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The ACT needs to stop having stupid arguments

By 27 January 2015

To have a tram or not to have a tram? To have well-behaved dogs on public transport or not? $50 or $20 notes for poker machines? Bikes or cars?  These are not questions. I ...

Canberras development dilemma

By 27 January 2015
dickson flats

Canberra is undergoing a metamorphosis. Until now, it has grown outwards, slowly engulfing farms and spitting them back out as suburbs, terraforming the landscape fro...

Best of Canberra – Rice paper rolls

By 27 January 2015 1
Rice Paper

I find it frustrating that the world is becoming such a health conscious place, yet it is still ridiculously difficult to get healthy, or even semi-healthy, foods on the go. ...

Five electorates, Green pastures?

By 26 January 2015 6
election vote

The change to the ACT electoral system, now with five electorates of five members, is fertile ground for the ACT Greens. Over the past couple of years we have seen letters f...

Canberra & Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap

By 25 January 2015

The below real estate market snapshot is based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. Percentages represent the increase/decrease from the previous w...

Canberrans honoured in Australia Day awards

By 26 January 2015

Several Canberrans are receiving Australia Day Honours in 2015 for the exceptional contribution they all make to the community in a variety of fields. Canberra is a community made up of so many passionate, talented and giving individuals, and I am proud to call this city home. To all of the Canbe...

RAW Canberra presents Visionary, 30 January

By 26 January 2015
raw canberra visionary

RAW is an indie arts organisation for artists, by artists. Every second month it showcases around 30 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, h...

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Chicken wings

By 26 January 2015

Last week the call went out for Canberra’s best chicken wings, and for a while Smoque was the only restaurant receiving recommendations. I was delighted to eventually see other v...

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Canberra Custom Knife Show

By 28 January 2009 17

Australia's top knife makers will be returning to Canberra again this year on January 31st for the annual Canberra Custom Knife Show to show off their latest creations. The ancient craft of forging one of our oldest tools is experiencing a surge in popularity across Australia. More and more ...

The Australia Day Fireworks 2009

By 28 January 2009 21

[First filed: January 27, 2009 @ 08:47] With other plans falling through I spent last night watching Top Gear. But I could hear the fireworks loud and clear. Anyone want to share their impressions of the official entertainment? This corking photo was taken by Deye. The slideshow be...

Time to comment on the Draft Multicultural Strategy 2009 - 2012

By 27 January 2009 70

John Hargreaves is announcing the start of public consultation on the Draft Multicultural Strategy 2009 - 2012. Apparently it is the fruit of the Multicultural Summit 2008. At just 23 pages (and one of them a novel "Acknowledgement of country") it won't take that long to wade through. The prin...

Police Wrap - 27 January

By 27 January 2009 13

1. Australia Day passed relatively lawfully: ACT Policing says it is “generally pleased” with how Australia Day events proceeded across the territory over the long weekend (January 24-26). Around 40,000 people attended Australia Day celebrations yesterday (Monday 26) at Regatta Point whil...

Where's Canberra Fashion at?

By 27 January 2009 37

In the Canberra Times Claire Low has had a look at the local fashion scene, a subject dear to her hear. They've even managed to put a slideshow online. So I'm interested in hearing what Riot's own local fashionistas think of the local design/retail scene. And is migration to Sydney and Melbour...

Citizenship Place added to the lakeside

By 27 January 2009 12

The National Capital Authority has announced a new milestone in its ongoing quest to ensure that every square inch of Canberra is a memorial or monument to something. The latest breakthrough is "Citizenship Place". The first part is a funny benchy looking thing with bits of yellow plastic...

Music video - Zwish - Lego Wars 3 "Return of the Rod"

By 27 January 2009

Regular readers will be relieved to learn that local rockers Zwish have now concluded their "Lego Wars" trilogy with this instalment. Bryn from the band sent it in with this note: "Yes we went a little crazy with special effects, they do get addictive, but it is a return to what we do best...

Insatiable Banalities Podcast # 102 - Arythmia

By 27 January 2009

Canberra’s longest running, and least reliable, podcast is back to grace your speakers. Having had a bit of a hiatus we roar back into form with this the first of a veritable poddy deluge. Our latest offering features the young distortion tyros of Arythmia for podcast number 102. Track l...

Looking for Guitar Lessons Southside for a Young child

By 27 January 2009 16

My young son (aged 6) is showing interest in playing the guitar so we're looking start lessons for him. Can anybody suggest suitably qualified teachers on the southside (particularly near Kambah) that we can talk to.  Also, what is a reasonable price that we should expect to pay per lesso...

RiotACT PMs XI get together

By 27 January 2009 24

[First filed: January 08, 2009 @ 11:05] Keen to get to Manuka Oval for the PM's XI? Looking forward to a day of heavy drinking in the sun and jokes about New Zealanders? If you want to go with other Rioters then get yourself a general admission ticket and either meet up in Civic at 9am on the ...

The Cancer Council guns for Canberra Solariums

By 27 January 2009 31

The ABC informs us that the ACT Cancer Council is piling on the pressure for unilateral action by the ACT on solarium operators. At issue is that the national standards, which include age restrictions and safety warnings, are still voluntary. Chief Minister Stanhope is hoping to take part in a...

Domestic Violence Explosion? Or regular seasonal mayhem?

By 27 January 2009 28

The Canberra Times is reporting on a swag of domestic violence issues clogging out courts yesterday. Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill went so far as to express his concern: "It would be interesting to get some statistics on the number of family violence matters we've seen lately,'' Mr Cahill said. ...

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