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Weekend cafe hot spot: Chatterbox Espresso Bar, Belconnen

By 1 August 2015

Before we head out for breakfast on a Saturday morning, I check Facebook to see if anyone is talking about a new breakfast spot. Facebook is handy like that. Because we live in ...

A look around Canberra – Bruce

By 31 July 2015 3

The suburb of Bruce is named after former prime minister Stanley Melbourne Bruce, who occupied the highest office in the land between 1923 and 1929. Though, judging by a recent...

Canberra weekend garage sale guide (1 and 2 August 2015)

By 31 July 2015
allclassifieds canberra garage sale banner

Canberra garage sales this weekend in Dunlop, Casey, Kambah, Karabar, Waramanga, Cook, Macquarie, Page and Isabella Plains. Happy Friday! Saturday 1 August Eales Place Kamb...

13 things to do in Canberra this weekend (1 and 2 August 2015)

By 30 July 2015 2
meerkats making art

This weekend's highlights include a documentary film festival, a winter festival at the National Portrait Gallery and free ice cream at the Canberra Centre. 1. Wildlife art ...

Women’s team sports in Canberra? (For a beginner)

By 1 August 2015

Hi all, I was hoping to find a women's sports team to train with on weeknights or weekends. I haven't played any team sports in a while but am keen to try something new whi...

Roof ventilation advice in Canberra?

By 31 July 2015 5

I am just hoping for some advice from other Canberrans who have some experience with installing any of the various types of roof ventilation in their home. Basically what did y...

Sydney’s Indian Dance Centre presents The Ramayana and Indian dance workshops

By 31 July 2015
Ramayana 1

After a series of sold-out shows in Australia, New Zealand and in the United States, Sydney's Indian Dance Centre will be presenting its Ramayana dance drama production at the ...

Canberra ghost stories wanted!

By 31 July 2015 1

Hi all, I'm looking at writing a new book regarding ghosts and hauntings in the Canberra/ ACT area. As such, I would appreciate any stories anyone has and are happy to tell (an...

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Staffies and Kelpies leading the turnover at the RSPCA

By 5 January 2009 75

My own "Rescue Kelpie" is snoring at my feet as I type (a rescue kelpie does not rescue anything, but rather is rescued), he's doing an improving line in fetching the ball but otherwise remains of few achievements. Today the RSPCA has released its statistics on what dogs make up most of their...

How high will water use climb?

By 5 January 2009 19

[First filed: January 14, 2009 @ 13:27] The Bureau is still sure we're going to see 37 degrees today. Yesterday water use surged to 168ML (above the target usage of 139ML). So how high do you think water use will get today? In the publicly minded interest of preserving the blue stuff her...

Christmas Trees for 5 January

By 5 January 2009 1

There's just one day left before the 12 days of Christmas come to an end. Here are our most recent entries in the RiotACT Christmas Tree Competition. The first is from Kerces family home, the second is from the National Library as sent in by NFP. Slideshow of all our 2008 entries below:...

White canvas shoes rather in at the moment?

By 5 January 2009 53

The other night we were having a drink in Dickson while waiting for our take-away order. While enjoying the atmosphere in Sub-urban we couldn't help but be struck by the prevalence of white canvas shoes. Is this a uniform or something? Also admire the way the bar stools make it look like g...

Summernats ends badly (well for us at lest)

By 5 January 2009 45

Well, Summernats has come and gone. As a resident of a suburb very close by I must say that it was all going rather swimmingly, that is until the early hours of Sunday morning. Not content with staggering down the middle of the road yelling "Summernats" at the top of their voices, a group of male...

New tourist attractions for Canberra and environs?

By 5 January 2009 58

Ok we have Summernats, Floriade and the Food and Wine Frolic but we've lost the V8s and the birdman rally. Lets have some ideas for new and exciting festivals that Canberra could host to bring in the tourists....

Never Mind the Airport, Where Are the Planes?

By 5 January 2009 21

One only really gets a proper appreciation of Canberra's place in the world when one tries to get out of it.  In looking at getting from Canberra to Osaka and back in October it really brings home what a backwater we live in. I am long resiled to the fact that the capital of Australia doesn'...

The DIY Summernats reportage

By 5 January 2009 73

[First filed: January 02, 2009 @ 08:57] Summernats 2009 has, it seems, commenced. So dear reader what Summernats experiences have you had this year? Good, bad, indifferent, just leave them all in the comments. But make sure they're about this year, and not ancient history. If you've ...

Someone in my building's idea of recycling

By 4 January 2009 21

This could be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. How lazy would you have to be? Of course this pile of polystyrene (which isn't even recyclable) never got picked up and is currently lying like a neglected giant's sleeping bag in the middle of Carver Lane, Gungahlin causing a traffic ha...

Voucher shelf-life?

By 4 January 2009 99

Last Christmas I received two "Premium" Dendy movie tickets which are apparently worth $35 a pop. Due to a combination of laziness and personal disdain for just about every movie which came out in 2008, I held off going, wanting to save these tickets for a truly worthy flick. So I was a trifle an...

Buying Local - Southside Farmers Market

By 4 January 2009 19

Living in the depths of the south, I had made the pilgrimage to the Farmers Market at EPIC a couple of times and decided it was not sensible to do an 80km round trip to buy local produce as a regular thing. Life intervened and I never got around to going to the Southside Farmers Market until th...

Smoking in cars?

By 4 January 2009 165

On Friday Katy Gallagher announced the release of a discussion paper on protecting children in cars from passive smoking (now known as the more modish environmental tobacco smoke or ETS). On the one hand it seems like a peculiar piece of nannyism, particularly as it relies on the exceptional abro...

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