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Best of Canberra – Tacos

By 3 March 2015 6

It’s Tuesday and my favourite thing about this day of the week is the humble taco.  If you are not yet aware of the phenomenon that is Taco Tuesday, it is time to get acquain...

What does the ACT think about the death penalty?

By 3 March 2015 27

Inside my backyard shed are two signs that my fiancée and I recently made. The signs read, “Indonesia, we love you but please tell your Government to stop killing Australian...

Are you ready to be Enlightened?

By 3 March 2015
enlighten 2015 canberra

It's the best time of year again when the evenings are warm - but not stifling, with a cool - but not cold breeze; allowing everyone to come out after dark to explore Enlighten. ...

The Canberra Night Noodle Markets

By 2 March 2015 20

Earlier this year it was announced that Canberra was going to be introduced to the Noodle Markets made famous by Melbourne and Sydney, and it has been the talk of the town ever...

Chic Henry and the tram to nowhere?

By 2 March 2015 41
light rail artist impression

I've had a couple of long conversations with Summernats' Chic Henry, who is tossing up whether to run in the 2016 ACT election. He told me that the Liberals want him to stan...

Should Norfolk Island be self governed?

By 2 March 2015 7

The bun fight between the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly and the Commonwealth Government regarding governance of the island has been going on for decades. The island ha...

Seselja welcomes funding for safer schools

By 3 March 2015 1

Senator for the ACT Zed Seselja has today welcomed funding for Canberra Grammar School under the Coalition Government’s $18 million Schools Security Programme. “Canberra Grammar School is one of 54 schools to receive funding under the programme, which delivers on our election commitme...

ACT Government leads nation on climate change action

By 3 March 2015

Canberra’s environmental watchdog has given the thumbs up to the ACT Government’s response to climate change in the region, Minister for the Environment Simon Corbell and Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment Robert Neil announced today. The commissioner today released his report ...

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Former Raider faces court in the Old Dart

By 3 January 2009 2

Fox Sport is reporting that former Raiders winger Leslie Vainokolo, who is now playing rugby union in England has been charged with causing grevious bodily harm in a short hearing at Bath magistrates court. I guess it shows that Todd Carney doesn't have exclusive rights to being a miscreant. ...

Christmas Trees for 2 January

By 2 January 2009 3

The twelve days of Christmas don't end until 6 January. So there's still time to send in your entries. Here's three more in from the Johnboy parental units, Digga, and Loose Brown. You can send your photos in to Slideshow of entries to date below: ...

Police Wrap - 2 January

By 2 January 2009 31

1. Syringe robberies remain a hardy perennial: ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an aggravated robbery in Griffith today (Saturday, December 27), in which a woman armed with a syringe robbed a supermarket. Police were called to the location around 12.10pm today when it was reported that a w...

Canberras disgraceful drink drivers contribute less to the road toll

By 2 January 2009 32

The ABC brings word that road deaths in the ACT were stable in 2008 and drug and booze related deaths are particularly passe. "Fourteen people died on ACT roads in 2008, the same number as in 2007. While drug and alcohol related fatalities dropped in 2008, the number of elderly drivers killed ...

New Year's Eve 2009

By 2 January 2009 14

[First filed: January 01, 2009 @ 10:12] If you're sensible and have a girlfriend - wife - spouse - partner you spend New Year's Eve at a private party. Civic is for the terminal ravers and the young and lonely hoping to find someone with which to bump uglies. But for you dear reader I l...

Seven Roos at Canberra Centre

By 2 January 2009 18

Normally when you go for a midnight walk through the Canberra Centre area you don't expect to see too many strange things. However when I past Target and headed out the back of the Centre I saw seven roos hopping around on the grass near the Bus Stop. Now I did clean my glasses and check aga...

NSW introducing fines for drivers flashing lights to warn speeding motorists.

By 2 January 2009 49

I was concerned to see a clip on the local news recently that NSW police intend to fine motorists using the “flashing of headlights” to warn other motorists of the presence of a speed camera or Random Breath Testing (RBT) van. Perhaps I am naïve, but I have not been privy to seeing the headlig...

With no-one home water usage plummets

By 2 January 2009 15

The daily water use target from ACTEW is currently 139 megalitres a day. Yesterday it clocked in at 104ML, which is 25% below the target. As you can see in the pictured graph the holiday season has produced consistent large under-target results. It's amazing what we can do when no-one's ho...

Canberra catering companies?

By 2 January 2009 10

I'm looking for a reputable caterer to do a buffet for a low-key wedding reception. Having not done this before, I'm not sure where to start looking, aside from the usual internet searches which I've done. Mostly the testimonials are on companies' own websites and as expected, are all very p...

Zed's New Year Message

By 1 January 2009 6

So what are Zed Seselja's plans for the New Year? He's pushed out a note to let you know. It seems the number one priority is spending time with his kids and number two is meeting some personal training goals. At least it's a relief to know he won't be breaking down from working too hard....

Where were your children?

By 1 January 2009 2

The ABC's got a piece on how well behaved the crowds were in Canberra for New Year's Eve. With, that is, the exception of one silly 18 year old who punched a policeman in the head hard enough to put the officer in hospital. The only area of concern it seems is the number of kiddies out for the...

Coles Liquor vs Liquorland

By 1 January 2009 54

As a young employee of a newer (3-4 year old) Coles supermarket, I am sick and tired of the abuse that I and my fellow employees get from customers who buy alcohol and go to the wrong register. I understand that we have no queues in front of our registers where those who have RSAs often have long on...

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