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Top six things to do in Canberra this weekend (6-8 May)

By 5 May 2016

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the Mums out there. This weekend is full of activities that will delight everyone in the family. Our top picks are the Mother’s Day Classic fu...

Theyre ripping up parking lots

By 4 May 2016 10

Canberra’s planners in the 1950s and beyond delivered an infrastructure made for cars. There were even major freeways planned (a story for another day). The road infrastru...

Budget 2016 | Fee deregulation scrapped but universities still face big cuts

By 3 May 2016
university generic

The Turnbull Government has abandoned full university fee deregulation but is still banking $2 billion in savings from higher education. Scott Morrison’s maiden budget dit...

Budget 2016 | ACT reaction

By 3 May 2016 6
Budget generic

At a glance - Chief minister says more than 1000 public service jobs will be lost - Business welcomes tax concessions, intern scheme   ACT chief minister Andre...

Budget 2016 | Little joy for Canberrans

By 3 May 2016 7

At a glance - $2 billion cut from departmental budgets over four years - No jobs growth for public sector - No new infrastructure money for ACT   Scott Morr...

Budget 2016 | Morrison refuses to splash the cash

By 3 May 2016
Parliament House

The Turnbull Government resisted an election-eve pork barrel, opting instead for a modest suite of budget measures geared to avoid antagonising voters ahead of the July 2 poll...

Inmates are in prison for a reason

By 3 May 2016 5
Alexander Maconochie Centre

Prison reform has returned to Canberra and we are advised indigenous detainees at the Alexander Maconochie Centre has risen to 27 percent of our prison population – up from a...

Document ‘drafted by the devil’? Hardly.

By 2 May 2016 11

I noticed recently how Jeremy Hanson, for the time being the Leader of the Opposition in the ACT likes to talk about the Government/Unions Memorandum of Understanding as though...

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The SAD Sessions '09 round 2

By 19 August 2009

The SAD Sessions '09 is entering into its second lot of concerts this friday the 21st of August and the following friday the 28th of August at Corroboree Park Hall Ainslie. Those who attended the last two back in June will know that they're in for a good night and hopefully we'll see some new face...

Possum Mutilators of Ainslie

By 19 August 2009 46

[Update - RSPCA ACT has followed on below with the results of what occurred] [First Filed August 18, 2009 @ 23:38] RSPCA ACT has put out a statement asking for any witnesses to a number of possum bashings in the Ainslie area on Tuesday afternoon. “Late Tuesday afternoon a number of possums ...

Canberra the Capital without Murders

By 19 August 2009 46

The Daily Telegraph has a piece on how canberra appears a killers paradise compared to NSW. They highlight that there have been no murder convictions in the ACT in 11 years, and that any killings are usually prosecuted as manslaughter as its easier to get a conviction, but therefore goes with a muc...

Road Transport Authority ACT

By 19 August 2009 39

I finally received my car rego renewal, two days after the due for payment date!  I'm just wondering how the ACT RTA expects people to come up with $733.00 without any prior warning.  I called Canberra Connect to see if there was anything they could do to help but of course they don't work for the...

MRI - an exercise in fun and futility

By 19 August 2009 14

I like to think I am a fairly courageous sort of person.  However, when placed in the tight confines of an MRI machine, head clamped firmly into place, I found myself in paroxysms of fear.  Ear plugs failed to dull the jackhammer-esque sound effects and, despite squeezing my eyes shut and thinking...

Good Dressmaker wanted

By 19 August 2009 1

Can anyone recommend a good dressmaker/tailer in Canberra?  I would like to get some tailed work clothes made and I am finding it hard getting the right fit, as I am a small build and constantly have to get alterations on the length of pants, etc. Any good recomendations welcome! Thanks Peppa...

Onslaught Of Sound

By 19 August 2009

September 26 see's the return of a Metal-Fest to Canberra. 10bands, all HEAVY, all different.  Mudd Promotions Presents..... Onslaught Of Sound!  Paindivision (Syd), Switchbalde (Syd), Our Last Enemy (Syd), The Vaine (Syd), Forgery (ACT), Northlane (Syd), Stigmata (NSW), Reign Of T...

Bill Posters Innocent Under ACT Human Rights Laws

By 18 August 2009 12

The ACT Greens and ACT Liberals are standing up for Bill Posters and declaring him innocent under the ACT Human Rights Legislation. The ABC brings this story on how Jon Stanhope wants to persecute and prosecute poor old Bill Posters. While the Greens have put out this release on why Bill Pos...

Bus Depot Markets without the bus depot?

By 18 August 2009 45

[First Filed - August 17, 2009 @ 10:11] The Canberra Times brings word that the Gubbmint is planning to tear down the old Kingston bus depot to flog off the land for yuppie hutches. The plan is to throw up some form of building to house the markets down by the lake. If a new building is...

Stuck in Traffic

By 18 August 2009 8

The busy planners at Municipal Services are now conducting the ACT Travel Survey, until October. The goal is to understand travel patterns and plan a transport (ie, bus) system that meets the public’s travel needs. Stop laughing. The survey is intended to record info about trips on a point-t...

A Thank You to Action Bus users

By 18 August 2009 29

Caught two buses yesterday with a 7 month old baby and a pram.  Old style bus = lugging the pram up and down the stairs. Would have taken him out of the pram but a) he was asleep and b) it is safer for him to be secured in the pram on a lurching bus. Got no help, or even a hello, from the bus dr...

The Feldons- New video, new song.

By 18 August 2009

Filmed at the Phoenix in early July, here are the Feldons with a new song 'Staring at the sky' Mark Hunstone- guitar Nick Giles - drums James montgomery- bass and vocals Staring at the Sky Get out on a weekday It's a time that you can play Lift your face up from the eiderdown Life is...

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