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Canberra Lesbian couple lose out on IVF Compo Case

By 24 July 2008 80

The RiotACT previously covered the case of a Canberra Lesbian couple who were suing their IVF specialist because they had asked for one child, yet received two. The case centred around the couple alleging that the doctor acted against their wishes and implanted two embryos, which apparently is stand ...

Tropfest 2009 to stay in Canberra

By 24 July 2008 6

[ 15 February 2009; ] The NCA has just announced that Tropfest is staying in Canberra. Support has been rustled up from "TransACT, Independent Property Group and the Australian National University, together with on support from media partners FM104.7 and WIN Television." Tropfest 2009 will be ...

What do we think of the new bus shelters?

By 24 July 2008 30

What do we think of the new bus shelters? So bus riders. What do you think of the new shelters? How do they stack up against the old? Do they keep the wind out? Can you see the bus coming? Are they cleaner? How comfortabl ...

Mt Taylor gets a new walking trail

By 24 July 2008

Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves, has announced a new track on Mt Taylor for the south side walkers. “The new trail is approximately 860 metres in length and incorporates design elements to divert water runoff into surrounding vegetation, and water control feature ...

Lying for Todd Carney?

By 24 July 2008 63

Todd Carney is already entering the language. Just a few minutes ago I went to the smallest room in the house to have a Carney. The Herald Sun is now reporting that his former partner in crime, Steve Irwin, (the League player not the stingray annoyer) is dropping a bucket on last year’s events ...

Police Wrap - 24 July

By 24 July 2008 19

This in from police media today: 1. Bad girls from Gowrie are in strife after a pair of alleged aggravated robberies in Tuggeranong. Three slightly older males in their company are “assisting police with their inquiries”. 2. Yesterday’s lost silver BMW has now been found, along wit ...

Idiots driving dangerously past accidents (Southern Cross Drive and Chave Str

By 24 July 2008 27

Idiots driving dangerously past accidents (Southern Cross Drive and Chave Street) I was heading Eastbound on Southern Cross Drive just before 6pm this evening (23rd July) and saw the aftermath of what appeared to be a single car accident on the other side of the ...

Why were not talking about todays ABS data.

By 23 July 2008 6

The Bureau of Statistics released some data today on social trends. And every other media outlet with a moron for editor/producer in Australia is making much of this data and its significance for their local area. We’re not. Guess what? Canberrans remain better educated and higher earning, on ...

Drama at Aussie Junk today?

By 23 July 2008 35

Around lunchtime today (Wed) I noticed two Police vehicles exiting Aussie Junk (the rubbish recycling equivalent to Revolve located at Mitchell) and several people (presumably Aussie Junk workers) congregating on the footpath outside. Next a TV film crew arrived (ABC I think, their vehicle had R ...

Causeway carefactor?

By 23 July 2008 32

The Shadow Minister for Housing, Jacqui Burke, is taking up cudgels for the residents of Causeway who can’t get any maintenance done on their soon to be bulldozed houses, and yet can’t get official confirmation it’s going to happen. Outrageous? Or bulldoze ASAP? ...

Raider implicated in All Bar Nun fight Sunday night

By 23 July 2008 159

[First filed: July 22, 2008 @ 08:57 Second filing: July 22, 2008 @ 16:45] Nothing online as yet but Raiders players, Bronx Goodwin and someone else, were allegedly involved in a scuffle at the All Bar Nun last night at around midnight. The allegations are that Goodwin king hit a patron who was attem ...

Police wrap - 23 July

By 23 July 2008 1

So far just one today: 1. A thief with balls of brass is alleged to have entered a house in Fadden on Monday night while the owners slept, picked up a laptop, a mobile, cash, and then grabbed the keys for the silver 3-Series BMW which they then made off with after getting it out of [...] ...

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