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Local Leaders Jack Taylor (The Jack Taylor Group)

By 22 October 2014
jack taylor

Canberra entrepreneur Jack Taylor is proof that you don't need an MBA or years of experience to start a successful business (or four). The 22-year-old, who started his first...

Gough Whitlam

By 21 October 2014 12

Edward Gough Whitlam was the 21st Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975, and a genius of humanity. I think that perhaps the only person worthy of delivering Gough’s ...

Man wanted by police; warrant for arrest

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to locate 27-year-old Sonny Oeti, who they believe is responsible for a number of aggravated robberies earlier this year. ...

What are the worst traffic lights in Canberra?

By 22 October 2014 2

By the 'worst', I mean the most frustrating and disruptive, the ones that always seem to be red, no matter from which direction you approach them, and particularly if it's on the more important road of the two at an intersection.  The ones which really get on your wick. My own 'top two' are the ...

Mower repair

By 22 October 2014 4

My daughter needs to have her mower looked at. Her teenage boys have been fiddling with it trying to get it going. It will start but won't keep going. Can anyone recommend someone, maybe a hobbyist, to do a reasonably priced job?...

Elderly man missing; assistance sought

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to help locate a missing 80-year-old man, Vernon Pretty. Vernon was last seen this morning about 6.45am when he left his u...

Book Launch: ‘Fire in the Afternoon’ by John Stokes

By 22 October 2014

Celebrated poet John Stokes does not shy from the contentious and the harrowing, his verse evokes the plain truth about love, sex and chaos. In a clear, resonant voice Fire in ...

Concrete slab: Normal vs Waffle Pod recommendations

By 22 October 2014 3

Hi All, I am looking to build a house in Canberra, and I was given the option to either go with a waffle pod slab with single glazed windows or a normal slab with double glazed windows to achieve the 6 star rating. Do any of you out there have any suggestions as to which option would be best suitab...

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When did plastic sheeting get into road works?

By 1 December 2008 6

The latest roadworks on Northbourne Avenue are admirably exceeding the gutter so as to avoid any Lake Northbourne repeats. We were, however, intrigued by the plastic sheeting they're putting down between the old road surface and the new bitumen. Any theories as to whether this will make po...

The ants are in some trouble

By 1 December 2008 16

The weather predicting ants of my driveway have become something of a cause celebre. A reader has suggested that I add a beer can to the mound photography to provide perspective and I have obliged. After Saturday's rains the mounds are still and plugged closed. It might be because the a...

The Shooters photo wall...

By 1 December 2008 175

I was having a couple of ciders at the Phoenix and wandered outside for a smoke. The entrance to Shooters is next door so I had a quick squiz at the photos they had placed there to lure potential punters in. It seems they are aiming at the Toolies market, as most of the pictures portray young...

Tuggeranong Community Festival 2008

By 30 November 2008 8

Someone tell Belco, Tuggers has them totally P0wnd. Despite a superior setting in many ways the Belconnen Community Festival offers the participant little except a venue to wander around in search of anything at all of interest before departing disappointed. Tuggeranong on the other hand w...

Celebrate Human Rights Day with a Women’s Gathering

By 30 November 2008 21

Date: Wednesday 10th December 2008 Time: 2- 4 pm Venue: Women’s Centre for Health Matters Building 1, Pearce Community Centre, Collett Place PEARCE Come and celebrate Human Rights Day with the Women’s Centre forHealth Matters. There will be belly dancing, massage, and cardmaking. Lig...

Canberra Zine Fair 2009

By 30 November 2008

Thanks to the success of the June zine fair, there's going to be another one next year, on 7 February in the Q2 Foyer at Gorman House. This time it is running as part of Scribble, ACT Writers' Centre's festival for young writers and young readers. For those who don't know, a zine (pronounced 'zee...

Struggletown Council become apostrophe deniers!

By 30 November 2008 15

Queanbeyan City Council is inviting members of the community to suggest names to be added to its Street Naming Register for new streets within the City. “Our city’s population expected to almost double within the next 30 years,” said Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall. “Council is in the...

Foreshore from the wrong shore, 2008

By 30 November 2008 23

[First filed: November 29, 2008 @ 18:21] This afternoon the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin was filled with tentage, amplifiers, and lovers of repetitive electronic music. On the northern shore the music was coming across loud and clear. Wedding car drivers stood around talking about...

Arts loot pays the salaries?

By 30 November 2008 1

The Chief Minister has announced new recipients of Government arts funding largesse. Australian National Capital Artists, the Canberra International Film Festival, M16 Inc, and Pro Musica are all getting amounts that look an awful lot like living wages for their operators. The CM explains it t...

Massive Police presence last night, Civic.

By 30 November 2008 12

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Civic was swarming with Police last night. It looked like there was a big breath testing thing going on: heaps of traffic pursuit cars, and a lot of breath testing stations too. People were getting pulled over everywhere! Did anyone here get breath tested?...

Watch out for the 4,000 lost looking kids

By 30 November 2008 2

Chief Minister Stanhope is warning us all that 4,000 youngsters have descended on us for the Pacific School Games. Chief Minister Jon Stanhope will welcome around 4,000 competitors to Canberra for the 8th Pacific School Games when the Opening Ceremony kicks off at the Canberra Stadium today. ...

The Chiz does the biz

By 30 November 2008 5

One of the greater pleasures of a Brumbies fan is seeing big Mark Chisholm going for a gallop. Last night he had one of his better ones in a losing cause for the Wallabies. Enjoy....

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