced to close as their building was demolished to make way for new apartm...

String of aggravated burglaries over weekend

By 6 July 2015

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to three aggravated burglaries in Wanniassa, Mitchell and Mawson early Sunday morning (5 July). About 5am, police received a report that tw...

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Insatiable Banalities Podcast # 108 - Little Sister

By 16 April 2009 1

[First filed: April 15, 2009 @ 08:40] Canberra’s longest running and least reliable podcast has coughed up a lung, dropped the F-bomb, and stumbled out of bed . This week in podcast number 108 we have the jazz singing, foot stomping magic of Ellen Claire and Little Sister. Track list:...

Everyone's favourite criminal - Matthew Massey - Back in Custody.

By 16 April 2009 55

ABC is reporting that all around great guy Matthew Massey is back in custody after being arrested twice on the one day.  Once for possession of capsicum spray and a knife.  Then it appears after being bailed, later that day he decided to kidnap someone.   But it's ok, because [it is alleged]...

Disconnecting from ACTEW water supply?

By 16 April 2009 11

Does any Rioter know if it is legal/allowable to disconnect from the Actew water supply in suburban Canberra, and exist on tank water alone? I previously lived just over the border in NSW & existed quite happily on what was collected from the roof, and I have an aversion to paying buckets of ...

Snowtown empire expansion information sessions

By 16 April 2009

Information sessions about Snowtown's empire expansion plans: Thursday 16 April 2009 12:00pm to 12:30 pm and 1:00pm to 1:30pm Friday 17 April 2009 12:00 pm to 12:30pm and 1:00pm to 1:30pm At Alastair Swayn Theatrette, 33 and 35 Brindabella Circuit, BBP....

Anyone aware of any ghost sightings on the Barton Highway?

By 16 April 2009 40

Almost 1 year ago my husband and my daughter and myself left our home on the southside of Canberra at about 5am heading out for a roadtrip to Adelaide. The weather was foggy and somewhere between Gold Creek and the big ranch with the long white fencing and roses, my husband and I witnessed what w...

Super School Rant

As a former student (graduate) from one of the primitive predecessors of the so-called Super School concept, I am ready to speak out about the priorities and spending from these schools. At A***** School, year 3-10 students share the same grounds, with no privacy from each other, the seniors (9/1...

Bail for Stephen Robert Milicevic

By 15 April 2009 33

The ABC brings word that Stephen Robert Milicevic, 32, of Forde has been granted bail with a $2,000 surety and a requirement to report to police three times a week. Milicevic has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm which allegedly lead last month to the death in Wanniassa of ...

Windy and dusty

By 15 April 2009 32

The ACT Emergency Services Agency has posted the following note: Strong winds and dust The ACT State Emergency Service (ACT SES) and the ACT Fire Brigade are responding to calls for assistance as a result of the current strong winds and dust storm. The call outs are for fallen trees in va...

Venues to cocktail?

By 15 April 2009 41

Some friends are looking for a venue to have a cocktail party for up to 50 people. Outdoorsy location is preferred. Any input ?...

Airport Flyover complete? That's what CAG thinks!

By 15 April 2009 14

I have noticed one of the signs promoting the flyover at Piallago Av at the airport now has a red tape over it  (similar to a Sold By sign in real estate) with a tick saying "Now Complete".   Sure, the floyover is open for traffic but it is in no way complete.   It must be an attempt to cla...

Super Best Friends CD Launch! Fri 24th Apr @ ANU Bar

By 15 April 2009 12

Following the stunning success of debut EP ‘Seditious Material’, Super Best Friends are back for another crack at copping flak with sophomore release ‘Ready Aim Fire!’ The 6-tracker features the amazing title track Ready Aim Fire and 5 others which are equally mind-blowing. Some ...

The Capital Punishment Forum

By 15 April 2009 1

A forum has just been set up regarding things to do with Canberra football such as the A-league bid, the W-league team Canberra United and the supporters group Capital Punishment. Please get on the website and check it out. The address is

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