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Alexander Maconochie Centre a complex challenge

By 30 March 2015

I have written many times on corrective services in relation to rehabilitative and restorative processes, and the lack of them, concerning offenders and victims. Perhaps it ...

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Hot cross buns

By 30 March 2015 2
A. Baker

I have been so excited for the hot cross bun Taste Off that I've been taste testing for breakfast every morning this week. RiotACT readers were right on board the hot cross bun cra...

Playground review – Bonython local playground

By 29 March 2015
bonython playground

The unassuming southside suburb of Bonython is home to a local playground that is well maintained and an absolute treat to visit. Kaden (18 months) and I decided to see what th...

Doing hen’s nights right at QT Canberra

By 28 March 2015 1
QT Canberra pick up

When I think of hen's nights, I imagine fashioning wedding dresses out of toilet paper, eating cookies in the shape of male genitalia and drinking a lot of champagne (if only to ma...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Cherryripe Brasserie, Watson

By 28 March 2015 1

Recently having moved house, I have found myself in random suburbs that I would otherwise not spend much time in. Last week I found myself at ONA in Fyshwick. This week I was on...

Should I move to Canberra?

By 30 March 2015 3

I own my own villa in Oxley Park suburb of Sydney and currently living there with a 7-year-old and my wife who stays at home. We are on PR right now and I will be getting my ci...

Canberra Symphony Orchestra celebrates Sibelius’ 150th

By 30 March 2015
canberra symphony orchestra

The Canberra Symphony Orchestra returns to the concert hall for the first Llewellyn Series in 2015 to pay tribute to Finnish composer Sibelius on the occasion of his 150th anni...

Recommendations for wedding cake supplier in Canberra

By 30 March 2015

Can anyone recommend someone to make a wedding cake in the Canberra region for a reasonable price?  Perhaps someone who works from home or a business who doesn’t charge a fo...

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Taxis as shuttle buses?

By 24 November 2008 24

In a lot of countries it's normal for private minibuses to ply the routes of the city bus system. They charge a little more, but they're here now, and they're going to the same places. The Canberra Times has got a story on taxi operator Ricky Simatupang and his plans to run a fleet of 12 seat tax...


By 24 November 2008 23

5 local cars in the pits at NATIONAL CAPITAL SPEEDWAY fairbairn 8/11/2008 #67 Russell payne lc torana #78 darryl payne  lj torana #66 Shane williams  vb commodore #29 robert waters tc cortina #38 Roger bradley chrysler galant...

Select Committee on Ecological Carrying Capacity for the ACT and region

By 24 November 2008 6

The Greens have said they won the chairmanship of the "Select Committee on Ecological Carrying Capacity for the ACT and region". Does anyone know what this committee is doing? Any links?...

A quick walk around Marques In The Park

By 23 November 2008 28

ACT Motor Clubs's "Marques In The Park" braved the weather today in John Knight Park on the shores of Lake Ginninderra. Sitting on a collapsible chair wearing fleece and beanie, sipping on a thermos, seems to be a key skill for attending these things. To be fair the weather was not conducive ...

Information Request - Mugga Tip

By 23 November 2008 18

Hey All, I'm finding myself in the position of having a need to visit the local tip this weekend. But I can't find any info online about how much it costs to dump there etc... I just need to take my slat bed and mattress that I am replacing, and my old sofa bed that the cats have reduced to a ...

Belconnen drug bust

By 23 November 2008 124

Going about my business on Friday and couldn't help but come across police everywhere. About 2:30pm cops at the top of the Belconnen Mall car park; had grabbed two blokes in a ute. Probably about 5 unmarked cop cars. Then about six o'clock that same day, same cops took over the halal fruit ma...

Images of Canberra - Kangaroos in the park

By 23 November 2008 30

Saw these two this morning trimming the grass in an Ainslie park on Officer Crescent. Pests I know, but still magical in the right context. Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to

Scott Alexander McDougall makes an impact in court

By 23 November 2008 148

Hello All, After reading the article in the Canberra Times and seeing photos of the relatives in the print article my heart goes out to both Julie and Strauns families and friends. This person who allegedly murdered these persons is a disgrace to have yelled out to the families in the court r...

John and Marianne on 2XX - Talking the RiotACT episode 14

By 22 November 2008 9

For those who missed it live, the downloadable version of 2XX’s RiotACT segment featuring your’s truly and Marianne Mettes is now available. To catch it live tune in at 5pm on Friday afternoons on 2XX, 98.3FM. ...

Law society boss takes over the ACT Labor

By 22 November 2008 4

The ABC is reporting that Bill Redpath, formerly the president of the ACT Law Society, has won the race to be the next ACT branch secretary of the Labor party. As the candidate of the Left this is interesting, although experience herding cats lawyers must have counted for a great deal....

Handmade Markets review

By 22 November 2008 30

In case you missed the great upswell of publicity among Canberra's crafty scene, the inaugural Handmade Markets were on today at Albert Hall. (In fact, they're on until 6pm if you happen to be reading this before then). Albert Hall was a sort of compromise venue for the markets after they cou...

DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 21 November

By 22 November 2008 20

[First filed November 20, 2008 @ 08:10] Another week has just flown by, there's a lot to see and do in Canberra this weekend. What do you recommend? ...

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