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Local Leaders Jack Taylor (The Jack Taylor Group)

By 22 October 2014
jack taylor

Canberra entrepreneur Jack Taylor is proof that you don't need an MBA or years of experience to start a successful business (or four). The 22-year-old, who started his first...

Gough Whitlam

By 21 October 2014 12

Edward Gough Whitlam was the 21st Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975, and a genius of humanity. I think that perhaps the only person worthy of delivering Gough’s ...

Man wanted by police; warrant for arrest

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to locate 27-year-old Sonny Oeti, who they believe is responsible for a number of aggravated robberies earlier this year. ...

What are the worst traffic lights in Canberra?

By 22 October 2014 12

By the 'worst', I mean the most frustrating and disruptive, the ones that always seem to be red, no matter from which direction you approach them, and particularly if it's on the more important road of the two at an intersection.  The ones which really get on your wick. My own 'top two' are the ...

Mower repair

By 22 October 2014 6

My daughter needs to have her mower looked at. Her teenage boys have been fiddling with it trying to get it going. It will start but won't keep going. Can anyone recommend someone, maybe a hobbyist, to do a reasonably priced job?...

Elderly man missing; assistance sought

By 22 October 2014

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance to help locate a missing 80-year-old man, Vernon Pretty. Vernon was last seen this morning about 6.45am when he left his u...

Book Launch: ‘Fire in the Afternoon’ by John Stokes

By 22 October 2014

Celebrated poet John Stokes does not shy from the contentious and the harrowing, his verse evokes the plain truth about love, sex and chaos. In a clear, resonant voice Fire in ...

Concrete slab: Normal vs Waffle Pod recommendations

By 22 October 2014 4

Hi All, I am looking to build a house in Canberra, and I was given the option to either go with a waffle pod slab with single glazed windows or a normal slab with double glazed windows to achieve the 6 star rating. Do any of you out there have any suggestions as to which option would be best suitab...

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Overheard at the GetUp Climate Torch Relay finale, Sunday 12 October

By 13 October 2008 31

The GetUp Climate Torch Relay reached its finale yesterday with a great event on the lawns in front of Parliament House. While Messrs Rudd and Turnbull were otherwise occupied with the melting global financial system (as opposed to melting polar ice caps), Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown was...

Election night party - come revel in the vengeance.

By 13 October 2008 27

Most of you, I have no doubt, have had a gutfull of electioneering. But election night itself is a wonderful time. Once every four years we get a very limited opportunity to pass judgment over a whole raft of heros and miscreants. This Saturday night we've booked a table at All Bar Nun in O'Co...

Having your say on how we can become more sustainable in the ACT

By 13 October 2008 12

Its time to have your say on how we can become a more sustainable region and better protect our environment. The Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment is an independent voice for sustainability and environmental issues. They want to hear your views so they can ensu...

BAD JoY HAPPY PANiC! at Erindale Theatre, Oct 27 - Nov 1

By 13 October 2008 7

PANIC! AT ERINDALE COLLEGE ! Students at Erindale College have been happily panicking whilst in rehearsals for their upcoming production. For twelve weeks 30 young performers have been involved in the development of a new play with local playwright Hadley. During this time the rehearsal room ha...

Cashews rocking out ride to work day

By 13 October 2008 1

Wednesday is National Ride To Work Day an event which defies catchy anacronisation. This will excite some of you (who can sign up officially at the link above for a chance to win some nice bikes), and others not at all. But to add to the excitement comes news that The Cashews are going to ...

Spark promises solar manufacturing, if we show them the money.

By 13 October 2008 1

The ABC has a funny little pitch by Spark Solar Australia. They're thinking they might like to build a plant to make solar panels for the export market. Maybe in Hume, maybe in Mitchell. The company has also listed possible sites in Queanbeyan and Wollongong... Dr McCann says the compa...

ACT Mortgages faces criminal charges

By 13 October 2008 10

[First filed: August 29, 2008 @ 10:12] The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has put out a media release on their prosecution of one Mr Kelvin Skeers of Queanbeyan in the ACT Magistrates Court. Mr Skeers, a former mortgage broker with Tonadale Pty Ltd (trading as ACT Mortgages) ...

Doing the Rights thing

By 13 October 2008

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty ACT/Southern NSW is holding a visual arts competition called 'Do the Rights Thing'. We are asking entrants to take one of the thirty articles from the declaration and draw, paint, sculpt, design, whatever thei...

Election wrap - 13 October

By 13 October 2008 75

A poll: [poll=51] --- Liberals: The Canberra Times reckons they've seen the elusive Liberal Party health policy. More beds and a "super theatre". Sexy. According to the ABC Katy Gallagher is not impressed by the Liberal policy. One imagines they could have copied hers line for line a...

Tardis collides with unicorn on Lake Burley Griffin

By 13 October 2008 13

The Canberra Times has the astonishing news that a police boat on Lake Burley Griffin has managed to hit a swimmer who was taken to hospital for treatment. I realise that with the weather passing fine yesterday there was some chance the policeman's power-boating club would make an outing. But to ...

Northbourne Ave and dirty windscreens

By 13 October 2008 86

Have I missed something?  Is there some mysterious mud storm down Northbourne that causes people's windscreens to get that dirrrty (thanks Xtina) that they MUST be cleaned at every intersection?  Do I live in a mud vaccuum where I do not get touched by said storm and also have the skills to clean ...

Local radio wins award - Scotty and Nige on FM 104

By 13 October 2008 18

The 2008 ACRA (Australian Commercial Radio Awards) results are in and  Canberra's Scotty and Nige have won best on air team for the regional market. Thoughts?[ED - FM 104.7 right?] The Hamish and Andy Show won the top honour. On the subject of local radio, and last week 2CC had a guy on t...

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