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Most loved South Coast beaches: Which is your favourite?

By 22 December 2014
best south coast beaches

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s almost time for Canberrans to make their annual exodus to the South Coast for a good dose of sun, sea and greasy takeaway. For ...

Christmas Time – Hey! Wait a Minute!

By 22 December 2014

Christmas is here yet again. Peace and goodwill to all, presents everywhere, food from one end of the house to the other, squealing kids and snoring dads. The smell of Christm...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: A.BAKER, NewActon Pavillion

By 20 December 2014 3

My day job sees me frequenting A.BAKER ... once ... more like twice a day. I am always experiencing food envy at 9am when I am waiting for my extra hot skinny latte. Eye-catching b...

Best Child Access Lawyer Needed ASAP

By 22 December 2014

Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of a really good Lawyer in the ACT for Family law. I need the best !! I have had restrictions of my child access placed on me since I moved into the town where my kids reside. I have begun mediation, but need a lawyer to formalise the agreement reac...

Is Ginger Gorman leaving 666 ABC?

By 22 December 2014 1

Hi Rioters, Does anyone know if Ginger Gorman is leaving 666 ABC? There were a few people talking about it on social media over the weekend. I'm assuming if it is true it...

Witnesses sought to suspicious fire in Kambah

By 22 December 2014

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a grass fire which occurred in Kambah yesterday afternoon (Sunday, December 21). About 6.20pm, police attended grassland at the rear of ...

Where can I buy a Turducken?

By 22 December 2014 4

Have my heart set on having a turducken for Christmas lunch.   But have drawn a blank on finding where I can buy one. Am hoping your collective knowledge will be able to point...

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Meat Pies

By 22 December 2014

There was quite a lot of debate when the call went out for Canberra’s best pies last week, with over 10 different bakeries and cafes being nominated. Based on most popular I f...

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ACT business says no to the human rights act

By 16 January 2009 11

The Australian is taking some joy from the failure of a single business in the ACT (RiotACT included) to opt-in to being bound by our human rights act. As with any business we'd need someone to explain how it would help us make more money....

AMA vs nurse walk-in clinics

By 16 January 2009 27

ABC Online reports that the ACT Branch of the Australian Nursing Federation are concerned that the AMA are trying to undermine public confidence in nurses in an effort to get us to avoid nurse walk-in clinics. The possibility of nurse walk-in clinics has been raised already by Katy Gallagher, as ...

What am I getting into at Kambah pool?

By 16 January 2009 63

Good afternoon all I have just returned from lunch where i witnessed an interesting debate relevant to the current hot weather we are having.  Whilst chatting about local water holes, the two people I was eating with entered into a debate regarding Kambah Pool.  In short, they were trying to de...

The Social Media Club kicks off tomorrow

By 15 January 2009 4

In case you were wondering, social media is a grand title than blogging. It appears Canberra is having a Social Media Club and tomorrow they're having a pow-wow at Cream on Bunda Street. Bear in mind it's only for the "like minded" whatever the hell that means....

The greatest art heist in history set to backfire?

By 15 January 2009 25

[First filed: January 13, 2009 @ 11:45] The Canberra Museum and Gallery's long been known to covet the Nolan collection from Lanyon. The fine political arts of neglect and concocted emergency have in recent years allowed them to conduct possibly the biggest art theft in history, ever, anywher...

Non-decision announced on Queen's Birthday Fireworks - decision coming

By 15 January 2009 41

John Hargreaves has announced that he's taking the fireworks issue to cabinet for a decision on their continued consumer use at the Queen's Birthday Weekend post 2010. "The general public will be permitted to purchase and use consumer fireworks over the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June this ...

Three little literary festivals in the place of one,

By 15 January 2009

The Boomerang Blog brings word that in place of the Canberra Readers’ and Writers’ Festival there will be three smaller festivals spread throughout the year. Aimed at young readers and writers, the first mini-festival, ‘Scribble’, will take place on 6 to 7 February and will feature readin...

Dining with the girl geeks

By 15 January 2009 13

Hail to the Hivemind, Those of you who remember Loquaciousness will know she's quite active in the IT arena, and so she's organising an event she asked me to mention here on RiotACT. Details: Girl Geek Dinners have been successful all around the world, including Melbourne, Sydney and most rece...

Choosing the good eggs - Commended restaurants

By 15 January 2009 107

The RSPCA has pushed out a media release on their "Choose Wisely" campaign. The ad campaign is supporting restaurants and cafes that sign up to use ethically grown eggs. In Canberra the list is: All Things Chocolate Barocca Café Tosolini's Civic The Boathouse by the Lake Cream Caf...

Making your own soap and face creams from scratch

By 15 January 2009 12

This workshop is hands on—in an afternoon you will : Make soap from materials you probably have in your kitchen; Make the tool you will need to cut the soap from recycled resources; Hear about the fascinating history of how soap used to be made; Learn enough theory to “do it yourself”; Make...

Canberra Goss titsup already?

By 15 January 2009 30

It was just in late November that Canberra Goss finally launched to an underwhelming response. Now they've already suspended operations before having another go at a launch. This message is currently on their website: What happened? Canberra Goss went out with a bang last year with a hu...

Bad Kids down south

By 15 January 2009 110

So police haven't seen fit to issue a media release, but local media is frothing at the mouth on this one so here goes. The ABC are carrying some police warnings that 18 attacks in Tuggeranong and Woden since early December could be related and the work of a coterie of sadistic thugs who've taken...

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