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Weekend cafe hot spot: Barrio, Braddon

By 4 July 2015

Last weekend I shared my experience at Elemental and mentioned that I also stopped in at Barrio Collective Coffee, a few doors up. I wasn’t satisfied by my brief check-in last we...

A look around Canberra – Chapman

By 3 July 2015 8

The suburb of Chapman in Weston Creek is named after Austin Chapman, a former minister who held the portfolios of defence, health, trade, and customs, at various points during ...

Canberra weekend garage sale guide (4th and 5th July 2015)

By 3 July 2015

Canberra garage sales this weekend in Aranda, Phillip, Kingston, Dunlop, Ngunnawal, Casey, Monash and Wright. Happy Friday! Saturday 4 July 35 Port Jackson Circuit Phillip 7am...

13 things to do in Canberra this weekend (4 and 5 July 2015)

By 2 July 2015 1
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.30.04 pm

How do you plan to spend this weekend? There’s plenty on in Canberra to keep you busy over the next few days, including the Westside Sunday markets, a ping pong jam and Bungendor...

Where can I find kids’ interior shops in Canberra?

By 4 July 2015

I'm new to Canberra and want to decorate my children's bedrooms. (1, 3 & 8 years) Can the more knowledgeable here point me in the direction of any good shops with pro...

Missing man: Have you seen Daemon?

By 3 July 2015
Missing man Daemon Wolfe

ACT Policing is seeking the public’s assistance in locating missing man Daemon Wolfe. Daemon was last seen leaving a house in Greenway on foot about 4.30pm yesterday (Thursd...

Dentist recommendations in Canberra?

By 3 July 2015 6

Can anyone recommend a good and gentle dentist, please? I've read the ones that were submitted in another query in 2011 and just wonder if there are any more recent dental reco...

What’s happening on the corner of Belconnen Way and Bindubi St?

By 3 July 2015 1

Does anyone know what is happening on the corner of Belconnen Way and Bindubi Street? Adecco (construction company) have dug out the old car park on Bardi Place, opposite Canbe...

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Simon unleashes Operation Cobalt 6 on an unsuspecting public.

By 11 December 2008 17

How exciting! Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, has given the command and the grandly named police "Operation Cobalt 6" is rolling into gear making sure you all behave in town over the weekend. “Operation Cobalt 6 is an inter-agency operation to set the “ground rul...

Does Canberra need a Naked Bike Ride?

By 11 December 2008 24

Nudie cyclists around the world are preparing for the World Naked Bike Ride on March 14 2009. Does Canberra need one? Any RiotACTors want to bare all on a windy autumn day? Any chance of getting Jon, Zed, Katy or Shane to participate?...

You're doing it wrong

By 11 December 2008 24

Spotting this Toyota Echo on my morning commute made me do a quick double take. It is on (or should that be off) Canberra Avenue in Fyshwick, just after the Ipswich Street intersection. It looks pretty clear that the driver had been driving the wrong way on the dual carriageway that would normal...

Festival directorship as an art form?

By 11 December 2008 6

Contrary to popular belief I don't actually wake up cranky looking for targets to give a good kicking to. But sometimes I have questions, and I find asking them here gets me further than official inquiries. What has me asking questions is CityNews announcing that "the livewire" Nicole Canham h...

David Furner and the Raiders.

By 11 December 2008 4

Do you think the incoming coach Dave Furner will carry the respect of the Raiders players, having been effectively 'one of the lads' for so long? And do you think the Raiders will have as good a season as last year given that they have a rookie coach? [poll=66]...

So who are all these interested Summernats bidders?

By 11 December 2008 49

The Canberra Times' Megan Doherty has been having a dig and asking motorsport venues if they've been approaching Canberra's Chic Henry for the chance to host his Summernats hoonfest. Oddly enough she wasn't able to find any despite Chic's annual claims that they're lining up for the chance to tak...

Free christmas gift wrapping today at Mawson shops

By 11 December 2008 20

After leaving lunch at the Mawson club today and returning to my car, I notice this in the car park. LOL. Yes. Yes, i did....

Queanbo knows where to put the Petunias

By 11 December 2008 7

In the continuing series Images of Queanbeyan, here is proof that Queanbeyan, unlike Canberra, knows where to put the Petunias. Earlier, we had sad proof that the ACT Government did not know where to put the Petunias. They put them up on poles, in bowls. And down they came. The ACT Gov...

The Radiance Dance Project - "The Human Touch" photos and information sessio

[First filed: December 10, 2008 @ 10:05] Like most sensible men in Canberra I've always got time to talk to Min Mae. In common with those men, despite never having seen her express any anger, I've also picked up a certain air about her suggesting it would be a very, very bad idea indeed to be...

Corinbank 2009 - First lineup announcements

By 11 December 2008 31

The Corinbank Festival is running from 27 February to 1 March 2009. The first round of pre-sales sold out in just two days the other week, before there were even any announcements about the line-up. Now the first line-up announcement has been made via a media release containing this crucial pa...

The stadium in Bruce to be bumped to 40,000?

By 10 December 2008 18

The Age has a piece on $45.6 million of Commonwealth money going to the billionaire Frank Lowy so he can bid for the soccer world cup. The interesting thing for Canberra is that, according to Les Murray on 666 minutes ago, a successful bid would require Canberra Stadium be expanded to a 40,000 se...

Zed goes to bat on Government advertising

By 10 December 2008 6

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja is trumpeting his new bill in the Legislative Assembly which will reduce the Goverment's ability to spend our money in the local media congratulating itself. According to Zed, Mr. Stanhope is not amused: “We believe that the community has a right to be informed abo...

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