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Local leaders – Jessica May (Enabled Employment)

By 1 April 2015
jessica may optus your shark tank

Canberra entrepreneur and disability advocate Jessica May has achieved more in just six months than what many business owners do in years. The former public servant founded ...

Cheap eats – Turkish Pide House (Woden)

By 1 April 2015 2

I love Turkish food. All of it. Whether it's Turkish bread smothered in hummus or beetroot dip (or both!), kebabs, pide, baklava, or even a bottle of sparkling Gazoz, I will be kee...

Concern as Braddon’s historic car yards in danger

By 1 April 2015 5
car yard braddon

There are reports circulating that the future of an important aspect of Braddon’s heritage is in danger of being lost. The Northbourne Historic Trust’s President, Sir Ke...

ACT electorate redistribution proposal unveiled

By 31 March 2015 5
electoral redistribution proposal

The ACT Redistribution Committee has today announced its proposed redistribution of the ACT into five electorates. Currently the ACT has three electorates: The electorat...

Addictive prescription drug use in Canberra

By 31 March 2015 3

Every day, general practitioners in Canberra are confronted with patients asking, often pleading, for drugs of addiction. The two most sought-after drugs of addiction are th...

Is Manuka dying?

By 31 March 2015 14

The shops at Manuka in Canberra's inner south have always been a hive of activity. The first work started there in the late 1930s and by the 1960s the shops were flourishing w...

Does anyone know Adam or Meg?

By 1 April 2015

I found a really nice Happy Easter note today (1 April) in O'Connor, between David St and Ormond/Condamine Sts (near the Alliance Francaise building). It would be a shame if th...

Recommendation to remove wood heater/flue and repair ceiling?

By 1 April 2015

We are looking for someone to remove our wood heater and flue (never use it as house has ducted gas as well), and patch the resulting hole in the ceiling. The tricky bit is th...

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Where is the music?

By 17 January 2009 12

Im told there is an underground music scene in canberra, but I'm yet to find it. Does anyone have suggestions of where i can get some musical sustenance?  Anything jazz, blues, folk, world, or just a little bit off beat....   I'm also interested in places to play informal gigs...

A farewell to Margaret from Ainslie

By 17 January 2009 9

Regular readers have thrilled to the antics of Margaret from Ainslie. Culturazi now informs us that the drama is at an end with all protagonists moving house. We can only hope Margaret is happy in the "better" part of Ainslie to which she aspires....

Bob promises to walk off into the sunset in five years

By 17 January 2009 26

[First filed: January 16, 2009 @ 08:44] The Canberra Times has the scoop that the rusted on Member for Fraser, Bob McMullan, plans to carry his bat and up stumps after the next election. Younger readers might be surprised to discover that Canberra has Labor members of Parliament with both of t...

John and Marianne on 2XX - Talking the RiotACT episode 21

By 17 January 2009

For those who missed it live, the latest downloadable version of 2XX’s RiotACT segment featuring your’s truly and Marianne Mettes is now available. To catch it live tune in at 5pm on Friday afternoons on 2XX, 98.3FM....

Maria Doogan slaps down a Centrelink fraudster

By 17 January 2009 8

The Canberra Times has an amusing story on Nadine Verran, 36, of Rivett's efforts to claim that being forced to repay fraudulent Centrelink payments was punishment enough. When Mr Stubbs suggested his client should be entitled to some leniency because of substance abuse and other problems, Ms Doo...

Mail trouble in Dunlop?

By 17 January 2009 6

The below lobbed into my mailbox tonight: Just wondered if you guys had any more info about the AusPost employee who has been dumping mail down the drains in Dunlop. Some of the recovered mail was delivered (up to 2 months late, having been waterlogged) yesterday. I suspect that level of m...

Michelago Ghost House Photo

By 16 January 2009 92

We took this photo while driving past the Michelago Ghost House while driving from Canberra to Victoria a couple of days ago. To our astonishment, we found a ghostly face looking back at us through the window. Notice there is blood smeared on the cheek of the face. We also took this photo...

What do we think about frangipanis?

By 16 January 2009 68

The new plague on Canberra Streets - Frangipani Girls... What is it with the girls that have Frangipani's on their cars? Why are they so psycho on the road teamed up with the bad driving? Has anyone else came across these new 'Canberra' drivers??? Please share your pain with me to ease m...

15 January 2009 hits water use out of the park

By 16 January 2009 57

Water use appeared to be completely off the chain yesterday with ACTEW reporting usage reaching 194ML over the target of 139ML. It's forecast to be nearly 10 degrees cooler today. Does Government need to accept that on truly stinking days the water is going to flow freely?...

The Causeway behind the railway... Does it exist???

By 16 January 2009 58

I was reading over the nudist swimming hole debate and was very impressed with the some of the history that Canberrians know about. So there is one question I really need to know - Does "the causeway" exist?  I dated a bus drvier and he was telling me about it and that buses do not even go ...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 16 January

By 16 January 2009 26

[First filed: January 15, 2009 @ 08:20] And so, once again, our thoughts turn to merriment. But where to be merry this weekend? And doing what? Suggestions in the comments please....

Any suggestions for a decent used car around $3500

By 16 January 2009 31

I'll soon be returning to Canberra after a decade away and, due to ACTION's dismal services, I'll need a used car. I dunno whether to go for a cheap Commodore or Falcon or something small, 4 cylinder and Japanese.  I'm also considering a high km ex taxi from interstate taxi firms. Any s...

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