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A Summer Fling

By 21 November 2014

With these warmer months approaching it's hard not to want to spend most of my time out doors, taking in all the sunshine and warmth before the next Winter comes. It's also ...

Right wing, left wing… what about the bird in the middle?

By 21 November 2014 6

There has been much discourse in recent times on the relative importance of having a healthy budget position versus having a significantly funded safety net. The orthodox ri...

Awards for rising school sports stars

By 21 November 2014

An Australian footballer from St Clare’s College, an orienteer from Kaleen Primary School and a golfer from Burgmann College are among 10 ACT school students to receive 2014 Scho...

New ways of nursing at Canberra Hospital to improve patient experience

By 21 November 2014

The Chief Minister and Minister for Health Katy Gallagher today announced a suite of initiatives to further improve patient experience at Canberra Hospital and make it easier for nurses to continue to offer excellent care. The new measures include: introducing ‘team nursing’, where nurses sha...

7.30 ACT what to expect from tonights program

By 21 November 2014 5

7.30 ACT on the ABC Friday November 21st The Calverts and Mr Fluffy. The Calverts’ story parallels that of Canberra. They came here in the early 60s and built a home an...

Recent Articles/Opinions For and Against Canberra’s Light Rail

By 21 November 2014 1

These relatively short recent articles/opinions are certainly worth a read - what ever your pre disposition to the Light Rail : Against - "Fantasy: The case for light rail in Gungahlin" For - "Public transport report boosts case for Canberra light rail, ACT government says"...

This Saturday – Australian MMA Championship Grand Final

By 21 November 2014

BRACE Australia's Mixed Martial Arts Event Series is excited to announce details of the upcoming event BRACE 31. This Saturday the 22nd of November BRACE hits Canberra for the ...

First Round of Major Artists Announced: National Folk Festival!

By 21 November 2014

Following a tasty little Six-­Pack Teaser the National Folk Festival is pleased to announce its first major round of artists for the 2015 Festival. They are: From Canada ...

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The new National Portrait Gallery

By 3 December 2008 28

[First filed: December 01, 2008 @ 14:20] The new National Portrait Gallery opens soon. There's a preview for members tonight and a media day on Wednesday. I don't fall into either of those groups but have been driving past the site pretty much every weekday during its construction. I ...

Canberra Goss gives up on Canberra? Things to do for New Years.

By 3 December 2008 78

Four days later and we're still waiting for Canberra Goss's Foreshore reportage. Even so we were astonished to read the girls have written off Canberra for New Years' completely! There’s no better reason to party than the birth of a brand new year. So pull out your party gear and head to one...

Canberra Liberals the laziest opposition in Australia?

By 3 December 2008 61

As far as I can tell this is the last media release out of the Canberra Liberals. It's dated 14 November. So in the last two weeks they've come across no issues worthy of wider exposure? The Government has been so flawless as to be beyond any reproach? No constituents have brought any issues to t...

Over the front - the Great War in the air - a review

By 3 December 2008 39

[First filed: December 02, 2008 @ 13:19] The War Memorial's latest blockbuster Over the front is now open to the public and I went along this morning to see what magic Peter Jackson had wrought with the audio-visual presentation. The exhibition and curation of artifacts is decidedly light ...

Seasonal Beats - Christmas Eve 2008 - Featuring Casual Projects, D'Opus &

By 3 December 2008 6

Transit Bar presents... SEASONAL BEATS - XMAS EVE 2008 featuring: CASUAL PROJECTS (2 sets) D'OPUS + ROSHAMBO DJ ALISTAIR Free Entry - kicks off 7pm! ...with special presents from Santa, for those who have been good little chickens this year ...

Airport future.

By 3 December 2008 30

Yesterday the Department of Infrastructure (what used to be Transport) released an aviation green paper. The exec summary is the best bit to read if you're short on time but in particular section 8, which I've reproduced below. They plan to stop Canberra Airport developing land willy nilly wit...

DPP banjoed.

By 3 December 2008 5

The Canberra Times brings word on the neglect of the Director of Public Prosecutions, a crucial leg of the justice system. "Mr Drumgold said a trial lawyer in the ACT was paid less than half the salary of those doing the same job in NSW or Victoria. ''A Crown Prosecutor here standing with the ...

Please lobby ACTION and ACT Govt to provide bus route and schedule data to Go

By 3 December 2008 30

[First filed: December 02, 2008 @ 08:42] I'm sure that some of you have used Google Maps. The latest versions, including the one for the iPhone can plan a route for you using public transport, as well as the "traditional" car and pedestrian route planning. In Australia right now you can only do i...

Canberra on Wikipedia?

By 3 December 2008 28

Although I do not hold an opinion that Wikipedia is the be-all and end-all, tonight I did a search on Canberra on their site. After reading the Canberra story, I was wondering has anything happend here in the last 6 years or so? The last entry from Wikki on Canberra's history is the bushfires in...

ACT Light Rail Meeting - Thursday 4 December

By 3 December 2008 12

The final 2008 public meeting of ACT Light Rail will be held Thursday 4th December 2008 at 6.30PM. This meeting will be held at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen. An update on a very productive meeting ACT Light Rail held with the Greens will be provided. Following other...

Appointment with ACT speech therapy

By 3 December 2008 8

Hi all, I have been to an appointment with a speech therapy, and have been stoned walled. [ED - This is a followup to an earlier story] They refuse to diagnose Dylan and say he has a delay in expressive language, which doesnt help me much. They told me in the beginning to start signing to...

Insatiable Banalities Podcast # 100 - The bridge between

By 2 December 2008

Canberra’s longest running, and least reliable, podcast is back to grace your speakers. This week we celebrate the milestone of reaching 100 episodes by doing nothing at all out of the ordinary. In this episode a very rare professional act (as in they make all their income from their music)...

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