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The curious case of the Chief Minister and the CSIRO development

By 29 June 2016

Sometimes the words of local politicians are a thing of wonder. Here’s a very curious story. Last week there were two articles in the Canberra Times about statements by th...

Ask RiotACT: Winter heating – oil heaters or central heating?

By 29 June 2016
Ask RiotACT

Greetings Rioters. I'm in a 4 bed house. What do you think is cheaper and by how much: A) having gas run central heating - set to a lowish temp (like 15 degrees) or ...

Negative ads drive voters to minor parties

By 28 June 2016 8

As we head into the final days of an election campaign, new research from the ANU has found negative political advertising is driving people to vote for minor parties and inde...

Alleged burglar caught in Forde backyard

By 28 June 2016
ACT Magistrates Court

A 19-year-old woman will face court today for property, burglary and assault offences after a resident caught her in his Forde back garden yesterday afternoon. About 3pm...

Best of Canberra: Café strips

By 28 June 2016 3
Bunda St

This week for Best of Canberra we have explored some of the city’s favourite café/restaurant/bar strips. Our hunt was for the best all-in-one spot to grab a bite to eat, a c...

Predictions for July 2 and beyond

By 28 June 2016 2
election vote

Next week it will all be over – temporarily. The 2016 Federal election has been a mild affair in the ACT and we can confidently predict all four sitting members will be re...

Ask RiotACT: Trees on Mr Fluffy blocks?

By 28 June 2016 4
Ask RiotACT

Hi all, I live close to a couple of Mr Fluffy blocks which I believe are due for demolition soon. They both have a few beautiful backyard trees a fair distance from the hous...

Canberrans, how does your garden grow?

By 28 June 2016

In this bush capital there is no shortage of thriving gardens, edible lawns or green-thumbed Canberrans. However, there might be a shortage of inexpensive and accessible short ...

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Greens call for buggering up Canberra Avenue

By 5 August 2009 25

The Greens' Meredith Hunter is taking a swing at the residents of Queanbeyan and their filthy motorised personal transit into our fair city every day: The ACT Greens have called for the Chief Minister and Queanbeyan Mayor to agree on the need for bus/taxi priority signals along Canberra Avenue. ...

First Friday Story Time

By 5 August 2009 9

Looking for something fun to take your toddler or pre-schooler to that will engage their imagination and stimulate their brain? There's a free Story Time at Brindabella Baby on the first Friday of every month, at 10am. For August, we're doing "That's Not Junk!" by New Zealand author and illustrat...

North V's South in Cigarette prices

By 5 August 2009 33

Just wondering if any smokers have found a huge difference in the cost of cigarettes from shops on the southside and northside. How can they justify a difference of $1.50 per pack depending if you are buying from North or South? Please explain!!!! [Ed - which side are they cheaper on?]...

New tankers for jetsetting firefighters

By 5 August 2009 12

Simon Corbell is celebrating the roll out of eight shiny new fire tankers: Mr Corbell said the eight new medium tankers had been built at a cost of $146,000 each with a total investment of approximately $1.17 million dollars," he said. "The state-of-the-art new vehicles have been funded by...

Here come the Lady Golfers

By 5 August 2009 9

When Canberrans are asked what events they'd like to have in town for the 2013 Centenary of Canberra celebrations the answer is often along the lines of Red Bull Pylon Racing, or a cricket test match. While there's still time to work on the program Our Chiefly Leader has this day announced that w...

Zombies at ANU

By 5 August 2009 31

And no, we're not talking about Friday morning classes... Woroni informs us that good old assassin games are being updated with a trendy zombie pallour: Humans vs Zombies works a lot like a game of gang-up tag - except it is played over a week. All players start the game as humans and one is c...

Police Wrap - 5 August

By 5 August 2009 20

1. Good old copper pipe: ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a burglary at a building site in Phillip in which around $10,000 worth of copper cable and pipe was stolen. It is believed that offenders gained entry to the three-story construction site, on the corner of Shea Street and Athllon D...

Just so you know whom you're thanking

By 5 August 2009 17

Catholic News brings word that local aid agency Centacare is changing its name to a more clear cut "CatholicCare". "We believe the new name will more clearly reflect our Catholic identity while enabling us to continue to service the whole community regardless of circumstance or belief," chief exe...

On why taxis cost so much

By 5 August 2009 24

In the recent discussion on taxi fares Stone made a comment that I considered worthy of greater prominence: #22 posted by Stone (Newbie) 01:13, 5 Aug 2009 Expensive? If you think it is expensive, you think people who drives taxis are making good money, however, why don’t you drive it...

Is it the Government's job to protect us from everything?

By 5 August 2009 24

The ABC is carrying calls by the ACT public advocate for the ACT Government to take responsibility for all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune: ACT Public Advocate Anita Phillips has called for the Territory Government to introduce a no-fault insurance scheme. No-fault insurance provid...

It's all our fault!

By 5 August 2009 36

[First filed: August 04, 2009 @ 10:01] A lurker has kindly sent this photo in from the bus shelter at the corner of Athlon Drive and Beasley Street (northbound). If you're having trouble, it reads: All users of You're all right wing/left wing self-aggrandizi...

Skipping Girl Vinegar + Julia & the Deep Sea Sirens + Jonno Zilber @ The

By 5 August 2009

Melbourne's Skipping Girl Vinegar are sweeping through Canberra on their 'Music From Cold Places' national tour this Thursday August 6 at The Front in Lyneham. The alt-acoustic foursome's tunes are being played nationally on JJJ and commercial radio, so you'll probably recognise a few tunes.  ...

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