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The Canberra Night Noodle Markets

By 2 March 2015 12

Earlier this year it was announced that Canberra was going to be introduced to the Noodle Markets made famous by Melbourne and Sydney, and it has been the talk of the town ever...

Chic Henry and the tram to nowhere?

By 2 March 2015 8
light rail artist impression

I've had a couple of long conversations with Summernats' Chic Henry, who is tossing up whether to run in the 2016 ACT election. He told me that the Liberals want him to stan...

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Juice

By 2 March 2015 6
Penny University

I quite enjoy a good fresh juice. When I’m out for weekend breakfast with my mates, I’m always the indulgent one that orders a coffee and a juice. This week I put the word out...

Should Norfolk Island be self governed?

By 2 March 2015 6

The bun fight between the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly and the Commonwealth Government regarding governance of the island has been going on for decades. The island ha...

Murder charge; man to face court

By 1 March 2015

ACT Policing has charged a 40-year-old man with murder following an incident in Calwell yesterday afternoon (Saturday, February 28) in which a 28-year-old woman was killed. ...

Canberra’s Chloe Granger off to Miss Teen Galaxy national finals

By 27 February 2015
chloe granger

Aspiring Canberra model Chloe Granger will travel to the Gold Coast at the end of next month to represent New South Wales at the national Miss Teen Galaxy Australia finals. The...

Local game developer launches crowdfunding campaign

By 2 March 2015

Local game developer Whale Hammer Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its turn-based tactics role-playing game (RPG), Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire. Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire is an episodic, turn-based tactics RPG set in a world that has fallen into a medieval dar...

Light rail and intersections?

By 1 March 2015 20

According to Capital Metro: Who will have priority at traffic lights? A level of priority is typically provided for light rail to help the service run efficiently. This occ...

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Cook Community Blue Sky Kite Festival

By 15 October 2008 4

I've lived in Cook for almost 3 years now and I'd say the biggest thing to happen to the local community in recent years has been the closing of the local school. Something I noted more because my 2yo was enrolled there at the time it got shut down & I was faced with prospect of having to thi...

Candidates' websites - October 2008

By 15 October 2008 144

[First filed: October 13, 2008 @ 23:43] Candidate websites are in decline. Politicians seem to have realised that the web is hostile territory where people won't always say what you want them to say. Much safer to stick to older school media where opinion can be safely bought and sold, to...

Weaving the Australian Tapestry

By 15 October 2008

Hi all, From 6.30 this Friday night at the National Library there's a free talk by Linda Burney, which she's called "Weaving the Australian Tapestry: building a society of 'beauty rich and rare' from threads of harmony and contradiction." Link is here:

RiotACT Sim Challenge Round 12 - Dr. Luciano Lombardo, Pangallo Independents

By 15 October 2008 16

"The perfect metaphor for Canberra" was how The Australian described the RiotACT Sim Challenge. The 12th and final instalment of the challenge is taking place this Thursday night at All Bar Nun in O'Connor. If you've been meaning to come along to one of these, this is your last chance. Jesu...

Election wrap - 15 October

By 15 October 2008 69

Roadside: Megan Doherty in the Canberra Times is weirdly excited by finding David Morgan skulking by his signs on Yamba drive rather than doing the hard yakka of door knocking. --- Buses to Quangers: The ABC reports that Deane's Transit Group wants to know what the parties will do for th...

A bad time to be selling IT to the Commonwealth?

By 15 October 2008 25

MIS Australia has a story from the Financial Review on how hard it is to be selling information technology to Government right now. It's $6 billion worth of business. Will anyone notice if it's gone?...

Monster cock-up with traffic notices

By 15 October 2008 7

The AFP has put its hand up to a huge error: "ACT Policing will review and potentially rescind around 3000 Traffic Offence Reminder Notices issued in error to some road users last week. The fault was detected today (October 14) after ACTP was alerted by members of the public who had received t...

Affordable Canberra housing.... so close.

By 15 October 2008 67

Well done on increasing the first home owners grant K-Dudd.   Just when Canberra housing was stabilising and, in some cases, decreasing - you go and f&*k it up by increasing the first home owners grant! Oh, but not for me - (predominantly, and by most accounts known to me) for the snotty n...

Taxi Charge ACT vs NSW

By 14 October 2008 50

I would like an answer from the government about the difference between the Taxi vouchers for people with disabilities. While NSW only get a 50% discount while ACT 75% off. If someone from NSW wanted to work in the ACT from Queanbeyan it’s not feasible for them to travel to ACT for employ...

WTF is going on in Canberra these days?

By 14 October 2008 13

I have just read this article and it is apparent that there is really something wrong with Canberra these days.   How can a Lady who takes a standover man to another Lady's residence to cause trouble not get charged? A 24-year-old Canberra man has been found guilty of threatening a woman with ...

Candidate Questionaires for 14 October

By 14 October 2008 5

The following responses in so far today to your questions in the 2008 candidate questionaire: -- Mary Porter, Labor for Ginninderra....

Woodstock/Akuna Club signage: Part II

By 14 October 2008 21

Vauxhall and I could NOT believe our eyes when we saw this gem at lunch. Akuna Club have a new sign to celebrate the arrival of Woodstock to their kitchen, well they actually still have their old one complete with errors galore in it, but this is a brand new one to add to the collection!! I h...

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