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Best of Canberra Taste Off – Meat Pies

By 22 December 2014 1

There was quite a lot of debate when the call went out for Canberra’s best pies last week, with over 10 different bakeries and cafes being nominated. Based on most popular I f...

Review: when poetry becomes music

By 22 December 2014
T.S 1

Ex-Canberra theatre teacher’s Ernie Glass’ Tales of Ordinary Madness and T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land presented by Mad As Productions. A young and vibrant Cassie Brizzi ...

Most loved South Coast beaches: Which is your favourite?

By 22 December 2014 1
best south coast beaches

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s almost time for Canberrans to make their annual exodus to the South Coast for a good dose of sun, sea and greasy takeaway. For ...

Christmas Time – Hey! Wait a Minute!

By 22 December 2014

Christmas is here yet again. Peace and goodwill to all, presents everywhere, food from one end of the house to the other, squealing kids and snoring dads. The smell of Christm...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: A.BAKER, NewActon Pavillion

By 20 December 2014 4

My day job sees me frequenting A.BAKER ... once ... more like twice a day. I am always experiencing food envy at 9am when I am waiting for my extra hot skinny latte. Eye-catching b...

House catches alight after lightning strike

By 22 December 2014 2

Multiple fire crews are fighting a house fire in Dunlop believed to be caused by a lightning strike. ACT Fire & Rescue were alerted to the incident in Menzel Crescent at 2:42pm and responded immediately with three fire pumpers and a commander. Update to follow. (ESA Media Release)...

Best Child Access Lawyer Needed ASAP

By 22 December 2014 2

Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of a really good Lawyer in the ACT for Family law. I need the best !! I have had restrictions of my child access placed on me si...

Is Ginger Gorman leaving 666 ABC?

By 22 December 2014 1

Hi Rioters, Does anyone know if Ginger Gorman is leaving 666 ABC? There were a few people talking about it on social media over the weekend. I'm assuming if it is true it...

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Unemployment to double?

By 19 January 2009 53

Idiot media are busy talking us all into a serious economic downturn. The local ABC is joining in warning that unemployment in the ACT is set to "Double" (Terrifying!). Coming off a base so low that job creation has become a negative when developments are assessed this actually means a rise to a ...

Weekend water use takes off

By 19 January 2009 29

It wasn't even that hot yesterday, and yet somehow you all managed to burn through a stonking 194ML. So has everyone just gotten sick of emergency measures stretching into long years?...

Learner Drivers on the Highways?

By 19 January 2009 123

I’m not sure if many people here have done much interstate driving, but over the past few months, I've done a bit. Nearly every times I've gone to the coast or to Cooma or to Yass, I’ve been stuck behind a few learner drivers. Now, I understand they need to learn, but on roads that the lim...

Another world is possible - Exhibition at M16

By 19 January 2009

Amina McConvell is having an exhibition of her work at the M16 art space in Fyshwick which you might well enjoy. The precis of the exhibition explains it thusly: ‘Another world os possible’ looks at the possibility of a transition from one reality to another. The work engages with the ...

Petrol not the only thing going up; Fyshwick Market seafood prices have gone

By 19 January 2009 23

The re-build of the markets has seen one of the two fishos shut-up shop with the remaining monger move into new premises, the result being prawns on the (very) high side of $30 a kg (previously $23 to $30 a kg), $43 a kg for scallops (previously around $34), over  $40 for Balmain Bugs (previously a...

Bad morning in Holt

By 19 January 2009 8

First it's the palm trees, now the apartment blocks. The ABC has a snippet on a fire in the small hours of the morning forcing 70 apartment dwelling Holt residents onto the streets (every one of them no doubt grateful it wasn't happening in July). One wonders how many of them were clothed when...


By 19 January 2009 9

NATIONAL CAPITAL MOTORSPORTS CLUB PRESIDENT'S cup sunday 15th february racing starts at 10 am and goes through till approx 3 pm Divisions featured will be: -- Super production sedans -- Series production sedans and -- Junior sedans (14-17 yr old) National Capital Speedway is located on P...

Tuggeranong youths brought to heel?

By 19 January 2009 22

The Canberra Times reports that arrests have been made against the young Tuggeranites accused of roaming the streets looking for other young people to assault and rob. "Three youths were arrested after an incident in Calwell on Friday night when a 16-year-old was allegedly punched repeatedly in t...

Music video - Zwish - Lego Wars 2 "Chase For the Golden Rod"

By 19 January 2009

The first part of local rockers Zwish "Lego Wars" music video trilogy went down quite well last week. Bryn from the band has now informed me that the second instalment is available, with the following note: It is a little darker than the first one and won't be for everyone, in fact it is t...

Bushfire Memorial - Where the bloody hell is it?

By 18 January 2009 43

Todays CT had a couple of items re the fires of 6 years ago, including an item on the memorial. It described the location as near the Cotter Rd. / Eucumbene Drive intersection, so jumped in the toy and went for a drive. Whether by design or otherwise, it is not easy to find. There is no indica...

Take 20 seconds to support a Canberra A-League football (soccer) team

By 18 January 2009 32

Calling all Canberrans, The bid to put an A-League football (soccer) team in Canberra is heading for success with a lot of financial support and great organization. But the one vital thing the Football Federation requires to make up their mind is a show of community support. If you can take 20...

Proof positive that Borders is for women

By 18 January 2009 51

[First filed: January 17, 2009 @ 11:39] Back in 2006 I theorised that the Borders bookstore in Civic is set up to sell to women and not to men. Some of you foolishly poo-pooed me. Yesterday, while trying to find my girlfriend in Borders amongst a crowd of other women who look unsettlingly ...

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