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Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Cafe Gaudi, Westfield Woden

By 20 September 2014 4

Time to put the south side to the test again! This time I decided to try out Cafe Gaudi which you’ll find at the Coles and Woolworths end of Westfield Woden. It’s nestled right...

What’s on this weekend? 20th and 21st September 2014

By 19 September 2014 2

With Floriade in full swing and predictions for some pretty cracking weather for the Capital, we’ve got a few suggestions for weekend activities. Add your own tips in the...

road rage on Monaro today almost killed us

By 20 September 2014 1

My partner and I are very lucky to be alive this afternoon.... At approx 3:10pm this afternoon, we experienced horrific road rage directed at us on the Monaro Hwy. It happened in the direction going from Civic to Hume about 1km or so of the Alexander Maconochie Centre. An "electric blue" coloure...

missing dog

By 20 September 2014

One One went missing midday on the 19th from Franklin. She is very shy, but an extremely sweet girl. We are very frightened for her. If you have any knowledge of her whereabouts, please call Caitlin on 0400158765. Reward....

Police investigate fatal collision in Belconnen

By 20 September 2014

ACT Policing is investigating a single vehicle collision off Kirinari Street, Belconnen today (Saturday, 20 September). About 10am this morning, security at the University of Ca...

Canberra Startup Snapknock – looking for feedback!

By 20 September 2014

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you a new Canberra startup company, it is a recently created social auction website named Snapknock. We are celebrating this launc...

Isle of Man TT style race for Canberra / region?

By 20 September 2014 6

I've been reflecting on recent RA posts about events in Canberra (i.e whether or not Canberra is a boring place), and this prompted me to think what sort of event would put our fair city on the world stage. Now, we already have Floriade and Summernats, the Balloon and Folk Festivals, various NGA...

Man charged after disturbance at Majura

By 20 September 2014

ACT Policing arrested a man after causing a disturbance at Brindabella Business Park yesterday afternoon (Friday, 19 September). About 2.55pm, a 43-year-old Farrer man was driving a red coloured Nissan Navarra northbound along Brindabella Circuit when he proceeded through a roundabout adjacent t...

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Clashing meetups - Philosophy versus enlightenment.

By 19 October 2008 4

Two interesting events clashing tomorrow night. -- Canberra Philosophy is debating the "ethical relevance of life" for those who love a good argument with no particular resolution. -- Meanwhile fans of "Enlightenment" magazine are having their own chin wag. Decisions, decisions eh?...

Auction market comes back to life

By 19 October 2008 4

The ABC's reporting that signs of life are returning to the real estate auction market after the August scare: "Clearance rates for houses on auction ranged from 33 per cent to 60 per cent at three major real estate agencies... "I think what we might see in the market is reasonable stability a...

Liveblogging the election

By 19 October 2008 136

[First filed: October 18, 2008 @ 18:06] 18:03 OK... so here we go... Sources tonight are: -- Elections ACT -- Elections ABC -- NowUC twitter feed ABC reportage on the tele starts at 18:30. And the team is ensconced in All Bar Nun now so feel free to come on down. --- 18:...

Poster cleanup

By 19 October 2008 19

One of the things that always pissed me off about elections was the propensity for candidates (particularly failed ones) to just leave all their posters around the landscape.   The Labor party have been a real help in this regard (taking most of mine down even before the poll was held), and I thin...

The election is over, so lets talk about the important things, like OFFAL.

By 19 October 2008 30

There was a great recipe for liver encrusted roast in the last offal thread.. It made one of the most tasty roasts I have ever had. So all you offal lovers out there, and I know there are lots of you, keep reporting back with your most offalicious experiences. Offal makes the world go round....

ACTION Buses Civic Interchange Clock

By 19 October 2008 22

As a constant user of the ACTION buses (I travel to work and back Downer to Deakin and vice versa). So I spend about 10 hours a week on a bus- if not more. I often depend on the clock that is found at the Civic interchange. It gives the commuters an understanding of what time the buses are allegedly...

What do you do if you forgot to vote?

By 19 October 2008 27

Silly me I forgot about the bloody elections on today and at 5:59pm I rushed down to my nearest polling place to arrive @ 6:04 pm to be told It was too late the doors were going to be shut. I suppose I was too late, but bloody hell (talk about your power trip) Anyway does anyone know what you...

Santa Pub Crawl 2008

By 19 October 2008 1

Hey Fellow Santa Pub Crawlers, Anyone know when the Santa Pub Crawl for 2008 is on??...

Flying foxes to be banned in ACT playgrounds?

By 18 October 2008 38

Recently the kids and I have been enjoying the brand new flying fox at John Knight Memorial Park on the shores of Lake Ginninderra. Today the 'fox' was wrapped around one end with a very large chain and padlock. Another person at the park said he was told it had been chained up for 'liabilit...

A lunch for the very small business

By 18 October 2008 4

RiotACT's all-seeing eye has come across this tidbit offering a luncheon networking opportunity for the very small businesses amongst us: "I’ve decided to start a little non-event called the Very Small Business Lunch to bring soloists, entrepeneurs, freelancers and small business owners in the ...

Today's election - the punters speak

By 18 October 2008 17

Pity I hadn't logged on to Riotact to see the 100 metre piece of string debate. I might have been tempted to bring one along with me this morning, just to stir the possum. Voting in Dickson was a very laid back, first world experience. My nuclear family walked past well mannered volunteers handin...

So where is Santa Domingo?

By 18 October 2008 9

The Age has an interesting little piece on the Australian Federal Police's training for international deployment. Apparently somewhere nearby Canberra lurks a whole fake village of "Santa Domingo" in the nation of "Sirec"....

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