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Youve got to be joking! The Brumbies are gone if this happens!

By 7 April 2008 22 After reading this ol’ chesnut on the CT’s site, I threw up in my mouth a little. McKenzie coaching the Brumbies? Get f**ked! I’d rather have Wendell announ ...

Recommendations for a fridge repairer

By 7 April 2008 10

Hi all, My fridge is cooling constantly – and all the contents are frozen Does anyone know of a reliable repairer in Canberra who won’t charge the earth? And, if you know something about fridges, do you think this will be a big job? TIA, Peter Wise ...

Public art installation on West Row

By 7 April 2008 26

Public art installation on West Row First was the ‘fragile’ sculpture near the Wig and Pen and now this… I’m all for public art, in fact I’m a big fan and think there should be more, bu ...

Tiger Airways, is it better?

By 7 April 2008 8

“Canberra – Low cost airline Tiger Airways is concentrating on regional routes in the Australian market, with the low-cost Canberra to Melbourne route tipped to capture travellers’ attention.”  I have had an interesting experience with Tiger on the ‘Canberra – Melbourne’ route ...

Titans down Raiders

By 7 April 2008 3

The Canberra Raiders went down to the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday night. Whilst some ordinary decisions cost the Raiders dearly, they were still outclassed by a confident looking Titans outfit. Despite an excellent completion rate early on, the Raiders nonexistent 5th tackle options meant that the ...

Stupid Canberra cyclists

By 7 April 2008 105

[rant on] It amazes me when I read the pro-cycling group get off in the local papers like the Canberra Times and say that cycling is a healthy life style choice that everyone should be doing and blame motorists for all the ills of the world. Well I have two things to say to you: “Stuff the [.. ...

The mystery of the blue and white cateyes

By 6 April 2008 23

Lots of road resurfacing has been going on in the Dickson/Hackett area. A puzzling aspect of this work is the off-centre blue and white cateyes. They are lined up a few inches to the left of the lane marking red cateyes. I know there must be a simple explanation….but I just can’t see it. ...

Normal rules of competition dont apply in Canberra?

By 6 April 2008 32

Something strange is happening here. The normal rules of competition and commerce don’t seem to apply to doing business in Canberra. For example, a well-known, central, long-running supermarket close to my home has, since I’ve been here (about 2 years), routinely sold goods that are ove ...

Airport parking review - will it include Canberra?

By 6 April 2008 20

The AGE today has a story on an upcoming ACCC review of airport parking charges. They, and Minister Albanese have finally realised airports are a monopoly that need some scrutiny. However, the article states that the ACCC will review charges at Australia’s 5 major airports – so Sydney, M ...

Mental Health Advocacy Movement

By 5 April 2008 3

Are you interested to do something to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness? Mental Health Advocacy is a movement that aims to: 1. Promote the well-being of individuals diagnosed with mental disorders; 2. Reduce discrimination and stigmatisation; 3. Uphold the rights of individuals diagnose ...

The Switch to Green Expo offers Canberrans ‘an earth hour every day of the

By 5 April 2008 9

It’s time to Switch to Green  – Join the action towards a CARBON NEUTRAL CAPITAL! Don’t miss the last day of the Expo! Drop into the Switch to Green on Saturday to enjoy the best in class green products and services that are on the market today. YOU’LL ALSO BE IN THE RUNNING ...

Shock! Horror! Chaser Skit Offends!

By 4 April 2008 17

Interested to hear people’s reaction to the Chaser’s “you’re a terrible audience” skit in their [Canberra] shows last weekend.  I thought this was fairly typical Chaser fare, but someone at the show I was at was clearly offended and started yelling abuse back at them! ...

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