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Playground review – Bonython local playground

By 29 March 2015
bonython playground

The unassuming southside suburb of Bonython is home to a local playground that is well maintained and an absolute treat to visit. Kaden (18 months) and I decided to see what th...

Doing hen’s nights right at QT Canberra

By 28 March 2015 1
QT Canberra pick up

When I think of hen's nights, I imagine fashioning wedding dresses out of toilet paper, eating cookies in the shape of male genitalia and drinking a lot of champagne (if only to ma...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Cherryripe Brasserie, Watson

By 28 March 2015 1

Recently having moved house, I have found myself in random suburbs that I would otherwise not spend much time in. Last week I found myself at ONA in Fyshwick. This week I was on...

Local sports club profile: Tuggeranong United Football Club

By 27 March 2015
Tuggeranong United junior football

Most suburban football teams would be intimidated by the prospect of playing against one of the country’s top A-League teams, but not Tuggeranong United Football Club (TUFC)....

A look around Canberra – Doing time in the Rivetto Ghetto

By 27 March 2015 1
photo 4

I maintain that Canberra is a well-kept secret (although I am told there are now license plates surfacing which say ‘ACT – it’s not as bad as you think’ in which case t...

Whats on this weekend? 28th and 29th March

By 26 March 2015 12

How is it almost the end of March? This month seems to have raced by, probably in part because the past few weekends have been jam-packed with festivals (Art Not Apart, You Are...

Why did Smiths Alternative really close?

By 25 March 2015 17

One of Canberra’s most loved performance venues announced last week that it would cease its operations indefinitely. This week, Smith’s Alternative is in receivership. The c...

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Rugged computers looking for a home

By 11 February 2009 60

Morning Ladies and Gentlemen I am a computer.  Pretty observant of me I know, but I am a very special computer.   I was destined to go into the remote parts of Australia and work for 5 years without a problem. Sites where there is 50 degree heat and rolling dust in the middle of summe...

Images of Canberra - That's mean you're idiot

By 11 February 2009 9

I enjoyed this piece of passive-aggressive notery outside the Lyneham newsagency immensely. So much so that I've decided to share it with you. Got an interesting/ quirky/ funny image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Last night's fireworks effort in Gordon

By 11 February 2009 18

If the person who let off fireworks last night in Gordon around 3am happens to be a RiotACT reader, F*** you,  you inconsiderate a***hole. You are a childish, low IQ piece of s***. considering we have had major bushfires, you had to go and do something like this. You D***head!...

NCA forcing car clubs off the grass?

By 11 February 2009 17

The Canberra Times has an interesting snippet on moves by the National Capital Authority (NCA) to stop Canberra's vintage car clubs doing their show and shines on the grassed parts of the Parliamentary Triangle. The car clubs are unfortunately dragging the tent embassy into the debate: Coordi...

Honesty in Media?

By 11 February 2009 39

I am a retired academic and an illustrious member of Canberra’s eclectic and colourful homosexual community. My grievance is this: I had believed the days of homosexual vilification had long been consigned to the dustbins of history, but was made acutely aware of the unpalatable truth during a ...

Airport Master Plan Out - proposes residential development

By 10 February 2009 15

The ABC informs us that the darkness on the edge of town, aka Canberra Airport, has released it's latest master plan (the last one having been rejected) which now includes turning the whole area into a new city. The plan, which covers the next 20 years, provides the first insight into how the air...

Pastor Danny to bring the hate here to Canberra

By 10 February 2009 69

If you're lucky you'll never again see something quite as spitefully evil as the latest epistle from the nutjob "Catch The Fire" ministries. CTFM leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah said he would spearhead an effort to provide every assistance to devastated communities, although he was not surprised by ...

RPG Fans sought.

By 10 February 2009 39

Having moved to 'Berra and learning that the city is all about making your own fun, I'd like to start a weekly social roleplaying group. I did go to the roleplaying society at ANU but it was all neckbeards and black clothes and not alot of normal. I'm looking for a new group of mates who get tog...

Opening Night Feb 14 6pm | art:house | art + design festival

By 10 February 2009

Come along to the OPENING NIGHT of the art:women and future:colour group exhibitions part of the art:house | art + design festival held at Benedict House in Queanbeyan. Both group exhibitions open on 14 February 2009 from 6pm and feature local emerging artists, designers and photographers. FREE E...

Delivery Men Damage - What can I do?

By 10 February 2009 22

I recently had a chest of drawers delivered by a furniture company in fyshwick, I paid the $55 delivery fee to have two drawers delivered to my house. First of all, the delivery was set for midday, the delivery guys showed up at 6.30pm. They unloaded the drawers from the back of the truck, my ...

Back to the Capital?

By 10 February 2009 7

One for fans of the "Back to the Future" franchise (and a convincing demonstration of why people should pay more attention in class). This piece of YouTube magic was posted by grantus84 with the following note: Short Film made for Lights! Canberra! Action! 10-day film making competition in Ca...

Police Wrap - 10 February

By 10 February 2009 17

1. Wanniassa Nightclub heist: ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an attempted robbery which occurred at The Maram nightclub in Wanniassa yesterday (February 9). Around 7.25pm a 31-year-old woman was at the Denigan Street address when a man entered the premises and attempted to steal her lap...

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