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Green Drinks Canberra changes venue, format

By 2 September 2014

Long-running networking event Green Drinks Canberra is changing its venue, and revamping its format. The monthly networking event, which is held on the second Tuesday of eac...

Best of Canberra – Vietnamese

By 2 September 2014 9

Some friends of mine went to Vietnam for their honeymoon a few years ago. When they got back, they were not only all loved up and glowing from the sunny break but also clued in ...

The Ellis Collective to Launch New Album

By 2 September 2014

Following the success of their first album, Triple J Unearthed winners The Ellis Collective will return to The Street Theatre to launch their latest album, Carry. A patchwork of em...

Political dilemmas

By 2 September 2014 3

As a person who likes to be involved in my community, and indeed am, politics has become quite a frustration for me lately. I feel really compelled to join a particular political party on a federal level - happy to disclose, the ALP - because I am completely unimpressed with the various agendas o...

Recommendations for home Improvements/renovations

By 2 September 2014 2

Hi there I'm looking to do some improvements on my home and would appreciate some recommendations on reliable, great quality businesses who can help me with the following: New wardrobe cupboards Removal of old carpet and installation of new flooring (floating timber floors) Kitchen/Bathr...

Lake George- Extract from ‘A Case for Ghosts (Part 5)

By 2 September 2014 3

History has shown us that ghosts and the supernatural seem to be commonplace and that a large percentage of people in the western world, indeed from all races and religions, not only believe in ghosts but have also experienced something that they believe is of a supernatural origin. Indeed, many peo...

Power Kart Raceway – Grand opening day 6th September 2014

By 2 September 2014

The first of its kind in the Canberra region, Power Kart Raceway is a fully Indoor Electric Go Kart Centre. Offering Canberrans of all skill levels a chance to experience motor...

Local Sports Wrap 30th and 31st of August

By 1 September 2014

RUGBY UNION It took a week longer than expected, but the Canberra Vikings’ National Rugby Championship campaign is alive and kicking after a 37-18 victory over Greater Syd...

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Deakin Swimming Pool - an Oasis it ain't

By 4 October 2008 37

Years ago the Oasis Swimming Centre in Deakin was just as its name suggested; a fresh, brightly coloured facility with superb pools, nice indoor and outdoor areas (remember the big slide, the worm?) and ultra-modern compared to every other Canberra pool at the time.  The place was new, super cle...

ACT Treasury has loaned Rhodium $19.8 Million

By 4 October 2008 16

Have readers seen the new 2007/2008 Rhodium Annual Report, just posted on their web site. I find amazing the revelation on page 71 of 80 (pdf file page numbers) that Rhodium is now in hock to the ACT Treasury for $19.8 Million. The ACT Treasury increased its loan to Rhodium in 2007/2008 by $12.5M...

Election Wrap - 4 October

By 4 October 2008 76

CAP: Roger Nicoll and James Sizer reckon they're going to get the community to do the work for their environmental initiatives. --- Labor: Andrew Barr is promising not to take ponies from PWAD kiddies as long as the nasty Liberals are sent packing. The Labor media release page also sp...

Missing Man

By 4 October 2008 6

The AFP are looking for your help to find an old lost Banks man: ACT Policing is seeking community assistance in locating an 80-year-old Banks man who has gone missing after being dropped off by car in Civic early this afternoon to attend an appointment in the city. The missing man, Matteo Bo...

Political TV Ads the Good the Bad & the Ugly

By 4 October 2008 15

We are under a barrage of Political TV ads. I thought it time to rate some of them under the heading The Good The Bad & The Ugly. Yes I am biased I will be voting liberal this time after many years of labor. Lets start with the Ugly: All the Labor ads that I have seen so far - just more ar...

Images of Canberra - How many kinds of awesome is the Impact Comics sign?

By 3 October 2008 39

As seen in Garema Place this evening, the Impact Comics sandwich board. Loves it. Got an image in or of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to

Parking Pain in the inner North...

By 3 October 2008 37

I think it is time the Government put aside their revenue raising parking strategies and considered a parking permit system for residents in the inner northern suburbs.    I don't know exactly which suburbs this affects but living in Braddon and having a car is a bit of a problem.   From ...

Proud day for the Massey family

By 3 October 2008 21

The ABC reports that Matthew Massey has been brought to justice and remanded in custody after his fourth breach of bail. This morning brother Gavin Massey starred in the Canberra Times' report on the Coroner's findings on the death of DJ McLaughlin. He was wanted by Canberra police in connecti...

Cake emulsifier?

By 3 October 2008 8

Hi all, Does anyone know what cake emulsifier is? And where can i buy it in Canberra? Is there anything i can do to substitute it? thanks a lot! =)...

Friday night parking gets tight at Belconnen Mall

By 3 October 2008 14

It must be hard to get a park for Friday night shopping at Belconnen Mall these days... BTW- this is the second time I have seen a car parked on this railing - probably a good thing its there, otherwise the driver might have stopped in the bus lane a few meters below....

What to do with drunks out in public spaces

By 3 October 2008 35

I heard on the radio today that the ACT Ombudsman has released his annual report in regard to complaints for the year 2007/2008. It was mentioned that the majority of complaints received were against ACT Policing, in particular in regard to the processing of persons under the Intoxicated Persons Car...

Kanberra's Konservative Kontender for Chief Minister Kaught on Kamera at Kraz

By 3 October 2008 82

[First filed: October 02, 2008 @ 14:24] Zed's Cult Connection:  Zed Seselja is on the record having admitted, while being an elected MLA, to attending a week-long conference in Korea in 2005 which was organised by a political wing of the Unification Church known as the ‘IIWFP Universa...

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