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Top hats, tails, and Fishnet Stockings: Something a bit different at Teatro V

By 8 September 2008 1

[ 13 September 2008 9:00 pm to 14 September 2008 3:00 am. ] This Saturday 13th September, come down to Teatro Vivaldi (, ANU Arts Centre, for something a bit different, as Servants of Sound launches their upcoming festival, Dragon Dreaming at 9pm. The theme is "Mouli ...

Resumes - any recommendations on a fair priced CV?

By 8 September 2008 43

I’ve been self employed for the past 20 years. Now I’m looking for someone to help me put a CV together. It needs to be good, suitable for joining the PS. ...

RiotACT Sim Challenge Round 6 - David J Morgan, Liberal for Brindabella.

By 8 September 2008 19

RiotACT Sim Challenge Round 6 - David J Morgan, Liberal for Brindabella. [ 8 September 2008; 6:00 pm; ] Tonight a RiotACT detachment makes a rare trip south to conduct the Sim Challenge on the turf of Liberal candidate for Brindabella, David Morgan ...

Awesome driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm...

By 8 September 2008 62

View Larger Map Last Friday on my way home from work I took my normal route back to Chisholm. After the roundabout turnoff on the Monaro I got stuck behind a silver VN Commodore sitting in the right hand lane doing 70km/h up the hill in an 80km/h zone with no one in the left hand [...] ...

Second hand Sunday in pictures

By 8 September 2008 18

Second hand Sunday in pictures [First filed: September 07, 2008 @ 11:15] The Riot 501st were deployed to the streets of Belconnen to see what gems could be unearthed from Second Hand Sunday. They returned beari ...

The Capital Territory... more like Zimbabwe

By 8 September 2008 38

After the post about the blood letting at WinTV I realized just how crap, the media that we have in Canberra really is! This really shows that The RiotAct is the only independent news in town. Just look at the whole picture. WinTV (our only hope) now under the ALP thumb, Zimbabwe style. Canberra ...

The most annoying car park music in Canberra?

By 8 September 2008 24

In the Canberra Centre this morning the car park was enhanced by a truly objectionable hammond organ recording. Shopping centres for a few years now have played music in their hinterlands intended to drive away scruffy teenagers without being too objectionable to grown-ups with money. So what are th ...

Dave Kilby on 666

By 8 September 2008 26

Does anyone know why David Kilby is back on 666 ABC radio? I have left the local 666 and switched over to Radio National because I was just sick and tired of Ross Solly. I stumbled on 666 this morning and was pleasently surprised to hear David’s voice. Has anyone got any idea on how long [ ...

Election Wrap - 8 September

By 8 September 2008 11

With the bulk of election material building up we’re switching over to full election mode. So rather than swamp the front page with election news we’ll have one page devoted to the doings of the day, updated as material comes to hand. Labor: Katy Gallagher is promising the establishment ...

Woden Tradies Development

By 8 September 2008 5

There’s a lot of confusion about what the Woden Tradies are up to with their real-estate deals. It doesn’t help that there are no online sources to go with the radio reports over the weekend. Apparently some deal has been done and Woden Tradies are hoping to build two 15 (or is it 20?) s ...

Spring is in the air

By 8 September 2008 23

I don’t know about the rest you little Rioters, but yesterday had a definite feel of spring. I love spring, and canberra is one of the best places in the world to experience this season. Feel free to add superlatives about spring in the capital. ...

Hermans Fake Hermits at Casino Canberra next week.

By 7 September 2008 67

I am really annoyed that radio 1206 2CC continues to play their ad several times a day, promoting the forthcoming concerts at Casino Canberra on Monday Sept 15th, and Tuesday Sept 16th (sold out), supposedly featuring 1960s British supergroup, Herman’s Hermits. The radio spots feature three or ...

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