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Patterns that lead to domestic violence

By 31 May 2016 3
The Jacka residence in which the boy was killed in February.

The ACT Government has released three reports upon domestic and family violence. They are comprehensive complex documents which highlight the need for much greater cooperation...

First frost reminds us winter is coming … tomorrow

By 31 May 2016 5
Frosty windscreen

Happy winter’s eve, everyone. It’s time to pull out the jug of warm water and the ice scraper, the first frost is here – the first in our suburb, anyway. Canberra tem...

Public help identify drink driver

By 30 May 2016
Police wrap

Police will summons a 32-year-old Palmerston woman after she was caught drink-driving on Sunday. A number of reports were received about a silver Mazda sedan being driven er...

More doctors, nurses for TCH emergency department

By 30 May 2016 6
The Canberra Hospital

The emergency department at The Canberra Hospital will gain an extra 39 staff in 2016-17 and a further 15 workers by the end of the 2019-20 financial year as part of a $29 mill...

Ngunnawal woman dies in driveway accident, police investigating

By 30 May 2016
Police wrap

A police investigation is underway into the death of a 44-year-old woman on Saturday after she was struck by her own vehicle in the driveway of her Ngunnawal home. ACT Polic...

Baby, it’s cold outside

By 30 May 2016 14

The forecast was for an overnight minimum of 4 degrees, but the mercury dipped to -1.8 at around 11.30pm and it’s still 0 out there now as families head off for school and ...

Ask RiotACT: ACT-wide shortage of plastic cat tray liner bags

By 30 May 2016 6
Ask RiotACT

So recently I started using these new nifty bag liners that stretch around the cat litter tray and when you are done just fold up and in the bin, so much less mess and so much ...

Dutton offensive on asylum-seekers

By 30 May 2016 53
ss new australia

When I came to Australia in 1952, I couldn’t speak English, I couldn’t count to 10 and I came by boat. If Minister Dutton had been on the wharf, would he have turned my bo...

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Good Dressmaker wanted

By 19 August 2009 1

Can anyone recommend a good dressmaker/tailer in Canberra?  I would like to get some tailed work clothes made and I am finding it hard getting the right fit, as I am a small build and constantly have to get alterations on the length of pants, etc. Any good recomendations welcome! Thanks Peppa...

Onslaught Of Sound

By 19 August 2009

September 26 see's the return of a Metal-Fest to Canberra. 10bands, all HEAVY, all different.  Mudd Promotions Presents..... Onslaught Of Sound!  Paindivision (Syd), Switchbalde (Syd), Our Last Enemy (Syd), The Vaine (Syd), Forgery (ACT), Northlane (Syd), Stigmata (NSW), Reign Of T...

Bill Posters Innocent Under ACT Human Rights Laws

By 18 August 2009 12

The ACT Greens and ACT Liberals are standing up for Bill Posters and declaring him innocent under the ACT Human Rights Legislation. The ABC brings this story on how Jon Stanhope wants to persecute and prosecute poor old Bill Posters. While the Greens have put out this release on why Bill Pos...

Bus Depot Markets without the bus depot?

By 18 August 2009 45

[First Filed - August 17, 2009 @ 10:11] The Canberra Times brings word that the Gubbmint is planning to tear down the old Kingston bus depot to flog off the land for yuppie hutches. The plan is to throw up some form of building to house the markets down by the lake. If a new building is...

Stuck in Traffic

By 18 August 2009 8

The busy planners at Municipal Services are now conducting the ACT Travel Survey, until October. The goal is to understand travel patterns and plan a transport (ie, bus) system that meets the public’s travel needs. Stop laughing. The survey is intended to record info about trips on a point-t...

A Thank You to Action Bus users

By 18 August 2009 29

Caught two buses yesterday with a 7 month old baby and a pram.  Old style bus = lugging the pram up and down the stairs. Would have taken him out of the pram but a) he was asleep and b) it is safer for him to be secured in the pram on a lurching bus. Got no help, or even a hello, from the bus dr...

The Feldons- New video, new song.

By 18 August 2009

Filmed at the Phoenix in early July, here are the Feldons with a new song 'Staring at the sky' Mark Hunstone- guitar Nick Giles - drums James montgomery- bass and vocals Staring at the Sky Get out on a weekday It's a time that you can play Lift your face up from the eiderdown Life is...

Legislative Assembly in hot water

By 18 August 2009 13

Today the ACT Legislative Assembly will be debating a bill for mandatory energy efficient hot water systems for new homes, which is being spearheaded by the Greens. ACT Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur says: “The Liberal Party, in their 2008 Climate Change policy release, said they would require...

Strangler on the loose

By 18 August 2009 8

The ABC has brought news that the Chief Magistrate has granted bail to an accused strangler, despite being held in custody since June. The accused strangler is reportedly taking anti-psychotic medication, and presumably has been assessed as being of minimal risk to the wider community (we hope)....

Fixing the Currong Apartments?

By 18 August 2009 13

The Greens' Amanda Bresnan has noted that the Government can't find a buyer for the legendary Currong Apartments. She'd like to see them turned into a bigger, better, greener, housing development: “One way to unearth innovative solutions is to run design competitions, as the Victorian Office...

Value of Solar Credits

By 18 August 2009 16

Having decided to install solar panels, I am now struggling to determine whether the offer I've been made for my Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) is a reasonable one.My understanding of the system is that the value of RECs is determined by your zone and market forces, and of course the market fo...

New Technology at Coffee Guru

By 18 August 2009 24

I can’t imagine that I am the only person in Canberra who hates waiting to order my coffee. There is nothing particularly romantic about watching time slip by as the suit wearing guy in front of me changes his mind between the chai latte and double shot short black; in fact, this entire process ha...

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