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Two charged after kangaroo dragged through streets

By 30 June 2016
Police wrap

Two men have been charged after a kangaroo was allegedly attached to the back of a vehicle and driven through Goulburn this week. Officers from Hume local area command locat...

Another stuck truck disrupts bridge traffic

By 30 June 2016
Commonwealth Avenue Bridge

It seems the Commonwealth Bridge on Parkes Way is becoming a magnet for stuck trucks. In October last year a truck hauling an excavator blocked the Parkes Way tunnel for t...

$1m medical cannabis trial for skin cancer

By 30 June 2016

Australia's 50,000 melanoma sufferers could soon find relief through medical-grade cannabis as a result of a joint project involving the University of Canberra and a leading i...

Ask RiotACT: Affordable website and mobile app developers in Canberra

By 30 June 2016 3
Ask RiotACT

Hi Guys, I've been getting a quote from multiple canberra businesses that specializes in creating mobile apps and websites. I found most of them really expensive and the one...

Top six things to do around Canberra this weekend (1-3 July)

By 30 June 2016 1

There are plenty of options for kicking up your heels this election weekend, whether you are part of a hip-hop crew or a fan of ABC Kids favourites, Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band. ...

Two-party crescendo in G-minor

By 30 June 2016 2

Roll up, roll up to the one-party circus: it’s politics for dummies, Turnbull-style. Liberal ringmaster Malcolm Turnbull cracks his whip. Don’t vote for Bill Shorten bec...

The reptilian women of Canberra

By 30 June 2016
Niki Johnson and Claudia Corrigan

Niki Johnson and Claudia Corrigan know exactly where they want to go and how to get there. This uncommon confidence has much to do with the fact that on a daily basis they a...

Ask RiotACT: How to reduce traffic noise pollution?

By 30 June 2016 3
Ask RiotACT

Hi rioters, My house is located on a fairly major road, and the traffic noise is unbearable! We can hear every passing car every moment of every day! I was wondering what mea...

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Canberra United forum and memberships

By 2 October 2009

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="84" caption="Canberra United W-League logo"][/caption]The W-league season is fast approaching and Canberra United memberships are now available via this form:Canberra United pdf And what better place to discuss Canberra United than the Canberra United forum? ...

ASIO Asbestos bound for West Belconen Tip

By 2 October 2009 7

Looks like the suggestion that this waste was heading for Murrumbateman or Tarago was wide of the mark, with the ABC now reporting that it's heading for landfill in West Belconnen....

Smoke Haze Over Canberra

By 2 October 2009 4

The ACT Emergency Services Agency advises us not to worry, the smoke is from fires on the South Coast. 2/10/2009 Smoke haze The ESA advise the current smoke haze over parts of Canberra is coming from bushfires currently burning on the NSW South Coast. There are no bushfires currently burnin...

The old argument: ACT or Jerrabomberra / Bungendore

By 1 October 2009 48

I know we've read banter along these lines before - not necessarily in The RiotACT, but in local rags and even across the neighbour's fence. I am helping my cousin decide on a new location for living. He is moving from Gosford on the Central Coast and relocating to take up a job at ANU. He doesn't w...

Need to respond to new tragedies - CMCF

By 1 October 2009 3

Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Chair Sam Wong said he was shocked and saddened by the Pacific earthquake and tsunami which has killed more than 120 people in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga.  “Coming just 24 hours after Typhoon Ketsana which has devastated parts of the Philippines and ...

There's always enough money

By 1 October 2009 11

Despite the news that the ACT could lose $50 or $60 million (depending on whose version you believe), a view amongst the ACTPS that there won't be any money around next year for things they don't want, and strong opposition from the local AMA to the waste of money (buying something back that was nev...

(LIVE) Fire at the Melbourne Bulding

By 1 October 2009 13

I look live now at the Melbourne building, 55 London crt, as smoke rages out of the Melbourne building, It smells electrical and being lunch time one can only say it may be a kitchen. The Act Fire brigade has just show up (quick as) and are going in... more to come...

Baseball booms in ACT

By 1 October 2009 2

ACT Baseball has undergone one of its busiest registration periods in history after signing up just over two hundred new players for the 2009-2010 season. The increase in players has been experienced right across the board at both junior and senior levels.  As an example, junior T-Ball looks set...

Capt'n Snooze

By 1 October 2009 15

My colleagues and I were having a discussion: the talk drifted from the movie Feast to Watchman to exploding people to instead just putting them to sleep onto the Spiderman villain Sandman (made of sand) then to  the Capt'n Snooze guy. I would like to find a picture of Capt'n Snooze to remembe...

50's Pinup Girl Fashion In Canberra

By 1 October 2009 22

I discovered and joined this forum after recently taking up residence in Canberra. I thought I'd dedicate my first post to attempting to conclude a thus far fruitless search on behalf of my wife! My new position here in the capital sees me attending a number of official functions with my good wif...

G-Spot is back

By 1 October 2009 7

That Gungahlin landmark and favourite haunt for Gungahlin nightowls is back. The G-Spot reopened a couple of weeks back - same location. Apparently the Lakes club asked operator Andrew Dale to reopen. The hours are better too, allowing families to indulge too: Wed 6 pm to 12, Thu 6 to 1 am, an...

Air Disaster Memorial [Ghost Strikes Again]

By 30 September 2009 15

Trekked out there a few nights ago and were victims of the car stalling and rolling forward experience. Some of our group also swear they saw a person on the track leading up to the memorial. Anyone else have any stories? I've never experienced... [Ed] And there the story ended as though the ghos...

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