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Bribery over Tralee?

By 18 March, 2008

The SMH, a newspaper that isnt even appropriate for wraping around bait, is reporting the following; “In a speech to Parliament yesterday, Senator Heffernan also implied he had been offered a bribe over the controversial Tralee development outside Queanbeyan, near Canberra, which has since be...


No Benjamin Bunnies this Easter.

By 18 March, 2008

The ABC Rural News is lamenting the fact that Goulburn Rabbit Farmer, Julie Arbalis cannot provide any dressed Rabbits for the Canberra Market this Easter, after fleas spread Myxomotosis through her 300+ herd of Rabbits (for those syntax/grammar snobs, yes it is correct – piss off and die), le...


Lunchtime robbery near Woden Tradies Carpark Health IP Australia CASA Buildin

By 18 March, 2008

From the ACT Policing Media Release (Yes, I know the font is different, but someone reading may know something): ACT Policing is urging the public to help identify the occupants of a white-coloured sedan that fled a Phillip carpark after robbing a man about 12.30am today (Tuesday, March 18). The man...


Streaker fined $1000 and banned from drinking

By 18 March, 2008

Dunno whether this one got picked up or not. I believe he is a local rugby union player too. Tsk Tsk, the ra-ra boys should know better… A MAN who ran semi-naked onto a racetrack during his buck’s party has been fined $1000 and banned from drinking at the races for a year. In court [.....


ANU researcher suggests link between baby bonus and fat kids

By 18 March, 2008

Finally, Maelinar can stop blaming his faulty genes. Young Andrew Leigh and a colleague of the ANU, has suggested that parents deliberately delaying their childrens birth to take advantage of the baby bonus, is creating a generation of ‘over cooked’, fat children. Mr Leigh also seems to ...


Gungahlin population density worst - well durr...

By 18 March, 2008

The ABC is reporting the release of ABS stats that find that the most populous area in Canberra is Gungahlin. No surprise there, but the sheer extent of it sure is a surprise – against a Canberra average of 1000 per square kilometre, Gungahlin has 3000 people per square kilometre. This just co...


Canberra...A Social Atlas

By 17 March, 2008

Today the Australian Bureau of Statistics release their Social Atlas series, which contains lots of juicy demographic type information about the capital cities, as collected at the last Census in 2006. It contains lots of interesting information on our fair city, from population, eduction and housin...


Raiders lose in first round

By 17 March, 2008

As many of you would already know, the not-so-mighty-at-the-moment Raiders went down in their NRL season opener against the Knights on Saturday. In a display you would typically associate with youth, nerves and inexperience, the Green Machine looked sloppy and had a poor completion rate. The Raiders...


A Suspicious Fire in Downer

By 17 March, 2008

The AFP are reporting here ; that there was a suspicious fire at a Downer residence – but the link leads to a 404 error.  I will perchance that the fire was either a drug lab, or somebody who’s hobbies included collecting gas cylinders as the explosions were quite intense – eyewi...


New to Canberra - mobile masseuse needed!

By 17 March, 2008

Hi Guys I’m new to Canberra and am looking to find a mobile masseuse.  I had a great one in Sydney but she says its too far to travel!!  Any help would be aprreciated. Great website by the way ...


Public servants to have wings clipped

By 17 March, 2008

In a move that is sure to have many a perk-conscience public servant quivering much akin to a Dolhpin on a John West cannery tour, Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner sees savings of up to $15 million from Departmental travel costs by insisting Public servants give the budget airlines a burl, and using ...


Taxi debate - Round 4 million

By 17 March, 2008

The Canberra Times late last week, had this interesting commentary from Prof. Allan Fels, (remember those Super adverts?) in regards to the need for de-regulation in the Taxi industry. He raises some very salient points in reagrds to de-regulaation and service delivery techniques that would probably...


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