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Police Wrap

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Another Franklin street name (or two) gets a make over.

By 10 September 2008 4

Just days after I reported the untimely demise of the otherwise aptly-named Minnie Bruce Street in Franklin, today, while hurtling along Gungahlin Drive, I happened upon workers altering the street name on the huge green and white signs at the intersection of (what has been up until today) Oogeroo D ...

CAP Hacked!

By 10 September 2008 16

CAP Hacked! As you can see from the screen shot the Community Alliance Party website was hacked tonight. I’d advise against visiting a hacked site unless you are extremely confident in ...

Campaign Spending

By 10 September 2008 12

I just noticed on the ABC that down in Tasmania there is a spending limit of $12,000 on campaign expenses.  I was just wondering what people thought of this.  I think it’s a good idea to give candidates fairly equal coverage and ensure that someone doesn’t get in purely because they& ...

Youre being watched at the Stadium in Bruce

By 10 September 2008 8

Simon Corbell has found some more good news to announce on his way to caretaker mode. This time it’s a new CCTV system at Canberra Stadium. During major sporting events the Canberra Stadium CCTV system will be controlled at a purpose-built venue command centre, with all footage also recorded ...

Giralang re-development rejected

By 10 September 2008 5

The ABC reports that the Giralang Residents Action Group (GRAG) is celebrating after the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) knocked back the conversion of their shops into apartments. Now they’d like some shops back. ...

Net Cafes

By 10 September 2008 22

Are there net cafes in Canberra? Or cafes that have wireless hotpoints? (Someone asked me the other day, but I couldn’t think of any locations, since all the ones I know of are closed down). The yellow pages is pretty sparse for this category. So I thought I’d check with the hivemind, ...

Sustainable House Day this Sunday

By 10 September 2008 25

[ 14 September 2008; ] How much was your home heating bill this winter? Were you still rugged up at night and freezing when you got up in the morning despite the heater running flat out? How would you feel about a home that you can get around in barefoot through winter, where you may only turn th ...

RiotACT Sim Challenge Round 7 - Matthew Watts, Liberal for Ginninderra.

By 10 September 2008 8

RiotACT Sim Challenge Round 7 - Matthew Watts, Liberal for Ginninderra. [ 10 September 2008; 7:00 pm; ] Tonight the RiotACT Sim Challenge safari takes us to the Pot Belly on Weedon Close to see how the Liberals' Matt Watts handles city building Sim ...

CMC Launch this Saturday - Its a festival!

By 10 September 2008 23

CMC Launch this Saturday - It's a festival! [ 13 September 2008; 12:00 pm; ] [First filed: September 08, 2008 @ 12:56] RiotACT sponsors The Canberra Musician's Club are having their official launch on Saturday at the ...

Police Wrap - 10 September

By 10 September 2008 41

1. Robbery at swordpoint! ACT Policing is investigating an attempted aggravated robbery at a residence in Spinifex Street, Kingston last night (Tuesday, September 9). About 9.45pm yesterday, the male victim was sitting outside talking to another male and a female when they heard a noise inside the ...

Bokky Brumbies?

By 10 September 2008 2

Rugbyheaven informs us that with the lid being lifted on foreign players in Australian Super 14 franchises the Brumbies are getting a lot of inquiries from Saffer players. Have no fear that this will be a sudden change though, apparently we’re only thinking about bringing them in come 2010. ...

Vampires meeting on the third Saturday of the month at the Turner Scout Hall.

By 10 September 2008

Vampires meeting on the third Saturday of the month at the Turner Scout Hall. Huitzilihuitl’s Reign of Death informs us that vampires and their aspirants can get together monthly for some live action role playing “Vampire: The Requiem” sty ...

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