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Local leaders – Camilo Potocnjak Oxman and Rish Ratnam (Implement Imagination)

By 2 September 2015
camilo and rish_78A2127

Implement Imagination co-founder Camilo Potocnjak Oxman (pictured above, right) describes teaching as a very rewarding chronic condition. “The thing about teaching is that...

Cheap eats – Global Cafe (Civic)

By 2 September 2015 1

I'd heard of Global Cafe before but had never been there or even noticed it in the street until recently. It's tucked in between the late night pharmacy and the Jolimont Centre...

Seeking a planning minister for Canberra

By 2 September 2015 2

Canberra residents have the perception, or at least the aspiration, that the elected ACT politician appointed to be the planning minister will oversee the future planning and d...

Strata managers in Canberra – Recommendations wanted!

By 2 September 2015

There are a couple of dated posts relating to this topic I can see (2007 & 2012), but we are looking for some updated information. Our units plan (class b) is interested...

$50 load ups in ACT pokies will be allowed – if it’s recommended

By 1 September 2015 6

Yesterday during the #CBRCabinet event held via the Periscope app, Minister Joy Burch confirmed that $50 poker machine load ups will be allowed if the current committee review...

Should we ban smart watches while driving?

By 1 September 2015 15
woman driving wearing smart watch

Using a mobile phone while driving has been an offence for quite some time now. But what about sending an SMS from an object that isn't a phone? My partner bought an Apple W...

The bright stuff: Project Lighting goes from strength to strength

By 1 September 2015
maryanne gore project lighting

If you’ve bought a light fitting in Canberra, Queanbeyan or the South Coast in the past 40 years, there’s a good chance you’ve visited Project Lighting. The Canberra-f...

Quality gym near Civic/Ainslie/Dickson?

By 1 September 2015 2

I am a student looking for a quality gym near Civic, Ainslie or Dickson. Hopefully I can get fit. I am looking for a price around $10 - $20 a week. Thanks in advance for you...

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The weirdest video in history? The Seekers in Canberra

By 14 May 2009 37

[First filed: May 13, 2009 @ 10:29] The mayhem of YouTube has thrown up this unforgettable gem posted by "vbvbvb088". It's 1966 and Australia's 50 million record selling Seekers are touring Canberra perched on the back seat of a big convertible car while "A world of our own" plays in the b...

Dozspot taking up cudgels against the wrong foe?

By 14 May 2009 28

The Shadow Minister for pointless whinges, Steve Doszpot, has once again excelled himself. “I have received details from a concerned parent that the Education Minister, Andrew Barr, used school students in his own cynical publicity machine by inviting cameras into a Canberra School without the ...

New Woodstock is old Woodstock again (ie 'dead')

By 14 May 2009 16

Akuna Club patrons won't be surprised with news that the club is to close next Friday - seems the place is broke.  Big party there next Friday, I hear....

Restaurant review - Little San Servo Pizza and Pasta Gunghalin

By 14 May 2009 22

Hey there rioters, Just want to relay quite an exceptional take away meal I had tonight. The restaurant in question is a new one in Gunghalin, Shop 102 Gunghalin Sq, Ernest Cavanagh St Gunghalin. I recently noticed this new Italian eatery and decided to get a menu and get some take away at a l...

Light rail sent down a spur

By 14 May 2009 22

Federal Budget 2009 announced several transport infrastructure projects. Most notable was the omission of the ACT Government's palm outstretched for $2 billion to build light rail. It did not get on the short list of the Infrastructure Australia projects: see National Infrastructure Priorities May ...

Commotion in our suburbs this afternoon....

By 14 May 2009 27

Anyone know what happened in Kambah and Higgins today [yesterday]? I heard there was a hostage situation in Kambah and late this arvo Findlay St in Higgins was blocked off by police? Rumour has it a man with a gun was on the loose in the street??...

What else should the ACT Government be aspiring to?

By 13 May 2009 44

Our Chiefly Leader is flying a kite for a "Vision Zero" on road deaths in the ACT. This aspirational vision of zero road deaths has been very successful in Sweden where over a number of years less and less people are killed in road accidents. Which begs the question... what else should we be s...

Brumbies side named for season Friday's season defining clash

By 13 May 2009

The Brumbies have announced their team to face the Chiefs this Friday in a game which could see them finishing anywhere from first to seventh on the table. Here's the side: 1. Ben Alexander 2. Stephen Moore/Huia Edmonds 3. Guy Shepherdson 4. Ben Hand 5. Peter Kimlin 6. Julian Salvi 7. Ge...

Tough day at Parliament House

By 13 May 2009 2

The Daily Telegraph is running hard with news of climate change protestors getting some direct action in at Parliament House. Five minutes after Treasurer Wayne Swan began his Budget address to hundreds in the Great Hall, two women - who had bought tickets to hear him speak - interrupted by scre...

Brigitte Murray ACT Nurse of the Year

By 13 May 2009 3

Katy Gallagher has announced that Canberra's Nurse of the year is Brigitte Murray: Ms Murray received the award for her efforts to assist staff and residents at the Villaggio Sant' Antonio aged care facility to re-evaluate how care is provided and for her work helping carers develop step by step...

Network Facilities Tax

By 13 May 2009 31

I just received a letter from Telstra informing me that they are going to start charging me $2.10 per month extra on my home phone line due to the ACT Governement having imposed a Network Facilities Tax back in 2007. Why hit me for it now? Thank's again Stanhopless, as if Tesltra wasn't bad en...

Emergency Services Wrap - 13 May

By 13 May 2009 1

1. Bonython CPR rescue: The ACT Ambulance Service today commended the quick actions of a Bonython woman and issued a public reminder about the importance of learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) following a near death experience for a Canberra grandmother. “The evidence is overwhelm...

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