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Police divers to scour the Queanbeyan River

By 31 May 2008 7

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that police divers will scour the Queanbeyan River as part of an investigation into the suspicious death of Danny Ralph, 46, who was found dead in the river on March 30. Anyone with information about Mr Ralph’s death are asked to contact police. ...

Norvan ... the Maverick?

By 31 May 2008 30

This week I received a brochure in my mailbox advertising this new Community Alliance Party. Seeing that the election is only a few months away I am quite sure that it wont be the last. The brochure promised open government, improved services and lower rates and charges this seems like they are on t ...

Bach in the Puddle...

By 31 May 2008 15

Sebastian Bach’s coming to Canberra??? Holy sh*t when, where??? THE ANU!!! Wow, I can’t wait… Well, keep on waiting mother-truckers because for those of us who’d paid our hard earned to see it, didn’t. Sometime around soundcheck someone bumped a light in the ceiling of ...

Canberra to Goulburn bus route?

By 31 May 2008 7

Given the recent rises in petrol I’ve been catching the bus to/from work on days when I don’t need my car. Anyways, whilst waiting at Belconnen bus interchange for my bus home, I’ve often noticed a white coach pulling into the Interchange but not stopping at any of the bays – ...

DIY wotz on guide for the weekend of 31 May 2008

By 30 May 2008 8

whoops, almost forgot it. Without further ado the DIY wotz on guide. Let us know all the ins and outs in the comments. ...

Cottage Couple to be Thrown Out

By 30 May 2008 74

The Canberra Times is reporting that the couple living in the Weston Creek cottage are to be evicted on Saturday night and a fence placed around the property with a security guard. The couple are quoted as saying, “they have paid absolutely nothing for perfect caretakers of the cottage and now ...

Pubes asked to work longer and harder

By 30 May 2008 106

Kevin24/7 has made headlines recently with his comments telling the public service they will be expected to work harder: “I understand there’s been some criticism around the edges that some public servants are finding the hours a bit much,” he said. “I suppose I’ve simp ...

Deb Foskey to Hang Up Her Hat

By 30 May 2008 20

It’s rumoured that ACT Greens MLA Deb Foskey has decided not to recontest her seat at the assembly at this years ACT Government elections. There’s no press release on the ACT Greens site or her web page, but ABC 666 is running with the story quoting Foskey as saying that she’d like ...

Name our new Hospital

By 30 May 2008 37

The Canberra Times is reporting (see below) that there is a competition to name our new women’s and children’s hospital. Not sure what you win, perhaps a free child birth. With the talent in here I thought we would be best to come up with a new name. I’ll kick off with -  The Jon ...

Where the hell do I get decent Coffee to go in Civic?

By 30 May 2008 39

I work in the city and I’ll be stuffed if I can find a place that will sell me a coffee which hasn’t had the grind burned (the republic), the milk cooked to shit (take your pick) of half filled when they can’t be arsed (the republic again). If had mostly good coffee at Kaldi [...] ...

Michael Buble Gig Review

By 30 May 2008 93

Michael Buble Gig Review Well being the Bublé fan that I am, I had been eagerly awaiting Wednesday night (28th May) for some 3 months prior. Let me tell you that subjective as I am Bublé did not disappoi ...

(Shock) Rock the POT - Featuring SOMA [Syd], STIGMATA [Gbn], MOOTS, & ANNIE F

By 30 May 2008

(Shock) Rock the POT - Featuring SOMA [Syd], STIGMATA [Gbn], MOOTS, & ANNIE FINELLE [ 13 June 2008; 8:00 pm to 11:59 pm. ] (Shock) Rock the POT - Featuring SOMA [Syd], STIGMATA [Gbn], MOOTS, & ANNIE FINELLE Come dressed as your favourite killer...   ...

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