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Queanbeyan Cinema – more red tape

By 30 August 2014

Hi Rioters, Unsure if you've been following the epic drama over the border in Queanbeyan. In a nutshell, we've been clamouring for a cinema for 18 years, and it's come ...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: U&Co., Kaleen Shops

By 30 August 2014
uandco breakfast

Being a Southsider, I haven’t been to Kaleen Shops before but took a step off my well-trodden path, under recommendation of a friend, to visit U&Co. café. I’m prett...

By the grace of garlic

By 29 August 2014 1

Shopping seasonally brings me a great number of joys. The sweetest kale in the winter frost, the first spears of asparagus in spring, soft summer peaches and autumnal chestnuts...

What’s on this weekend? 30th and 31st August 2014

By 29 August 2014

As Winter draws to a close and we look to the blossoms with the hope of warmer weather and longer days, two days remain to get through that final push to Spring. The fact that...

Wheelchair stolen in Dunlop

By 29 August 2014 2

Hi all, Long time lurker, wish I was making a first post in better circumstances. My sons wheelchair was stolen from the boot of our car overnight, and I'm hoping someone may have seen it or have some information which will lead to it's return. We live in Dunlop, very close to the walking/bike...

Motorcycle lane filtering to be trialled in the ACT

By 29 August 2014 21

Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, today announced that a two-year trial of motorcycling lane filtering will commence in the ACT from 1 February 2015. “Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcyclist moves between stationary or slow moving vehicles in the same lane. It is not the same as lane s...

Wanted: a reliable bobcat operator

By 29 August 2014

I'm after a reliable bobcat operator that knows how to drive a bobcat properly and will actually turn up when a time has been agreed. Have had a couple of recent bad experiences. Prefer north side, any advice appreciated!...

Cerebral Palsy – call for support

By 29 August 2014

A note from one of our Rioters - a mum, talking about her son's fight to walk. Ollie’s Cerebral Palsy Dream Oliver (Ollie) is two and a half years of age, and at two wa...

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The Shire Paintings: Wee Raa Waa and Beyond

By 5 September 2008

Now showing at the Collector Gallery in Collector village, NSW. Acrylics, Conte, ink and brush. Landscape painter Ross Andrews re-imagines what a ‘shire’ is (breaking down artificial government boundaries). His works celebrate Wee Raa Waa and other ‘painters’ shires’ across South E...

Arboretum water

By 5 September 2008 8

Yesterday the Chief Minister was joined by no less than the Prime Minister and the Ambassador of Turkey to plant ~$50 worth of lone pine seedlings in the so called "International Arboretum". The Liberal's Vicki Dunne has taken this opportunity to ask about the water supply for the Stanhope memor...

Developers and light rail

By 4 September 2008 25

I am not one to think for the moment that building company’s want to feather their own nest and have a mouth piece act for them. But the following makes me think otherwise: The Village Building Company wants to develop the WATSON Heritage Village site for 300 houses (why not apartments?). T...

CIT Restaurant Reid – A Review

By 4 September 2008 15

For those unfamiliar with the purpose of the CIT Restaurant, it serves as a training ground where cooking and hospitality students showcase their skills to the public in a real-life restaurant environment.  Vegetarians and other fussy eaters need not make reservations.  The CIT Restaurant has a...

"Exploring" in Canberra - any good tunnels / caves or other fun exploring are

By 4 September 2008 134

We have touched on Urbexing, Spelunking and other forms of Exploring in prior posts, what are some areas that are considered fun to check out and won't result in us being shot / arrested / drowned? anyone?...

Mark Parton is back on the radio!

By 4 September 2008 15

Hey!!  Mark Parton is on 1206 2CC.  Go Mark! [ED - Pure_Blonde sent in this] Mark Parton has decided to move across to the AM dial while Welshy takes a few days off filling in on 2CC from 3-6 today and he says tomorrow as wellDid anyone hear him today and what did you think of his sk...

Googong transfer makes Jon Stanhope the Lord of the Rivers

By 4 September 2008 22

In the frantic last days before the caretaker period kicks in the Stanhope Government is getting a lot of stuff done. Today Our Brave Leader has announced that he's finally secured the ownership of the Googong dam under a 150 year lease. As part of the deal ACTEW will keep providing water to f...

Where to find reliable erotic dancers in Canberra?

By 4 September 2008 44

Gday to the hive mind. As some of you know, I have a local paintball business. Some of our target demographic groups include Bucks/Hens/21sts etc. We have a number of packages that include additional services, such as catering/accommodation and transport for these groups. I have regular prov...

Green vehicle stamp duty - the Liberals finally say no.

By 4 September 2008 16

The Canberra Liberals have been largely derelict in their duty to debate the government publicly outside of the Assembly since Zed took over. (Inside the Assembly might count if Assembly hansard saw the light of day within the lifetime of anyone interested, but sadly it does not). But it's good t...

Five more years for the SouthCare helicopter

By 4 September 2008 15

Simon Corbell has announced that he's done the paperwork to keep the SouthCare helicopter service flying over Canberra for another five years: The extension of the Snow Hydro SouthCare contract for another five years is great news for the community," Mr Corbell said. "The rescue helicopter se...

Police Wrap - 4 September

By 4 September 2008

1. There's a bushwalker missing in the Orroral Valley since yesterday afternoon: The 31-year-old Macarthur woman was reported missing around 10:40pm yesterday after she went bushwalking around 8am (September 3). The car the woman was driving, a silver Honda CRV, was located in an Orroral Vall...

ALP's media release redux

By 4 September 2008 7

As 30+ ACT Government media releases spewed into the Inbox yesterday and the day before, it seemed the ALP’s was really ramping up the campaign – perhaps in an attempt to match the taxpayer-funded TV and print campaigns they are undertaking at present to inform us of their brilliance on office. ...

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