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Burned Out Car in Lyons

By 1 September 2008 22

I haven’t seen a burned out car around here for a while and it looks like someone has taken the time to remedy that over the weekend.  This morning there’s a burned out car at the intersection of Heysen and Devonport St in Lyons.  There’s also a lot of broken glass from bottle ...

New grapevine plans on TransACT

By 1 September 2008 33

So I got a call from a telemarketer asking me about bundling with ActewAGL… yada yada yada. My argument against it up until now has been the modified home broadband plans that Grapevine started offering ~1+ years ago which specified an “acceptable download limit” for their unlimit ...

Asado! (Argentine BBQ) - only $35, book by 19 September - charity fundraiser

By 1 September 2008 3

[ 4 October 2008; 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. ]  Asado! (Argentine BBQ) - only $35, book by 19 SeptemberIn Canberra, in association with "Tango in the Spring" and Argentine Month Host:Argentine tango dancers in CanberraType:Party - BarbecueNetwork:GlobalDate:Saturday, October 4, 2008Time:12:00pm - 2:00 ...

Adam Verwey in the RiotACT Sim Challenge

By 1 September 2008 10

[First filed: August 29, 2008 @ 22:01] Thursday night saw Adam Verwey front All Bar Nun in O’Connor for the RiotACT Sim Challenge. In the course of the night it became clear that what had raised the hackles of many of you on his website was really an attempt to be himself in writing. He came ...

Alistair Coe the replacement for Big Bill?

By 1 September 2008 8

The ABC has word that the former National Young Liberal President Alistair Coe is going to get the nod to take Bill Stefaniak’s empty place on the Ginninderra Liberal ticket. I’m picking up ructions on Facebook suggesting this decision is not meeting universal applause. Does anyone know ...

Vinnies Ball 2008 - Only 1 Week Left to Book Tickets!

By 31 August 2008

Vinnies Ball 2008 - Only 1 Week Left to Book Tickets! The Annual Vinnies Charity Ball – A Night of Magic  is coming up on the 13th of September and tickets are only on sale for one more week!! Join Master of Ceremonies, WIN Ne ...

A gripe about the Chronicle

By 31 August 2008 56

I have to vent my spleen about an issue that is driving me up the wall. WHEN will someone do something about the stupid free newspaper being thrown around our suburbs? It is covered in plastic and thrown on my lawn. I did not ask for it. Therefore it is litter. By the looks of many other lawns, [... ...

Governor General puff piece by former speechwriter!

By 31 August 2008 10

Why doesn’t the Sunday Canberra Times’ Andree Stephens (the editor) tell readers today (31/8) in her page 1 splash about the GG, spilling to a double page spread inside, that up until a few months ago, she was the long-serving speech writer for H.E. Governor-General Michael Jeffrey? Thi ...

Ugly ART

By 31 August 2008 33

Ugly ART Hello all. I’m looking for the artist that made THIS horrendous excuse for a cup. It is inscribed with “JB 1977″ and has a saucer to go with it. Did you make it ...

Cyclists of the Night

By 31 August 2008 47

As a Canberra driver and cyclist, I’d like to briefly remind other cyclists to wear bright clothing if they’re going to be cycling on the road. On Saturday evening, I was about to drive into Belconnen Way (what the street exactly was I can’t remember for the life of me). It was abo ...

Raiders fail on the top 4 hurdle

By 31 August 2008 3

The Age reports that the Raiders have faltered in their top four charge again in Queensland. This time going down 22-10 in Townsville to the Cowboys. ...

Public artworks - NSW style

By 31 August 2008 11

Public artworks - NSW style On the way to the snow on Saturday I noticed this public artwork by the side of the road between Williamsdale and Michelago.  Unlike our own artworks in Canberra this particular ...

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