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Canberra & Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap

By 25 January 2015

The below real estate market snapshot is based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. Percentages represent the increase/decrease from the previous w...

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Dobinsons

By 24 January 2015

Years ago, before the Canberra Centre expanded into what it is today, there was an area called the city market place, where Dobinsons first established itself as a small bakery...

Canberra mourns 2XX presenter Sylvie Stern

By 23 January 2015 1
sylvie stern

The Canberra arts community grieved on Wednesday morning with the passing of Sylvie Stern, long-term arts promoter and host of 2XX's popular Art 'N' Soul and Artbeat programs. ...

Whats on this weekend? (24th, 25th and 26th January 2015)

By 23 January 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the anticipation of a long weekend kills any desire to be productive at work. You could alternate between refreshing Facebook and ch...

Carpenter and joiner

By 25 January 2015

We need two built-in wall units made.  Can anyone recommend a carpenter/joiner who could help us?  I'm currently thinking of contacting two - Ray Browne Joinery and Benchmarc...

Woman arrested for aggravated robbery

By 25 January 2015

ACT Policing has arrested a 38-year-old Kambah woman after allegedly robbing a BWS liquor store yesterday, (Saturday 24 January). At about 1.30pm a woman entered the liquor ...

Letterboxing for puppies dumped in Higgins

By 23 January 2015 3
abandoned puppies canberra

As inspectors continue to appeal to the community for information relating to a serious case of animal cruelty regarding several abandoned puppies this week, RiotACT contributors...

Foreshore, Canberra misses you. Please come back

By 23 January 2015

My last Foreshore was in 2010. Work took me overseas for 2011, but when I returned in 2012 Foreshore had been moved from the lake to Stage 88. After that it never returned. ...

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Why oh why do Labor funds play and rape at the Canberra Times?

By 29 September 2008 11

By way of disclosure I should say I applied to run the Canberra Times website last year, and will confess to being a little surprised to not even get an interview. Because of that I've tried to avoid being seen to have a poke at their site, and have even canned the submissions of others that have...

Tilt Festival

By 29 September 2008

According to Facebook the Tilt Festival is kicking off in Garema Place tonight. Canberra comes alive with some of Australia's best street performers. Every night for two weeks, see street shows in Garema Place under the big screen (followed by a movie). Sounds like fun. So Civic drones, no ...

Canberra Poker Players forum up and running (Finally)!!!

By 29 September 2008 2

So I've been a little busy, but finally got something together for local poker players. It's a free forum site, so there's a few ad's, but hey, what can you do. Check it out at: Let me know what you think as well as any changes which can be made. We'...

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are... Candidate Expose Thyself

By 28 September 2008 3

I have finally finished (updates, omissions and exclusions excepted) compiling my detailed list of candidates for the documentation website. I started building this list with the announcement of the earliest preselections this year and have slowly but surely built up a fairly co...

Anti-Magpie Swooping Devices

By 28 September 2008 90

I've seen many bike riders using cable ties on their bike helmet as a deterrent to swooping magpies of late and wish to seek opinions as to their effectiveness. I was swooped 3 times yesterday just walking near my place where we feed the buggers but haven't been swooped on the bike this year. A...

Ginninderra Liberal candidates – the worst ever?

By 28 September 2008 63

I live in Charnwood and I’ve always voted for Bill Stefaniak.   He was a good bloke.    I’ve been trying to find a new Lib to vote for out here, and I know with some of the rubbish candidates Labor has run in the past it is a big call to make, but I reckon the new Libs running out here m...

Abuse of the three for free parking

By 28 September 2008 34

After hearing about it for ages I recently witnessed the abuse of the three for free parking in Civic and I must say it looks a little out of control to me. Scenarios: A car pulls up with one guy in it. He parks and then jumps in a car with two others. They do a loop of the block and get a three ...

Election Wrap - 28 September

By 28 September 2008 6

The political webmasters appear to have taken the grand final weekend off, but there's still a bit of news trickling out. --- Democrats: The CT informs us that if elected to the Assembly Darren Churchill would like to do more for playing fields and some sort of motor sport facility. --- ...

ACT Light Rail 2008 ACT Election "Meet the Candidates" Event this Tuesday nig

By 28 September 2008 14

The ACT Light Rail Coalition are holding a 2008 ACT Election "Meet the Candidates" Event on Tuesday 30th September 2008, 19:30 at Havelock House, 85 Northbourne Avenue, Turner ACT 2612 Come and hear what the election candidates and political parties have to say about Light Rail. Find out how they...

Social standing and public sector work

By 28 September 2008 42

Is there some social divide going on here that I'm not aware of? Last week I had 3 separate shop assistants complain to me that the rude person served before me expected special treatment because he/she was in the public service. After one of these, the public service worker started spouting o...

Ainslie Schnitzel Club

By 27 September 2008 12

It's AFL Grand Final Day - not that you'd know from the treatment we received at Ainslie Football Schnitzel Club. The big screen, in thesmall area just apart from the pokies, was crowded when we arrived 20 minutes before ball-up, so we found a seat in the decidedly uncrowded bistro area, near a TV w...

Canberra - aka the Hotel California

By 27 September 2008 34

A friend of mine who grew up in Canberra, but no longer lives here, once told me that this town is like the Hotel California: You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave. It depressed me no end. I think I am over it now, sort of. How many people, including myself, arrived in Ca...

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