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Ask RiotACT: Looking for a lockup garage

By 2 July 2016
Ask RiotACT

Hello Everyone, I am looking for a lockup garage to do some woodwork over the next 4 or so months. I would preferably like somewhere that has lights and close to Lyneham. ...

Hobbs positive on Greens’ chances of taking ACT Senate seat

By 2 July 2016
christina hobbs

The Greens are currently poised to steal the ACT Senate seat out from under the feet of the Liberals Zed Seselja. Zed has been virtually absent from his electorate for the past...

Two extradited from NSW over aggravated robbery

By 1 July 2016
Police wrap

A 37-year-old man and a 28-year-old man have been extradited from Queanbeyan to face charges over an aggravated robbery at the Australia Post store in Fyshwick. At about 9.3...

Are you electing to party?

By 1 July 2016
don's party

After all the electioneering, the sloganeering, the cheering and the jeering, and having finally cast your vote this federal election, are you about ready to party? Thought so...

Zed campaigners post ‘rape joke’ about Greens candidate

By 1 July 2016 12
Offensive material

Supporters of ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja have attached to the dashboard of one of their campaign vehicles text on a photograph of his key opponent, Greens candidate Christ...

Village Building Co. chief Winnel retires, Doherty takes reins

By 1 July 2016
Doherty and Winnel

Bob Winnel, the founder and managing director of Canberra property development giant the Village Building Company, retired yesterday, handing the reins to a new Chief Executive O...

Dickson beyond the latest ACTPLA approval

By 1 July 2016 5

What does it take for the ACT Government to have vision for developments in and around my own suburb of Dickson?  I’ll get back to the question. On Thursday the planning ...

Ask RiotACT: Would you pay for this?

By 1 July 2016 9
Ask RiotACT

Back in 2014 we had some renovation work done on our house.  They ran out of materials and didn't return until 9 months later to finish it off. We knew full well we owed them ...

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Raiders stun Dragons 24-12

By 16 August 2009 14

League HQ brings news of the Raiders' upset win over the Dragons at Canberra Stadium tonight, in front of 19,350 fans. The Raiders went into the half-time break 6-0 down, which went to 12-0 soon after the break. However, from there the home side was never headed, and ran in three converted tries ...

Free computer recycling weekend - takes MegaHertz out of disposal costs

By 15 August 2009 27

Luckily I turned up relatively early for the first day of the free computer recycling this weekend. Arriving about 10:00, an hour after the nominated start time, the traffic was already starting to backup on Flemington Road at the Mitchell Resource Management Centre. After about a 30 minute wait I g...

Budget in the black after all

By 15 August 2009 13

It seems Katy Gallagher only announces the bad budget new. The Chiefly Jon Stanhope has announced that the ACT Treasury has found another $60 million under the couch and in 2008-09 the Government was in surplus to the tune of $14.3 million. A hot real estate market and strong employment appear...

How to get a comment approved.

By 15 August 2009 33

[First filed: August 13, 2009 @ 17:31] There has been, and perhaps it was to be expected, some confusion surrounding comments under the new regime. So here's some tips about what the moderators will be looking for and what they're likely to delete, as opposed to approving, in the scant sec...

Police Wrap - 15 August

By 15 August 2009 28

1. Who's a clever boy then? A 19-year-old Chifley man will appear in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday (August 17) to face charges in relation to 39 traffic offences. Police will allege the man was identified speeding by fixed speed cameras at various locations across Canberra on 38 differen...

How many masterplans do we need?

By 15 August 2009

How many masterplans are current in Canberra?  It seems every day there is a new masterplan for parks, parking, Canberra Stadium, transport, airport............ While The Masterplan is a great oasis song, how many masterplans do we need?  One assumes it is the start of the consultation proc...

Speaking of illegal bill posting - who the heck is Audrey Ray?

By 14 August 2009 15

So I hear the government is going to ban people from putting up posters of gigs etc around town, and even give them big fines if they do.  To be honest, I don't really care either way, but what really annoys me is that for months now every day when I drive around my part of Tuggers I see ...

Airport noise report released

By 14 August 2009 25

Air Services Australia has released their quarterly report into air traffic in Canberra. Of interest this month is the new noise monitor in Hackett. As part of their campaign to run freight planes every 2 minutes overnight in Canberra the airport has consistently stated in the media and in of...

The elderly: out on their arse

By 14 August 2009 9

Interesting article on the website for once. In a TV news article I missed, Damain Hass who heads ACT Light Rail, now seems to have become the Belconnen Community Council spokesperson. In a bit of a stunt to highlight how the Sustainable Transport Plan will fail (not if the...

Woodstock at the White Eagle

By 14 August 2009 3

Woodstock turns 40 this weekend, so Guy The Sound Guy has put together a few bands to do Woodstock Canberra-style - down at the Polish White Eagle Club in Turner on Saturday (15th Aug) The Wedded Bliss, Julia (Deep Sea Sirens), The Lenders, The Chris Harland Blues Band, and special guest Victori...

Simply Slabs Timber on the side of the road

By 13 August 2009 15

I'd never heard about the Wood Slab guy before reading about him on RiotACT. So I was pretty surprised to see a truck sitting on the side of the road on my way to work this morning covered in slabs of timber. I stopped in and had chat with Paul Van Den Heuvel about what he does. He's bee...

Drama in Duffy

By 13 August 2009 18

Anyone hear/see all the drama in Duffy today? Cops raiding a house - guy escapes out the back window (window was closed) and runs into the bush. Police, helicopter - all very exciting for quiet lil ole duffy....

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