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ACT electorate redistribution proposal unveiled

By 31 March 2015
electoral redistribution proposal

The ACT Redistribution Committee has today announced its proposed redistribution of the ACT into five electorates. Currently the ACT has three electorates: The electorat...

The Battlefield Challenge comes to Canberra

By 31 March 2015

The paintball grounds in Pialligo were filled with people in camouflage gear and carrying plastic guns for Operation Blackhawk “Battlefield Challenge” over the weekend. ...

Addictive prescription drug use in Canberra

By 31 March 2015 1

Every day, general practitioners in Canberra are confronted with patients asking, often pleading, for drugs of addiction. The two most sought-after drugs of addiction are th...

Is Manuka dying?

By 31 March 2015 9

The shops at Manuka in Canberra's inner south have always been a hive of activity. The first work started there in the late 1930s and by the 1960s the shops were flourishing w...

Best of Canberra – Sushi

By 31 March 2015 8
sushi platter

Exciting times for me this week. I'm filling in for the Best Of Canberra series while Bec is on holidays - lucky thing! I now have an excuse to eat all in the name of work. ...

Alexander Maconochie Centre a complex challenge

By 30 March 2015 9

I have written many times on corrective services in relation to rehabilitative and restorative processes, and the lack of them, concerning offenders and victims. Perhaps it ...

Ram raid at Gungahlin

By 31 March 2015 1
g ram raid

ACT Policing is investigating a second aggravated burglary in which a stolen vehicle has been used to force entry inside a shopping centre, and also used to force entry to an arcad...

Should I move to Canberra?

By 30 March 2015 29

I own my own villa in Oxley Park suburb of Sydney and currently living there with a 7-year-old and my wife who stays at home. We are on PR right now and I will be getting my ci...

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The Motel at Jamison is on Fire.

By 27 February 2009 21

Actually, it looks mostly out, but there is several Police and ACTFB vehicles in attendance. Insurance Job? [ED - Looking forward to seeing a police media release] UPDATED: Ari's noted that the Canberra Times has more on this: A witness said an ''extremely violent'' fight broke out betw...

Lightswitch - Film Screening in Canberra

By 26 February 2009 40

[First filed: February 24, 2009 @ 11:59] Into films? Into Girls? Into Motorcycles? Come and check out LIGHTSWITCH! The short film is debuting in Canberra this Friday, 7:30pm at the University of Canberra. The Canberran film makers have just returned from LA where it made it's premiere to a...

Rallying to stop the clean feed

By 26 February 2009 29

[First filed: December 13, 2008 @ 14:56 Second filing: December 16, 2008 @ 12:37] FURTHER UPDATE: The SMH reports that Senator Nick Xenophon is joining the Liberals and the Greens to consign this wicked plan to oblivion for at least the life of this Senate. (Comic by Panama) I'...

The story of the Duntroon cadet drownings on Lake George.

By 26 February 2009 21

Earlier this week in a thread about hang gliding over Lake George Imhotep posted a link to what can best be described as a ballad to the five RMC cadets who drowned on the lake in 1956. "How the hell does anyone drown on Lake George" you all cry, everyone does when the story gets related. While I...

Katy unveils her stimulus

By 26 February 2009 40

Treasurer Katy Gallagher has announced details of the Local Initiatives Package - 2008-09 Appropriation Bill No 3. She says the highlights are: Look of our City -- $1.6 million for Glebe Park pavement replacement. -- $750,000 of works at Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens includi...

Algae improving

By 26 February 2009 7

The National Capital Authority reports that things are getting better in the algae-infested Lake Burley Griffin. You and I still can't use it, but the important business of the Royal Canberra Golf Course watering the greens can now go on. The Canberra Times also gets another bung for running ...

The Poacher's Way open for business

By 26 February 2009 4

The people who brought you the very popular Poacher's Pantry line of local produce have today unveiled their latest initiative. It's called the Poacher's Way and describes itself thusly: Located in Canberra and the region, Poachers Way is a collective inspired by land and life. Immerse yo...

Vicki Dunne congratulates herself as a legislator

By 26 February 2009 7

Vicki Dunne has put out a media release celebrating her new found role as a legislator in the brave new world of minority Government. In the space of just two sitting weeks in 2009 Shadow Attorney-General and Member for Ginninderra, Vicki Dunne, has seen two bills and a motion, introduced by her,...

Thoughts on Cafe Gaudi.

By 26 February 2009 52

Well, I just had a Vanilla Slice from Cafe Gaudi.  They're usually quite nice and made by some private baker.  The thing I've noticed about them is they leave the old stock on the cake shelves for too long.  Today the shelf was full so I thought they'd be nice.  I'd got back to work and opened t...

On Whistleblowing

By 26 February 2009 5

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs has released a new report: Whistleblower protection: a comprehensive scheme for the Commonwealth public sector. As it's a reps committee one can assume it was sent off to find out things the Government actually wa...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 27 February

By 26 February 2009 14

There's a hell of a lot going on this weekend. I'm saying bollocks to all that and getting away from it all at Corinbank. But for those who are left behind what do you recommend seeing and doing around town? Just leave your thoughts in the comments....

Deane's take over the Brumbies run - What's ACTION good for?

By 26 February 2009 14

Ross Sully's show on ABC Radio this morning had the bombshell news that after wrangling with the union ACTION won't be providing the charter buses which move a good 8,000 people in and out of Canberra Stadium for Brumbies games this weekend. Instead Deane's are going to take a swing at it. More n...

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