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Negative ads drive voters to minor parties

By 28 June 2016

As we head into the final days of an election campaign, new research from the ANU has found negative political advertising is driving people to vote for minor parties and inde...

Alleged burglar caught in Forde backyard

By 28 June 2016
ACT Magistrates Court

A 19-year-old woman will face court today for property, burglary and assault offences after a resident caught her in his Forde back garden yesterday afternoon. About 3pm...

Best of Canberra: Café strips

By 28 June 2016
Bunda St

This week for Best of Canberra we have explored some of the city’s favourite café/restaurant/bar strips. Our hunt was for the best all-in-one spot to grab a bite to eat, a c...

Predictions for July 2 and beyond

By 28 June 2016
election vote

Next week it will all be over – temporarily. The 2016 Federal election has been a mild affair in the ACT and we can confidently predict all four sitting members will be re...

Ask RiotACT: Trees on Mr Fluffy blocks?

By 28 June 2016 4
Ask RiotACT

Hi all, I live close to a couple of Mr Fluffy blocks which I believe are due for demolition soon. They both have a few beautiful backyard trees a fair distance from the hous...

Canberrans, how does your garden grow?

By 28 June 2016

In this bush capital there is no shortage of thriving gardens, edible lawns or green-thumbed Canberrans. However, there might be a shortage of inexpensive and accessible short ...

Kangaroo dragged through streets

By 27 June 2016
Police wrap

Police are appealing for information after a kangaroo was allegedly attached to the back of a vehicle and driven through Goulburn. Officers located the animal at the interse...

Bad buffering

By 27 June 2016 10
NBNCo Palmerston 010

I was 11 years old when I bought my first computer. It was 1984, and the machine was a Mattel Aquarius. Rubber keys, cassette tape drive, less than 4 kilobytes of memory, and b...

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ABC1 weather reports - what's going on?

By 28 July 2009 27

Has anyone else noticed that the ABC1 news presenters are desperately trying to cover up the (quite obvious) fact that Mark Carmody's weather reports are either pre-recorded, or delivered in another studio? Tonight, after Virginia's introduction of "foggy weather" was followed by Mark immediately...

Last chance to get your folk festival applications in

By 28 July 2009

For those of you thinking you'd like to perform at next year's National Folk Festival it's time to get the applications finished off and on their way. The following has been sent out: Hi, Just a short reminder that performer applications for the 2010 National Folk Festival close on July 31....

Flame Of The Week - Cog on the Downer murders

By 28 July 2009 77

There's something about the Downer murders that brings out the very worst in people. To that end "cog" sent in the following magnificent flame around 5am. It gets bonus points for flaminess because he posted it on not one, but three stories! #85 posted by cog (Newbie) 04:54, 28 Jul 2009 ...

Trash Pack Time

By 28 July 2009 36

So as yet another Trash Pack sits waiting for a collection now 5 weeks overdue I'm asking Rioters for their nominations for a reliable and reasonably priced Trash Pack service in the Tuggeranong area. The clowns we currently use, "Mick's Trash Packs", used to be good but the last year has seen l...

Manuka hosting AFL into the future in doubt

By 28 July 2009 24

My god, is it really any wonder that next to no one could be bothered going to watch the Sydney v Melbourne game? I am amazed that nearly 7,000 turned up to watch it. Are we supposed to be so very grateful to get any crappy old teams & game for our $366K of territory money. Why bother having...

Jewellery design in Canberra

By 28 July 2009 31

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a jeweller in Canberra that can custom make engagement rings, and is reasonably priced. So far googling has only turned up Zamels, and I was hoping to find a few others to go around and get quotes from. Also looking for positive ...

Police Wrap - 27 July

By 27 July 2009 36

1. Isabella Plains burglary bust: ACT Policing has arrested a 25-year-old man on receiving stolen property charges and driving whilst disqualified. Police executed a search warrant on the man’s Isabella Plains home yesterday (July 26) locating a number of items alleged to have been stole...

What? You're having a roundtable? Here's the plan

By 27 July 2009 16

In a masterful example of consultation Stanhope style today's roundtable, supposedly to start the development of a Sustainable Transport Plan, has instead been used to announce a completed Strategic Public Transport Network Plan 2010-16. Through this plan the Government is looking to engage Canbe...

Is Canberra an unfriendly place to live?

By 27 July 2009 82

Before we moved here we were told that "Canberra is a funny place, no one is friendly there" by quite a few people.  I wonder why there is that perception in the rest of Australia.  We got these responses from a varying group of people, some that had lived here, some that had only visited,...

What will a carbon-neutral Canberra look like & what will it take to brin

By 27 July 2009 8

Do you get excited about the idea of Canberra becoming a completely sustainable city? Do you want to do something but you’re not sure what?  Come and be part of the solution  SEE-Change is following up on last year’s beginnings and starting an active Southside SEE-Change group.  ...

Big Barton Building

By 27 July 2009 7

ACTPLA has announced that they've approved the development of 200 million worth of shops, offices, and apartments on Sydney Avenue in Barton. Specifically Section 27 where the Macquarie Hostel used to be. During the assessment process further consultation was undertaken between the applicant and ...

Calvary to take over hospice

By 27 July 2009 20

A letter in yesterday's Canberra Times alerted me to the fact that in addition to getting paid by the ACT govt for selling Calvary Public Hospital, the Little Company of Mary are also getting Clare Holland House. Did some searching and looks like this is true. Under present arrangments at Calv...

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