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Wlliamsdale 500MW Power Station

By 25 June, 2008

John Mackay must be reading Riot-Act. Several times I have said that the power station should be built at Williamsdale on Riot-Act. In fact I even think I said 500MW. Today on WIN news my plans were announced. Hey John where is my consultants fee mate? And Tom-Tom: nyah, nyah, nyah [ED – the...


Music Video: This Town Is Your Town

By 25 June, 2008

Music Video: “This Town Is Your Town” from Jonathon Reynolds on Vimeo. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the studio recording session of “This Town Is Your Town”, a new rendition of a classic Woody Guthrie tune with new lyrics specially written by Ian MacDougall for the...


Does anyone know about the Drive by shooting in wanniassa last night?

By 25 June, 2008

I just read a report on News that said that there was one last night at 830pm. Anyone know more? ...


European Wasps, You Can Help

By 25 June, 2008

Further to a very informative and amusing post on RA regarding European wasps, if anyone comes across a nest, particularly in the ground between now and the spring, could they please report it to the European wasp hotline as it now (in winter)has significant scientific interest. The gentleman who ru...


Compulsory rego inspections - worth bringing back to the ACT?

By 24 June, 2008

Some recent posts about the driving skills (or lack therof) in Canberrans mentioned the increasing number of cars about town with blown headlights or brake/tail lights. I also notice that about 1 in every 10 cars in your average carpark have tyres that are marginal for tread at best or downright bal...


RiotACT Drinks/Banter Get Together

By 24 June, 2008

[ 4 July, 2008; 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. ] It has been suggested in another thread that us Rioter's have a bit of a chin wag over a brew or dozen at a location yet to be decided. I took the initiative and have decided to start a thread regarding this. Usually we rock up to ABN in O'connor, but I w...


Famous Canberrans, Ex or Otherwise

By 24 June, 2008

Hi, this is my first thread and sort of a two-parter…  I saw a feature in the Canberra Times on the weekend about the writer Brendan Shanahan who’s an ex-Canberran and was the year above me at Narrabundah College. It got me thinking about the number of well-known people who seem to have...


Unreserved Apology

By 24 June, 2008

Last Sunday evening on the Police Convention in Civic thread I posted material directed at VG that was incorrect and derogatory and designed to cause offence. I will not repeat the statement here as I feel it would make little further contribution. What I did was a considerable error of judgement...



By 23 June, 2008

VARIODIVERS CD LAUNCH THIS FRIDAY 27TH JUNE [ 27 June, 2008; 7:00 pm to 11:59 pm. ] Hello, we're the Variodivers and we'd like to inform you that we will be launching our debut EP "The Battle" this Friday night at the Greenroom in Phillip. We're so excited about this release that all you have to do to get yourself a copy is come along to the...


Marist Brother sentenced to two years

By 23 June, 2008

The ABC reports that John Kostka Chute has been sentenced to two years in jail, and a further twelve months of weekend detention, following his conviction on 19 acts of indecency. Justice Gray noted that the sentence, which also includes a three-year good behaviour bond (presumably from the time of ...


Former Marist Teacher Charged Part 2 - Kostka

By 23 June, 2008

I went to a Marist Secondary College in Sydney.  One of our feeder schools was in Hunters Hill, and I suspect that that was where Kostka taught restlessheart.  Kostka never taught where I was.  Restlessheart may well have done secondary there – we produced many lawyers including me. There was a...


Cops Too Lazy Nowadays?

By 23 June, 2008

My girlfriend was bashed by her neighbour but when the police arrived they refused to charge him. Claiming since there were no independent witnesses (apparently me witnessing it wasn’t good enough) that it would be a waste of time to pursue and it would get chucked out of court anyways. They s...


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