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Police Wrap

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Petrol swiz?

By 12 August 2008 61

As per usual, now that petrol prices are going down, in Kaleen, CALTEX Kaleen we are not able to buy cheaper petrol, because as usual ALL I mean ALL of the standard ULP pumps are out of order. Amazing isn’t it ALL standard ULP pumps even though they may be on the same pump unit [...] ...

A new DPP - Jon White

By 12 August 2008 15

The ABC brings word that local lawyer Jon White has been appointed to be the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). This rather important position has been vacant since last December when Richard Refshauge took the promotion to the bench of the Supreme Court (so it’s not as if the gubbmint ...

Cheapest rental cars in Canberra

By 12 August 2008 5

I am thinking of renting a car in a few weeks and was wondering if Rioters could offer some advice on the best and cheapest rental cars in Canberra.  I want to rent the cheapest car possible – a small four cylinder model.  Is there any red tape to go through?  What is the usual [...] ...

The Cotter Dam Enlargement - where will the Dam Wall stop, and what about the

By 11 August 2008 42

I was watching the telly last night, and the ad for ACTEWAGL came on, talking about the need to increase the dam size. It takes a while to sink in with me, and I have watched this ad several times, but it only just made it through the “switch off – its an ad…” Where will [... ...

Labor Smashing on the Cards for ACT?

By 11 August 2008 75

The results are still coming in for the NT election held over the weekend with counting still going on to decide who forms Government, but one thing is for sure, and that is the ALP were delivered a thumping. A massive swing, several points higher than ever their most pessimist observer were expecti ...

15y/o Girl dies in a Conder car crash

By 11 August 2008 155

[First filed: August 10, 2008 @ 07:03] My sincerest condolences to the family of a 15-year-old female, whom was the victim of a horror car crash early yesterday morning (09/08/08). [As reported by the ABC] May she rest in peace. To the other two people involved in the crash, I extend my best wishe ...

DFO Canberra Launches!!

By 11 August 2008 41

[ 11 September 2008; 6:00 pm; ] I got this email today...  Just a thought for the Canberran men out there that they should hide their wives wallets until the novelty of this wears off... Be our special guest at one of this year’s biggest VIP openings… the official launch of DFO Canberr ...

Local wines for teh win!

By 11 August 2008 16

Andrew Barr has excitedly announced that local wines have done well in the latest edition of the James Halliday Australian Wine Companion: The region’s flagship producer Clonakilla achieved the 5 star rating; Mount Majura, Ravensworth, Helm, Lark Hill and Collector all achieved a 4.5 star rating. ...

Forensics at Lennox Gardens

By 11 August 2008 3

I was driving past Lennox Gardens, behind the Hyatt, and I could see that Police had the beach taped off and the forensics crew were taking photos. I think that I also saw some police divers in the water. I’ve just found an ABC news article about an elderly woman being found unconscious [...] ...

Hamish and Andys Gravy Chip - Now available in stores?

By 11 August 2008 46

Word has been out that Hamish and Andy’s ‘the people’s chip’ is now available at some select Coles and Woolworths stores. I guess its true too, because the ones on ebay are now selling for as less as $1. I have been to Coles Manuka, Curtin and Woden, with no luck. Has anyone ...

Were doing the Canberra Plan again

By 11 August 2008 16

Governments love putting together plans. It beats the heck out of the much harder business of executing them. This Government is no exception, it lead the nation in announcing plans for this that and the other. The opportunities to look visionary are exceptional. The really best thing about plans is ...

Let The Games Begin - ACT Polling kicks off.

By 11 August 2008 2

The ABC is reporting that pre-election polling begun over the weekend, and delightfully myself and the rest of my family were contacted, although I am no longer eligable for voting in this years ACT election, so theres a small problem to begin with. Field Works Market Research have begun calling Ca ...

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