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What’s on this weekend? 20th and 21st September 2014

By 19 September 2014 2

With Floriade in full swing and predictions for some pretty cracking weather for the Capital, we’ve got a few suggestions for weekend activities. Add your own tips in the...

7.30 ACT what to expect from tonights program

By 19 September 2014

7.30 ACT on the ABC Friday September 19th On Our Watch – Children are often the hidden victims of domestic violence and a new campaign calls for everyone to get involv...

Police seize six cannabis plants in Stirling

By 19 September 2014

ACT Policing has seized six cannabis plants following the execution of a warrant on a home in Stirling today (Friday September 19). About 9.10am, police executed a Drugs of Depe...

Which Prominent Canberrans Compete in Roller Derby?

By 19 September 2014

Just a quick note to say my latest short story explores the wonderful subculture of the Canberra Roller Derby League, and questions how prominent some of the competitors might be.....

Grooming, Deportment and Etiquette courses – Victoria’s Models

By 19 September 2014

Victoria's Model is Canberra's longest established modelling agency. Victoria's Models offers courses for all ages to improve life skills, self confidence and presentation, as well as training for the modelling industry. The experience and professionalism of our trainers ensures you will receive ...

Phone imagery leads to blackmail charge

By 19 September 2014

ACT Policing will summons a 22-year-old Fadden man to Court next month on blackmail charges after it was alleged he threatened to disseminate explicit images of a woman unless he received sexual favours. The 18-year-old victim uploaded images of herself to a private online dating site and allowed...

EATology the science of eating

By 19 September 2014

Canberran’s are some pretty savvy eaters. With the establishment of Lonsdale Street and New Acton on top of the already vibrant culinary oasis of Kingston and Manuka, it is clear...

State/Territory Mutual Recognition fails again

By 19 September 2014

Today I received my renewal notice for my NSW Recreational Fishing License which has risen 17% to $35.00 for 12 months. They must be using the same rating formula as ACT Revenue. An equivalent license in the ACT does not exist (yet) but my favourite fishing spot is in NSW and ACT residents are n...

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One of Canberra's oldest, and longest residing citizens dies.

By 30 September 2008 16

I missed this report in the Canberra Times on Sunday and Monday. "Widely loved and respected in Canberra, where she was born more than 99 years ago, Heather Shakespeare died early yesterday morning." I came into contact with Heather Shakespeare through her support of Scouting (as did many in t...

Watch-house assault officer to be re-sentenced

By 30 September 2008 122

The ABC reports that John Arthur Birch, the former police officer who was found guilty of nine counts of administering a substance to cause pain and discomfort in the Civic watch-house has had his three month suspended sentence overturned on the ground that it was "manifestly inadequate" according t...

So who decided the barbed wire was necessary?

By 30 September 2008 68

Many years ago a team of workers were dispatched to the storm-water drain forming the border between Ainslie and Watson. Someone had decreed that where the Watson drain broke cover needed fencing. Maybe it does, someone walking along in the dark could in theory fall down there. So they du...

Has the Peter Leonard thing, perhaps, been slightly over done?

By 30 September 2008 141

I was as saddened as anyone to hear of the death of former newsreader Peter Leonard at a relatively young age of 66. I never had any reason to bear him any ill will. He read the news from the teleprompter perfectly competently with an entirely appropriate degree of gravitas and the odd hint of hu...

ACT Election Blog Roundup

By 30 September 2008 2

The forthcoming election has brought our burgh to the attention of The Poll Bludger, with a post containing an interesting historical summary of the political landscape here since self-government. According to the site, "Posts on each of three electorates will follow over the coming weeks.". The...

What is this plate?

By 30 September 2008 23

[First filed: September 30, 2008 @ 07:53] Any car nerds want to fill us in on what this number plate is or does? It was spotted on Canberra Avenue just near the Bus Depot Markets. Colour of a diplomatic plate but with no DC. Car's surely too dirty to be some sort of dealer plate... A...

Election Wrap - 30 September

By 30 September 2008 28

CAP: James Sizer doesn't think yesterday's Labor announcements on carers and disabilities do enough. James also thinks the carer's announcement in particular was just "catch-up". --- Parking: The Canberra Times has some thoughts by Messrs Mulcahy, Rattenbury and Churchill on what they...

Canberra Vintage and Classic Bicycle Ride

By 30 September 2008 8

[First filed: September 29, 2008 @ 10:27] Yesterday morning marked the first ever Canberra Vintage and Classic Bicycle Ride, held by the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Mrs Brown and myself decided to pop down to the starting line to see if I could find anyone else with an interest in the w...

Stabbing in Red Hill

By 30 September 2008 27

Does anyone know anything about this story, currently on the ABC News website? "A man has been charged over the stabbing of two men at Red Hill in southern Canberra yesterday. The victims, who are both 22 years old, were taken to hospital with chest and leg injuries. Police arrested a 28-year-...

Defence kiboshes Belconnen grassland refuge plan

By 30 September 2008 28

The Canberra Times reports that Defence is getting a wriggle on with cleaning up the old Belconnen Naval Transmission Station site now that the public has twigged to the piles of toxic chemicals and asbestos left lying all over the place. They're planning to ignore the ACT Government (not of itse...

Moved here recently? Get a chance at a bribe and change your medicare registr

By 30 September 2008 1

The Chief Minister has announced that it's the last week for recent arrivals to the ACT to change their medicare registration and go in the draw for $5,000 in cash. Last week they had just 300 entries so the odds are better than the scratchies. If all this confuses bear in mind that medicare r...

Gnomes go walkabout at Floriade? Or Nazi gnome strikes?

By 30 September 2008 5

The Canberra Times is making light of multiple gnome-nappings at Floraide. Some speculate the gnomes have been liberated, others that they've escaped. Me, I reckon the Nazi gnome, who is also reported missing, is running a secret gnome death camp in the rhododendrons. ...

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