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An attempted abduction of a 14 year old girl in Canberra

By 23 March, 2008

This [] article reports that there was an attempted abduction of a 14 year old girl in a Canberra suburb. It doesn’t state which suburb the incident occured in, just that it was in the north west of Canberra. The abductors are believed to be of Indian descent between the ages of 25...


Pick me - Im Aboriginal!

By 23 March, 2008

These were the words (albeit slightly paraphrased) this week from local sprinter Patrick Johnson. After failing to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, he is attempting to secure a place on the team by playing the indigenous Australian card. I’m all for positive descrimination in regards to healt...


Mousetrapreplica, Justin Ashworth + Spartak: The Front, Sunday 23rd March

By 23 March, 2008

Mousetrapreplica, Justin Ashworth + Spartak: The Front, Sunday 23rd March The Front Cafe & Gallery plays host to 2 Melbourne multi-instrumentalists this Sunday the 23rd of March, with Mousetrapreplica and Justin Ashworth filling the walls of Lyneham’s burgeoning art space with luscious soundscapes and relaxed rhythms. Local experimental whirlwind Spartak kick t...


Restaurant Review - Lanterne Room

By 23 March, 2008

Went to the new place in Campbell shops tonight. ‘Lanterne Room’ was open for just its sixth sitting, replacing the venue ‘Chill’ once occupied, having opened last Saturday night. The service was crisp and friendly, not over-bearing but very competent. The menu was narrow, ...


Car crash on Majura Ave

By 23 March, 2008

Car crash on Majura Ave Imagine waking up on Easter Sunday morning with a car wrapped around a tree in your front yard and police having closed the whole street off. That was what happened on Majura Ave, Dickson in the early hours of this morning. There is no story on the ABC news website at the time of writing, but their...


ACT police have arrested a burglar who has stolen $100,000 worth of goods thi

By 22 March, 2008

ACT police have arrested a burglar who has stolen $100,000 worth of goods this month alone. It is alleged the 21-year old stole more than $20,000 worth of cash, laptops, televisions, and jewellery from a Mackellar home last week. Police also found a $70 Mazda RX8. The man will appear in the ACT Magi...


Police need a heart and are there any good doctors open on Good Friday?

By 21 March, 2008

We all know (well the older RA’s do) that I am not a fan of the police. A victim of domestic violence (close to me) was asked “Are you happy now?” with the fact that her husband, who had assaulted her, was going to the watch house. This woman was thrown around the room and [...]...


Down about dumplings...

By 21 March, 2008

This evening I decided to pop into my old favourite, Godori, in the city for a quick feed. I ordered a small serve of dumplings as I wasn’t that hungry and, mainly, because I didn’t want to be out for too long. The dumplings took some time to come out, say 10-15 minutes (note I’m [...


Our Third Party Laws need Overhaulin

By 21 March, 2008

A recent report (of which I am unable to find any mention of in the local media links), detailed the inability of the passenger in a motor vehicle accident to claim recompense for injuries sustained, as a result of the accident being “without charges able to be laid”, or words to this ef...


Bored of sleeping at School? Do it on the Governments dime.

By 20 March, 2008

The ABC has an intersting tid-bit, on the Gubbmint’s push to increase its workforce by allowing Year 12 students to do on the job training while working towards their Year 12 certfiicate. Awesome. One wonders where they will be? Canberra Connect, InTACT, ACTTAB, Canberra Hospital or the ESB? E...


Good Friday Church in The Park - Gordon Park From 9am

By 20 March, 2008

[ 21 March, 2008; 9:00 am; ] For those in the south of Canberra, Lanyon Valley Anglican Church, is once again hosting Church in The Park on Good Friday. All are welcome to come along tomorrow to Gordon Park (Point Hut Pond, the one with the leaning tower, off McGilvary Close) for a free breakfast fr...


Talk is cheap - if youre a public servant

By 20 March, 2008

Anyone else heard about public servants being asked to ‘volunteer’ to work at Kevin Rudd’s 2020 Summit in April. Apparently, some departments are asking for volunteer scribes and PR people to work throughout the weekend. Yes, the government that is cutting your budgets now wants yo...


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