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Pick of the Markets: Serendipity Soaps

By 28 November 2015

I'm back! But I'm no longer reviewing weekend hot spots. The team thought it would be fun and something a little different, to review local Canberra markets and the stalls that fre...

Getting the most out of your real Christmas tree

By 27 November 2015
St Nicholas Christmas Trees 3

Editor note: Next week, we'll be starting our Christmas gift-maker interview series. Watch this space. Do you get a real Christmas tree? Curious about giving one a go in pl...

This weekend’s top picks for the DESIGN Canberra festival

By 27 November 2015
ACTivate_ANU Textiles_med res 01

DESIGN Canberra raced out of the gate proving that the capital is very much en vogue. The festival—now in its second year—is putting on more than 70 events and activities, ...

Garage Sales on this weekend (28 and 29 November 2015)

By 27 November 2015
allclassifieds canberra garage sale banner

Today, we present to you a selection of the garage sales on around the capital on this weekend. For the full list, with over 25 advertisements, head to the allclassifieds websi...

Ask RiotACT: So, the GST is Going to Increase…?

By 26 November 2015 10
Ask RiotACT

Can anyone answer some of these questions in relation to what appears an almost certain increase in the GST from 10% to 15% : 1) If the prices of goods/services rises, will ...

Whats on in Canberra this weekend (28 and 29 November 2015)

By 26 November 2015 5

The Christmas season is in full swing as of this weekend. The Street Theatre presents Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol, an alternate telling of Dickens’ classic tale; Christmas i...

Crowdfunding talk with the Light Clock guys

By 26 November 2015 2
The Light Clock

With only seven days left of their Kickstarter campaign (it seems that we can't stay away from the crowdfunding projects here at RiotACT this week), The Light Clock are one o...

Preparing your wardrobe for Summer

By 26 November 2015

I swear it was only yesterday that I was putting the winter woolies away, and dusting off the shorts, t-shirts and beach wear (well not quite, but I was prepping for summer!). ...

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By 6 June 2009 4

For the best part of a decade Pop The Pot has represented all that is good in original Canberra music. If you have the chance don't miss it....

Mountain Biking in Canberra under threat?

By 6 June 2009 12

With mountain biking gaining a higher profile in Canberra, enthusiasts may not realise how threatened it is.   If bushfires weren't bad enough. One of the major drawcards for Canberra MTBing is its diversity, with great trails at Stromlo, Kowen, Majura, and Sparrow.  Three of these four fields...

Vanity Fair: Exhibition good, cafe bad

By 6 June 2009 12

I went along to the new Vanity Fair exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery this morning. On show are numerous "celebrity" photographic portraits as featured in the magazine, as well as samples of the magazine from all eras. A quick history lesson on the mag to help add some context. The maga...


By 6 June 2009 25

Un canberra times dated june 1 2009 - ex caps player janna sladic a drug addict and in custody for break and enters. Blaming her addiction on a car accident several years ago. Also long term partner of a well known canberra criminal...... Kinda sad really - had the world at her feet and now i...

Tips for driving in the fog

By 6 June 2009 35

Have a look at the photo. Observe what you can see of the oncoming car. Oh my, that's right. The only thing you can see in the fog is the headlights. So here's a tip space cadets. When driving in fog turn you headlights on. Seriously. If we have a prang because you were this stupi...

History lesson - Cotter Dam

By 6 June 2009 14

YouTube, thanks to "spinningreel" has thrown up a gem of a 6 minute doco on the history of the Cotter dam. So many things I did not know about all the infrastructure out there. And so re-assuring to see that cockups are nothing new....

Police Wrap - 6 June

By 6 June 2009 21

1. Try not to collide with houses... A 19-year-old Lyneham man will face court today after the stolen vehicle he was driving collided with a house early this morning (June 6). About 1.10am general duties police patrolling in Lyneham attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the stolen van, which ...

RiotACT Survey Results

By 6 June 2009 31

A couple of weeks ago those of us normally accustomed to keeping our heads down in the RiotACT bunker braved the outside world with the intent of getting your feedback on what we're doing here. Asking for feedback at any time can be a scary experience, particularly as its often not what you want...

Canberra's biggest eyesore?

By 6 June 2009 100

This morning on the radio they were talking about Australia's biggest eyesore (which happened to be Surfers Paradise). It got me thinking about Canberra's biggest eyesore. This morning the favourites were the Belconnen Shopping Mall and the National Art Museum. So what is Canberra's Biggest ey...

Retreat beaten by pig sniffles

By 5 June 2009 6

The Chinese Xinhua agency (of all places) reports that Duntroon has had to cancel the annual beating of the retreat parade because a cadet has come down with the pig sniffles. The defense department on Friday said one cadet at the Canberra college, which trains officers for the army, had tested ...

Faulkner sent to conduct mass executions in Defence

By 5 June 2009 41

In March we discussed Defence's dangerous and stupid leaking of its dangerous and stupid investigations into its own minister. You will have all heard that the Minister got tripped up by his own largely unrelated piece of stupidity yesterday and was forced to fall on his sword. We've just had...

Electricity prices up

By 5 June 2009 7

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has announced that they're approving an average electricity price rise of 6.42% next year. ‘Effectively, real electricity prices will rise by approximately 2% in 2009-10’, Mr Paul Baxter, Senior Commissioner said today. ‘The increase in ...

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