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Recommendations for painter and decorator

By 21 September 2014

Can anyone give me a good recommendation for a painter to paint the inside of my house? I want someone who is careful and thorough with their work and can recommend the right paint and colours for the various areas of the house. Eg wet areas etc... and cleans up thoroughly after themselves and is go...

Canberra and Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap

By 21 September 2014

The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. Percentages represent the increase/decrease from...

Riot Weekly Top 5 (20th September 2014)

By 21 September 2014

Another week gone and here are the most popular posts of the week (firstly by readership and then by comments) including confirmation on Capital Metro, disappointment over Myer...

Road rage on Monaro today almost killed us

By 20 September 2014 11

My partner and I are very lucky to be alive this afternoon.... At approx 3:10pm this afternoon, we experienced horrific road rage directed at us on the Monaro Hwy. It happened in the direction going from Civic to Hume about 1km or so of the Alexander Maconochie Centre. An "electric blue" coloure...

Missing dog

By 20 September 2014 1

One One went missing midday on the 19th from Franklin. She is very shy, but an extremely sweet girl. We are very frightened for her. If you have any knowledge of her whereabouts, p...

Police investigate fatal collision in Belconnen

By 20 September 2014

ACT Policing is investigating a single vehicle collision off Kirinari Street, Belconnen today (Saturday, 20 September). About 10am this morning, security at the University of Ca...

Canberra Startup Snapknock – looking for feedback!

By 20 September 2014

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you a new Canberra startup company, it is a recently created social auction website named Snapknock. We are celebrating this launc...

Isle of Man TT style race for Canberra / region?

By 20 September 2014 9

I've been reflecting on recent RA posts about events in Canberra (i.e whether or not Canberra is a boring place), and this prompted me to think what sort of event would put our fair city on the world stage. Now, we already have Floriade and Summernats, the Balloon and Folk Festivals, various NGA...

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Truffles in Canberra

By 15 July 2008 36

The SMH's 'Good Living' is giving a plug to Canberra's Truffle Shed. Apparently you too can get your hands on locally grown truffles on Wednesday between 10 and 2 at 311 Majura Road, Majura. It'll set you back $250 to $350 for 100g of the black gold, but apparently you only need 40g to cook fo...

Todd Scott Lemmon gets $50k for falling off a swing

By 15 July 2008 36

The ABC informs us that one Todd Scott Lemmon, 20, has been awarded $50,000 for injuries caused when he fell of the 'giraffe swing' in the Gungahlin Town Park. He was 14 at the time. A welcome reminder of the need of the Government to take care of these facilities? Or litigation robbing the commu...

All go for Belco Arts

By 15 July 2008 1

The Chief Minister has announced that the contract for the Belconnen Arts Centre has been awarded and they expect construction to begin in the next month. "Project Co-ordination will build the landmark Centre, which will strengthen Canberra's reputation as a vibrant arts community and support the...

Uni of Canberra wants you for its 40th celebrations.

By 15 July 2008 7

The Uni of Canberra is trying to get in contact with all of its ex staff and students in time for the 40th anniversary celebrations later on this year. If you are an alumni, or if you know any alumni, you can register online at If you currently have or have had an...

Police wrap - 15 July

By 15 July 2008 18

The following in from our heroes in blue: 1. A woman making deliveries in Chisholm has beaten fought off an atttacker who tried to grab her at 3am. A bit of a worry this one. Despite police calling in the dogs he was not caught. "The offender was described as Caucasian, approximately 183cm (...

Anzac Park West

By 15 July 2008 55

Sorry guys but I asked this question tonight in an other post. Anzac Park West that was refurbished for the AFP until they pulled the pin: who occupied it before? I have heard that it had a "secure area" in the basement. So was it part of the intelligence community in the past or what? Was i...

It's Official - Parton boned from 106 by co-host and GM

By 15 July 2008 30

Bumped into a reliable source last night. our thoughts on previous posts are true I heard that Mark Parton had the knife put in by his own co-host Lisa and the GM twisted it. This is nothing short of a disgrace. Bye Bye 106. Our thoughts are with you Mark. When are radio stations going to s...

Freedom, or stupidity?

By 14 July 2008 20

Well it's not like I don't give you all plenty of stories without video, so no whingeing please. In this effort kieranbennettmedia shoots fireworks at himself to make a point for freedom. Is this an argument for? or against? Over to you....

For the price of a stop, the wall was lost

By 14 July 2008 30

As taken in the men's bog of Edgar's in Ainslie tonight. God gave us rubber door stops for a reason. (yes the black blob is a hole) Anyway, even when taking a dump I'm still on the job....

What's WIN News trying to say?

By 14 July 2008 44

So... The story is about the NAIDOC ball, the previous story was about rookie police successfully operating a breathalyser. But why this? A pint or alco-pop to the best fictional explanation....

ACT government commissions review of suicide attempt

By 14 July 2008 68

[First filed: July 08, 2008 @ 09:05] The ACT Government has commissioned two independent reviews of how a suicidal woman tried to hang herself with a seatbelt in the back of a Corrective Services van as she was driven from the ACT Magistrates Court to Belconnen Remand Centre. Last night, the 4...

Cheap alterations

By 14 July 2008 23

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find cheap and reasonable price for alterations? It seems alterations everywhere is expensive in Canberra. Thanks, Fairytale...

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