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Five things to do in Canberra this weekend (12, 13 and 14 February 2016)

By 11 February 2016

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the top five things happening in Canberra this weekend. My picks would be the Royal Australian Mint Open Day on Saturday where you can learn ab...

Ask RiotACT: portrait photography recommendations

By 11 February 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

I'm looking to get a 'family' photoshoot - myself, partner and our dog - and looking for recommendations of good photographers - perhaps more creative/original-type artists, mo...

Thanks for the memories Canberra

By 11 February 2016 1

After hiking my way around Canberra and finding fun road trips in the area, it’s time to farewell the nation’s capital. As a ring-in public servant hailing from Brisbane...

Planning Minister seeks bright ideas from afar

By 11 February 2016 1

On a recent visit to Wollongong I observed the notices for and then read about the consultations for a major project: Wollongong – A City for People. Being a frequent visitor...

Greens home entry, dope-testing laws part of cannabis ‘witch hunt

By 11 February 2016 3

New laws introduced by Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury this week will give police the power to force their way into a person’s home in order to test someone who is suspected...

Ask RiotACT: Port Salut Cheese availability

By 10 February 2016 9
Ask RiotACT

Hello friendly friends! Just wondering if anyone knows where/if it is possible to buy Port Salut cheese in the Canberra/Queanbeyan region? I do believe some Coles stores as ...

Urban Renewal its coming your way!

By 10 February 2016 5

There’s a talk at the Albert Hall here in Canberra on Tuesday 16 February. The title for this session definitely sounds as though a focus group of bureaucrats have signed off...

Face-off: A mandate for light rail?

By 10 February 2016 38
Corbell vs Coe

Our occasional Face-off series is back to look at one of the most-debated issues around town right now. Plenty of RiotACT readers already have a view on this question, but we d...

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Phenomenon 2009 - Canberra's friendliest gaming convention

By 29 May 2009

Hi guys, Just a quick reminder that online registration for Phenomenon 2009 closes at midnight tonight (Fri 29th May). Don't worry if you can't make the online deadline, you can still register at the con itself on the Friday (5 June) night or Saturday (6 June) morning. http://www.pheno....

Fly tipping Mt Painter

By 29 May 2009 38

Whilst walking the dogs this morning I came across this pleasant sight. Think about this. Someone had to lad this into a vehicle capable of carrying it, drive it to this spot, (probably in the dark) dump it, and either smash it up there, or leave it for other mouth breathers to smash up. Would ...

Australian Judo Open- See the nation's best compete for $2000

By 29 May 2009

Sunday June 7 2009 will see Australia’s first ever prize fight Open weight judo competition. It will be held in Canberra at the Southern Cross Stadium, Athllon Drive, Tuggeranong. Details are as follows: Rules: International Judo Federation competition rules apply Competitors: Open weight Pr...

Phillip Hall from Yarralumla Primary School named as a Top Teacher

By 29 May 2009 4

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards have been announced for 2009 and Phillip Hall from Yarralumla Primary School is carrying the flag for the ACT. This from the media release: Phillip recognises the special needs of students with autism and has developed systems to ensure that his stude...

ABC channels have gone

By 28 May 2009 33

Last night i noticed the ABC DVB-T channels had disapeared.  And they have still gone.  Anyone know whats going on? [ED - looking fine here. Suggest you check your antenna and then re-tune the box.] ...

More FOI mayhem, this time on land rent

By 28 May 2009 13

We still await the identity of Mr. Stanhope's secret lender for his land rent scheme. In the meantime the Liberals have handed over a wedge of hilarious correspondence, by what feels like everyone involved in the scheme, expressing their doubts about it. Someone (presumably in Liberal HQ) ...

David Eastman comes home

By 28 May 2009 57

The ABC informs us that one of Canberra's loopier, more colourful convicted killers has come home to Canberra at the Alexander Maconochie Centre. With his 1995 sentence of life imprisonment without parole for the murder of the Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester (tho...

Any excuse to scupper accountability of educators?

By 28 May 2009 34

The Greens' Meredith Hunter is leaping upon doubts raised by a single education expert Professor Brian Caldwell over publishing of school performance data. “We expect the Education Minister to address concerns about the potential negative effects of the introduction of new testing and reportin...

Join us for the RSI Association Website Launch (friday, June 5th)

By 28 May 2009 4

The RSI & Overuse Injury Association of the ACT invites you to join us as we launch our newly redesigned website on Friday June 5th at 12pm in Room 6 at the Griffin Centre (20 Genge St, Civic) The RSI Association website has recently had a big makeover, thanks to a grant from ACT Health. It...

Red area on Belconnen Way/Barry Drive ?

By 28 May 2009 22

This has probably already been discussed on here, but I can't seem to find it... But what does the red paved areas just before the traffic lights on Belconnen Way/Barry Drive represent? You can't see it in this map link because it was painted afterwards. I know the green bit is beware of cycli...

Images of Canberra - Lennox Gardens in Black and White

By 28 May 2009 5

Drew has sent in this picture he took in Lennox Gardens a few weeks ago. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Kelvin Skeers avoids prison

By 28 May 2009 7

The Canberra Times reports at length on the sentencing of former mortgage broker Kelvin Mark Skeers who went to illegal and dishonest lengths to secure mortgages for his clients, and in the process netted himself $7,000 in fees. His employer, ACT Mortgages, also cleared $30,000 on the deal. In...

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