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A Summer Fling

By 21 November 2014

With these warmer months approaching it's hard not to want to spend most of my time out doors, taking in all the sunshine and warmth before the next Winter comes. It's also ...

Right wing, left wing… what about the bird in the middle?

By 21 November 2014 6

There has been much discourse in recent times on the relative importance of having a healthy budget position versus having a significantly funded safety net. The orthodox ri...

Awards for rising school sports stars

By 21 November 2014

An Australian footballer from St Clare’s College, an orienteer from Kaleen Primary School and a golfer from Burgmann College are among 10 ACT school students to receive 2014 Scho...

New ways of nursing at Canberra Hospital to improve patient experience

By 21 November 2014

The Chief Minister and Minister for Health Katy Gallagher today announced a suite of initiatives to further improve patient experience at Canberra Hospital and make it easier for nurses to continue to offer excellent care. The new measures include: introducing ‘team nursing’, where nurses sha...

7.30 ACT what to expect from tonights program

By 21 November 2014 5

7.30 ACT on the ABC Friday November 21st The Calverts and Mr Fluffy. The Calverts’ story parallels that of Canberra. They came here in the early 60s and built a home an...

Recent Articles/Opinions For and Against Canberra’s Light Rail

By 21 November 2014 1

These relatively short recent articles/opinions are certainly worth a read - what ever your pre disposition to the Light Rail : Against - "Fantasy: The case for light rail in Gungahlin" For - "Public transport report boosts case for Canberra light rail, ACT government says"...

This Saturday – Australian MMA Championship Grand Final

By 21 November 2014

BRACE Australia's Mixed Martial Arts Event Series is excited to announce details of the upcoming event BRACE 31. This Saturday the 22nd of November BRACE hits Canberra for the ...

First Round of Major Artists Announced: National Folk Festival!

By 21 November 2014

Following a tasty little Six-­Pack Teaser the National Folk Festival is pleased to announce its first major round of artists for the 2015 Festival. They are: From Canada ...

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Music Video - Casual Projects - Time

By 1 December 2008 62

The latest music video from one of Canberra's finest musical exports, Casual Projects. The song is called "Time". Enjoy....

Bad girls blue in Civic

By 1 December 2008 13

The Canberra Times has a piece on rumoured violence in Lyneham High School spilling onto Civic streets. "My daughter's a naughty little girl, but she doesn't deserve to be smashed in the face." The Education Department was unable to comment at this stage for privacy reasons, but said it would ...

RiotACT ancient history

By 1 December 2008 20

Little is known about the early days of RiotACT. Indeed, there is no mention of RiotACT before the Doomsday book, suggesting that it was the Normans that introduced RiotACT to the English speaking world in 1066. Recently archaeological finds turned up some startling evidence to suggest that t...

Foreshore from the right shore, 2008

By 1 December 2008 5

Rather than my own pathetic reporting from the far bank of the Molonglo, Toriness was actually inside the wire and sent in this picture from the Pnau set and the following comments: i went to foreshore, and had a great time due to great company and some bloody awesome sets (pnau and presets b...

The Great Ainslie Topiary Hedge

By 1 December 2008 11

The occupant of the house at the intersection of Officer and Tyson in Ainslie has been very busy. A very ordinary hedge has been transformed into a topographic wonder. I guess when you've got a hedge of such thick and lush qualities it's a shame to waste it. But they weren't satisfied w...

When did plastic sheeting get into road works?

By 1 December 2008 6

The latest roadworks on Northbourne Avenue are admirably exceeding the gutter so as to avoid any Lake Northbourne repeats. We were, however, intrigued by the plastic sheeting they're putting down between the old road surface and the new bitumen. Any theories as to whether this will make po...

The ants are in some trouble

By 1 December 2008 16

The weather predicting ants of my driveway have become something of a cause celebre. A reader has suggested that I add a beer can to the mound photography to provide perspective and I have obliged. After Saturday's rains the mounds are still and plugged closed. It might be because the a...

The Shooters photo wall...

By 1 December 2008 175

I was having a couple of ciders at the Phoenix and wandered outside for a smoke. The entrance to Shooters is next door so I had a quick squiz at the photos they had placed there to lure potential punters in. It seems they are aiming at the Toolies market, as most of the pictures portray young...

Tuggeranong Community Festival 2008

By 30 November 2008 8

Someone tell Belco, Tuggers has them totally P0wnd. Despite a superior setting in many ways the Belconnen Community Festival offers the participant little except a venue to wander around in search of anything at all of interest before departing disappointed. Tuggeranong on the other hand w...

Celebrate Human Rights Day with a Women’s Gathering

By 30 November 2008 21

Date: Wednesday 10th December 2008 Time: 2- 4 pm Venue: Women’s Centre for Health Matters Building 1, Pearce Community Centre, Collett Place PEARCE Come and celebrate Human Rights Day with the Women’s Centre forHealth Matters. There will be belly dancing, massage, and cardmaking. Lig...

Canberra Zine Fair 2009

By 30 November 2008

Thanks to the success of the June zine fair, there's going to be another one next year, on 7 February in the Q2 Foyer at Gorman House. This time it is running as part of Scribble, ACT Writers' Centre's festival for young writers and young readers. For those who don't know, a zine (pronounced 'zee...

Struggletown Council become apostrophe deniers!

By 30 November 2008 15

Queanbeyan City Council is inviting members of the community to suggest names to be added to its Street Naming Register for new streets within the City. “Our city’s population expected to almost double within the next 30 years,” said Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall. “Council is in the...

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