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Todd Carneys open letter

By 3 August 2008 53

Todd Carney's open letter Todd Carney has chosen to speak directly to you. This is the original of his open letter. The text reads: “The purpose of this letter is to clarify some things to fans of th ...

Sister cities?

By 3 August 2008 12

Recently, large and attractive new signs have been erected at the entrances to Canberra welcoming people to Ngunnawal country, and listing Canberra’s sister cities (Beijing and Nara) and friendship city (Dili). I am wondering, however, what happened to our two other sister cities, which I tho ...

Low energy globes roll out through streetlights

By 3 August 2008 3

Last Friday, on Chief Minister’s talkback, Jon Stanhope let himself be monstered by a crank who thought street lighting was a waste of greenhouse emissions. One suspects that could be the motivation for an announcement of progress in converting the city’s street lighting over to energy e ...

Unconsidered issues with the new prison?

By 3 August 2008

A comment from Miz that I felt deserved a wider audience on the subject of the new prison: One thing the ACT corrective services clearly haven’t thought of, is how many prisoners, either Territory or federal, who did their crime in the ACT but are currently in a NSW prison, actually want to come t ...

Another Me-Too Election

By 3 August 2008 2

Hot on the heels of the GDE “me too” farce, Jon Stanhope is showing great dexterity with another “me too”. Here’s his media release from Friday. [ED - Infrastructure Plan to build on Labor's billion-dollar first instalment] And here is the Liberal release from three mon ...

Canberra rates a mention on Passive Aggressive Notes

By 2 August 2008 1

We’ve made the big time now folks. Passive Aggressive has a Canberra entry. Nice to see every stereotype about halfway houses and their management confirmed. ...

Who wants to be a Tim Tam consultant?

By 2 August 2008 4

Here’s a headhunter looking for a Tim Tam Consultant in Canberra! Sadly it appears to be more about Tivoli Identity Manager and Tivoli Access Manager than chocolate biscuits. ...

History Lesson - The Patent Office

By 2 August 2008 7

Construction began on the Patent Office on the corner of National Circuit and King’s Avenue in 1939 and was completed in 1941. It is classified by the National Trust of Australia as ‘a significant public building for its time which contributes strongly to the King’s Avenue streetsc ...

Cats in apartments

By 2 August 2008 56

Hi, I wanted to add a comment to the ‘Cats in Apartments’ discussion. I have been contacted today by my real estate agent for the apartment I rent and they have received a letter about my cat from someone, presumably in consultation with the body corporate. Having read the discussion her ...

A Theft - but Stupid?

By 1 August 2008 47

Discovered today that someone has overnight managed to empty one of my bank accounts to the tune of $1500+. Bank (ANZ) and Police advised. In the absence of any other explanation, it would appear that access details were probably garnered by tapping into our home wireless network. The transaction po ...

Raiders blink in the face of Carney demands

By 1 August 2008 13

The ABC reports that Todd Carney has lobbed a counter-offer in to the Raider’s ultimatum and they’ve capitulated on their deadline. ‘”Todd’s manager David Riolo has sent through a response in regards to the clubs proposal, and out of good faith the board has agreed to l ...

Are we happy with our library service?

By 1 August 2008 13

RiotACT commenter, and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves, has returned from lunch and fired out a flurry of media releases including this one triumphantly claiming an improvement in satisfaction levels relating to our public libraries (the ones he hasn’t closed at ...

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