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Schoolies week, did you go?

By 1 December 2015

The words 'Schoolies Week' makes a lot of people shudder and cringe, unless of course you're a high school graduate to-be with a Schoolies trip to the Gold Coast planned. I hav...

Five to try: Spice up your work Christmas party

By 1 December 2015
Photo credit: @megan_sparke

It’s that time of year again and I know what you’re thinking – how is it almost Christmas already? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation with people ...

Best of Canberra swimming pools

By 1 December 2015

Okay Canberra, apparently Summer is here. November may not have felt like it was leading up to it, but it’s true. December has arrived and it’s bound to get hot soon enough...

Homicide team calls for dashcam clues in Caravelle murder case

By 30 November 2015
Detective Sergeant Donna Parsons and Detective Senior Constable Yoran Wolfkamp

ACT Policing homicide detectives have interviewed the owner of a vehicle interest in relation to the murder of Evatt man Andrew Carville and say they can’t rule him out as a ...

Dickson neighbour’s 000 call saves pair from food fire

By 30 November 2015
Karuah Street, Dickson

A Dickson resident may have saved the lives of two sleeping neighbours after ACT Fire & Rescue responded to their call to triple zero this afternoon. Firefighters forcibly e...

Firies put out sewage plant fire at Lower Molonglo centre

By 30 November 2015 7
Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre

Firefighters have extinguished a small fire this morning at the Lower Molonglo sewage treatment plant. The Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre is the main treatment ...

Ask RiotACT: High “M” class soil in building contracts?

By 30 November 2015 6
Ask RiotACT

Has anyone building in Canberra been caught by a clause in their building contract that only covers foundations for "S" or Low "M" Class soil and then are informed their block ...

Best of Canberra craft-off creative markets

By 30 November 2015 2

Going to the markets is so exciting! It’s not something that I tended to venture out for but now that I’ve started I’m going to find it very hard to stop. I seem to ha...

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Photography in Canberra - what else is out there?

By 13 June 2009 14

Apart from the obvious landmarks and tourist destinations, where are Canberra's best, and less photographed, locations to shoot? Where are our 'hidden gems'? Landscape, architecture, abstract, people, flora, fauna, day, night - I'm interested in anything and everything as a subject....

What to do with a Diplomat who goes on a demolition Derby in Woden?

By 13 June 2009 36

This afternoon at the Hellenic Club in Woden, a car decided that it would be fun to shunt other cars in the carpark and drive off.  Unfortunatly he was apprehended by two public servants who managed to get his details before he fled the scene and in the process hit another car.  When this gentl...

What's happening with Wilsons Organics?

By 13 June 2009 5

I have been driving past once a week in the hopes that the doors will be open once again for trade  but so far, no luck. They have been closed for renovations for over a year now, does anybody know whats going on and when  this great little organic grocer will be open again?...

Is that the new intercha... Oh hang on!

By 12 June 2009 11

Just came across this chestnut on centre stage at Westfield in Belconnen. Although a simple bit of public mischief, it must have taken some work. Think of the planning involved! Step One: Hate new Belconnen arrangements, means I can't get to my mundane office job as easily as before. Step...

As if it was never there...

By 12 June 2009 17

Holden Caulfield has sent in a photo taken this morning. Something appears to have gone missing in the cold and the fog......

CRK back behind bars

By 12 June 2009 55

The ABC reports that the young man known only as "Clea Rose's Killer" (or CRK for mine) is back behind bars after the police hunted him down. He has been in jail awaiting sentencing for a spate of fresh crimes including theft, burglary, receiving stolen goods and property damage. Two weeks ag...

Aus vs Italy @ Bruce - what can I bring?

By 12 June 2009 20

Rioters, I'll be braving the cold with the rest of the throng at the Wallabies' first game in Canberra in nine years, but I've never been to a game out at Bruce, and I'm wondering what I can expect in terms of food/beverage prices and quality. I'm assuming lukewarm pies and flat beer in plastic c...

Why can't we know the ACT Government's position on 24 hour airport operations

By 12 June 2009 38

The Greens' Shane Rattenbury is expressing alarm that the ACT Government's submission on the Draft Airport Master Plan has not been made public. Are our leaders supporting 24 hour freight operations or are they opposing it? Even those of us without strong views on the subject would probably li...

Photo doctoring in real estate advertising

By 12 June 2009 69

Perusing a newish listing on Allhomes recently I was somewhat perplexed at the appearance of a front "lawn". Was it fake grass? Was the photo taken back in the days before water restrictions? No, I think it's been altered. Here's two views of the same lawn... According to Real Estate I...

Stanhopian tantrum over questions

By 12 June 2009 54

The ABC had an interesting story yesterday on Chief Minister Stanhope's anger in the face of 2,550 questions on notice lodged by the Greens and Liberals in the course of the estimates hearings. The Chief Minister says it's going to cost $1.5 million to answer all the questions. The examples I...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 12 June

By 12 June 2009 26

[First filed: June 11, 2009 @ 10:12] We've had technical difficulties with our normal DIY photo, hopefully we can get that fixed later today. But that shouldn't stop you blazing away with helpful suggestions for things to see and do around town this weekend. So come on Canberra, enterta...

Icicle weather!

By 12 June 2009 33

Yesterday morning shocked everyone I think by getting down to -6 degrees. As I can't recall the last time I saw icicles I thought it worthy of taking a picture. Today the Bureau forecasts a whole 12 degrees. But with the 10.24am update registering a mere 1 degree I'm having my doubts ab...

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