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Young, vulnerable and homeless in Canberra – how YouthCARE is helping

By 27 August 2014

He's been in trouble with the law. Minor stuff, but his family don't want to help and don't want him around. He was 15, with an alcohol problem. YouthCARE Canberra (formerly Op...

Cubby houses set to rock Floriade

By 27 August 2014

The Independent Property Group Foundation will be the second charity partner for Floriade 2014. The Foundation joins animal welfare organisation RSPCA ACT, which was announced as a charity partner last month. Both charities will enhance Floriade’s festival atmosphere with a range of experience...

Recall of Infinity electrical cables

By 27 August 2014

Canberrans who had electrical work done in their homes between 2010 and 2013 should heed safety messages following a recall by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission of...

Asbestos Remediation at the Canberra Brickworks

By 27 August 2014

The YRA looks forward to the ACT government's Information Session on Remediation of the Canberra Brickworks to be held at the Albert Hall from 7pm to 8pm on September 3, 2014 (Wednesday):

The Wharf Revue is back and OPEN FOR BUSINESS

By 27 August 2014

Everyone's favourite lampoonists return for another annual instalment of The Wharf Revue packed full of their trademark irreverent, anarchic political satire. Amanda Bishop an...

Break in – unusual items taken

By 26 August 2014 1

Hi- our house in Curtin was burgled yesterday at lunchtime and amongst other items including a playstation 4 and lots of games the jerk took one of my daughters singing medals (worth absolutely nothing to anyone else) - it was on a blue ribbon and was from the Australian National Eisteddfod. I just ...

Tips for buying at auction

By 26 August 2014 10

First time user and poster so go easy on an old man please... Can anyone offer any tips on first hand experience with auctions?   There appear to be lots of information online but many of which are contradictory. Appear confident in a suit and bid loud and in big increments or lay low and be...

Organic semi-conductors – Public Talk, Associate Professor Vipul Bansal

By 26 August 2014

In the world of nanotechnology, organic semiconductors are potentially revolutionary. These eco-friendly carbon-based materials have unique properties which can be used in a huge range of futuristic devices, from flexible electronics to high-tech bandages to help us heal. In the next talk in o...

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Phone messages...

By 16 October 2008 65

I was at a friends house in Chisholm about an hour ago and the phone range with a recorded phone message from Zzzzzzz droning on about how he wont build a power plant near your suburb. Geez, talk about desperate!!! He went on about something else like GP's. The Libs in Brindabella have n...

WFA and Giuila Jones.

By 16 October 2008 39

Senator Ian MacDonald did not secure a job for Giulia Jones with Women’s Forum Australia. Women’s Forum Australia does not know Ian MacDonald and has no connection with him. Women’s Forum Australia did employ Giulia Jones for four months last year in an administrative capacity. Women...

Gershon Review made public

By 16 October 2008 30

Mr Rudd's review into ICT spend has been made public at Among the excitement are recommendations to: -- Reduce contractors by 50% and increase number of APS ICT staff -- Agencies spending more than $20m on "business-as-usual" tasks...

Movie Discussion Group verdict - LEMON TREE (Dendy cinema) - ****

By 16 October 2008 1

From Salma (Hiam Abbass), a Palestinian widow, has to stand up against her new neighbour, the Israeli Defense Minister (Doron Tavory), when he moves into his new house opposite her lemon grove, on the green line border between Israel and the West bank. All agreed that it was a be...

Witchhunts, accusations and open warfare - ACT Liberals in chaos

By 16 October 2008 77

[ED - While this story was posted by a new commenter, readers should note that our sources within the Liberal Party are not denying it] Despite last minute desperate attempts by Zed and Doyle to keep a lid on things, open warfare has now developed in the Liberal ranks. It all started when tw...

What to do when an idiot is up your tail and honking?

By 16 October 2008 42

So as I was crossing a road in Civic this morning I noticed a scene. A block up a truck was trying to turn right and the traffic had tailed back. A taxi was sticking slightly out into the intersection so there was no more room. A silver sedan driven by a rather stylish lady had done the right ...

On hoaxes and The Academy

By 16 October 2008 15

The first of these images is a hoax against The Academy that's circulating via email. The second of these is The Academy's counter-hoax. I am, however, assured by a source close to management that over 25s really will be getting in free this weekend. So there you go!...

T-shirt slogans

By 16 October 2008 199

We're putting the finishing touches on a whole range of merchandise so Riot fans can show off how much they like being associated with the website which most annoys the movers and shakers of Canberra. It's all looking quite good but with "make on demand" web based manufacturing there's always roo...

Bronx Goodwin pleads guilty

By 16 October 2008 15

[First filed: October 09, 2008 @ 11:40] The Australian reports that the Raiders' Bronx Goodwin has plead guilty to his assault charges from the July night of shame which brought down Todd Carney: Goodwin, who was stood down by the Raiders pending the outcome of his case at the ACT Magistrates...

Robbery in Braddon ?

By 16 October 2008 12

There appears to have been a robbery or some other incident at the Caltex in Braddon with police and the forensics team on site. All entrances are blocked off. Does anyone know any more ?...

Rental market becoming kinder?

By 16 October 2008 16

The ABC has a story on Australian Property Monitors data showing the Canberra rental market is finally softening. The latest report from Australian Property Monitors (APM) shows median rents fell by 2 per cent in the ACT in the September quarter. On a year-to-year basis they rose by a moderat...

Police Wrap - 16 October

By 16 October 2008 10

1. More busts on the unregistered: A cross-border operation involving ACT Policing Traffic Operations officers, members of the NSW Police Traffic Branch and the ACT Roads and Traffic Authority detected 23 unregistered vehicles during a seven-and-a-half hour period today. NSW and ACT police bot...

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