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Possible solutions to vehicle based fuel theft

By 23 May, 2008

Back on the 13th May 2008, the Canberra Times ran an article about the fuel theft that has started to occur as a result of number-plates being stolen from cars. Obviously a number plate can be removed from a car even if you use tamper proof screws (if you are determined enough you would just jemm...


ACT Libs idea - no Stamp Duty for new home buyers on dwellings up to $500k

By 23 May, 2008

I’m a recent first home buyer and I admire the notion of trying to help first home buyers but I am not sure Zed Seselja’s idea will be very effective.  Why? Well in NSW (which uses the same threshold) the no-SD for 1st home buyers seems to simply have caused prices to move closer to th...


Cuts to PS

By 22 May, 2008

As expected, there was going to be some fall out from the federal budget. The ABC is reporting that 300 jobs in the Dept of Immigration and citizenship are to go, however, I am intrigued that staff at DIAC’s Belconnen offices have been offered voluntary redundancies or the chance of a job else...


Door-To-Door Oil Paintings

By 22 May, 2008

I just had a visit from a gentleman claiming he was from overseas and was here selling oil paintings from fellow university students. “Art For All” was the name of the scheme If I remember correctly. He was selling the paintings from about $150. I purchased one (Silly maybe) for $175, mi...


Cattle ticks found near Canberra

By 22 May, 2008

Stock and Land is reporting that a property at Sutton has been quarantined after cattle ticks were detected on a horse. This is the most southerly outbreak ever of the mites which have the potential to spread the deadly tick fever. Article here ...


Young Libs take control

By 22 May, 2008

I hear around the uni that Duncan McDonald and the ANU young Libs have told the ACT Lib Party executive (read faceless power hungry anti Kent people) that they don’t want to be part of them, and want to separate. Why? My sources tell me this comes from the executive (read Vice President, party th...


ACT recognises same sex couples

By 22 May, 2008

Ironically, the lifestyle section of the SMH is reporting that a number of same-sex couples in Canberra have applied to have their partnership legally recognised after new laws came into effect in the ACT. ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell said civil partnership registrations were now possible foll...


New Cop shop to open

By 22 May, 2008

After refurbishing Anzac PArk West, and then realising that it was to small, the AFP will move into the Harry Seidler designed Edmund Barton Building. The heritage-listed building in Canberra’s Parliamentary Zone will house the new national headquarters of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). ...


Kangaroo Protesters - Their opinions in their own words

By 22 May, 2008

I went out to the Lawson Naval Base this afternoon to have a chat with and video the protesters that have set up a vigil outside the main gate.I allowed the people I spoke with to express their opinions in their own words without the usual editing that occurs when a media grab is taken [...]...


Restaurant Review - Flint Dining Room and Bar

By 22 May, 2008

Flint Dining Room and Bar 15 Edinburgh Street Acton Ph 02 6162 3350 Menus For Download – Dinner, Functions, Beverages A new dining room opened in the heritage listed former Acton Hotel. The old Acton Hotel was first occupied in May 1927 and was used to house public servants sent to Canberra b...


The amazing jumping kangaroo

By 21 May, 2008

The amazing jumping kangaroo Check out this photo from the Gulf Times off a kangaroo jumping for escape Personally I’ve never seen a roo jump that high. Maybe the dodgy Belconnen Naval Site did some weird experiments on the roos which is the real reason as to why they have to be killed…? ...


Pangallo to bat for other side?

By 21 May, 2008

Can anyone confirm the strong rumour that Queanbeyan Mayor Frank Pangallo will annouce tomorrow that he is running in Molonglo as an Independent? Perhaps a scoop for RiotACT! ...


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