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The Fashion and the Flowers

By 15 September 2014

It's the first week of Floriade, and although the tulips are not yet in full bloom, the fashions on the field more than make up for that. It was great to see so many locals and vis...

Local Sports Wrap 13th and 14th September

By 15 September 2014

FOOTBALL: National Premier League: Capital Football Belconnen United was crowned National Premier League: Capital Football champions after edging out Canberra FC 3-2 on pena...

Couples Don’t Talk

By 15 September 2014

Smiths Alternative Bookshop is emerging as one of the artistic venues in Canberra - supporting emerging and established local talent. Domenic Mico the owner of Smiths is putting his all into getting unique shows up and running. He has  supported the likes of  'Blokes Don't Talk'  and is now di...

Renting and Residual Current Devices

By 15 September 2014

I rent a property in NSW. My land lord has not fitted a Residual Current Device to the power board. I have read lots of information online about how they are compulsory in work places, how they are compulsory under the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Residual Current Devices) Regulations 2...

Canberra and Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap

By 14 September 2014

The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. Percentages represent the increase/decrease from...

No Myer for Westfield Woden after all

By 13 September 2014 15

Way back in 2011, around the same time it announced the closure of the Tuggeranong store, Myer announced it would be opening a store at Westfield Woden by the end of 2013. According to various announcements from Myer since then, the store has been 'delayed' several times since. But as recently as...

RE: Financial advisors in Canberra

By 13 September 2014 10

Hi all. I’m looking for a financial planner to help me with both superannuation and more general wealth creation. I appreciate that this question has been asked before, but previous posts were all done before the changes (now half rolled back, to my understanding) to the superannuation indu...

Drink-driver caught over the limit again

By 13 September 2014 4

A 42-year-old Lyons man has been caught drink-driving for the seventh time. Around 1.20am this morning (Saturday, 13 September), the man was observed almost colliding with a parked vehicle in Tuggeranong. Members from Tuggeranong patrol attended and the driver underwent a roadside breath scree...

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ANU student journalists cover own election loss with aplomb

By 10 September 2008 22

The results of the recent ANU Students’ Association Elections were released on August 28th, with a surprise result in the election of the 2009 editorial team for the ANU student newspaper, Woroni. Despite the advantages of incumbency, the sitting Woroni team (led by Annabelle Craft and Charles Pre...

Queanbeyan City Council smear campaign

By 9 September 2008 7

It seems that the dirty political campaign tactics that are usually the domain of Sydney have surfaced in Queanbeyan. Today I received two pieces of election material in my mail box. One was from Labor member, Steve Whan supporting the ageing Tom Mavec for Mayor and the ALP candidates. Person...

RiotACT Sim Challenge - How David Morgan went

By 9 September 2008 5

Yesterday saw Jazz and a nameless clone from the Riot 501st venture to deepest darkest Tuggeranong and the very nicely appointed but almost deserted on a Monday night, Ojo Bar to observe Liberal candidate for Brindabella, David “Morgo” Morgan attempt RiotACT’s Sim Challenge to a backing so...

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association - Kid’s Christmas Party

By 9 September 2008 11

The Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association Committee is seeking Sponsorship or donation of items or vouchers suitable for use as raffle prizes, for our annual Christmas party on Sunday the 23rd of November, 2008, at Corroboree Park, Ainslie. We had a great party last year with more than 2...

Crace is going live in May 09.

By 9 September 2008 46

Mr Stanhope has announced that the charmlessly named "Crace" is going to start going under the hammer any day now. Eventually 1,430 blocks will be taken up but the first release will be 160 blocks ranging from 450 to 760 square meters will be available. Real estate speculators rejoice, 15% of ...

Hargreaves takes the big stick to taxis

By 9 September 2008 58

The Canberra Times informs us of dire threats and imprecations to the taxi industry coming from John Hargreaves who is promising to keep releasing taxi licences until we finally get a decent service. The taxi lobby reply with all manner of bollocks about how everyone whinges about taxis wherever ...

ACT Political Parties website roundup 2008

By 9 September 2008 45

I've got a nasty head cold at the moment. But I felt my life was still lacking in pain. So yesterday I went and had a poke around all the political party websites to see what they had to offer and what they said about the eight parties vying for our votes next month. In past elections where w...

The Huge International Speak Like a Pirate Day Treasure Hunt

By 9 September 2008 47

From the event's Facebook page: "Friday 19th September is International Speak Like a Pirate Day. For all those budding pirates out there, this event is for you. A treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts! On this greatest of days a collection of pirates will be competing for the treasure. At...

How big does a sign have to be to get fixed around here?

By 9 September 2008 5

Huge signs were erected about 5 years ago at the entrances to Bruce delineating the Bruce Precinct - listing the ACT Innovation Centre, UC, CIT, Radford College etc. For the past 2 years one of those signs, on College Street near CISAC, has stood there with the right-hand one-third of its sign mi...

Election Wrap - 9 September

By 9 September 2008 25

General: The Canberra Times informs us of the idiot bickering between Stanhope and Seselja over who's actually dodging a public debate between the two of them. --- Labor: Long to reign over us... The Canberra Times brings word that Jon Stanhope is promising to serve out a four year term ...

ROC loses the international leg

By 9 September 2008 14

If Jeremy Clarkson has taught use anything, it's that rallying is the dull pastime of dull people, or "the terminally gormless" as he more colourfully put it. So for many it will be with some relief that we read in the Canberra Times that Canberra has "lost" our leg of the Asia-Pacific Rally Cham...

Safer motorcycle parking?

By 9 September 2008 7

Simon Corbell has announced that the ACT's secure motorcycle parking initiative has been such a success that it's been commended at a national summit. "Motorcycle parking facilities at five locations in Civic and Woden have been redesigned to allow riders to secure their motorcycles to a fixed ra...

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