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Public help identify drink driver

By 30 May 2016
Police wrap

Police will summons a 32-year-old Palmerston woman after she was caught drink-driving on Sunday. A number of reports were received about a silver Mazda sedan being driven er...

More doctors, nurses for TCH emergency department

By 30 May 2016 3
The Canberra Hospital

The emergency department at The Canberra Hospital will gain an extra 39 staff in 2016-17 and a further 15 workers by the end of the 2019-20 financial year as part of a $29 mill...

Ngunnawal woman dies in driveway accident, police investigating

By 30 May 2016
Police wrap

A police investigation is underway into the death of a 44-year-old woman on Saturday after she was struck by her own vehicle in the driveway of her Ngunnawal home. ACT Polic...

Baby, it’s cold outside

By 30 May 2016 11

The forecast was for an overnight minimum of 4 degrees, but the mercury dipped to -1.8 at around 11.30pm and it’s still 0 out there now as families head off for school an...

Ask RiotACT: ACT-wide shortage of plastic cat tray liner bags

By 30 May 2016
Ask RiotACT

So recently I started using these new nifty bag liners that stretch around the cat litter tray and when you are done just fold up and in the bin, so much less mess and so much ...

Dutton offensive on asylum-seekers

By 30 May 2016 32
ss new australia

When I came to Australia in 1952, I couldn’t speak English, I couldn’t count to 10 and I came by boat. If Minister Dutton had been on the wharf, would he have turned my bo...

Ask RiotACT: Seeking outdoor dance floor

By 29 May 2016 1
Ask RiotACT

Hi all, I'm looking for somewhere that will hire out a dance floor that can be set up outside (6x6metres) in Canberra. The only place I've found so far is YesEvents in Bowral N...

Signs of life and wonder

By 29 May 2016 4

Apparently the residents of Gungahlin have had enough of being a lower priority to other areas of Canberra. According to the road signs off the new Majura Parkway, Gungahlin...

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Brigitte Murray ACT Nurse of the Year

By 13 May 2009 3

Katy Gallagher has announced that Canberra's Nurse of the year is Brigitte Murray: Ms Murray received the award for her efforts to assist staff and residents at the Villaggio Sant' Antonio aged care facility to re-evaluate how care is provided and for her work helping carers develop step by step...

Network Facilities Tax

By 13 May 2009 31

I just received a letter from Telstra informing me that they are going to start charging me $2.10 per month extra on my home phone line due to the ACT Governement having imposed a Network Facilities Tax back in 2007. Why hit me for it now? Thank's again Stanhopless, as if Tesltra wasn't bad en...

Emergency Services Wrap - 13 May

By 13 May 2009 1

1. Bonython CPR rescue: The ACT Ambulance Service today commended the quick actions of a Bonython woman and issued a public reminder about the importance of learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) following a near death experience for a Canberra grandmother. “The evidence is overwhelm...

ACT Budget 1 week old and already out of date

By 13 May 2009 11

So just one week after bringing down the ACT budget, out comes the federal budget and back into the media goes Katy Gallagher to decry that lower GST forecasts have hoiked another $50M out of the ACT budget. And the staff, whose wages account for 47% of their expenditure are just going to have to hi...

The full litany of prison complaints

By 13 May 2009 45

The Liberals Jeremy Hanson has finally got his prison complaint list online. So here goes: -- The iris scanner only works after multiple attempts; -- The searching of visitors is intrusive and demeaning; -- The prison is freezing cold and prisoners have inadequate clothing: -- The food portion...

Questions answered... The new Kingston Library

By 13 May 2009 1

The ACT Virtual Library has published an FAQ on the planned new Kingston Library announced in last week's ACT Budget. (The Government is still being a little quiet on just how wrong they were to close the old Griffith Library) Apparently the new facility will be a "shopfront library" something...

Have you been consumed yet by rising anger?

By 13 May 2009 30

The Voice Of America, no less, reports that anger is rising over the kangaroo cull taking place at the Army's Majura training range. Nikki Sutterby from the Australian Society for Kangaroos is particularly concerned about the damage being done to the 'roos family groups. To really balance ...

2% efficiency dividend concluded

By 13 May 2009 5

The ABC reports the happy news that, for Canberra, the biggest item in the 2009 Commonwealth Budget is an end to the annual 2% belt tightening across the public service known as the "2% efficiency dividend". There will still be a 1.25% funding squeeze, down from 3.25%. The CPSU is pleased: ...

Lyneham's Danger Zone

By 13 May 2009 23

Holden Caulfield has sent in this street art from the Lyneham shops. Does Danger Mouse still run on TV? UPDATED: As luck would have it Mike Crowther took some pictures (with the artist's permission) while it was being made. Slideshow below: ...

RiotACT Rugby Review Podcast - 2009, Episode 15

By 13 May 2009 3

[First filed: May 12, 2009 @ 09:25] Canberra’s most reliable podcast runs like a swiss watch, and returns for episode 15 of 2009. Jazz, Che and I mix up the rugby ideas in All Bar Nun’s back room. The music for this episode is by Hancock Basement and the beer for review is the spect...

Gambling advertising rolls

By 13 May 2009 42

There's little in this world a Government likes as much as running an ad campaign. Lunches are bought for them. Easy decisions are made. Egos are stroked as the media barfs out the chosen messages on command. Importantly friendships are made which are very handy when election time rolls ar...

Canberra designer first to go

By 13 May 2009 7

Canberra designer Tonie Sauers was the first contestant to be eliminated from Channel Nine's new renovation show HomeMADE. She was in charge of renovating a living room but the furniture she chose was just too big for the small space and the colour scheme was frankly uninspired. However just to s...

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