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Pet Ambos (not the kind you can take home)

By 7 January, 2008

[Ed: the cute idea, it's local nature and the fact that I've been in need of a service like this from time to time have meant we let this, which is basically an ad spiel, go up. It had a jingle to go with it but even if that was within my coding skills (perhaps [...]...


Actews Revenue Raising

By 7 January, 2008

I heard some interesting news over the weekend from an employee of ACTEW. Apparently due to the revenue drop caused by the water restrictions, ACTEW have been selling off water to increase there income. According to them, our water problems wouldn’t be as bad (ie our water restrictions) if A...


U-Brew It Hume

By 7 January, 2008

Hi everyone All the team from U-Brew It Hume hope you had a very merry christmas and a great new year. But now that you have finished all that beer you should come down for another brew because we are more then happy to brew some beer with you. Our beer of the month is Cisco Kid Pale Ale [...]...


The Great Beer Rip Off

By 7 January, 2008

I recently went do pick up a carton of my favourite beer – Cascade- and was devastated to see that the size of the stubbies has shrunk from 375ml to 330 ml – but the price has stayed the same. Its just like the great spirit Rip Off where the size of the bottles [...]...



By 7 January, 2008

Just got this media release through from Academy: We’re very pleased to announce that Academy will be treating itself to a significant face lift in 2008! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by all manner of nips, tucks and exciting improvements to our already award-winning fit out. We will also...


Do not eat the deathcap

By 7 January, 2008

Do not eat the deathcap Above right: Fully-opened Paddy Straw Mushroom (Healthy to eat), Volvariella speciosa), Above left: Immature deathcap mushroom Very Deadly, Amanita phalloides) According to the ABC Online article, people who can’t tell the difference between mushrooms have been busy poisoning themselves.After...


Women abused at Summernats

By 7 January, 2008

It should come as no surprise to Canberran’s that at this time of year we get a few articles in the various media outlets about the Summernats. Invariably it starts with Chic Henry espousing how this year will be different and its a safe family friendly event which, I’m sure it is, durin...


Just a bit more on criminals---(Watson highest unlawful entries in ACT)

By 5 January, 2008

Great to see a site where all the under worked Canberians can waste more time (damn i miss Canberra)So I was reading the blog on crime and Watson, just a few trivial facts I know about out cri in al system and how we treat them.Wagga has a juvenile detention centre and oh boy have I [...]...


Backyard Pizza Shop in Kingston?

By 5 January, 2008

I heard, from someone new to Canberra, that there is apparently a family-run Garage pizza shop being run in Kingston. From what she said, it appears to be in Dawes St.  Apparently the whole family is involved in making, cooking and selling the pizzas. as to name, hours etc, she was hazy, she’...


Rideckulous present Groove Diggerz (UK) & JHz (UK)

By 4 January, 2008

The first installment of Rideckulous for the 2008 calendar year. Let’s kick this one off with a bang as we have two guest from the UK to rip up the 1′s and 2′s supported by local breaks acts Karton and Rideckulous DJ’s. Groove Diggerz *null* is the act everyone in breaks ci...


DIY Wotz happening in Canberra this weekend

By 4 January, 2008

Okay folks and folkettes, it’s the weekend, so what is happening? Or is everyone still recovering from New Years? Post away with whatever…. ...


Things that make you go hmm...

By 4 January, 2008

Things that make you go hmm... So there I was browsing facebook (and quite innocently let me assure you) and this ad popped up: So the link leads (probably not a great idea from work, or even at home if your partner monitors these things) here. Gosh! Pictures of faces! ...


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