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Ask RiotACT: Seeking outdoor dance floor

By 29 May 2016
Ask RiotACT

Hi all, I'm looking for somewhere that will hire out a dance floor that can be set up outside (6x6metres) in Canberra. The only place I've found so far is YesEvents in Bowral N...

Signs of life and wonder

By 29 May 2016 2

Apparently the residents of Gungahlin have had enough of being a lower priority to other areas of Canberra. According to the road signs off the new Majura Parkway, Gungahlin...

At home with Sophia: egg yolk ravioli (almost)

By 28 May 2016 1

I normally only ever post recipes that are successful because most of the time the recipes I make do work out. They might not always be as amazing as I had hoped but they norm...

Green bins on way, starting in Weston Creek, Kambah

By 28 May 2016 22
green bins

The ACT Government will roll out green bins for garden waste across Canberra in coming years starting with a pilot program in Weston Creek and Kambah to be funded in the 2016/1...

Ask RiotACT: What is the longest Street in Canberra?

By 28 May 2016 14
Ask RiotACT

Hi Rioters. I got asked a question by my 9 year old daughter last night that I could not answer. Does anyone know what the longest Street (not Avenue) in Canberra is? Tha...

Inquiry called after death in custody at AMC

By 27 May 2016
Alexander Maconochie Centre

There will be an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the care and supervision of an Alexander Maconochie Centre detainee following his death in custody today...

Pre-made home delivered meals in Canberra – Part 2

By 27 May 2016 5
Gourmet Dinner Service

This is part 2 in a series of posts detailing some of the different options for pre-made meals that can be home delivered in Canberra. This is for all the busy people out th...

First Look – 79&Fine (Civic)

By 27 May 2016 3

I heard a few whisperings on social media this week about a new cafe in Civic and the name drew my attention immediately. I initially thought 79&Fine was a reference to may...

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McCubbin's Last Impressions at the National Gallery

By 13 August 2009 2

While we wait for the European masters at the end of the year the National Gallery is offering us Australia's greatest impressionist, Frederick McCubbin, and his work between 1907 and 1917. From the blurb: Discover McCubbin's free and expressive style, and the varying effects of light conv...

Did anyone see the Perseids over Canberra?

By 13 August 2009 9

So who got up at 6am to watch the meteor shower this morning (13/08)? Looking for any descriptions... [Warall's thoughts were: nah. Kids will be up in 15' let me sleep]...

Why Senator Humphries is voting no to the Emissions Trading Scheme

By 13 August 2009 8

[First filed: August 13, 2009 @ 08:30] Perhaps spurred on by the Labor Senator Kate Lundy's YouTube efforts the Liberal Senator Gary Humphries has, by the look and sound of it, propped a camera phone up on the bookshelf and given a short, sweet, 1:43, explanation to his green tinged electorat...

WTF in the sky over Canberra today?

By 13 August 2009 18

Does anyone have the background story to the aircraft smoke sign over Canberra today? [Composite image. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to ] UPDATE: Our eye on the street has sent in two non-composited photos of the sky writing as ...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 14 August

By 13 August 2009 14

No plinth pictures under the new regime! But we're still after your thoughts on what's going on around town this weekend for the seeing, hearing and attending of. Just blast away with them in the comments!...

Trendy Tongue and Groove gets a one day liquor ban

By 13 August 2009 42

The Canberra Times brings the happy news that the Liquor Licensing Commissioner has had a bit of a win. The last time I was in Tongue and Groove my thought after half an hour was "there's a lot of fake tan and spandex chasing grey hair in here". It seems the grey haired men enjoying the attention...

Death at the Prison

By 13 August 2009 44

[First filed: August 12, 2009 @ 14:06] Early reports are coming though on the radio of a death at the Alexander Maconochie Centre. Just as long as human rights were complied with along the way eh? More details as they come to hand. UPDATE 1: The ABC's initial report is online: An ...

Adventure Paintball 3 man Spring Series starting 23 Aug

By 13 August 2009 6

Adventure Paintball will again be running a 5 round tournament series every second Sunday from 23 Aug 09. This is a 3 man comp so you only need yourself and 2 mates to play. No experience necessary as this is aimed at Novice players who want to try something new. There is a division for more exper...

Merry Fest at The Muse

By 12 August 2009 3

[First filed: July 30, 2009 @ 09:51] This one came across my desk and could not be ignored. Time to clear the schedule for many days following, the aftermath is almost certain to be regrettable. From the event's Facebook page: Merry Fest is the world's smallest festival - proudly presented...

Dendy Cinema Reserved Seating

By 12 August 2009 48

We  went to the Dendy last night - bought tix as usual and wandered in and sat down where we like and the movie started..... then was asked to move by some people who said that they had the seats reserved.   Lots of commotion - not just us but others were moving as well for the same reasons. We...

BMA launches a music directory

By 12 August 2009 3

Canberra's long lived street mag BMA appears to be making a long overdue (and very welcome) move from local reporting on global culture to local coverage of local culture. One manifestation is their newish Exhibitionist section. Another is a very useful "Music Directory" on the navigation bar...

GU Manuka now an Event Cinema

By 12 August 2009 8

I've just noticed that when I went to the Greater Union website, I am redirected to the Event Cinemas website. I'm wondering what the significance is for GU Manuka - one cinema definitely in need of a major upgrade... Does anyone have any info? Also, has anyone who has visited the new websit...

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