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Police Wrap

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The prison doors open...

By 15 September 2008 112

[First filed: September 11, 2008 @ 14:56] The Chief Minister has announced the opening of his great legacy, the Alexander Maconochie Centre in Hume. Or, as Mr. Stanhope would prefer for it to be known: “the first Australian prison built according to human rights principles.” More info o ...

Pangaea - a mini review

By 14 September 2008 11

Upon finding Zierholz closed today, we decided to head over to Manuka to Pangaea. It’s been there a while, but I’ve never tried it. So we tried it.  It’s in the bit of Manuka where the cinemas are, facing the Catholic church. Very modern and zappy inside, dominated by a bar/server ...

Somewhere decent to get Sunday morning pastries on the Northside...

By 14 September 2008 5

Finally Belconnen has a decent bakery and we don’t have to travel to Kingston. Knead Patisserie has been open in the Belconnen markets for a few weeks now. It’s owned by Thomas Moore – previously of Sage, but lately of Grazing in Gundaroo. I’m already partial to their almond ...

Queanbeyans winds of change

By 14 September 2008 47

Queanbeyan City has a new Mayor and a new Council. Tim Overall has romped in as Mayor with over 45% of the vote. Overall thrashed the Labor candidate, Tom Mavec and the two candidates that former Mayor Frank Pangallo had backed, Ann Rocca and Kerry White. Pangallo gave out How to Vote cards at a Ci ...

Who needs to go to the tip when you have a nature strip?

By 14 September 2008 14

While I’ve found living on the main street in my suburb is a little noisy at times, I’ve also found that with the increased traffic and nice wide nature strip you can dispose of virtually anything. Last year I emptied my old wood shed (as I no longer have a fireplace), and dumped all of ...

Floriade 21 - Films that shaped our nation? Pictures and thoughts.

By 14 September 2008 18

Floriade 21 - Films that shaped our nation? Pictures and thoughts. There are a few of things which make Floriade such a beloved part of the Canberra calendar. Commonwealth Park, Canberra spring weather, loads and loads of beautiful flowers. The r ...

Atheist church

By 14 September 2008 19

The all-seeing eye has discovered a meetup for Canberra Atheists. We meet every fortnight at a random restaurant in Canberra to socialize and discuss all things atheist. So if you feel like hanging out with some like minded people and exploring ideas from an atheist perspective feel free to come al ...

Sneaky hotel thief brought to book

By 14 September 2008 4

The Age has a funny story of a Canberra man finally brought to justice after allegedly checking himself into seven hotels and hitting the minibar before making away on his toes without settling the bill. I had no idea it was even possible to get a key without giving a credit card impression. ...

Raiders come down to earth against wily Cronulla

By 14 September 2008 12

The SMH has the news of the Canberra Raiders 36-10 thrashing by Cronulla. I had thought broadcasting the team’s whiteboard on WIN News Friday night was a bit silly. UPDATE: And apparently with the Kiwis getting over the Storm that’s the end of the season. If you get any Mad Monday pictur ...

Election Wrap - 14 September

By 14 September 2008 16

Labor: The CT reports that Stanhope, Barr and Gallagher have announced they’d like to stage another Floriade scale festival in Autumn. Here’s a tip people: The punters don’t come for your events management, they come for the tulips. Jon Stanhope has also been talking to Girl Guides ...

Please open our kiosks...we need kiosks!

By 14 September 2008 13

Well, spring is here, and Floriade is here, but there is still no sign of the two kiosks at Commonwealth Place (or even one of them!) opening for business – any business! If I am not mistaken they have been completed now for nigh on one year…and still not one espresso coffee, or herbal t ...

Getting Rid of Plastic Bags?

By 14 September 2008 13

Over the years, I have read many articles in the local press about the need to get rid of plastic bags from society. But, have you ever noticed that the local Chronicle, in all its editions, delivers 140,000 free copies per week all over the ACT,  each copy protected in a plastic bag?  Do the math ...

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