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Best of Canberra Taste Off – Vietnamese

By 18 September 2014 1

For the Best of Canberra Taste off this week I was forced to sample some local Vietnamese food. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – my life is pretty tough sometimes...

Nature Conservation Bill 2014 is a commitment to a sustainable future

By 18 September 2014

A new Nature Conservation Bill introduced into the Legislative Assembly today forms a key part of the ACT Government’s commitment to a sustainable future for Canberra, Minister for the Environment, Simon Corbell, said today. The Bill is a result of a review of the Nature Conservation Act 1980....

Forde Community Association

By 18 September 2014

Hi Rioters, We are trying to launch a Residents/Community Association in the suburb of Forde in Gungahlin - the Forde Community Association. Communities@Work are hosting a 'Community Conversation' at the Forde Community Centre this Saturday at 3pm as part of a continuing series to engage the c...

Complaint against officer substantiated, investigation complete

By 17 September 2014 1

AFP Professional Standards (PRS) has completed an investigation into a complaint that an ACT Policing officer deployed Oleoresin Spray (OC) towards a tethered dog in a backyard during the course of a search warrant in May this year. Chief Police Officer for the ACT Rudi Lammers said that the com...

Tuggeranong’s FFA Cup journey ends but won’t soon be forgotten

By 17 September 2014 2

The Tuggeranong United coaching staff and reserve players laughed and smiled as they stood together on the sideline prior to kick-off. Their relaxed mood told the story well, and was befitting of the special occasion they were playing a part in. Tuggeranong, buoyed by its remarkable penalty sh...

EATology: the science of eating

By 17 September 2014

What do humans have in common with soil? How does soil health impact upon human health? Healthy soil grows healthy food, and healthy food makes for healthy people. We know that a vast amount of human health problems are related to diet, yet how often do we trace nutrition back to agricultur...

Nuclear Reprogramming: past, present and prospects – Public Talk, Sir John Gurdon

By 17 September 2014

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction but changing one kind of cell to act like another is nothing new. In fact, in some of the first experiments of their kind, our next public speaker Sir John Gurdon was able to do just that more than fifty years ago. This work with frogs was later used ...

Three national awards in a row for Hotel Realm

By 17 September 2014

Canberra’s best hotels and venues were honoured with national accolades at the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) National Awards for Excellence last night. Hotel Realm, ...

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Todd Carney - Terminated

By 7 August 2008 51

Word coming through that Todd Carney's contract has been terminated. Lock up your daughters and watch your backs, he's got nothing to lose now. UPDATE: In a press conference Todd has blamed us in the media (that includes all of you lot) and the club for treating him unfairly....

Police Wrap - 7 August

By 7 August 2008 11

1. Stolen, drunk and on the run. A great effort by a 30 year old Spence man. "About 11.25pm, Tuesday, 5 August, police detected a blue coloured Nissan Pulsar travelling at speed on Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Gungahlin. Police followed the vehicle before attempting to conduct a traffic stop. The veh...

Glen Porritt a free man

By 7 August 2008 101

The ABC reports that Chief Justice Higgins has determined that Glen Porritt should serve no more prison time. 22 months is to be the custodial portion of a five year prison sentence for unlawful homicide: "The 24-year-old was found guilty of unlawful homicide earlier this year after admitting ...

The new parking vouchers now with a grey strip

By 7 August 2008 45

Last week we noted that a crack-down was to begin on people making their own parking tickets. The vengeful arm of parking law was to be armed with a holographic strip. This was intended to put fake ticket manufacturing beyond the capacity of the average bubblejet printer. Below are two pictur...

Congratulations to UPRISING for 3rd place in semi-pro division, Rd 3 - 2008 A

By 7 August 2008

Round 3 of the 2008 Australian Super 7s Paintball series was held over the weekend, 2-3 August at Action Paintball in Sydney. 16 teams battled it out from all over Australia, even teams from USA and New Zealand for points in the 2008 series, with a prize pool in excess of $120,000. Uprising, base...

Who wins the trophy for being our laziest MLA?

By 7 August 2008 44

WIN News had this little gem buried in one of its news stories on Tuesday, 5th August 2008. These two charts indicate the total number of representations made by each MLA on behalf of the community / constituents during the current Assembly term (i.e. since the 2004 election). According to WIN ne...

A Review of Sorts - Firestone Italian Restaurant

By 7 August 2008 56

[ED - Firestone responded to this post with one of their own.] This is a review of sorts, but more a record of my experiences I have had with Firestone Italian restaurant. I have decided to post this story because, I believe that I should advise people of my experiences in the hope that they c...

Best Chips in Fyshwick?

By 7 August 2008 6

After our previous favourite takeaway was bought out, the food there subsequently became crap and my workmates and I no longer have anywhere to go to get a good serving of chips. Does anyone have any suggestions for a takeaway somewhere in Fyshwick that has good chips?...

Don't know when, but a day's gunna come

By 6 August 2008 50

I have long believed that it was only a matter of time before the ABC's Mark Carmody appeared on the evening news wearing a corsage bigger than his head. Tonight he came close. It's just a matter of time I tell you....

Some answers on the Wanniassa Medical Centre

By 6 August 2008 17

Daktari has posted some answers on the Wanniassa issue which I thought needed wider prominence than just sitting in the comments: As one of the doctors at the Phillip Medical Centre I think I can answer some of your questions. “How do they currently measure the performance of its contracted ...

Where to watch the Olympics?

By 6 August 2008 18

Which venue will be best for Olympic opening watching on Friday night? Even if the whole event strikes you as a revolting farce the opening is still the most expensive spectacle ever staged, so probably worth a gander. If I stay home I'll end up wandering off to watch the comments pour in here...

Grocery pricing in the ACT on the new Government site.

By 6 August 2008 27

Woolies seem to pip Coles in dairy, but otherwise Coles in the ACT conforms with the national trend. That said, there are Aldi stores in canberra, so why not reflect them in the list?  What do canberrans reckon about this grocery-watch thi...

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