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Images of Canberra - Another child at the National Museum

By 3 September 2008 16

Images of Canberra - Another child at the National Museum s-s-a took this photo at the National Museum in February. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to ...

A nasty surprise - Kingston murder

By 3 September 2008 78

[First filed: September 01, 2008 @ 09:21] A reliable source tells me that the early starters first to arrive at the ABC childcare centre in Kingston found a nasty surprise this morning – a bloodied corpse on the play equipment. From reports it sounds like the fellow met a violent end. Nice. ...

Flower guy weather man

By 2 September 2008 29

This may have been covered before, but what are the views out there on the ABC’s flower-guy weather man? My 2c? – He should have his own comedic gardening show. He reminds me of Edwin Maher, former ABC Melbourne weather guy. He was famous for having a different pointer each day. people u ...

Quantum Leaps My sister, my brother - a (belated) dance review

By 2 September 2008 1

Some of you may remember Quantum Leap’s “My sister, my brother”  back at the beginning of August. Contemporary dance, young people, Canberra’s own. Well, for reasons I won’t even speculate about, it didn’t get reviewed in the august local newspaper. But, local ...

Legal Hash

By 2 September 2008 32

[ 3 September 2008; 6:10 pm to 8:30 pm. ] I've mentioned this mob that I run around with (pun intended) before, but a discussion with a Rioter at the Sim Challenge at ABN last week prompted me to mention it again. Don't fret, as the guitarist said to his instrument, it won't be a regular update. ...

New mobile laptop repair business.

By 2 September 2008 22

Hi guys, I’m just about to go live with a mobile laptop repair business in the A.C.T. Basically, the set up is as follows. Monday, Wed, Thursday are pick up days, $199 $99 flat fee (parts not included). I’m not looking to drum up any business (yet), but am looking more to what pitfalls ...

Exploring underground bunkers near Canberra

By 2 September 2008 47

In the past, RA has had a fair bit on Urbexing. (Going down tunnels and exploring not so normal areas for fun.)  I myself love doing this and there is always the chance that you will find something that has been lost, hidden away or forgotten.  I have heard stories for years about people finding ...

Insatiable Banalities Podcast # 91 - The Cashews

By 2 September 2008

New room, new cast, new feed. Same hour of quality local original music, with added banality! Insatiable Banalities returns, fails miserably at the first attempt to keep to a more regular schedule, but promises to try even harder, and presents The Cashews! You all love the Cashews right? Well, a lot ...

Moving the heart of the city south to Vernon Circle

By 2 September 2008 9

For all the Inner Northicans employed in the Parliamentary Triangle Vernon Circle is just a part of the trunk road which gets them to work. Northbourne turns into Vernon Circle which becomes Commonwealth Avenue. This admirable and functional arrangement is, it seems, at threat from our beloved leade ...

Images of Canberra - Sunrise from Mount Painter

By 2 September 2008 6

Images of Canberra - Sunrise from Mount Painter [First filed: September 01, 2008 @ 09:38] Overheard has sent in this picture of his son watching the sun rise over Canberra from Mount Painter. Got an image of Canberra you want t ...

The Plex - A review

By 2 September 2008 19

[ 18 September 2008 to 24 September 2008. ] [First filed: August 31, 2008 @ 11:46] Canberra's Brian Cobb has made his first feature film as a producer and it's opening at Dendy on 4 September for a run from 18 September to 24 September. Yesterday it had an advance screening at the National ...

ACT Light Rail Meeting - Thursday 4 September

By 2 September 2008 8

ACT Light Rail will be holding a public meeting from 6.30 PM on Thursday 4 September at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen. This meeting will discuss the recent announcement by the Chief Minister of a business case for Light rail in the ACT. This is the first concrete step by t ...

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