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Local leaders – Camilo Potocnjak Oxman and Rish Ratnam (Implement Imagination)

By 2 September 2015
camilo and rish_78A2127

Implement Imagination co-founder Camilo Potocnjak Oxman (pictured above, right) describes teaching as a very rewarding chronic condition. “The thing about teaching is that...

Blowing up the interwebs as easy as un, deux, trois!

By 2 September 2015 2

Well I fell for it, hook, line and sinker! Take a pretty girl, add a beautiful exotic accent (well, I thought it sounded sexy), a sob story and voila ... you have instant marketing...

Cheap eats – Global Cafe (Civic)

By 2 September 2015 1

I'd heard of Global Cafe before but had never been there or even noticed it in the street until recently. It's tucked in between the late night pharmacy and the Jolimont Centre...

Seeking a planning minister for Canberra

By 2 September 2015 4

Canberra residents have the perception, or at least the aspiration, that the elected ACT politician appointed to be the planning minister will oversee the future planning and d...

Police seek Tuggeranong Parkway hoon

By 2 September 2015

ACT Policing is searching for a green Camry Sedan bearing registration number YGC14U which was seen driving dangerously between 3.15pm and 3.30pm on Sunday 30 August. The ca...

Strata managers in Canberra – Recommendations wanted!

By 2 September 2015

There are a couple of dated posts relating to this topic I can see (2007 & 2012), but we are looking for some updated information. Our units plan (class b) is interested...

$50 load ups in ACT pokies will be allowed – if it’s recommended

By 1 September 2015 6

Yesterday during the #CBRCabinet event held via the Periscope app, Minister Joy Burch confirmed that $50 poker machine load ups will be allowed if the current committee review...

Should we ban smart watches while driving?

By 1 September 2015 16
woman driving wearing smart watch

Using a mobile phone while driving has been an offence for quite some time now. But what about sending an SMS from an object that isn't a phone? My partner bought an Apple W...

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House to go on Macarthur Avenue?

By 13 February 2009 10

Northsiders were treated yesterday to the sight of half a house parked on Macarthur Avenue. Holden Caulfield had the presence of mind to snap it on his way home. Apparently there's a bit of a boom business in cutting up country houses and then putting them back together in new suburbs (often ...

The most interesting job title in Canberra?

By 13 February 2009 70

Poptop has emailled in the following job title which was affixed to an email she received: Kellie White Life Enhancer to Winsome Willow, Manager of Inanna Inc Crisis Service for Women & Families in Distress For those who don't dabble in the mystic Inanna is the Sumerian "goddess of life an...

The Great Bribe to the Canberra Times commences

By 13 February 2009 14

Jon Stanhope has proudly announced the launch of a "Community Noticeboard" to be published in the Canberra Times. "Mr Stanhope said the noticeboard aims to improve access to public information and strengthen the community's ability to engage with the government. "The ACT Government's new commu...

Images of Canberra - Stormy Skies over Telstrayama

By 13 February 2009 22

With our skies once again cloudy, grey and cold, BenMac has sent in this picture he took a couple of months ago before another storm. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

NCA stuff for 13 February

By 13 February 2009 2

1. The blue green algae now completely rules the lake: The National Capital Authority has today closed the whole of Lake Burley Griffin to all primary and secondary water contact due to high concentrations of toxic blue green algae. Last week several areas of the lake were closed, however wate...


By 12 February 2009

The frequently astonishing Naomi Milthorpe of the Bluffhearts (as heard in Insatiable Banalities #104) is directing an upcoming production of Federico Garcia Lorca's "THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA" From the media release: The play is the story of a desperate and tyrannical widow, Bernarda, wh...

ACTEW and ANU teaming up with scholarships

By 12 February 2009 2

An interesting announcement out of ANU on their new $2 million scholarship program with our lords of power and water: The partnership will see undergraduate scholarships offered from the first semester 2009 across a range of disciplines including engineering, IT, finance and economics. In semeste...

The return of the IVF compo case

By 12 February 2009 109

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the IVF clinic the hated "Melbourne Lesbian Couple" are hitting back with an appeal according to the ABC. For those who came in late... the couple want all the costs paid to them of a second child they had after IVF treatment. To get this they're pu...

Milk Crate Man looks out over Garema Place

By 12 February 2009 32

Mad Kiwi has spotted this fellow dominating the skyline of the Civic. How did he get there? Where is he from? How long will he be there? Anyone got any answers? UPDATED: Apparently the Canberra Times' Today column (now adorned by the exiled WIN'ner Geraldine Nordfeldt) had this a co...

Etiquette question - Kiddies and the shopping centre bogs

By 12 February 2009 69

Dear Manners Aunts, Based on an observation that got me thinking: Dad and young Maddison Sophie (age 4 1/2!) are shopping in the Canberra Centre, when Maddie announces she 'NeEEeeDs to GO to thE ToiLET, Dad!' Should Dad: 1. Take her into the unhallowed depths of the men's toilets? 2. ...

Celebrating the Hundred Days

By 12 February 2009 12

"The Hundred Days" is best known as the period between Napoleon's return from exile and his Old Guard breaking at Waterloo. (Although the phrase also has other less catastrophic historical antecedents.) The increasingly Napoleonic Jon Stanhope has announced that celebrations may commence to mark ...

Virgin Blue commencing Canberra-Hobart direct flights.

By 12 February 2009 16

Finally the day has arrived which I have been wishing for, as a former Hobartian, for almost a decade now. And this is that Virgin Blue is opening a Canberra-Hobart direct route in April! Flights on sale for $99 each way at the moment. This is great for ex-Tasmanians such as myself, Canb...

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