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Police Wrap

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Police Wrap - 19 September

By 19 September 2008

1. The ABC reports that the person in blue are still paying for the Anzac Park West building it’s never managed to actually use. Apparently there’s been a recent breakthrough and they have high hopes of weaseling out of the 13 remaining years on the lease. — 2. Moving back to polic ...

ACT Election Betting Market

By 19 September 2008 6

ACT Election Betting Market Although there aren’t any published polls so far on the coming ACT Election (nor are there likely to be – a poll with a decent sample size costs in the ballpark of $10k ...

Election Wrap - 19 September

By 19 September 2008 18

Labor: Katy Gallagher is promising an extra $10 million for more bus services. Simon Corbell is reported by the Canberra Times to have “scoffed” at the Liberal Steve Pratt’s suggested number of Community Fire Units. Angels on the head of a pin really. They’ll all have given u ...

Canberra Ghandi snub makes world news

By 19 September 2008 34

Canberra Ghandi snub makes world news Newsblaze of Folsom California is aghast that grey Canberra bureaucrats have turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the Gandhi Monument Council and refused to name a street after Mahat ...

Document Z brings the Petrov Affair to life and wins $50,000 for first time a

By 19 September 2008 4

The ABC brings the news that first time author, Canberra born Andrew Croome has won the prestigious Vogel Literary Award for unpublished manuscripts by writers under the age of 35″ and picked up $50,000 and a publishing contract for his effort. His novel, Document Z, is based on thePetrov Affa ...

Last chance to fix your electoral enrollment

By 19 September 2008 2

Just a reminder that if you haven’t updated your details with the electoral commission this afternoon is your last chance. So it’s time to duck down to the post office people. ...


By 19 September 2008 9

The ABC is reporting that Canberra’s national science and technology centre, Questacon, has been locked down after a suspicious package was found this morning. ...

The New Breed of door to door salesmen - where did they come from??

By 19 September 2008 39

Ok, I was very ill this week and had to stay home. Not telling you what it was, just not very well and very slow at typing. I am certain that I made a few mistakes when typing…. My wife took the kids out to the shops so as to avoid my continual moaning and complaining [...] ...

Public Lecture: Life on Mars: Phoenix & Beyond

By 19 September 2008 3

[ 1 October 2008; 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. ] Speaker/Host: Professor Malcolm Walter Venue: Manning Clarke Centre Lecture Theatre 1, ANU NASA’s Phoenix lander has ‘tasted’ water on Mars. On Earth, where there is water below about 150 degrees centigrade, there is life. There have long been ob ...

Irony Alert: Flames fitness up in Flames

By 19 September 2008 23

According to the ABC, Flames Fitness has gone up in flames destroying 25 per cent of North Lynham shopping centre.  Ohhh the irony. ...

Would you buy your nitrous oxide system from a man in a Ford Festiva?

By 18 September 2008 17

Would you buy your nitrous oxide system from a man in a Ford Festiva? You might think the question would never come up. But here before your eyes is a man in a Ford Festiva actively soliciting Summernats car enthusiasts to buy a nitrous oxide engine ...

To love Canberra is to love Mooseheads

By 18 September 2008 44

To love Canberra is to love Mooseheads [First filed: September 17, 2008 @ 12:11] These posters have been on our buses for a while. So perhaps we can debate them dispassionately. Is there a link between love of our fair ...

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