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Playground review – Kambah Adventure Park

By 26 April 2015

I have a tendency to forget what a good playground the Adventure Park is in Kambah. Whenever I go there, the kids have a great time and spend so much energy running around the ...

In photos: Anzac Day Dawn Service 2015

By 25 April 2015
dawn service 7

For the 120,000 people in attendance at this morning's Dawn Service at the Australian War Memorial, Anzac Day began at around 3am (perhaps even earlier for those keen to get a good...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Silver Fox Bar and Grill, Curtin

By 25 April 2015 1

Silver Fox Bar and Grill is one of those restaurants that constantly pops up on my Facebook news feed and the posts look so delicious. Believe it or not, I actually have a list...

10 places in Canberra to get breakfast after the Dawn Service

By 24 April 2015

For those commemorating Anzac Day by attending Saturday's Dawn Service at the Australian War Memorial, here's a quick guide to Canberra cafes open for breakfast following the ...

Weekend garage sale guide (25th and 26th April 2015)

By 24 April 2015

Canberra garage sales this weekend in Chifley, Kaleen, Franklin, Amaroo and Page. Happy Friday! Saturday 25 April 12 Mornington Street Amaroo 7.30am to 1pm Stools, ligh...

A look around Canberra – the highs and lows of Kambah

By 24 April 2015 9
Kambah sign

I should declare up front that I’m a Kambah girl. I haven’t lived there for two decades, but I grew up there. I even went to Kambah High back in the day. I know, maybe ...

Whats on this weekend? 25th and 26th April 2015

By 23 April 2015 4
national ceremony

Another week almost over! Here's your guide to what's on this weekend, including Canberra's Anzac Day Centenary commemorations. Anzac Day 2015 The Australian War Memoria...

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Little Girl Lost In The Devil's Black Beard

By 5 February 2009

The following message in from the irrepresible Adam Hadley about his latest show with Mr Fibby: Exciting developments are afoot mostly revolving around farm tool based musical instruments and a staggeringly insane yet incredibly cool musical bicycle which can only mean one thing! That the ...

Greens PWNED by Stanhope

By 5 February 2009 11

It didn't take long, but Stanhope has managed to reduce the Greens and their agreement to a level of irrelevance. The ABC has a story "ACT Greens Consider Priorities" That story reports the Greens now having to consider what is most important in the list within...

How much for a ham roll?

By 5 February 2009 22

A work colleague went off  to buy a sandwich at a London circuit café and came back and told me that her ham, rocket, tomato and cheese roll cost over $8. As an  infrequent buyer of  lunch I thought that was a bit steep. Is that  the going rate for a pretty average (not gourmet) roll around...

Your Kid Can't Do This - Stencil exhibition

By 5 February 2009 2

From their Facebook page: Cardboard Charlie, E.L.K. Stencils, and Fringe 09 present: 'Your Kid Can’t Do This' An International Stencil Art Exhibition that is going to blow the Melbourne Stencil Festival out of the water. Held in the Legislative Assembly Gallery just upstairs from the ...

The Chuffs Say Goodbye - Sat Night at The Potbelly

By 5 February 2009

The Chuffs say goodbye and thank all of those who have supported us over the years. To our regulars for most of our gigs, seriously, we thank you so much. Also a huge thanks to the bands we've played with over the years for inspiring us to rock. We are not sure when we'll be back and n...

RSI Treatment – What works?

By 5 February 2009 5

The RSI & Overuse Injury Association of the ACT presents guest speaker Dr Deepak Sharan, who has successfully treated thousands of RSI patients from around the world at his clinic in India and will talk about what works in the treatment of overuse injury. Thursday 26th February, 12:15pm, Roo...

World does owe you a living

By 5 February 2009 309

The Canberra Times brings the strange news that you can now sue the Government for being poor. "Dr Helen Watchirs launched a report yesterday on low-income households' living costs, saying she ''wouldn't be surprised'' if evicted tenants aired their grievances in court should public agencies make...

Canberra Chess Clubs meeting times

By 5 February 2009 1

Chess used to be thought of as dull, but now it's a co-ed full contact sport with more sex and violence than you can poke a stick at. For those wanting to enter this dangerous world Chessexpress informs us that Canberra's chess clubs are coming back from their summer break. Meeting times are: ...

Gungahlin Police Station finally fully operational

By 5 February 2009 17

The ABC brings word that the long held dream of wind-swept Gungahlin has finally come to pass. They're getting a 24 hour police station. The ACT Police Minister Simon Corbell says the around the clock operation fulfils an election commitment to Gungahlin residents. Mr Corbell says the change ...

Tour De Pisse 2009

By 5 February 2009 9

Belconnen Hash House Harriers present the Tour De Pisse 2009 bike hash .... The hash ride will start at the Zierholz brewery where participants will receive a German sausage and sauerkraut roll, then hoon on around the corner to Redgum, down to the Kingo etc. etc. etc. winding up somewhere in Ci...

Why is Happy Bird so unhappy?

By 5 February 2009 15

As seen in the Top Bargain shop in Civic. Happy pig, Happy koala, and Happy Bear all seem quite happy. But Happy Bird is positively miserable. Maybe because someone moulded ears to his head?...

How to cross the road in the City

By 5 February 2009 41

After many years and magically overnight, the ACT Government has now provided us with essential help and directions detailing how one should go about crossing the road from most footpath crossings in the City by marking "LOOK" on the road immediately in front of the crossing.  Two quest...

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