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A Summer Fling

By 21 November 2014

With these warmer months approaching it's hard not to want to spend most of my time out doors, taking in all the sunshine and warmth before the next Winter comes. It's also ...

Right wing, left wing… what about the bird in the middle?

By 21 November 2014 6

There has been much discourse in recent times on the relative importance of having a healthy budget position versus having a significantly funded safety net. The orthodox ri...

Awards for rising school sports stars

By 21 November 2014

An Australian footballer from St Clare’s College, an orienteer from Kaleen Primary School and a golfer from Burgmann College are among 10 ACT school students to receive 2014 Scho...

New ways of nursing at Canberra Hospital to improve patient experience

By 21 November 2014

The Chief Minister and Minister for Health Katy Gallagher today announced a suite of initiatives to further improve patient experience at Canberra Hospital and make it easier for nurses to continue to offer excellent care. The new measures include: introducing ‘team nursing’, where nurses sha...

7.30 ACT what to expect from tonights program

By 21 November 2014 5

7.30 ACT on the ABC Friday November 21st The Calverts and Mr Fluffy. The Calverts’ story parallels that of Canberra. They came here in the early 60s and built a home an...

Recent Articles/Opinions For and Against Canberra’s Light Rail

By 21 November 2014 1

These relatively short recent articles/opinions are certainly worth a read - what ever your pre disposition to the Light Rail : Against - "Fantasy: The case for light rail in Gungahlin" For - "Public transport report boosts case for Canberra light rail, ACT government says"...

This Saturday – Australian MMA Championship Grand Final

By 21 November 2014

BRACE Australia's Mixed Martial Arts Event Series is excited to announce details of the upcoming event BRACE 31. This Saturday the 22nd of November BRACE hits Canberra for the ...

First Round of Major Artists Announced: National Folk Festival!

By 21 November 2014

Following a tasty little Six-­Pack Teaser the National Folk Festival is pleased to announce its first major round of artists for the 2015 Festival. They are: From Canada ...

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Simple Simon Misleads Us Again About the AMC

By 27 December 2008 6

Once again, Simon Corbell has shown how far he is prepared to compromise his ethical standards in the name of politics.  The Crimes is reporting that Corbell knew before the "opening" of the new AMC prison (the Alexander Maconochie Centre) that it was months away from actually capable of being use...

Private School Costs Rise

By 27 December 2008 110

The CT has this article about the rise in Private School fees for 2009. Looks as though private schools are going to get even more select not just through tight enrollments but also higher fees during this period of economic downturn. ...

What's a good cafe/restaurant operating at this time of year where a group of

By 27 December 2008 46

I have been delegated organiser of a get-together of friends (40ish year old women). I am thinking a really nice breakfast/brunch somewere on the southside or city, preferably outside with a lovely setting.  Any suggestions of places to go would be great. Oh, and please don't suggest Silo - I kn...

My Christmas, by Rosebud

By 26 December 2008 15

I spent Christmas day with the Jews, Moslems, Sihks, Hindus and atheists of the world at Melbourne Zoo. I stood on the parapet and watched as the Zoo Keepers fed the still wet and bloody head and shoulders of a newly slaughtered goat to a pack of hungry African Hunting Dogs.  The large crowd roared...

Canberra Hyatt Sold for $80mil

By 26 December 2008 9

A story in todays CT annouces the Canberra Hyatt Hotel has been sold for $80mil to a Thailand based group. The Hyatt has been a major Canberra landmark since the 1920's. I know lots of people have had weddings, formals and all sorts of events there that have been important in their lives. So wh...

DIY Wotz On guide for the weekend of 26 December 2008

By 26 December 2008 3

While most people in Canberra are busily packing up the car and heading down to Batemans Bay today, I'm sure there will be a few of us left around town this weekend who need something to do. So let us know in the comments what there is to do this weekend. You can even let us know whats happening...

Christmas Trees for 22 December

By 26 December 2008 26

[First Filed: December 22, 2008 @ 09:02] I'm not really here, just doing the Christmas trees. And a fine crop we have with contribution, respectively from Danman, CleptaK, and Nik73. If you want your Christmas tree features just email it in the Slideshow...

Politicians, truth and trust

By 26 December 2008 7

This is a story about politicians, truth and trust. It comes from Canberra, where I live, but contains some thoughts I think that may apply across Australia.  It first appeared in Politicians deal with ambiguity. Often that ambiguity flows from the class differences they tempora...

How fast is the average Canberran's internet connection?

By 26 December 2008 49

Out of nothing other than idle curiosity, I'd be interested to find out how fast my fellow Canberran's are when connected to the Interweb. Do a speed test at and post the results here. For me, variable speeds anywhere between 4Mb and 10Mb download speed. Here's one res...

Rudd's thousand dollar Chrissy present

By 25 December 2008 85

A friend of mine recently got a cool thousand dollars in his bank account without knowing why or who. We considered that maybe his mother transferred it in as an early Chrissy present, or maybe just because she was a little high. We also considered that it could be part of Kevin Rudd's thousand doll...

Hey Dude, where's my garbage (and recycling) collection?

By 24 December 2008 8

Just in case you wake up tomorrow morning, unwrap all your presents, and then find your unemptied recycling and garbage bins out front... The hard working garbos and recyclers are taking a well earned break, no doubt disposing of some meats, and recycling a few tinnies. TAMS have issued a notice tha...

Merry Christmas Rioters

By 24 December 2008 28

To all our readers, Rioters, and lurkers we hope you have a wonderful Christmas. And thanks from all of us in the RiotACT team. ...

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