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By the grace of garlic

By 29 August 2014 1

Shopping seasonally brings me a great number of joys. The sweetest kale in the winter frost, the first spears of asparagus in spring, soft summer peaches and autumnal chestnuts...

What’s on this weekend? 30th and 31st August 2014

By 29 August 2014

As Winter draws to a close and we look to the blossoms with the hope of warmer weather and longer days, two days remain to get through that final push to Spring. The fact that...

Best of Canberra – parma taste off

By 28 August 2014 4
Edgars feature

This week our taste test took us in search of Canberra’s Best Parma, or chicken parmigiana for those not in the ‘know. Nominations gave us two favourites – Edgar’s I...

Wheelchair stolen in Dunlop

By 29 August 2014

Hi all, Long time lurker, wish I was making a first post in better circumstances. My sons wheelchair was stolen from the boot of our car overnight, and I'm hoping someone may have seen it or have some information which will lead to it's return. We live in Dunlop, very close to the walking/bike...

Motorcycle lane filtering to be trialled in the ACT

By 29 August 2014 14

Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, today announced that a two-year trial of motorcycling lane filtering will commence in the ACT from 1 February 2015. “Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcyclist moves between stationary or slow moving vehicles in the same lane. It is not the same as lane s...

Wanted: a reliable bobcat operator

By 29 August 2014

I'm after a reliable bobcat operator that knows how to drive a bobcat properly and will actually turn up when a time has been agreed. Have had a couple of recent bad experiences. Prefer north side, any advice appreciated!...

Cerebral Palsy – call for support

By 29 August 2014

A note from one of our Rioters - a mum, talking about her son's fight to walk. Ollie’s Cerebral Palsy Dream Oliver (Ollie) is two and a half years of age, and at two wa...

Injury forces McCabe into early retirement

By 28 August 2014

Pat McCabe will announce his retirement from rugby on Thursday following a third break to his C1 vertebrae. McCabe suffered the injury while playing against the All Blacks for the Qantas Wallabies in Auckland on Saturday night. The University of Canberra Brumbies back has been a part of the full...

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Liberals have a moan and bitch because they can't get their own act together

By 27 August 2008 25

ABC News Online is reporting that the Liberals are unhappy that Standing Orders in the Assembly were suspended and thus unable to introduce five private members bills. Whilst the use of majority government to shut down debate or any assembly proceedings is in itself a travesty of democracy, but i...

Richard Mulcahy comes for your pipe and bong

By 27 August 2008 111

[First filed: August 21, 2008 @ 09:19] It is with a great deal of amusement that we note an ABC story in which one Richard Mulcahy MLA, formerly of the Tobacco Institute of Australia, is legislating for a ban on the sale of bongs, ice pipes and other drug paraphernalia: "Mr Speaker, this bill ...

Police Wrap - 27 August

By 27 August 2008 67

1. There's been a fire at Brand Depot. Lets hope a starving retailer wasn't trying to get some insurance back before departing on a midnight clear. One store sustained fire damage with as many as a dozen more shops affected by smoke and subsequent water damage. ACT Policing and ACT Fire Brigad...

What has the Community Inclusion Board been doing?

By 27 August 2008 5

Nothing is as touchy feely as "inclusion". The Chief Minister has announced that his much heralded "inclusion board" has in turn announced it's achievements. (Thanks to poptop for pointing out that the actual report is also online) The highlights, highlights mind you, are: "The Board has es...

Woden Plaza Evacuated

By 27 August 2008 18

At about 10am I received a message from my Housemate that she'd been evacuated from her place of work in the Woden Plaza (some call it Westfield Woden).  She believed that the whole Plaza was being evacuated, as there were customers streaming from the place and then milling aimlessly.  At the time...

Restaurant Review - Zierholz at the Brewery

By 27 August 2008 24

Having seen the free beer add on RiotACT for Zierholz at the Brewery I thought that it would be an opportune time to go and experience the venue. I have previously drunk a range of Zierholz beers at venues around town and even experienced the wonder that is their mini keg system but I was intere...

Hell on wheels? Summernats22 collides with New Years09

By 27 August 2008 50

Summernats appears to be casting off recent pretensions as a "family" event. The Canberra Times notes that with the program running from 1 January the preliminary arrivals and events will be on New Years Eve. New Years at Summernats: a thin stretched police force, thousands of rum-ed up rev-he...

RiotACT Sim Challenge Round Three - How Wayne went

By 27 August 2008 11

[First filed: August 26, 2008 @ 11:37] Wayne Sievers (ALP for Brindabella) was a bit of a surprise packet last night in the RiotACT Sim Challenge at All Bar Nun. Despite being very tentative in the tutorials, and obviously overwhelmed at times by the information overload, he soldiered on d...

Laserderm confusion?

By 27 August 2008 29

I have a call out to anyone who has had problems with the formerly known Laserderm International within the Melbourne Building Northbourne, now Laserderm Skin Fitness Centre at Garema Court. (this is a post regarding my feelings and my view only)... just in case they want to sue ;)  Back in 2...

Are we having trouble with the new toilet signs?

By 26 August 2008 22

Smaggle Style is having a royal rant about the state of the toilet signage in new bars: They were a weird mass of glittery swirls and I couldn’t not find any indication of sex on either of them. I must have stood there for two whole minutes until finally one of the impossibly cute waiters tappe...

Play with Lanka Lions Cricket Club in 2008/09

By 26 August 2008 2

Hi all, Lanka Lions Cricket Club would like to invite you to join us this season in the Canberra City and Suburban competition. We have a 1st grade and a 3rd grade team in the competition. We welcome players of all backgrounds and abilities, and we promote events throughout the season, such as...

[ED - Title not included]

By 26 August 2008 62

Dear neighbouring Canberrans,   Judging by the fact you people have gone to the effort to make a website specifically to disscuss Queanbeyan High, it is obvious you all have an unhealthy obsession I would tend to assume stems from jelously. So, I would like to introduce myself, I am a...

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