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13 things to do in Canberra this weekend (4 and 5 July 2015)

By 2 July 2015
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.30.04 pm

How do you plan to spend this weekend? There’s plenty on in Canberra to keep you busy over the next few days, including the Westside Sunday markets, a ping pong jam and Bungendor...

Local politics: Here’s what you missed this fortnight

By 2 July 2015

Anyone for tennis? A few humble tennis courts are proving to be more of a problem for Chief Minister Andrew Barr than he thought. Earlier this year, Barr said the ACT Gov...

The 10 types of drivers you see at Canberra school drop offs

By 2 July 2015 29

I am a mother of four children and have done a gazillion school runs in my time. My experience to date has been with childcare, pre-school and primary school, so to write this post...

Canberra to host premier international ceramics event

By 2 July 2015
AP 3.8b Girl Nomad Ceramics

Canberra has been selected for a three-day premier ceramics event that will bring national and international luminaries and cutting-edge ceramicists to the capital from across ...

Canberra’s number one work crew cafe

By 2 July 2015 1
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.40.16 pm

We all know that energy needs fuel, your car or truck needs petrol, your home needs heating at this time of year especially using gas as energy, your office printer wouldn’t ...

Free online palliative care training

By 1 July 2015

If you work in health or aged care, the Canberra-based Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association would like to invite you to take advantage of a new, free palliative care...

Telstra ACT Business Awards finalists announced

By 1 July 2015

Enabled Employment, Red Robot and Paladin Risk Management Services are some of the innovative Canberra businesses announced as Telstra ACT Business Awards finalists today. From the media release: The diversity of ACT’s thriving business community, including a four-wheel drive training school...

Support a Canberra action camera crowdfunding project

By 1 July 2015 2

We have just released a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a new smaller, lighter and tougher action camera, and we've called it the Barnacle. We are currently the best p...

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De-merit based selection - who put the V in VR?

By 10 April 2009 31

A friend of mine is seeking a Voluntary Redundancy (VR).  He has worked hard for several government departments for around 30 years and is prepared to make way for other staff who want to continue on in the public service.  On putting his hand up, however, he has been told that he won't be...

Goulburn-Canberra transport options?

By 10 April 2009 15

My daughter is thinking of buying in Goulburn. We were wondering if anyone knew if there was a bus that goes Goulburn - Canberra for those that work in the ACT?...

Sports bike mayhem in Kaleen?

By 10 April 2009 17

So we were walking our dog tonight in Kaleen (Diamantina Cres) around 8PM and we can hear lots of police sirens and the familiar sound of a sports bike (loud exhaust+high revs). Suddenly a cop car comes screaming round the corner followed by more cop cars (marked and unmarked) and the bike sound eve...

Memorial service for Shawn Mackay

By 9 April 2009

The Brumbies have announced the arrangements for Shawn Mackay's funeral. The funeral will be in Sydney, but at the same time there will be a memorial service here in Canberra. What: Memorial Mass for Shawn Mackay When: 10.30am, Wednesday, 15 April, 2009 Where: St Christopher’s Cathedra...

Bagpiper in Civic - community service worker?

By 9 April 2009 21

The guy who semi-regularly plays his bagpipes in Civic is out there again today.  Leaves me wondering if the government pays him to play to drive the low-lifes and undersirables away, much as playing Barry Manilow music is reputed to do. (Sorry bagpipe guy, just a joke, and I'm sure you can take...

Sunday pay parking at the Canberra Centre

By 9 April 2009 55

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Canberra Centre has quietly started charging for parking even on Sundays and public holidays.  Such changes need to be advertised well beforehand and users need to be consulted.  Even the signs offering free Sunday parking have not been changes and to that ex...

Fresh meat for the light rail nerds

By 9 April 2009 70

Chief Minister John Stanhope has announced that he's releasing the PricewaterhouseCoopers produced business case for light rail in the ACT. Apparently the findings included: -- Light rail could potentially decrease Canberra's traffic congestion and commuting time and as a result reduce greenho...

Radio ratings 1

By 9 April 2009 17

When it comes to matters radio Samuel Gordon Stewart is the man to which we defer. Sam has produced predictably comprehensive analysis of the first radio ratings survey of 2009. FM 104.7 and 666 ABC are the big winners. Everyone else can be described as falling into the other category (alth...

Glassworks to get a tiara

By 9 April 2009 16

Our Chiefly Leader has decreed a stately pleasure dome a 22 metre glass tower will adorn the disused smokestack at the Kingston glassworks. The winning design, Touching Lightly, is a 22m high, internally lit tower consisting of a minimalist steel frame surrounded by toughened glass. The tower ar...

Cometh the Hour Cometh the Noodles - Battered Brumbies name their side.

By 9 April 2009

The Brumbies have announced their team for Saturday evening: Running on: 1. Ben Alexander 2. Stephen Moore 3. Guy Shepherson 4. Ben Hand 5. Peter Kimlin 6. Mitchell Chapman 7. George Smith (c) 8. Julian Salvi 9. Joshua Holmes 10. Christian Lealiifano 11. Alfi Mafi 12. Tyrone Smith ...

A pet might not be for Christmas, but kittens are for Easter?

By 9 April 2009 15

The RSPCA has announced that they're up to their elbows in kittens and would like you to take one home for Easter. CEO of RSPCA ACT Michael Linke today advised that since 1 November 2008 RSPCA ACT had received 1,000 kittens. “It seems there is no end in sight, day after day more and mor...

Times Square here we come?

By 9 April 2009 10

The Canberra Centre has for some time been converting its exterior into paid billboards, of the sort Canberrans had thought were not permitted in this town. But today I came across this unit on the outside of the old Centre Cinema building. It's got a whole slideshow of ads loaded. Now...

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