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Turbo Slam #5

By 25 May 2008

[ 30 May 2008; 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm. ] Turbo Slam #5 Friday 30 May @ The Front Café and Gallery, Lyneham A high-energy poetry competition for cash prizes. Competitors are awarded points according to the quality of writing, the delivery and the audience's reaction. Pieces should be under three ...

Tyre Fitter/Wheel Aligner/Suspension Mechanic Wanted

By 25 May 2008 7

I have an employment opportunity and Seek and CapitalJobs don’t seem to attract any interest, so I will give it a go on here. The job is for an experienced Tyre Fitter/Wheel Aligner/Suspension mechanic. It is a full time role, located in Fyshwick, Immediate start available. Pay is based on e ...

zine fair

By 25 May 2008 3

The ACT Writers’ Centre will be running the first Canberra zine fair in goodness knows how long on the morning of Saturday 21 June at Gorman House, as part of the Canberra Writers’ Festival. Contact the ACT Writers Centre to book a table: (02) 6262 9191 ...

When saving water is just not worth the effort

By 23 May 2008 56

Having just received my water bill from ACTEWAGL I was very disappointed to see that despite my usage being down 33kl over the same period last year, my total bill has increased by $70. This year we put no water on our garden except for grey water – water from baths, showers and laundry was [. ...

NRMA job losses

By 23 May 2008 7

Has anyone seen the canberra times reports about nrma axing jobs in Canberra? apparently they say that injury claims can ben managed more cheaply in sydney than canberra. we pay a lot of money for greenslips in canberra so i wonder when they willreduce the costs. I feel sorry for the people who hav ...

Theta Healing Workshop

By 23 May 2008 40

I’ve been trying to find a hall or function room in the inner-north to host a Theta Healing workshop. The room needs to seat at least 10 or 15 people, and will be needed for 3 ongoing days, 8:30am – 6:00pm. (Preferably Friday, Saturday and Sunday.) Most places seem to charge by the hour, ...

Discover the plusses of Busses (ie they come off better than a building)

By 23 May 2008 29

Discover the plusses of Busses (ie they come off better than a building) As reported in the local media yesterday, here are a few photos of the bus that crashed into the front of Kippax shopping centre yesterday afternoon. ...

Zierholz free beer tasting at Debacle

By 23 May 2008 18

Last night I attended the Zierholz free beer tasting  As some may have picked up already - I found out yesterday that I’ve known Cristoph’s brother for several years, but I don’t think that matters for the purposes of the review. Details: Debacle turns out to be the first locati ...

DIY Wotz On Guide for 23 May 2008

By 23 May 2008 6

[ 24 May 2008 to 25 May 2008. ] Wow its gone a bit quiet and cold around here this week, leaving me wondering what there is to do this weekend. Well besides recovering from free Zeirholz beer at Debacle last night what else are folks looking at getting upto this weekend. Let us know in the comment ...

Possible solutions to vehicle based fuel theft

By 23 May 2008 36

Back on the 13th May 2008, the Canberra Times ran an article about the fuel theft that has started to occur as a result of number-plates being stolen from cars. Obviously a number plate can be removed from a car even if you use tamper proof screws (if you are determined enough you would just jemm ...

ACT Libs idea - no Stamp Duty for new home buyers on dwellings up to $500k

By 23 May 2008 38

I’m a recent first home buyer and I admire the notion of trying to help first home buyers but I am not sure Zed Seselja’s idea will be very effective.  Why? Well in NSW (which uses the same threshold) the no-SD for 1st home buyers seems to simply have caused prices to move closer to th ...

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