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December 2014 Monthly Property Market Wrap

By 27 January 2015

2014 brought us many ups and downs within the sales market, an uncharacteristic rental market and generally unsteady consumer confidence. The year ended on a resilient note with...

Dumping at charity shopfronts – don’t be a tosser

By 27 January 2015 3

If you drive past a charity bin - or a charity shopfront like the Salvation Army or Vinnies after closing hours, it’s likely you’ll see a few overflowing bags, and possibly...

The ACT needs to stop having stupid arguments

By 27 January 2015 12

To have a tram or not to have a tram? To have well-behaved dogs on public transport or not? $50 or $20 notes for poker machines? Bikes or cars?  These are not questions. I ...

Canberras development dilemma

By 27 January 2015 13
dickson flats

Canberra is undergoing a metamorphosis. Until now, it has grown outwards, slowly engulfing farms and spitting them back out as suburbs, terraforming the landscape fro...

Best of Canberra – Rice paper rolls

By 27 January 2015 3
Rice Paper

I find it frustrating that the world is becoming such a health conscious place, yet it is still ridiculously difficult to get healthy, or even semi-healthy, foods on the go. ...

Motorcycle collision in Palmerston; police seek rider

By 27 January 2015

ACT Policing is seeking to locate the rider of a motorcycle which appears to have crashed earlier this morning in Palmerston (Tuesday 27 January). About 4.30am police received i...

Seselja claims Labor will restore carbon and mining taxes

By 27 January 2015 12

Senator for the ACT Zed Seselja has today claimed that Labor will restore its carbon and mining tax slugs on Australians at the first opportunity. In a press release issued following Andrew Leigh's comments on government spending and revenue in The Australian, Seselja said: “The con...

RiotACT contributors support RSPCA ACT

By 27 January 2015 1
RiotACT contributors Steven Bailey and Alex Craig

Over 50 volunteers took part in a campaign on Sunday morning (25 January) to assist an RSPCA ACT investigation into an act of animal cruelty that shocked Canberra last week. ...

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State of the Riot - January 2009

By 3 February 2009 35

[First filed: February 02, 2009 @ 09:43] So that's January dispensed with. Here’s our monthly review of where the site’s going and what people are coming here for. January is traditionally a slow month so we're very happy to have had a good one, readership's well up on December and eve...

High Court stormed/protested

By 3 February 2009 11

Protesters stormed the High Court yesterday after it rejected a legal challenge against the Northern Territory intervention according to the Canberra Times. About 50 protesters, indigenous and non-indigenous, charged through the front doors 15 minutes after the court handed down its decision. The...

RiotACT Rugby Review Podcast - 2009, Episode 1

By 3 February 2009

[First filed: February 02, 2009 @ 22:44] The RiotACT Rugby Podcast missed 2008 because I wasn't around to make it all happen. But it returns in 2009 bigger, better, and with a panel member who knows something of which he speaks. Jazz, Che, and I are joined by one Owen Finegan. Captain o...

Aww, crap! (Deterring dog muck)

By 3 February 2009 57

My dining room offers a commanding view of my front nature strip and I enjoy my breakfast of a morning watching the human and canine traffic walk by. However, I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by one particular bloke who insists on allowing his two dogs to defecate on my nature strip. This ...

Tent Embassy land grab?

By 3 February 2009 53

Over the last couple of days I have noticed that the temporary style accommodation and vehicles around the Tent Embassy opposite Old Parliament House have grown considerably. I guess there may have been increased numbers in town for Australia Day, but that is now over one week ago. Does anybody know...

Kingsford Smith Mega School ready to go

By 3 February 2009 36

[First filed: January 30, 2009 @ 14:45] Andrew Barr has proudly announced the on time and under-budget opening of the new preschool to year 10 Kingsford Smith School in West Belconnen. "Kingsford Smith School will be able to accommodate approximately 1,100 students with up to 110 teaching ...

Queanbeyan - the gift that never ceases to give

By 3 February 2009 35

In rebuttal to one flame on the horrors of Queanbeyan we've gained another: killed a lovely man. - Im pretty sure he was one of the many town drunks, im pretty sure ben did not kill him for no reason... Y bring drugs n shit into it, its pathetic. Ben is in jail, fuck wat more do u want. Quean...

Calling young-up-and-coming Canberra Fashion designers

By 2 February 2009 1

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some local fashion design talent to use their creations in some photographic shoots I have coming up over the next few months.. Images will be provided to the designers and they are very welcome to participate in the shoots. In particular, I'd like to get in touch...

Alistair Coe picking at the cycleways

By 2 February 2009 41

The Liberals' Alistair Coe is wondering aloud why Ginninderra Drive is being messed around to duplicate a cycle path: Alistair Coe has expressed concern as to why a road lane has been removed on Ginninderra Drive to make way for an on-road cycle path which is immediately adjacent to an off-road ...

ALP has lots of friends... other parties less so in the annual returns

By 2 February 2009 26

The Australian Electoral Commission has released the returns to its periodic disclosure system. So going through and looking for donations to ACT branches of parties in 2007/8 here's what we find (Individual Receipts are only listed when they exceed $10,500): ACT Greens Total Receipts: $410...

Mini Skips in Canberra

By 2 February 2009 13

I am looking at Hiring a mini-skip for a week or so but have heard mixed reports on who is good or who are pathetic.  I have aloso been told that there is quite a large variance between companies and the charges that they charge.  What experience have other Riot ers had in the past whethe...

How many road deaths?

By 2 February 2009 38

Has anyone else noticed the blunder made by His Maj. the honorable Stan Hopeless? Last week he was interviewed on ABC television and stated categorically that the reason for requiring tighter speeding laws was that apparently there were more than "200 deaths on ACT roads,  and that these people...

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