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Northside vs southside – is one really better than the other?

By 5 May 2015 11

Northside versus southside. It's pretty much the greatest rivalry since Springfield versus Shelbyville. I've never really understood it. I currently live in Canberra's north...

Best of Canberra – Vanilla slice

By 5 May 2015 12
vanilla slice

When it comes to vanilla slice, there seems to be no middle ground. You either love them enough to travel to the other side of Canberra for a good one, or you think the nickn...

Did you witness an armed robbery in Calwell this morning?

By 5 May 2015

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an armed robbery which occurred in Calwell early this morning (Tuesday, 5 May). Around 1am two women entered the Woolworths Petrol servi...

Warren Miller’s 65th ski and snowboard film

By 5 May 2015

Introducing Warren Miller's highly anticipated 65th ski and snowboard film. Take a journey with Warren Miller to the deepest of destinations, from beneath the blankets of powde...

Computer recycling services in Canberra?

By 5 May 2015 1

Sydney and Melbourne have services for low income people to buy refurbished computer stock from volunteer organisations at low prices. Most of the computers are ex Government a...

Oh please, show me a sign!

By 5 May 2015 2

Living in Canberra my entire life, I have witnessed first-hand all the changes - good and bad - that this city has gone through to accommodate the growing population. There ...

Police responding to suspicious package at Indonesian Embassy

By 4 May 2015

UPDATE: The white powder found in a package at the Indonesian Embassy has been deemed safe. ACT Policing is responding to reports of a suspicious package located at the Indone...

VoIP quality in Canberra

By 4 May 2015 6

We are thinking of switching to iiNet's Naked DSL to save on the phone rental. We are in Crace so were automatically put on their NBN + Fibre Phone two years ago - but recentl...

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The magic number: Eleven, give or take

By 12 March 2009 14

Many sentencing decisions of late have drawn cries to the effect of "how many times does someone have to ignore court orders before they're actually punished for it?". Well, we now have our answer courtesy of Robert Andrew McNamara (ABC Online): It seems that having eleven good behaviour orders, br...

Penguins and Polar Bears Film Premiere

By 11 March 2009

Liliana Bogatko's second film about life with bipolar disorder, "Penguins and Polar Bears" is premiering next week at the Belconnen Theatre (Part of Belconnen Community Services). Her first movie was "Another World" which screened in 2007. Here's the blurb for Penguins: Liliana Bogatko’s ne...

Simon encourages dobbing.

By 11 March 2009 7

ACT Police and Emergency Services Minister, Simon Corbell, is launching a dobbing competition! Fortunately Simon isn't going to publicly reward the biggest snitches, rather just the best poster designers: The program is encouraging young people to share information they have about crimina...

Treat your loved ones to some near pain.

By 11 March 2009 42

For Xmas, my good lady wife bought me, as one of my treats, a couple of vouchers for  "Foot and Thai". Due to circumstance, today was the first free day I have had to have one. The place is up near the Pot Belly pub. Unprepossessing to look at, but once you get inside it's a whole different matter....

Are we protecting the children or the Government?

By 11 March 2009 2

The ABC has a story on worries that new laws in the ACT, ostensibly protecting children's privacy, could be used by the Government to cover its arse when it's failing those children. The laws stop media outlets identifying children subject to a protection order or legal proceedings even after t...

It's on. The World Naked Bike Ride is coming to Canberra

By 11 March 2009 148

[First filed: January 21, 2009 @ 14:07] Facebook brings word that the much anticipated World Naked Bike Ride is going to run from the Glebe Park Gazebo to Commonwealth Park for what could be a pretty good party on Sunday 15 March. Come and cellebrate bodies and bikes while making a stance ...

They need how much paper?

By 11 March 2009 40

The Liberal's Brendan Smyth is outraged to discover the ACT Government is spending $24 million for two years' "stationary": “It is the equivalent of 250 sheets of paper per person per day, or 9,600 reams of paper every single working day. “That’s over four and a half million pieces of pa...

Any point in entering race course fashion comps?

By 11 March 2009 37

Not reading the dead-tree CT I've missed what is apparently a major scandal amongst the luvvies, uncovered by Geraldine Nordfeldt. It follows on from November's business with Elkie Stuart where some might have drawn the conclusion that deep connections to the racing industry could be helpful to w...

Hardstyle Shuffle - Canberra Style

By 11 March 2009 18

OGgun11 has shared with the world some youthful Shuffle practitioners with the following note: The hardstyle shuffle crew ACT canberra the FPSMS crew. So beat these kids moonboy. :P Keeps them out of trouble I guess. (Warning, some poor language in the distracting annotations.)...

Greens push for higher density housing

By 11 March 2009 32

The Greens Spokesperson for Planning, Caroline Le Couteur, has announced that she wants the new North Weston development to have higher density housing. Key recommendations of the submission include: -- Ensuring housing is medium-density, given the demand for housing in prime central locations...

Charity motorcycle ride for Camp Quality

By 11 March 2009 7

A fun event for our two-wheeled friends. Starting at Rond Terrace there's a charity ride to Murrumbatemen on 22 March raising funds for Camp Quality....

Chrome announced for April

By 11 March 2009 1

Canberra's number 1 display of corsetry has announced plans for April's outing by the children of the night: After a great Black and White party that stretched the DJs to their limits Chrome is back to "normal" with Resident DJs and and another Chrome virgin Guest DJ BadPauly! The Chrome C...

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