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Best of Canberra Taste Off – Butcher

By 24 November 2014 4

Sunny and 32 degrees on Saturday, I was ready to host an Aussie Summer BBQ. There were so many recommendations for which butcher I should visit, as far as Gungahlin and Wanniassa. ...

Out of Africa

By 24 November 2014 9

I have been criticised for drawing attention to the effort mounted in Iraq and Syria to counter ISIS and its call on the lives of our soldiers. My critics drew my attentio...

Strict safety regulations no good for creative businesses, says The Hamlet owner Nik Bulum

By 24 November 2014 15
A photo posted to Facebook last week shows officials at The Hamlet as they prevent the venue from hosting a student exhibition on site.

Entrepreneur and property developer Nik Bulum has called on the ACT Government to relax building safety restrictions, claiming that overly strict regulations are impacting crea...

Canberra Opshoppers Guide – Vinnies Monster Warehouse sale

By 24 November 2014

The Vinnies Monster Warehouse sale has been and gone for another season, and as a well-seasoned thrifting veteran I thought I’d put together a list of tips for first-timers. ...

Robin Hobb at Harry Hartog Woden

By 24 November 2014

Harry Hartog Booksellers Woden will be hosting the incredible Robin Hobb for an appearance in store tomorrow, the 25th of November between 11.30am and 12.30pm. We will have several copies of her back list, and her latest novel Fool's Assassin available for purchase. Can't wait!

Witnesses sought to collision in Kambah

By 24 November 2014

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a collision which occurred in Kambah on Saturday (22 November) involving a motorcycle and bicycle. About 8:30pm a cyclist was riding in a n...

Record nominations for Inclusion Awards

By 24 November 2014

A record number of people and businesses have been nominated in this year’s Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards, which recognise the contributions made to welcome, encourage and support people with disability in our community. This year 79 nominations were received across four categories for a...

New laws to protect privacy

By 24 November 2014

Canberrans will be better protected from unlawful voyeuristic behaviour by new legislation to be introduced into the Legislative Assembly this week, Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, said today. The Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 will strengthen prohibitions on indecent behaviour using ca...

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Bike Rack Success?

By 16 November 2008 26

It's an interesting business watching Jon Stanhope come to grips with the huge Territory and Municipal Services portfolio. "He's actually visiting ALL the depots!" slightly awe-struck, and slightly concerned worker bees have been heard to utter over the weekend. Part of the introduction proces...

The Curry Kebab - Not as good as you might think

By 16 November 2008 39

Walking to Civic tonight we were debating whether to dine at the old favourite of Ali Baba, or try the new, and nearly next door "Grill Fusion" which offers on its signage to provide kebabs AND curry. This got us thinking that a good naan or roti bread could play host to a dryish curry formin...

Andi and George Band at the Holy Grail

By 15 November 2008 2

The band are probably still playing as I type this. But it's been a peculiar night so here I am amusing you, instead of me. The Holy Grail is an appalling venue in so many ways. The lighting is a nightmare and the sound is worse. Tonight there was a gifted sound man working the console and it...

Water Freedom Day!

By 15 November 2008 16

Here in the RiotBunker we've thoroughly enjoyed being able to wash our cars on a hot day for the first time in years. If you too have been celebrating this rare opportunity to do things people from developed countries take for granted, then be sure to take a picture and send it in to images@t...

Commuter or Day Tripper?

By 15 November 2008 66

Cycling on the roads can be a very risky business - hoping cars don't clip you as you ride along, avoiding potholes that could send you A over T, and taking Canberra's round-abouts-of-horror. I have a big pink girls bike with three (count them, three) gears, and am someone's mother, so I tend to ...

Margaret from Ainslie takes a stick to the CMC and Insatiable Banalities on C

By 15 November 2008 84

[First filed: November 14, 2008 @ 10:30] So there I was listening to Chief Minister's talkback on 666 and between the usual old farts, party shills and other assorted nutbaggery I was surprised to hear a familiar voice. Here's a link to a recording of the segment. There on the radio was th...

John and Marianne on 2XX - Talking the RiotACT episode 13

By 15 November 2008 2

For those who missed it live, the downloadable version of 2XX’s RiotACT segment featuring your’s truly and Marianne Mettes is now available. [NOW WITH EXTRA UMMMs!] To catch it live tune in at 5pm on Friday afternoons on 2XX, 98.3FM....

Images of Canberra - Sunset through storm

By 15 November 2008 3

Devil_n_Disquiz took this one last night in Banks as the storm line came through. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Unusual approach to recruitment ...

By 15 November 2008 35

Gus's Cafe have advertised in this morning's CBR Times classifieds for a kitchenhand, a cook, floor staff and a barista - and specified "no experience required"! Um, wonders, does this mean that Gus's standards are so high that they take all recruits through rigorous training on hiring them ... ...

Bocking in Canberra

By 15 November 2008 9

No - not the beer - the Jumping Stilts. They are stilts with a spring on them and they are an upcoming craze, so my twelve year old nephew tells me. He is here on a visit from the Blue Mountains and says that there are a few bockers in Canberra. But where to find them to organise a bocking meet? ...

Most insane rent ever?

By 15 November 2008 22

Wow, I wish I had some liquid cash to sink into this investment property. Sensational returns!!...

Dog's day out this Sunday

By 15 November 2008

One for the woofers. The Chief Minister is frantically coming to grips with Territory and Municipal Services and seems determined to play the part of Mayor for the next four years. As part of the catch up he is this morning letting us know that tomorrow is the "Dog's Day Out" on the shores of ...

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